O.D.D. Series #2: Larry King Interview

I was so bummed when David lost the Idol crown, but I swear his Larry King interview made me feel so hopeful. Unlike his Idol Extra interview, which just made me so relieved that he was so jolly and happy to be where he was – as Idol Runner-Up – I had enjoyed his Larry King interview because it was the more mainstream interview and he was as natural as I thought he would be. After Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest had made the press rounds bad-talking David and acting like he was so ill-prepared to do such things like interviews with the press, his easygoing chat with Larry King on CNN just really redeemed him in the eyes of everyone. It’s still a favorite of mine (plus, I thought he looked fabulous in that green shirt!)

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  1. That was a real good one. I’m thinking that David will be so much better at this kind of interviews when he returns. More mature and confident in himself. Seeing these early things of David really shows how much he has grown before our eyes. From a cutie pie to a hunk-a-roma gorgeous man.

  2. He really did well in this interview – he’s just so real even at this young age. Not a fake bone in his body; he truly didn’t expect to win and meant everything he said about Cook. He handled the questions about his Dad well. Larry was very astute in mentioning all the OTT comments by Simon may have hurt him in the end. I believe Larry King really liked him; he did perform again on his show at Christmastime. And yes, he looks great in green.

  3. I agree that David did very welll in that interview. Which I am sure surprised some.

  4. I don’t believe I’ve watched that clip since 2008. Larry King’s wife (at the time), Shawn, was the one who invited D to the international children’s event in D.C. where he first sang Prayer of the Children. I remember him wearing a wrinkled white shirt and the fanbase (incl. yours truly) criticized his clothing selection. He even met Nancy Pelosi and Russell Simmons. 😉


  5. Allison Iraheta is now married; he’s about 20 yrs older than her. He’s a songwriter, producer and manager whose clients include Duran Duran, Daniel Bedingfield, and Mandy Moore. Maybe she can introduce D to him.


  6. Off topic: read that David trended last night “RIP David Archuleta” a lot of sickos in the world.

    • Not that this makes it cool but those RIP trends happen to a lot of celebs. Heard somebody once say that twitter kills more people than smoking lol. I guess if we’re looking for a bright side it’s that enough (nonfan) people remember who David is for it to trend. js.

  7. I’m glad that Kelli Pickler won “Dancing With the Stars”. She was my favorite this year and her freestyle dance last night was exquisite. She has such an engaging personality.

    On another note I read that Allison Iraheta got married. She eloped with her bandmate who was formerly Mandy Moore’s musical director.

  8. Yes, so happy for Kelli. Derek is without a doubt an amazing dancer, I just love him too. Sad that it’s over. Hoping that David will be a guest next year or maybe even be a dancer…would love to look forward to seeing him every week. Exciting, but so unsure future for David, sigh.

  9. Glad that Kelli won. She deserved it.

  10. Soul Harrison!

  11. After I watched Kellie Pickler win DWTS last night, of course, being that I always relate success to David’s career , after all, I am a confirmed ODD, lol. Here is someone that was in AI(I don’t even remember when she was eliminated and really didn’t think she was that good of a singer at the time) so cute as I remember, but kind of a dumb blonde personality, and yet she found her niche in country music and now has made it even bigger. The opportunities are even bigger right now for her with that tacky mirrorball trophy win, lol.
    Now thinking about David, he already is a genius singer, no question, but he does need that NICHE, and I’m not saying that he has to be putt into a niche, just find his “thing” that will take him to the super stardom that I know he has the potential to be. In order for that to happen (jmo) he needs to break out of that comfort box and spread his wings.

  12. SandyBeaches

    Wow, thanks Peter…

    Facial features like JB, suit like Elder A, spirituality and conviction as well. A little J Groban, Elvis, what a mix…a little obvious Lazaro stutter…


  13. Saw a sister missionary on the bus and she was alone. I wanted to say, “hey, aren’t you suppose to be with another sister missionary? Where is she?” The bus driver was asking her questions so I did find out she was from Utah and has only been in Iowa City for five weeks. The bus driver told her to be sure to buy a heavy coat and boots for winter. It can’t be easy to be a Mormon missionary in a liberal college town dressed like the 1960s.

  14. cq-I hope the new Dream Team (whoever they might be) doesnt consist of Oh “Sunny” day and MIC! Or I will be heading for the hills!

    • I agree with you Candy. Thanks for posting the videos, Peter.

    • Candy, so right there with you.
      I just hope that someone in high places takes David under his/her wing and helps him jump start his career. right now, the longer he is away from the business, the harder it’s going to be for him to pick up where he left off. Things are really slowing down, it would be good for the team to through us a bone pretty soon.
      One thing that really puzzles me, right after he started his mission, he did a blog to be posted on his site and he had a message for Kari to relay to us fans, picture with letter, that’s it,other than stuff he had done before he left. I really was so hopeful that we would get some sort of contact via Kari at some regularity. I have always wondered what made him decide not to keep a connection. After seeing the different blogs from other missionaries, it makes sense to me that he probably would be able to send a message through Kari every once in awhile. I know that a lot of fans don’t think that would make a difference with his career, but I feel that it would, he along can help himself. Time will tell.

      • cq but those other missionaries aren’t famous.. David knows all will be blasted all over.

      • Yes, your right Kimak, but I really wasn’t saying I wanted a blog, just every once in a while, a greetings, nothing saying what he is doing. I do agree that a blog about his mission would not be good.
        A greeting would be very positive, but then again, that’s jmo.

      • cq would love anything.. just not expecting it I suppose.

  15. candy- i keep seeing people refer to MIC in comments. who is he/she if you don’t mind me asking? a person or a management company? thankyou

  16. omg that peter kid is amazing and he looks like a combination of david and justin bieber! crazy!

  17. oops- i meant harrison (posted by peter), sorry

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