Welcome to the Runner-Up Circle


Congratulations, Kree Harrison! You are now part of the illustrious circle known as “American Idol Runner-Ups,” including such renowned artists as the Great David Archuleta (of course!), Adam Lambert, Clay Aiken, Jessica Sanchez, and Crystal Bowersox.

Seriously, though, I would have thought I’d be delivering this post for Candice Glover, who actually won (and who I would’ve picked to win). So, I’m happy for Candice, at least in the moment when she won this competition. And, in hindsight, I should have known when she reprised “I Who Have Nothing” and started it out a capella that this was hers to lose. She brought her A game on Wednesday night.

Afterwards, however, Lord help her!

First of all, Kree looked absolutely delighted to be part of the Runner-Ups Circle. I wonder if this gives her some kind of choice to not work with Jimmy Iovine, Interscope, and Co. (and get placed directly with Nashville – remember David didn’t have a choice to work with Jive when he was runner-up; he was simply assigned).  Still, I worry about Kree and her abilities for post-Idol success. Just looking at the performance line-up from last night, if I were a betting woman, I’d be much more inclined to sign on her country counterpart Janelle Arthur, who was simply electric in her performance with The Band Perry. Talk about showing growth, potential, and charisma! How, indeed, did that chick get voted out in fifth place?

Second of all, Candice’s coronation song, “I Am Beautiful,” is absolutely atrocious! There were moments during her emotional delivery, in which she tried to salvage it as a “gospel” song, pointing upwards every time she sang a verse referring to how “He” tells her she is beautiful. But even that can’t save this pandering and – quite frankly – downright insulting song, as if Candice is some kind of chick who feels oh-so-bad about herself because she hasn’t been told she is “beautiful.” Nicki said the song “fit her like a glove.” In what way?

Candice is quite pretty – despite her heavy frame. It’s the worst kind of fat-shaming I’ve seen in quite a while. Seriously, who gives a good dang that she’s heavy? Oh, the producers do, I guess, who obviously had other plans for who was going to wear the crown this season, which brings me to

Reason #3 why Candice has a hard-row-to-hoe as American Idol Season 12 winner: Angie Miller.


Is it not obvious that the show had planned things around her crowning moment? From planning to release her single “You Set Me Free” the same time that the winner’s single gets released, to giving her not one but two duets – with Adam Lambert and her idol Jessie J (who flew in from the UK just for this performance and to invite Angie to perform with her across the pond!).

No wonder Amber Holcomb -who was buoyed up in the competition by the judges and Iovine long enough to leave in 4th place – had this to say on Twitter:

Picture 1

Yes, the show definitely has its favorites, every season. This is perhaps one of those times their best laid plans didn’t go their way.

I think the plan was: Angie and Amber for the Top 2 finale.  Just shore up Amber Holcomb as an alternative to Candice Glover since she had the looks and the passable talent. Keep both black girls going in the competition until they bussed Candice enough to get her out in Top 5 or Top 4, and her votes would then transfer to Amber, who would make the finale but not be personable enough (or a real vocal threat) in comparison to Angie Miller, who would easily win hands down. Not to mention they would know how to market and box in someone like Amber as a runner-up.

I think TPTB knew that, had either Kree or Janelle Arthur made the finale with Angie, those other girls could have knocked her out second (Kree because she’s vocally superior and country, Janelle because she’s more personally engaging on the stage and also country).  I guess the show forgot, during Top 3, that the bigger girls had the better vocals and the emotional story and the Southern votes!

They also forgot that Idol voters like their girls to be “ordinary” (including being on the heavy side).  They should have made Angie more “cute” and relatable instead of pandering to the TV because she’s so pretty.

Anyway, does it matter who wins in these things? I am definitely getting a sense that Candice will be like Season 5’s Taylor Hicks, compared to Angie getting Season 5 Chris Daughtry favoritism post-Idol.  Her song is as loathsome as Taylor’s “Do I Make You Proud.”  I mean, seriously, who doubts “You Set Me Free” will outsell and outperform “I Am Beautiful”?

And why do I think this? Because it’s so obvious they could market Candice as a Black Adele but they’re not astute enough to do that (or else, why give her that treacly song as her winner’s single?).

Sigh. Why couldn’t she at least get a salvageable “I Believe” courtesy of Fantasia’s coronation song?

And why is it that, whenever we get a black girl winner, the cards are so obviously stacked to rule out worthwhile male contestants? This happened during Fantasia’s season, Jordin’s season, and now Candice’s season. What is that about? Is the show saying that a Fantasia, Jordin, or Candice would never win if the audience had a viable white guy with guitar? Is the show saying that, or America?

Either way, hold your head up, Candice! You’re obviously a gifted vocalist, obviously beautiful, and hopefully, you’re already making plans for your career post-Idol and post-SONY/INTERSCOPE. Best of luck to ya! 😛


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  1. Once again great article Hg. Your thoughts about the Fantasia, Jordin and now Candice seem to be spot on, really never gave it a thought when I watched. I must confess, I watched AI, but the only two singers that I gotten into have been Daughtry and of course, David. I didn’t become an diehard fan of Daughtry like I am with David however. I always thought when I watched, the talent was good and like male and female singers, but never felt compelled to buy there music.
    I will confess that when I did watch AI, always wanted the cute/hot guy to win or at least be on till the end, lol. With David it was more than I just want him to win because he is so cute, I was blown away buy his voice and non have ever done that to me before or sense.

  2. Favorite of the Top five still Janelle!! Love her energy and personality!! Entertainer of the Season!! Her spunk and performance last eve was great. I wish her the best in the Country arena.

    Happy for Candice getting top honor for the best voice and Kree for Runner Up. Kree already invited to the Grand Old Opry!!! Runner up circle not a bad place to be. Turned out with for David A. So glad he didn’t have the pressure of the Title. Can’t wait to see him again in Concert!!

    Hope Idol does do an overhaul. Only judge I admired this year was Keith and even he was rooting for favorites toward the end. Like his critiques for the most part “Baby”

    Still think they should have used the save for Janelle, so she could have sang one more week. It wasn’t used and they ended up with an extra week without an elimination. Think they were afraid of her popularity, as they were pushing for Amber etc.
    Oh Well, the only voting I did was for Janelle and Kree because of the Judges manipulation against them.

    Maybe Candice makes up for us losing Melinda in her season.

  3. Another great article, HG! I think all of this year’s finalists are going to have a very hard time making it in the cut-throat music industry. Phillip Phillips was fortunate to actually get a great coronation song that is still selling. It was the best selling single of all the Idols to date – it has even beat out Kelly’s best selling single. None of the AI singles this year have that kind of selling power IMHO. They are like the forgettable single that Jessica had last year. Angie wrote her song herself so the key is being a good songwriter yourself. I wish them all the best as they are a talented bunch of young women.

  4. Wow, was just reading about the low ratings for AI finale, the lowest ratings of all 12 seasons. 42% drop from last year for Thursday. Just a thought maybe they should do what SYTYCD did, have a girl and boy winner. Last year SYTYCD had the two winners and I really liked that format. However, don’t know if that will get me back to watching AI, of course, if David does a guest appearance, you bit I will be glued to the tv, lol.

  5. “…downright insulting song…” is exactly how I feel about Candices’ coronation song. I would be much happier if her version of “Don’t Make Me Over” was the first single that Interscope pushed.

    I can easily see Angie being a breakout artist from this season. I liked the duet she performed with Adam.

    • Interesting post hg. Some very good observations. Can’t stand Candices’ coronation song. I think Kree knew that she was not going to win AI and was very happy about it. What does that say? lol. I agree with you that TPTB wanted Amber and Angie in the finale. Not so sure how Kree and Candice will do in music down the road. Time will tell. Angie, if any of them, will be the breakout artist. I agree with you desertrat. On to The Voice for me.

  6. Just saw a picture of David at the dentist office extracting a wisdom tooth. Now that I think about it every time he went home he went to the dentist..now I know what he was preparing for, didn’t back then, but all the Mormon fans must of gotten that clue.
    Miss David and the excitement of his ups and downs of his music career. Hoping that from now on, it’s all ups and no downs….come home early and surprise all your fans, lol (just kidding, no tomatoes please).

    • I miss David a lot but I had reached a point where I was internalizing the “downs”; it wasn’t a good for me. I have no intention of becoming Sunny-like but when D returns, I don’t want to take myself thru the same emotional roller coaster I experienced 2008-2012. I just know that this time away is helping D to grow and evolve as a person; I hope it’s doing the same for me.

      • For me after experiencing all the ups and downs (2008-2012) has prepared me for the next chapter as a fan. Just knowing to expect the bumpy times will be easier than it was before. Of course I want nothing but success for David, but to me, nothing could be worse than these two years have been. Thank goodness for these fabulous fans sites to keeps up going until he returns.

      • I am feeling the same as both of you, CQ and desertrat. I would get too upset when there were some “downs” in David’s career. I am more realistic now and know how hard it is in the music biz. He really had a lot of great opportunities that he was able to capitalize on. He did lots of recording. Sure, he is not a superstar, but that is not all it’s cracked up to be with the loss of privacy. I will just enjoy whatever David decides to do music related when he returns.

  7. I agree with all of you. I just have no expectations for David’s music career at this point. It really is on David and his team. He really has to be super motivated and driven to succeed in the music industry and time will tell if he does. It sure would help if David has the right team members in place and that should not include MIC as the guy has no connections in the industry at all. But again it is on David to have a plan in place.

    • You are so right, DRIVE, hard work (he got this one already) ambition to be a success, need to be in place. Until he went to the Philippines (there I saw, of course, hard worker, driven and ambitious David), he seamed almost like he didn’t want to go for the brass ring, jmo. Again jmo , that mission thing was hanging over his head that he couldn’t move on until he had it behind him. Making the discussion to go had freed him somehow. My thoughts are that he will be ready to go for that brass ring when he returns.

  8. So Mariah Carey’s performance at the final AI night was lip synced. Ugh.

    Masterclass Lady ‏@MasterclassLady 1h
    Mariah Carey’s American Idol Finale Performance http://wp.me/pIgh-3z8

    • My husband is a videographer. When he watched Mariah’s performance which was taped the day before, he said that the video wasn’t synced correctly. In other words, the audio was off compared to the visual. She actually was singing it. It’s too bad that happened as now many think she was lip syncing.

  9. That was a different performance by Mariah. It just did not look natural. I am surprised that Nicki did not perform at all during her run on AI. What was that all about? I never thought that Nicki was going to stay longer than one season anyway. The speculation soon will begin for who the new judges will be on AI.

    • I read that Nicki didn’t perform because her new song wouldn’t have been appropriate for a family audience. She wanted to do R-rated material.

  10. Will Adam Lambert Snag An American Idol Season 13 Judges’ Chair?


    • He was rumored as a possible judge this past season and didn’t get the job. Who knows maybe he will this season because they are not going to spend the money on celebrity judges that they did getting Mariah and Nicki. I would like Kelly Clarkson as a judge if they are going to get a former Idol. I liked her as a judge on the Duets show last summer.

  11. Kelly would be great. I would not mind Adam as a judge but I think they might want a bigger name as a judge.

    • It seems to me that Adam had/has a show, don’t know what channel. Maybe it really never got off the ground. There is no denying that Adam has talent and he does have that gay, cute guy working for him, so who knows maybe he will get the gig.
      I’m with you, Kelly, even Jennifer or Carrie would be the only judges that would make sense to me because of there huge success. If Adam does get the gig, it will be a big boost for his career even if the show doesn’t have the pull it once did.

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