O.D.D. Series #3: Fan Blogging


My O.D.D. might have fizzled on its own had I not found a community of equally obsessed David fans, as I did when I discovered Noting David, which led me to a bunch of other David fan blogs. Indeed, thanks to ND and The David Chronicles, Soul David was born!

And I must confess: I miss those years when we were all basking in the light of David’s after-Idol glow. We were so hopeful, so fanatic, so obsessed!

One of the things that totally drew me into the fan blogosphere was Rascal’s sophisticated, poetic waxing of David’s greatness. He simply found a way to express what was at the time inexpressible, and most importantly, he created a space for the more “mature fan” to congregate.

Below is my favorite blog from Noting David:

Starchild, Lightworker, Artist

by Rascal

Profound experience is a communion with the divine. Those who have been led to this place by way of David’s music, his character, and his journey may seek to explain this experience in many ways, and I think it is helpful to both respect these different modes of expression and also to recognize their limitations.

First and foremost, it is important to recognize that David is not and should not be construed as the source of divination nor even the portal to it, but merely a rare conduit or mechanism by which our own inherent connection to the divine is activated. In other words, David is for all intents and purposes a naive outside agent by which our own pre-existing heart connections are opened.

I don’t mean to in any way diminish this extraordinary gift of David’s, but we must be aware that both the connection and the divine itself reside in us, not in David himself (not, of course, that it doesn’t also reside in David, but no more so than it does in us). It is useful to maintain a recognition of this not only for our own perspective but also for David’s well being–it would be unfair to levy onto him the magnitude of expectation that would accompany such prophetic appointments.

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  1. Hg, thank goodness your were inspired to start your own blog. Love everything that you write. Also thank you for bringing over that blog from Noting David, also a very well written peace.
    Cotton Candy from pervious thread: your answer to mic (I think: man in cap) is referring to David’s dad. I think that maybe he will always be involved in David’s career (that is if things are still good between them), but I want top management for David. He deserves the best in the business with good connections that will get his career to the top where it belongs and as a father, I would think that is what he would want for David too.

  2. cq- thanks for answering my question! appreciate it. wonder what jeff has been doing since david left? wonder if he’s dating anyone now? must be weird for david to think about.

    • I have wondered that same thing about both Lupe and Jeff. Maybe they will get back together again, they did in the past, who knows.

      • I have no idea about what is going on with David’s parents but for some reason I doubt they are going to get back together. But I have no idea so it is just a guess on my part. I hope that David has no family/friends for management but hard to know what will happen when he returns. He does need top notch management but it is his choice. Really like that music video, Peter. Who is the music artist?

      • It’s a band called The Neighbourhood.

  3. yeah maybe. david seems very close to both of them.

  4. Very interesting comments to the full article referenced in this post. I like how HG describes the difference between a singer (Jordin Sparks) vs. and artist (e.g., Doolittle and David).


    • I am glad that I wasn’t the only one that read the full article and the comments. It was really interesting and I found it fun to read the comments from five years ago before the AI7 tour. It was before I had discovered Noting David. This was back when MIC commented as Jazzman on Fanblast and someone reposted his comments. Also the people were already saying they had ODD. I guess the ODD term has been around for along time.

      • I noticed too how well received MIC was by the fanbase — before we turned on him. 😉

      • I enjoyed reading those comments. David had so many fans with such great writing skills like hg and Rascal. I did use “had” as I am not so sure some of those fans are still around. Maybe they will come back when David returns but maybe not. It all depends on what David does when he returns to his music career. I know I feel that way at this point. I really like this SD blog but not sure what direction David’s music career is taking. Time will tell.

  5. the Vietnamese archies tweeted this link:
    Busca en ti./ canta lupe archuleta/ congas; asdrubal garcia Massa director coro de ….

  6. david in a bumper car; don’t think i’ve seen this one before:


  7. I always found Rascal to be an interesting read. His writing style, like Rascal himself was unique. I was an uber Rascal fan (alibiet a silent one) until the very end when for me his comments, while spot on, were too intrusive(Massage parlor) I remember him saying one time that “David would have to fall before he would rise again” often wondered what prompted him to make such a profound statement. The comments on the article give such interesting perspective from fans…it was like reliving old times.
    Another great post from HG whose writing style rivals and many times tops Rascals!

    • SandyBeaches

      Candy, I remember the intense statement of Rascal’s saying he would need to fall before he could or would rise again’. It seems like so many years ago now. Yes, the times were intense then in so many ways. Several original writers are still writing! Thank heavens for that because where would I go in the middle of the night in a storm?


  8. Boy not only have things really slowed down, but the sites (not this one per say) been having nothing but bad news to comment about, such sadness, not only the passing of Hanne (RIP Hanne), the Oklahoma tornado, but other sad things with fans.

    I just hope that we get something uplifting (hint of what we might expect in the future, new song, heck anything that will be fun) from the Archuleta team/Kari , so that the fans can feel lighthearted and happy, excited for David’s return.
    I’m just craving coming to sites and reading excited, happy and hopeful comments about David and his music career.

    • There have been quite a few sad posts on various the fan sites. However, after getting to know people virtually, I’m thankful that sites allow us to grieve, reflect and express appreciation for one another’s contributions to the fan base.

      Off topic but some lighthearted fun — this video of Tom Jones dancing always cracks me up, esp. after the 1:16 mark. Enjoy!

  9. If you can’t get enough of D singing Ribbon in the Sky, check out this (lesser viewed) recorded version and listen to the screams from 2:30 on — “that’s how you turn it out!” The standing ovation is well deserved.

  10. Thank you desertrat, those two videos brought a big smile to my face. You are so right about getting to know people virtually and of course, yes it is only right that we as fans can grieve and express appreciation for one another’s contributions to the fan base.

    Oh my goodness, that video of Ribbon in the Sky…just wow…a genuine phenomenal singer. Reading words from a phone…how can anyone doubt that he belongs having a superstar status. singing career, sigh.

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