If David Were Here, If David Could Vote


Since I just finished watching The Voice and realizing how we’re now down to the wire, I thought I would do some projection. As in: if David were here, and if David could vote for a contestant on The Voice, who would he pick?

It may be pointless or even just an exercise in fan projection, but why not? The O.D.D. may have waned, but we got to keep ourselves amused, right? 😛

Anyway, here’s a fun poll (for those of you who tune in to The Voice).

Which of the contestants would David most likely vote for and put through The Voice finals next week? As super fans, we have a sense of David’s musical tastes, right, and we know he watched this show before leaving for his mission, so if he were here, he might get invested. Who would David pick from each team?


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  1. I liked Sarah Simmons, The Swon Brothers, Kris Thomas and Michelle Chamuel. I have no idea as to who David would pick.

    IMO, the judges are more entertaining than the contestants.

  2. Don’t watch so I can’t play, but it will be a fun poll for all the fans that watch The Voice.

  3. hmmm would David vote or take the high road again and sit on the stage and refuse to pick! Im hoping the “man he brings back” would vote!

  4. New pic of David from Chile

  5. Wow thanks Ali!!! What a wonderful picture, he looks so manly,ok not the hair but still looks great. (and happy) And he isn’t hiding in the back of the group!

    • That hair…..lol. Nice to see his smiling face every now and then though 🙂

      • The hair I know, lol. I actually like buzz cuts on most guys, but in David’s case, like it a bit longer, or maybe just styed better. Just love seeing a resent picture of him, as Candy said, he does look manly.
        Can’t wait for him to get his butt back here and continue to wow us with his wonderfulness, lol.

      • I loved seeing David in casual clothes instead of the white shirt and tie. It looks like they were having a fun day by the lake. It looks like a really pretty area. The picture came from the missionary blog of the girl right in front of David. I’m one of the “bad” fans that reads the missionary blogs. It’s given me insight into what they do and I’ve learned about Chile. They are so young and it has to be hard leaving your family, being without technology and not knowing the language very well when they first get there. I sure it is quite the learning experience. David was better equipped than most since he was use to being away from home and knew Spanish somewhat.

      • Yes, grammyj I too like to see him in casual clothes instead of white shirt and tie. It’s so interesting to read some of the fan comments regarding David’s demeanor in the picture. They all say (including me, lol) how happy he looks. The reason I say it’s interesting is because David always has a smile on his face and always seems to be so happy. To me from things that we now know that went on and all we ever say was that happy smile, it tells me one thing, he is very good at hiding his feelings and always being able to “put on a happy face”. Now with that being said, I really believe that he isn’t “putting on a happy face” in that picture, I do believe that is genuine happiness.

  6. I like this post. Interesting poll. I not sure who David would pick but my guess is: Judith, Sasha, Michelle, and Danielle. I like Judith, Michelle, and here is my shallow vote: Josiah. Not so sure about his vocals but he is very cute. lol. Some really talented vocalists this year so it is hard to decide who is best but I agree with Peter that the judges are more entertaining.

  7. oops ‘ever saw’

  8. Re. the poll, I really haven’t followed The Voice that closely. I like Judith Hill. She reminds me of Syesha in that I see her as a singer/actress type.

    That pic of David is probably my fav since he left. I’m starting to like the short hair, lol.

  9. What I see in the group photo of the missionaries is all the guys who are standing, are all close with arms around each other or otherwise touching very camaraderie-like. But David is obviously not included in the “group”. In fact the guy next to David almost has his back turned away from David. He is standing alone & separate. To me, their body language tells me he is not seen as “one of them”, even now. Or perhaps it could be because he is the “lead missionary”??

    Also, I zoomed the photo & I think I detected a mustache? I guess he didn’t shave closely that day. Could be the reason he looks “manly”. lol! He is a 22 year old man, after all. Not a kid anymore.

    Anyway, that’s my take on the photo.

    • Omg, my take on the photo too,

    • A lurker 2, you made me look again. Yes, I detected the facial hair too. Yep, he didn’t shave closely that day. You could be right on your theory, but he does have the biggest smile in a picture that I’ve seen from Chile. He looks like he’s having a good time.

    • oh yes didn’t see that it does look like a mustache of sorts. I would love to see David let his facial hair grow out a few days anyway.
      he is not one of them.. never will be.

    • I noticed the same thing Lurker 2 about the camaraderie. I wonder why that is? Could it be because he is older than them, and also their leader as someome mentioned? Or could it be that he is the quiet one, the one that keeps to himself more?

      He looks goooood though, a bit thin, but yes, manly and taller? possibly.

  10. Off topic..SYTYCD season 10, yippee!! A real cutie from Utah (girl) 19yrs old made to through to Vegas, guess who she reminded me of, lol.

  11. What makes you think he is not one of them?

  12. Maybe he is more friendly with the people in front of him.


    • No. If that were the case, wouldn’t he have sat with them? I really think the missionaries go out of their way to make it seem as if they are not in “awe” of him so, unconsciously perhaps, leave him “alone” so to speak. The reality is that they are all probably in awe of him and having him so close, getting to know the real David will be a story they can tell their friends, family & especially their own kids someday when David becomes a huge star! lol!

      • after reading some of the blogs it seems they treat him like a lot of his fans do.. a tad starstruck. hope most don’t.
        what I was referring to at least for me is a uniqueness he has about him.. can’t say he is like anyone I have ever seen.

  13. as far as I have seen never saw David being very touchie feelie or hugging anyone. always the other way around.

  14. Good point….And maybe he likes being the last one to a picture so as not get to close, to the girls in particular. He knows his fans.

    David is unique in the very best of ways!

  15. I think it was Daivd that said he was always more comfortable around girls and had more female friends then male…funny how we notice different things, I was so struck by how manly he looked, I totally missed the lack of closeness. And kimak-you are right..he will never be one of them.

  16. While at the moment David is a missionary, he is also an International recording star…how intimidating must that be to have him as your mish leader and know his background. 99.9% of the others knew nothing about the other missionarys until they arrived in Chile. David has been on TV and in the spotlight since he was 11.

    • so true Candy.. love that pic for so many reasons. he has a confidence and maturity about him there. manly indeed.

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