O.D.D. Series #5: Fan Videos

If fan blogging and David vlogging fed my O.D.D., then nothing like the fan videos that fueled the fire! Especially for those of us who couldn’t experience David in concert. One of my favorite fan videos that helped foster O.D.D. was Evelyn’s shared video of David’s performance of “When You Say You Loved Me” in Salt Lake City during the Idol Tour. Talk about having a David 3-D experience! And his weeping, awwwww!

Thanks for the memories, David fans! Without your efforts, most of us wouldn’t have been hanging around as long as we have! 🙂

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  1. David is missing all of these opportunities (I used to like Chris Mann, but Harrison Craig and Luke Kennedy from Australia are better, IMO):

  2. So many missed opportunities….. Could not agree more. Happy Memorial Day Everyone.

  3. Happy Memorial Day everyone.
    Time will tell if this hiatus will be ok, great or bad for David’s music career. All I can say is what a darn shame if this mission is a deal breaker for his music career. I know that David will be fine, after all he made his bed, as the saying goes, so I’m sure that he won’t be surprised if he will only have a minimal music career, like thousands of other struggling musicians out there, what a waste, imo.

    Hg another goody. I ‘m a fan that has not been able to attend of one of our man’s concerts, so I’m so grateful for all the fantastic fan videos, yes it truly fueled my ODD, lol. Hoping to see him live someday. Even after writing the previous paragraph, I still have high hopes that David’s career is ok and that he will return and be the big star that I know is in him. He just needs to release himself from those shackles that have held him back. He has got a deepness, soulful relatable story to tell and I’m waiting to hear that through his music.

  4. Instead of doing housework like I should be doing this morning I have been watching the David videos posted on FOD and here today. WYSYLM from Salt Lake City definitely fueled my ODD. How can you not love him after that performance? FOD has several really nice edited videos of David’s performance at Myrtle Beach. I just is magic on stage IMHO. I’m sure he will come back to his music career but I have no idea what kind of opportunities he will have. I’m sure he could do an acoustic club tour like Kris Allen just did where he went to about 25 cities across the country. It would give fans a chance for fans across the country to see and hear David up close and personal.

  5. Many thanks to Evelyn for capturing that special moment in Utah. As far as I know, she’s the only one who posted it to youtube. I miss planning my day around David’s patriotic song tv appearances.

    Chris Mann’s version of You Raise Me Up is very nice; it’s obvious he has classical training.

  6. Actually the one nice thing about David being away is that I can’t stress about David not being invited to be on AI, DWTS, all these Patriotic shows , etc. because he is not here. We have no idea what he would be doing if he were here. Not sure what opportunities he is missing. He will have work to do to get his name out there again when he returns.

  7. I know that as fans we focus on David’s career because without it we wouldn’t be here but my perspective on it is that who’s to say he’s missing any opportunity more important than the opportunities he is having right now. Yes, career opportunities could be happening now. But do we know that any of the event coordinators would have called David over who they brought in instead? And do we think that in the scope of his life that it would have meant more to sing at a Memorial Day event on PBS than to spend two years as he is now? I’m not saying it would, I’m not saying it wouldn’t. Because I just don’t know. I do think though this two years away will be important in shaping him for the rest of his life. But once again I don’t know in what way.

    I guess every single event that happens that he’s not at, even when he’s back from the mission, is a potential missed opportunity. But it also signals a potential opportunity that he is having instead, whether we’re aware of it or not.

    Speaking of fan videos, this is one of my absolute favorites and I’ll always be thankful that there was a fan in attendance to capture it for us. Contigo en la Distancia from Noche de Gala:

    Hoping for more of this sort when he returns…

    • I see your point Ali and yes, of course, the mission is a very important thing for David or else he wouldn’t take the big chance to not be able to come back to his music career. I do think that was one of the shackles that was holding him back, so maybe with that behind him, he will be ready to take his career seriously. I have always had a feeling that he was grateful for what opportunities he had, but seemed to always have an underlying feeling that he wasn’t going anywhere. Of course that’s only my perspective and I’m sure I’m the only one. My thought is if this mission will help him achieve the kind of music career I feel he should have, I say fantastic. Not that I’m not happy that David will have personal growth, that’s a no brainer, but my interest is and always will be about his music, maybe even acting, modeling, entertainment industry career as a whole.

      • Yes, I was talking about the mission but not just that. More about the whole thing– two years living in another country, another culture, another language, being on his own (not literally on his own but you know, without family and friends he already knew), not in the limelight, meeting the people he’s meeting, the interactions he’s having and observing, just really the accumulation of what the two years might mean to him.

      • I think I meant missed opportunities in the past right off of AI 5 years ago not just the ones he is missing now.

    • wow … that was brilliant! it’s like i was watching it for the firs time.

  8. I recently read this article in my morning newspaper, and of course, thought of David. But I wondered if he isn’t being forced to miss many opportunities to learn and experience, that one would normally expect to have while living in a foreign country. He is supposed to keep very separate from the popular culture–the arts, politics, popular music, sports, etc. I wonder how much of a grasp of the full Chilean culture he will be able to have. http://articles.latimes.com/2013/apr/20/entertainment/la-et-cm-guillermo-calderon-chile-discurso-20130421 As this article shows, Chile’s not too distant past is a very interesting and dramatic one.

    Of course, I shouldn’t sneeze at the value of daily one-on-one contact with individuals in a culture, and I’m sure there are many opportunities for growth that are inherent in the whole religious/spiritual situation that he would value. But I wonder how he’s supposed to get those “influences” he was talking about in interviews, if he’s not allowed to listen to them.

    • Yes, cc halo it is a shame that he isn’t probably getting the full experience of the country. I think that even when they have a private day, they has a lot of restrictions to what they can go or do.

    • I’m sure he gets to know a lot about the culture by interacting with the people everyday. He meets with Chileans every day, and I’m sure through conversation with them he learns a whole lot about the culture plus through being in their homes and walking through the streets. He will hear the music playing in the background and just see things all around him. I feel like I’ve gotten a flavor of the culture just by reading the missionary blogs.

      • I agree, Grammyj, but it’s definitely not studying the culture like a foreign exchange student, or someone who is free to really learn and explore it. The reasoning behind not being able to listen to non-approved music and to not be able to phone home, is supposedly so that they stay completely focused on their religious duties. I can’t imagine the types of issues discussed in the article would be of any concern to missionaries.

    • One reason I was thinking along these lines when I read that article, is that I remember one of Sting’s great songs, “They Dance Alone” about the repression in Chile. Is there really room in a super-church-focused missionary’s life to use those cultural experiences to enrich his song writing? I hope so. I hope he grows beyond the old “look on the bright side/do your best/I will save you” themes in these two years.

      I do think, however, that there is a big difference between being a musician who could immerse themselves in the music of a foreign culture for two years, and one who can only hear music in passing.

  9. I wonder if David will try for the Spanish market when he returns. He will definitely have the language down as a result of his mission. I read at MJs that Jessica Sanchez did a Spanish version of her single and it is 45 on the Spanish charts. Her song and album have sold poorly, so maybe the Spanish market is the way for her to go. She is also extremely popular in the Philippines being half Filipino.

    • Actually I want him to go for it all..my dream is for David to have a Grammy for pop/R&B soul, Spanish in each category all at the same time…not asking for much…hey, he can do it, he isn’t afraid of hard work, hahahaha!! But seriously wouldn’t it be great for him to have a mega hit on both the Spanish charts and the billboard charts at the same time…that’s my fan wish for David.

      • I’ve enjoyed watching just the wide variety of things David has done. I think that is part of the reason I have ODD. He hasn’t tried for a Spanish hit so that would be a new avenue for him. I also want that “Begin Again” tour with songs from his albums that were released while he was away.

    • Grammy, do you ever wonder why she’s not over in the Philippines becoming a Krapatid for TV 5? Couldn’t that hack writer write a few scripts for her?

  10. I would think that David would try to get a Spanish hit when he returns. That would be a good market for him. Watching the voice tonight and hoping that Michelle does well. I like her.

  11. Michael Johns tweeted that he and Carly Smithson are involved with this:


  12. I am sure you already saw the new vlog Kari posted on David’s twitter re: the making of Broken w/Jon Hunt http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnUERsYTd0U

    • thanks, i had not seen it. i don’t know why but it brought tears to my eyes.

    • I hope lots of non-fans see (and hear) it. It really shows how amazing he is.

    • This is beautiful. There’s just something about David’s live singing voice. You know what, it may not even be the atmosphere of a concert that brings it out. I’ve long lamented that we need to be able to capture what David can do live and put it into a studio album. But listening the little bit we hear in this video and knowing he was recording it in studio…and yet I feel that live vibe. Obviously because he’s singing it live lol but you know what I mean. Is it the processing songs go through before being finalized that causes it to lose that vibe that I love so much?? I just don’t know.

    • Collegemom, I did! It’s a lovely video and it makes complete sense to release it now, doesn’t it? I mean, BEGIN. was only released last August. LOL. But as long as they don’t wear a cap, they must be doing a good job. So goes the logic around here.

  13. i had not seen this. Thanks for posting.

  14. Reading the blogs of some of the missionaries that serve with him they say “he is kept HIDDEN deep in the country side away from what most other missionaries experince.” Those arent my words, they are from a fellow mish of his. Who or what they feel the need to hide him from escapes me…it sure as heck isnt any of us!! And I would wager a guess that most people in Chile dont have a clue who he is…

  15. When I read that I took it to mean that they are trying to do what David wants by trying to allow him to have as “normal” an experience as possible for someone as well known as David. Aside from his singing on specific occasions and at the small meetings, I always had the impression that he wanted the “hands on” experience that he heard other missionaries talk about and which he seemed to like when visiting India, etc. I do not doubt that if David wanted to be in the heart of a city that would happen but that might require actual protection.It seemed to me that David was hoping to be able to work with the people in whatever community he was sent to and not be distracted by recognition on a day-to-day basis (whether or not that is actually possible).

  16. Also, I took “he is hidden” to mean that it is widely recognized that if David is just wandering around Santiago, he will be noticed and treated like a celeb. and not able to do any missionary work.

  17. SandyBeaches

    The words written were, “to keep him hidden from the world”.

    Oh my…


  18. LOL it was written by a missionary talking about the split that’s happening next month to create a new mission there. Some areas are staying as part of the Rancagua mission but others will be split off to become part of the new Santiago South mission. The full quote from the missionary was, “Sad news, I will no longer be in David Archuleta’s mission because they keep him hidden from the world in the countrysides *cries deeply*.”

    Makes sense to me. Why would they want to put him in the city? I would think he’s much more likely have some semblance of a normal mission if he’s out in a rural area.

    • Agree that he is kept in the country side so he will have a more normal mission. He was attacked by fan girls at the train station once(in the city)

  19. That video just make me miss him and his music career journey that much more, sigh. Glad that we are give something, anything every once in a while.

    With today’s technology, I’m sure that a lot of people in Chili have watched AI and know about David and especially when he made his announcement that made major news, so I do believe he would be recognized. Once again, he is not a common missionary, so stands to reason he needs to be kept hidden from the world in the countryside.

  20. After reading some of the Mish blogs, Im thinking it is some of his fellow Missionaries they are keeping him hidden from. LOL They seem more”star struck” then the people of Chile do! I guess for David this is as normal as it gets.

  21. Could we have more original songs coming our way before he returns: “I wanted to make a goal to do some original stuff and write music that was real to me and just my own voice, my own sound.” maybe?!?!

  22. i read that blog too about david being hidden in the countryside. wonder if that makes david happy or sad? we have no way of knowing how david feels about anything 😦

    • I’ve lived “hidden in the countryside” pretty much all my life and haven’t been too direly sad about it yet lol. I’d bet David’s fine. Even if he is living out in a remote location, we know he’s getting into larger areas for devotionals every now and then. And there are worse things in the world than the countryside 😉

      • I agree, Ali. A couple weeks ago there was a picture posted of David on a P-Day with a group of missionaries at a beautiful lake. It looked like a nicer area that he was in before. I bet he likes where he’s at, but then David always seems to make the best of everything.

  23. David with headphones at the piano reminds me of a gorgeous print of John Lennon at the piano with headphones that a relative of my has in his great room. Two genesis’ at work.

  24. Love the backstory video for Broken, but I wonder why it wasn’t released closer to the time of the release of BEGIN. Maybe it would better for sales, oh well, just happy we got something at this time. I think that his fans needed anything badly.
    Hey Kari where’s the dougie video you said you had and that you would release? Now that would be a great thing for us fans right about now. Right now would like anything as far away from religion as possible and I don’t mean that the backstory video was anything to do with religion, because it wasn’t.
    I guess I just want things to be more lighter, happy and not so serious.

  25. Sighhh I could watch the video posted up top a zillion times, and each time find it chill inducing, mesmermizing. The richness in his voice, the tone, the passion, the emotion…if there was every any doubt in anyones mind why were are still here…that video will erase any doubt!

    • I’m right there with you Candy.
      So David is the one that doesn’t want the dougie video released. Wonder why, it’s a dance, I’m sure he doesn’t do anything that would violate his religion, hmm, sometimes I wonder about our man. I sure hope he will be free of those shackles when he returns to his music career.

    • Ohhh. I think I get it. If Rickey.org and others post or discuss his recently-released video thinking that he’s taking time out from his busy mission, there’s no way David would risk anyone thinking he’s taking time off to do the dougie, lol. It just wouldn’t go with the serious image of a missionary that he wants to be portrayed. I predict that the dougie is not going to be released while David is on his mission.

      • Honestly? I don’t see the point in releasing it at all. I mean, the dougie was a fad. They might as well release a video of him doing the macarena at this point lol. Yeah, lots of vids got posted of people doing the dougie a year (or two!) ago but not really anymore.

        If it is David that put the hold on the video (and who really knows) then I could see why. Doesn’t really make sense to put out something so dated. And if it comes out at some point, ok. Might be cute. Nobody but the diehards will watch it now though. It’s lost the trend factor.

      • Actually Ali, the diehard would like it and what you are saying is that it would be pointless, yes it would be for us diehards and I think it would be great even if it’s a dance that is a year old. I for one would love to see David dancing whatever dance it is. At this time I think anything about David being an entertainer wouldn’t be pointless, jumo,
        I really think that keeping that separation alive (mission/religion from music career/entertainment) would do David’s career a world of good. Again jmo.

      • Eh, sorry cq, I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one. I really don’t think anything that comes out while David is on his mission will be doing his career a world of good, much less a video of him doing the dougie. Do I think the diehard fans will like it? Yeah. I’m not saying it’s probably not a cute video. I just don’t see it being a big deal at this point. And if there’s one thing that this hiatus has taught me, it’s that fans aren’t collectively satisfied for very often or for very long. No matter what comes out it’s either too old or too sad or too amateur or too short or not serious enough for someone on a mission or not focused on advancing his career or blah blah blah. Every complaint you can think of and then also the diametric opposite of that complaint — that’s what each item released is lol. And every video, song, album, whatever that comes out seem to have a shelf life of about 1-7 days before fans start saying, what’s next? So, no, I don’t see the dougie video making any huge difference or satisfying the fanbase for some extended period of time.

        Honestly? Nothing will until David comes home. That’s just the way it is. And that’s jmo.

      • I truly agree about nothing really satisfying the fans for an extended period of time expect when David comes home and will be active with his music career, even then we all know that there will always be fans that always want more. My point even though the excitement is very short lived, it still keeps some interest. Maybe I’m wrong, but imo if nothing came from his camp for the two years, I doubt if things would be half or even less active as they are for him now. Also, as long as I have been a fan, I’ve read comments from fans about always wanting more. I too really don’t think it will make a big (actually no difference) in his music career, but I just think it would be so much fun to see even if the excitement is short lived.

      • I don’t get how any of those complaints or comments are any different from what will happen when he returns. It’s a fan community and that’s what we do–we discuss. If there’s another original song waiting to be released a bit before he returns, I say bring it on.

  26. I wish I could say I love “Broken”. I know I’m in the minority but I just didn’t really get the lyrics when I first heard them. The song still hasn’t grown on me. I know the Invisible Children charity is very dear to David and still “Broken” is not one of my favorites by David. I think he did a much more poignant and meaningful song which is so relevant to so many people going through depression & suicidall thoughts especially young people and soldiers, is “Falling”. What is even more amazing is David wrote the lyrics & music when he was 14 or 15. Now THAT was a genius in the making way back then. I can only dream David will someday reach into his soul as he did then to come up with more “relevant to what is going on today” music.

    • Interesting. I really love his voice and the sincerety he conveys and the tune – but not a big fan of the lyrics. They still have not really grown on me. Guess I am not the only one.

  27. Ali-I have to agree with you, I stopped thinking ‘What are they going to throw fans next” no matter what it is in the end it wont mean squat to advancing his career. And the “keeping his name out there” the only ones that know where to look for him are the diehard fans. I highly doubt he danced more then a few seconds anyway, so 10 seconds of David doing the Dougie…what seems to matter to some fans is that Kari promised…I guess they have to ask themselves if its really the end of the world if she doesnt deliver!

    • I suppose there is some value to having his videos/music show up on entertainment sites like Rickey’s or MJ’s. To me, it’s clearly better than nothing at all, and not harmful, unless people don’t want to be reminded or made aware of the mission hiatus. I think it’s better than people thinking he’s trying to have a career, without success.

    • Yes, I do agree with you that nothing that has been put out has in any way advanced his career, but I really don’t think that was the intention. It was to keep as many fans interested while he was away. I know that not everyone agrees with what is being done for David while he is away, but I still enjoy having stuff to keep me entertained while he is away. That’s what I love about David’s fans, we might not agree about his career choices, but one thing we all agree on is we all love David and know his potential for greatness.

  28. a lurker 2- I find Broken to be a beautiful song, what I found distracting was his piano playing during it. He was anything but gentle with the keys hitting hard notes when they song didnt seem to call for it.

  29. I like getting little tidbits of David while he is away. I laugh sometimes because the second something comes out people are asking for the next thing to come out. I just enjoy seeing sort of behind the scenes things that he did right before he left including him working on Broken at the piano and hearing his voice soar. To me it is almost like sitting in on his practice sessions – beautiful voice and him practicing playing/singing at the same time whether it is perfect or not. Also, about the dougie video, in the back of my mind, all along, I have been thinking “I bet David doesn’t even want that video out because he feels like he looks like a dork”. Who knows what he actually thinks, but that is what my very first reaction was a long time ago when someone asked about the fans seeing it. David is a good sport but I really can hear that “dork” thought going through his mind.

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