Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the biological, adoptive, surrogate and communal mothers out there, have a blessed day! 😀

lupe-davidUpdate: here’s David’s recent Mother’s Day vlog:


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  1. Happy Mother’s Day to all. Love that picture of mother and son.
    Hg, got your book, I’m in for some super stimulating reading, thank you.

  2. HG, thanks for the warm wishes for everyone. Ditto from me — you said it all.

    From the previous post, I like Harrison’s (Australia, The Voice) voice; he looks a little like Zac Efron. I just read up on him and learned that he speaks w/a stutter.

    Re. David’s vlog, my fav phrase is that he appreciates his mom’s heart. I hope she hears from him today.

  3. Happy Mother’s Day. Love that picture of David and his beautiful Mom.

  4. A little humor for Mother’s Day. Jimmy Fallon & the First Lady – Evolution of Mom Dancing

    • Thanks for posting the two videos from The Voice Australia, Peter. Both singers are great. I think I will have to keep checking them out on you tube. Harrington is a cross between Lazaro and David.

    • Woah, so good, both of them. It’s a kick how the judges stand up on their chairs all of the time, lol.

  5. Some good videos posted here. Thanks.

  6. Hg.

    I wrote an article on my blog, and I included to you and your blog, hope you like it.

    • hell0g0rge0us

      Thanks but I don’t know Spanish. Do you have a translation and which blog post is linked to mine?

  7. HG-On Gladys blog page in the upper right hand corner there is a drop down menu to select a language, it will automatically translate for you. Im on Firefox , hope it works the same on others.

    • The translation menu did work for me. I have Firefox too. Very nice blog Gladys. I really enjoyed reading it.

  8. A vlog from David, a real sweet thing for him to do before he left. Another little bone thrown our way. Is it just me or is the excitement of something posted that David did before he left not as exciting as it was right before he left. Yey, we still get all the ones from the fans that think he is perfect and what a wonderful thing he is doing right now, but to me I just want him to come home and start up his singing career again….I know very selfish fan.

    • The enthusiasm seems to have waned a little, IMO.

    • It’s because the videos that are coming out now were done over a year ago. It’s hard to get super enthusiastic about something that was recorded that far back and says happy mother’s day or happy flag day or whatever lol…I mean, there’s something to be said for immediacy. Not that I think there was anything wrong with them recording videos like this before he left but I think it would be expected that people aren’t as excited about something that we all know was taped a long time ago. Definitely a sweet sentiment though.

      One video I am interested in seeing is the one Jon Hunt has mentioned several times that supposedly has he and David talking about the collaboration to write Broken. I’m always intrigued by the songwriting process. According to him, we’re supposed to see that one “soon”. Which means sometime between now and 2014 😉

      • Ali, lol “soon” could be anytime before 2014. Now that video would be a good one, it’s about his music. Don’t know if it will generate more excitement, but at least it’s about his music. I sure do hope that David’s team have a few more surprises up there sleeve, if nothing else is coming our way, I’m really questioning why they released NMHF so close to the BEGIN. album and then nothing until he returns. Of course even when he is back who knows how long he is going to need to get his career going again, unless of course, there is a plan in place already..let’s hope that’s the case.

      • LOL, Happy Flag Day and Happy Arbor Day too.

  9. I do like that Kari/team give us something now and then, but from now on, I just hope that they have some sort of plan to start giving us things that pertain to his music career so that it will get his fans over the top excited for his return and I’m not talking about us diehards, I’m saying the casual fans need to get the excitement back. We diehards will be excited for whatever comes. Unfortunately he has a small amount of diehards left, so if he wants a singing career, he needs to get those casual fans aboard, jmo.

  10. thank you very much Candy.

  11. cq maybe they wanted to put it out before interest really went south? no David for two years is a tough thing no matter what the reason or with what was left behind to be posted later on.

    • I hear you, I’m kind of having one of those doubting days about David’s success with a music career, it will pass…I know that something will happen to get me excited again, I just have to believe, lol.

  12. I don’t think there’s going to be any big excitement in the fanbase until David is back. I’m actually surprised that there has been as much to keep the ODD fans going as there has been.

  13. Tired of Lurking

    I think I am in the minority but I want David to take all the time he needs to do whatever he needs before he hits the music scene again. One reason I don’t get excited about things he said and did before his mission is that the mission is a life changing event. While his basic personality will be the same, his direction and focus and life experiences will be completely different and in really good surprising ways. So that’s what I want to see. It’s why I’m also not much interested in an interview he may have done in the last 5 years, except as a novelty. As much as some people hate what he is doing right now, my opinion is that it will be the best thing he ever did for his life in all ways, including his music career and because of that, I’m happy where he is. So I for one am in no hurry. And I agree with GrammyJ – no need to try to get the casual fan or even the ODD fan excited necessarily. When he is back making kick-ass music, there will be excitement enough, even if it takes awhile. Everyone who is staying around now is doing it for themselves – let’s face it, we’re not ‘helping his career’ take off in any way. We’re just amusing ourselves biding our time.

    • Your so right there is nothing we can do to help his career that we haven’t done many times over…buy his music and supporting any projects he does..that’s all we can do. As far as us being here to only amuse ourselves, I guess you can see it that way. I chose to think that maybe, just maybe by keeping the conversation going about David, in some way will help him…again maybe I’m just fooling myself and am just here for my own personal entertainment. Imo, I still feel that any conversation made to keep his name going is good.

  14. Tired of Lurking-the more I think about it, the more I realize you may be right. Really what are we or can we do to help his career, its ourselves that we’re helping. We really dont have much choice…amuse ourselves or move on! I guess Im easily amused! 🙂

    • Me too. The remaining David fansites that are still posting are doing a great job keeping me amused. I guess I get a kick out of going down memory lane of David’s music career. He really did a lot in his years after AI. I sometimes wondered if he had any time to sleep.

      David will have some work to do when he gets back to get his music career back on track, but I will be looking forward to his “Begin Again” tour.

    • Yes, I don’t think many of us believe we are doing much other than indulging our ODD and finding out about, and buying, the few bits of music he puts out. Some are voting on eternal on-line polls, but it’s pretty questionable if that’s doing anything but giving hits to the polling websites.

      I do appreciate the fan sites for keeping us as entertained as possible under the circumstances, and David for the occasional bones he throws.

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