O.D.D. Series #4: David Vlogging!

I credit David with giving me the social media hookup, starting with getting me caught up in his You Tube vlogs! And he was cute as a button venturing with his very first vlog (I distinctly remember how it created “controversy” over his pet Conditioner! Oy, Arch Angels! Seriousl!)

But, seriously, if I had not been a David fan, I would have been sooooo slow with joining Facebook and Twitter (no lie!). So, I’m quite savvy with the social media – thanks to my participation in the David fan community. It definitely gave me a leg up among my more mature “peers” who eventually joined along in these endeavors. David definitely kept me young! See, there are some wonderful benefits to O.D.D.

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  1. Such a cute first vlog, he really likes having fun, lol.
    Being a O.D.D. fan has given me the courage to comment because I wanted to join in on all the fun. I am very insecure about my writing and at times had to scratch my head and say what heck was I thinking or that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever,lol, but I’m glad that I didn’t give up.
    Thank you Hg for giving us something to comment about while you are on blog vacation, it just keeps things going for us fans that feel the need to keep commenting.
    When David made his big announcement, I thought that the wonderful fun (actually hobby) was going away for two years or gone completely because his music career was over. Needless to say, I was wrong, thank goodness. I made a discussion to keep commenting as much as I could because that would be my way to keep the home fires burning for David until he returned to his music career. It’s less than one year that David will return and I’m hoping that things start picking up in Archieland soon in anticipation of his return.

  2. David was sooo young looking back then; he’s come a long way. Re. the blog fansites, I don’t know that they’ll ever be as active as they were in 2008. As someone mentioned before, many fans now choose to communicate via twitter and tumblr. Who knows, by the time D returns, maybe MySpace will be popular once again.

  3. Good point desertrat about the blogs. I think you are right. I still don’t use twitter. Don’t know why as I have a smart phone. It just does not interest me.

  4. Agree with you two, Marie and desertrat, I think the most activity will be on twitter. I don’t us twitter, but I do check David’s twiller regularly, of course, always hoping for some fabulous news, lol.

  5. Twitter can be lots of fun, though “trending” is getting totally tiresome. I agree, David kept me young with social media! I don’t get tumblr at all, though. It’s for the “me, too” generation not a creative one.

    And David did awesome blogs and vlogs–they were really something to look forward to (and I still do).

  6. I really miss his vlogs. A personal touch that not many do. It’s so interesting to see his growth from this video to his last one.
    Remember when he posted his vlog to his personal youtube account and he had a gazillion comments? It’s fun to go back to that account and look at his favorited videos, pre-idol.

  7. Lol I guess THAT didn’t work. Try this:

  8. David’s vlogs is one of the things I miss the most while David is gone. This first one is so great – he was so very happy to go on the AI7 tour and sing without being judged. Little did he know what was in store for him in the cut throat music industry. There is a lot more to it than just singing. I hope David continues to do vlogs when he gets back. It was always fun when they would pop up and we got a little glimpse into David’s life. He was always so upbeat and charming in his adorkable way.

  9. sometimes I wish David had done this instead of the mission thing…….

    Talk about a double whammy: The American Idol champ graduated from Garner High School in North Carolina with distinguished honors…less than 24 hours after winning a coveted CMT Music Award!


    • I’m sure David would have liked to finish high school and graduated with his class like Scotty, but his high school had different requirements and he had to withdraw from school when he was on Idol. After Idol he was sucessful with his first single, Crush, and his debut album so he was in demand and not home long enough to go to school. I’m sure he must have gotten his GED in order to go on the mission. Many of us non-Mormon fans wish he had not gone on the mission but it was important to him to go. It is almost a rite of passage for a devout Mormon young man.

    • I agree lurker. I think he graduated last year. Scotty also is able to go to college and continue his music career at the same time. That is the way it should be IMO. But that is just my opinion that I am sure many others share. I am not a Scotty fan as I do not like his county twangy music style (prefer country pop) but I do agree with his career choices.

      • Marie, the big restriction that David has right now is what I also see as a career problem, omo (no disrespect to the religion or David). Not able to keep that important fan connections might really hurt his career and as much as his wonderful diehard fans do to keep his name out there, it just might not be enough. Time will tell, I sure hope that his career is still salvageable. It’s so weird the way I go from high hopes and excitement for his future in the music industry, to almost, dang it, yes, he will probably have a music career of sorts, but not where he should be, superstar status.

      • Yes, it would have been great if David had been able to finish high school like Scotty but his high school had a strict attendance policy so he had to drop out. Scotty’s school was able to work it out that Scotty could do the work while he was absent many days that David’s school wouldn’t do for him. If Crush would not have been a hit and David’s career had not taken off like it did that first year, David would have gone home and finished high school. He also probably would have gone on his mission when has 19, and we would not have ODD.

  10. His vlogs are precious and I appreciate that he cares to communicate with us like this. I guess I do wonder if David although the same heart and soul that left may share differently in his style and perspectives. Who knows. But I really hope we still get to hear from him and see his face, those smiles and those eyes. And if by chance he would care to sing a few snippets here and there, I would absolutely love that!

    • My gut feeling is that he will share differently in his style in perspectives. I think he will come back a bit more self assured and business savvy.

  11. Re. D and his education, back in 2009 and 2010, I’d periodically see personal blog mentions of D taking classes at one of the local universities. The blogs would say how he would be surrounded by his friends to help keep crowds and autograph seekers at a distance. Whether or not this was part of the GED program or what not, I don’t know.

    I enjoyed browsing D’s personal youtube channel. He seemed like the typical teen. In terms of future directions for him, I noticed there was no Buble, Groban or Timberlake.

    Re. tumblr, I don’t get it either. I used to browse the Archuleta Confessions but some of them depressed me. http://archuletaconfessions.tumblr.com/

  12. I like that one. lol.

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