Ode to O.D.D. Series #1

I’m starting my blog vacation early, Soul Davidians! 🙂

And since it is my wont to preschedule blogs during my blog break, I thought to do a series concerning a topic that recently came up: O.D.D. (that’s Obsessive David Disorder for those not in the know!)

I realize that it’s been ages since I’ve felt O.D.D. – even running this blog is more habit than passion, and yet I still hold out hope that my passion for David will one day be rekindled.

So, in keeping that hope alive, I thought to run a series highlighting O.D.D. and how I came to it, and maybe it will trigger your own memories of how you came to O.D.D. as well – for those of you who have ever had it or are still “recovering addicts”! 🙂

Series #1: “And So It Goes”

Seriously, peeps, this performance during Top 3 week just Did. Me. In! I was totally committed as a David fan since “Heaven,” but “And So It Goes” made me obsessed, and I still can’t explain what it was about this song that did it for me (maybe it’s just that the a capella beginning helped his Voice to shine through, and then drew me in hook, line, and sinker!)


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  1. Sigh…his voice is magnificent (as if you all didnt aready know that) his pronuciation of every word, every vowel, is so pure. My ODD- I dont know if I have a defining moment as it just seemed to sneak up on me. I sort of knew David since Star Search as a girl from my town, Tiffany Evans, competed agaisnt him. I was beyond captivated back then with the soulman from Utah and to see him again on American Idol was sort of surreal. After Heaven, I found myself searching the cyber word for more information about this young man, found an AI forum that was over run with teeny boopers wanting to know if he had armpit hair. I quickly migrated from there to fanblast. FOD, and here…and the rest is history as they say. Its been a magical journey, and its not over yet!

    HG- thank you for always giving us wonderful blog food for thought! 🙂

  2. Have a nice blog vacation, hg. You deserve it for trying to keep this blog going why David is away. Not always an easy task. I can relate to your comments, Candy.

  3. Mesmerizing is all I can say. My ODD-had to think about it for a while. I came to the conclusion that I still have it, maybe during this time a little different than when David is full on working on his career. The fact that I still look forward to checking every fan site for anything new and enjoying reading all the fan comments, is one reason I still have ODD. The other is some of my comments (only my opinion) have been highly criticized to the point that some felt I was totally disrespectful and I still am here wanting to keep things going for this wonderful artist that I feel has the potential to be one of the great singer of his time. Can’t wait for him to return and get that old ODD back.

  4. Like Candy, O.D.D sneaked up on me too. I know for sure that it started shortly after the end of D’s season when I kept going to youtube to look at his past performances. At one point it was so bad that after I had read all the fansites/forums and google news alerts, I would sit and watch comments scroll across his Myspace page, LOL. Yeah, I had it bad.

    RE. ASIG, I like D’s version better than Billy Joel’s. He did a terrific job with the song. I didn’t realize the beauty of his version until well after his season of idol was over.

  5. BTW Hg, have a nice blog vacation, so deserved.

  6. I can relate to ALL of you. Like Desertrat my ODD started after AI7 when I searched the Internet for all David’s interviews, then followed the AI7 tour on the internet, found Fanblast, watched the premier of Crush on Z100 and I was a goner. Like CQ I still have ODD because I am compelled to look at David’s fansites that are still going everyday, and I read all the comments. The first year that David was gone there were still things he did before he left that kept the sites going. It is now slowing down which is understandable. I was surprised that it didn’t get quiet in Davidland sooner. We shall see in around ten months what the next chapter will be in David’s music career.

    Thanks for keeping up your blog HG.

    • Yes Grammyj the sites have somewhat slowed down as expected. I am stilling hoping that David and his team have thought that this would happen and have something planned some months before he gets back, say maybe Fall or before, to get his fans gears up and excited about his return. Of course us ODD, will be excited regardless. I still have very high hopes that David will become the huge music star that he was distant be, you might say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one, lol.

  7. SandyBeaches

    I did a check tonight on my own O.D.D. before I arrived here. I wondered if I could be once more hit with the magic or with the passion for his voice. So I listened to his cover songs and there it was, that voice, that voice. A flavour, a sound, a feeling it gives and the feeling I got was that I was so lucky to have had his voice introduced to me. Now just be live on stage once again! You just have to listen to the music he has given from all of his albums.

    Thanks HG for keeping the doors open!! I am certain I heard there would be front row seats for all of the admins.!! You all heard that rumour right? Must have been on twitter! 😉


  8. An interesting topic and I’ve enjoyed reading the comments.

    I guess I’ve never really sat down to analyze exactly when I got to the point of ODD. (That term cracks me up, btw.) It was definitely not during AI. I’d say it was sometime during 2009. I started listening to David’s music gradually that year. And then searched out live performances on YT. When I started trying to find places where I could go back and watch full episodes of his AI season — lol that’s when I realized this was more than, “hey, I enjoy this guy’s music and might buy a few songs”.

    Maybe I look at it a but differently since I came into the fandom later in the game but I don’t think my ODD has ever stopped. I may not listen to David’s music every single day but when I do listen to it, it’s like coming home. That’s the best analogy I can come up with. And I’ve come to care about David a lot as a person. I’ve never felt much like that about an artist before. I mean, I don’t wish ill on any other artists but I’ve never spent time worrying about their album sales or how that might affect their careers or even their emotional well-being. IDK. I guess the fact that David is such a genuine and caring person…something about his outlook, personality, awkwardness and SOUL really has connected with me. It’s what has kept me drawn in over the years, even when things have gotten tense and fans have been at each others throats. It hasn’t always been easy or particularly enjoyable to be part of a “fandom”. But in the end, with the great people I’ve met and the joy that David’s music brings me even now, I find that it’s worth it. Almost like a microcosm of life itself, no?

    Ok. It’s definitely too late at night to be responding if I’m getting all philosophical!! 😉

  9. Desertrat-That song was one of two snippets that “leaked” back in 2011 from a CD for a childrens choir that featured the songs, the cd was called “One Voice” The other was You Alone. The reason I remember is I tried to order the cd but it was never released. David wrote both songs. He was featured in a third song on the same cd.

    • For some reason, this reminded me of that Christmas song David sang one time- a Disney song. Was it two Christmas’s ago? For some reason, I am thinking Michigan- a partnership with an orchestra…… taping was strictly prohibited- I am sure someone here recalls this.? and the song… I was hoping something may come out of that- with a recording in some type of Disney holiday movie… who knows…

      • Of course I remember the song you are referring to. He sang it in Michigan with an orchestra during the CFTH tour. Disney did sponsor that concert. I can’t remember the name of the song but maybe someone else with ODD will remember.

      • See my reply at 8:44 below – put it in the wrong place

    • Oh yeah, I remember that CD. I believe he recorded them in 2007 or 2008.

    • Thanks for finding the song on you tube. It sounds like a song that should be in a musical. I remember that the girl that recorded it had the recorder hidden in her purse since no taping was allowed. My ODD is showing again.

  10. It ‘s nice to see comments about David music even though it’s not new music. Hope that Kari/team throw us a bone soon.

  11. Derek and Kellie’s freestyle on DWTS….A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!!!

    • I hope Kellie wins DWTS. I would like to see David do the show when he returns. It would be good PR for him. My favorite on The Voice remains Michelle but I think that Danielle has a very good chance of winning.

  12. Val and Zendaya equally as amazing. Zendaya is such a sweetheart and what a wonderful role model. I can’t help but think that David would really like Zendaya.
    Sigh, I want David to do DWTS. Everyone that goes on this show say that it’s a growing and confident building experience, I want that for David.

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