Season Finale and All That Jazz…

It feels so early to be having the season finale of American Idol, but I’m sure many folks are thinking: “It’s about time!” This season was unusually long to say it’s ending rather earlier than in previous seasons.

Still, there’s something to be said about Idol having fewer viewers and voters this year. I can say that, for the first time in its 12-year history, something happened that never ever ever happened before: the Top Two finalists are, indeed, the best vocalists of the season (although to be fair, during David’s season, the top two performers made the finale).  Maybe fewer viewers/voters means all the tone-deaf listeners have moved on? 😛

Anyway, as I had polled about The Voice, I guess I could also poll about American Idol, as far as who we fans think David would vote for. At least with American Idol, it’s a bit more clear-cut. David has revealed who his “favorite Idol contestants” have been in the past (i.e. Tamyra Gray from Season 1, Jennifer Hudson from Season 3).

So, with those clues, who do you think David would vote for this season of American Idol?


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  1. The Voice Australia is having an interesting season:

  2. It’s funny you mention about the two best vocalists, HG, because I read something similar to that thought in USA Today yesterday. The author said for the first time since Season 2 but yeah.

    I am excited for both Kree and Candice and I agree that they were the best singers this year. Kree has seemed to lose some of her spark in the middle rounds but we all know how exhausting the Idol process is. I think the vocal edge goes to Candice but the demo might favor Kree; at this point I really don’t think there’s a wrong choice for winner. I’m rooting for Candice but I also would be very happy for Kree if she wins.

    I wonder if they’ll do a send off for Randy like they did for Simon? I’ve not heard anything about it if they are.

    • Dang if they do a send off for Randy, boohoo, David will miss it…Know if he was invited, (if he was home) he would be there in a heart beat…

  3. Sorry to be snarky, but the only time I remember David stating a preference since his time on AI, he chose Lee Dewyse, saying that he was “a good role model”. Since neither of the current top two are single moms <> I’d assume that he wouldn’t say whom he preferred.

  4. Don’t watch AI & haven’t since the finale of AI7. Just not at all interested. I did read on entertainment news that ALL this year’s judges will NOT return next year. ***yawn***

    I do watch The Voice since the beginning however if my “picks” are picked off early, I stop. Why watch it if I’m not interested in any of the contestants? This year is a good example. I don’t have a favorite this year so why waste 2 hours Monday & Tuesday nights watching the show?

    I do enjoy So You Think You Can Dance auditions though so I was looking forward to the new season. Never knew there were so many great dancers in the USA. Some not even “trained” but still so awesome.

  5. I really don’t care so much who wins but after hearing Kree’s “story” last week I can’t help but pull for her. Losing both your parents at such a young age could not have been easy but Kree seems like a really genuine and warm person. She also is a good vocal country talent. Unlike Scotty IMO. I am not so sure how marketable either of them are but Kree has a better shot with being a country artist with connections in Nashville. Not so sure about who David would want but that is my take on it. I love The Voice.

  6. It is all about the judges and their leaving AI right now. Kind of feel bad for both Candice and Kree that the Judges are the focus and not them. What’s new. lol.

    • I does seem that way. I don’t watch The Voice either, but to me it seems to be about the judges also. These high profile judges wouldn’t even give these shows a second thought if they didn’t think that it would be good for their careers. Any commercial I see about AI or The Voice mostly features the judges, so it kind of is about them. I guess that’s what is working for these show right now.

    • Looks to me like Candice is going to win after reading other AI blogs. I would be shocked if Kree won. It will be interesting to see how she does in the long-term in the music industry.

  7. As mentioned above, I can’t see David picking one singer over the other, lol. He’d probably tweet about both Kree and Candice having amazing voices. With that said, I like both of them but I don’t really care who wins; both seem deserving.

    Carly Rae Jepsen was on idol tonight and Psy will be on tomorrow night. Scooter Braun strikes again!

    • Scooter does strike again. You really need to have the right team behind you and the needed connections to survive in today’s music industry. Flexibility and insight into the music industry helps too. Hope David has all that in place when he returns.

  8. Reading about the lastest wonder singers that everyone is commenting about makes me think about the music field of new crop of artists that actually might be, you know, SINGERS, lol, not just entertainers with the right back up, auto tune, etc. I just hope that David will be able to get the right people to help him become the top of the artistic rich field.

  9. I cant fault Scooter for making the right moves within the industry, he seems to have found a formula that works for him. Like him of not, the Beav sure has been successful. To the point of being gagworthy! I applaud that, heck I applaud it for anyone that makes it in todays music industry. I often wonder, mostly to myself, what ever came from those rounds of talks David had with other labels after leaving Jive, he never really got involved with another label, and we all know his time with WEG was an epic crash and burn. Hoping for more of a music committment when he returns, if hes serious about a career dont think at this point in his life he can depend on MIC to make the magic happen.

    • Hey Candy I totally agree that if David wants a music career he really needs to get serious. I just hope that the doors of opportunity are not all closed for him. Time will tell.

    • On the NMHF album information, MIC is not David’s manager. Gina Orr is David’s manager. Not sure that she can get David the opportunities he needs either. MIC is probably still involved in David’s career somewhat but is not his manager at this time.

  10. MIC will be there forevermoooooorrreeeeee…

  11. LOL-Unfortunately Peter I think you are right!

  12. To me it seems like David is extremely close to his mother, but I don’t get that same vibe about closeness to his father. I know that he has always said great things about both parents, but maybe things have changed. Maybe his father wasn’t abroad about him going on this mission and that might of strained the relationship, so he might not be as involved in his career when David returns, just a thought.

    • I’ve had those same thoughts. I don’t think MIC wanted David to go on a mission because David’s money paid his bills. I’ve always thought David did the acting in the Philippines to make sure the family was supported while he was gone.

      • I agree with you Grammyj. Watching the Finale. Really enjoying some of the performances. Angie and JessieJ and Adam were really good I thought.

  13. hmmmn saw this posted on twitter this morning “Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane..”

    dont know how the person knows, or if its the same Daniel, but Im thinking it is, is he visiting someone or embarking on a “mission” of his own. Just curious.

    • Not surprised that he would be going on a mission. I have a very strong feeling that Lupe wouldn’t have it any other way.
      Although I would think that with his famous brother being on a mission that it would be somewhat news worthy.

    • I really haven’t heard anything about David’s siblings since he left. I believe that Daniel is old enough to go on a mission. He could be flying somewhere for any number of reasons. I remember right after AI7 Daniel was into songwriting and playing his guitar on You Tube but haven’t heard anything for several years about Daniel pursuing music.

      • I think that Daniel made the very smart move of backing out of the spotlight and shadow of his brother. One very positive aspect of the mission is that things around his siblings have calmed down somewhat and allowed them to have more of a “normal” life w/out constant questions about what their brother is doing (or at least the questions can be answered with one word “mission”. I think that is a very healthy separation for all of them.

    • Maybe they’re quoting song lyrics? lol.

      Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane. I can see the red tail lights heading for Spain. And I can see Daniel waving goodbye. Oh it looks like Daniel, must be the clouds in my eyes.

      🙂 I love that song.

  14. For some reason, “Daniel” reminded me of this:

    • Wow, haven’t heard this one in a while! I used to love, love, love this song. Not sure what it was about but I thought he was referring to someone whose love he took for granted.

    • I always thought it was “When I was Mary’s friend,” but it seems to be “When I was Mary’s prayer.”

  15. hell0g0rge0us

    So is anyone watching Idol’s finale? Who do you think will win? I’m rooting for Candice! 🙂

    It’s going to be a long night with Scandal’s season finale as well! 🙂

    • I’m watching Idol. I think Candice will win, but it is not a sure thing. There are a lot of county fans that watch Idol that will vote for Kree. They are both very talented, but Candice does have the best vocals. I would love to hear a David and Candice duet.

  16. hell0g0rge0us

    Candice won! Congrats! 😀 Now on to Scandal to see who is the mole…

    • So happy for you Hg.

    • I really enjoyed the finale. It was better than I expected it would be. Candice was so emotional about winning that she had a hard time singing. I wish her all the best. We know how hard it is in the music industry. She has a fabulous voice.

  17. I love Scandal. Great Show!

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