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So, here is Josh Groban’s take on Stevie Wonder…

And… I gotta say, for those folks who had been championing that David go the Josh Groban route, seriously (seriously!), can you imagine The Voice taking on a classic Stevie Wonder song like “I Believe (When I Fall in Love),” and singing it like Josh Groban?!

Here’s the original Stevie Wonder version for comparison.

So, what say you, Soul Davidians? Please take my latest poll! 😛


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  1. Josh Groban has a beautiful voice but I find him boring for the most part.. hoping David goes a little more contemporary then that.

  2. Stevie Wonder route gets my vote.

  3. I love Josh’s voice. I don’t love it on contemporary music, however. I think David could sing this song, same arrangement, instruments, choir, etc., and make it sound much more contemporary. He would kill this song! I’m sure he would add some soulful runs and use his incredible range for a powerful climax. If this is Josh’s route now, I think it suits David better. Would love for David to go the Stevie Wonder route, updated.

    • Having said that, I would still rather listen to Josh sing this song, than a lot of what’s out there now. I admire him for trying to be stay current.

  4. The Josh Groban route with a more modern sound.

    • Meaning that his voice should be the vocal point, which is not the case with pop arrangements.

      • I think Bruno Mars is current and I really like that I can hear his voice on his songs. is Bruno Mars poppish?

      • Some people will not agree with this but I am fixated with the idea that the music and production has to be more current cuz he’s already got the voice.

      • Vocal point? I was trying to say that the focus should be on his voice. I have no idea as to why I wrote “vocal point.”

  5. I think with David’s varied taste in music he should experiment more and draw from his knowledge and move with the music rhythms and let them lead him. But that is only gonna happen with a more diverse exposure to the cultures all over the world. He is my world idol. And I know he still needs to make a living so for now current music like Bruno Mars with a Latino collaboration.

  6. I love Bruno Mars as do many others. I like your idea ram!! I agree that David should have a more current sound and I am not a younger fan.

  7. SandyBeaches

    I like the polls like this. We move forward into the future with our thinking, not always repeating the past even though the past was good.


  8. hell0g0rge0us

    Wow! Candice Glover made the finale! I was so sure she was going out 3rd place Melinda Doolittle style. What a pleasant surprise! 🙂

    • I knew Candice would be in the final 2. All the judges and TPTB at AI clearly wanted her to be in the finale all along. I am just surprised that it was not Angie with her. I thought Angie would win so I am not so sure now who will win now. Interesting that Randy announced he is leaving AI. I think all the current judges will be gone which is a good thing as the ratings have dropped.

  9. I have kind of mixed feelings on Josh Groban. I appreciate the quality of his voice but it’s just not something that I have a desire to listen to much. He has too much of a ….rounded (??) sound for me. Lol, not sure if that even makes sense. He is very classical in his delivery, even on contemporary songs. Classical and formal. At least that’s how it feels to me. While I can hear the beauty of his tone, I don’t connect to it as much.

    To me, I can FEEL David when he sings. There’s more of an intimacy, a color to his tone, to his delivery. A closeness. I don’t know, I’m just doing a random word association at this point to try to try to find the best description of the difference I feel when Josh sings as compared to David.

    Josh has carved out a career to be proud of and found a way to do it without traditional radio play and much of the hoop-jumping that the industry experts like to insist is necessary to be viable so in that sense I do like the direction of his career for David. But, musically, no I don’t think David should sing in the same style.

  10. Wondering if I should just change my David blog name to “What Ali said.” LOL. It wouldn’t surprise me though if many many David fans would say something similar about how they feel about Josh’s sound versus David’s. I too feel him — he gets to the emotions. Plus I just prefer the tone of David’s voice.

    On the poll I voted for Stevie Wonder.

  11. My vote went for David to go a different route altogether. I want David to have his own unique style so I don’t see him as a Stevie Wonder or a Josh Groban.

    • I see your point Grammyj, yes, would like him to be able to put his own stamp on his style, but to me, I’d want his soulfulness to be part of that style.

  12. I was a Josh fan long before David came around…I like Josh’s voice and I cant thank him enough for “When You Say You Love Me” it is one of my all time favorite songs that David has sung. Even in that butt ugly Liberace Suit David brought that song to life with such raw emotion! For me, I enjoy both but for different reasons, Josh for his tone & classic style, David for the emotion, passion, the way he brings a song to life so that it pierces your very soul.

  13. Josh has great voice, technically perfect, however pitch perfect isn’t enough for me, believing the song and transforming it is much more important than hitting every single notes, David believes every single word that he sings.
    I have always said that David being another Josh would not work and I don’t see him to take that direction either, but on the other hand I can see him more Bruno, like Pop / Rock with an influence of R&B and soul, he has all the elements.

  14. Josh does have a great voice, perhaps too perfect for certain songs which need a certain kind of voice or interpretation to make the listener “feel” the lyrics. This is what David’s does. For example, When You Say You Love Me. Listen to Josh’s version which is very nice, then listen to any one of David’s versions from the AI tour & you tell me which vocals gave you chills & thrills? David sang rings around Josh and made that song his own much like he does with every cover he sings. Who would have ever thought back then that a 17 year old would out-sing a pitch-perfect vocalist like Josh Groban?

    I do like Josh but I LOVE Stevie & David. Another point about Josh is that his music sells millions but I never hear him played on the radio, not the top 40 or AC stations in my very large city so for some artists, radio play is not a prerequisite for getting their music out there to the buying public. It’s all in the promotion & not necessarily radio play.

  15. I was quick to vote for Stevie Wonder route, but after thinking about it, yes I would like for David to have elements from both artists with his own unique spin. Stevie and Gosh both have distinctive voices that are automatically recognized, unlike so many artists out there today that I scratch my head and say, generic voice, could be anyone. David has that uniqueness in his voice that I feel he could be in that superstar league, of course with a unique direction, right management, right label and right songs, that’s it, that should do it, lol.
    Can’t wait for him to get back so the fun ride with his music career starts up again which he has included us fans along , miss that fun ride, sigh.

    • I agree with you cq. I am ready for David to be back to his music career as is was so interesting to watch how it transpired. It sure was a bumpy ride with its ups and downs but that actually made it more interesting. We really don’t know how it will go when he returns. We don’t even know what musical direction he will take. We just have to wait and see.

  16. Australia’s David Archuleta:

    • He’s good, but not as good as our man, in my eyes,lol.

      • cq-While he is not David, he has an amazing range, quality and tone to his vocie. Lots of room in this big ole music world for more then “One Voice.” 😉

      • Absolutely he does have an amazing voice, I was trying to be funny, but oh well, didn’t come out right.
        I do know that there are a lot of amazing voices besides David.

  17. No? 🙂

    • Peter-I digress..that was chill inducing! What amazing voices, the tone, the quality, the emotion, the passion….yep, chill inducing!

    • I agree. He is good. Wonder if Shanny from Australia is lurking? He is closer vocally to David than Lazero was.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Thanks for thinking of me Grammyj. 🙂
        He does have a beautiful voice and I thought the same as Ali – he sounds more like Josh Groban than David does. I’ve always liked the name ‘Harrison’ for a boy too. lol Maybe I’ll have to peek in on him occasionally and watch a show or two.
        David has my heart though.
        ……Of course.

      • Please watch the finale and let us know if he wins. Maybe he will come in second like David!

    • He sounds closer to Josh Groban than David to me (lol that it’s in this thread). Beautiful voice. And I feel about it like I do about Josh’s. Isn’t it weird how there are certain voices that we personally connect with and others we don’t? It doesn’t have any reflection in the quality of his voice, just what voice grabs me.

      • I would like to see David go the David Archuleta route, whatever that is. Because when he is feeling connected to the music there is no one who compares to David Archuleta IMO.

  18. Harrison has an amazing voice. Very talented.

  19. Just did a little check and saw he is on Team Seal. I love some of Seal’s songs. Ricky Martin is a coach too. Why don’t we get The Voice Australia here in the US?

  20. They are both talented. They don’t hold a candle to David though, in my opinion. Haha! I just think David is the best male singer in the world.

  21. It’s fascinating to me how wonderful technology is at times. Here we are able to view a video of great talent from the other side of the world. I know that sometimes it’s bad, but it’s always nice to see the good too.

  22. When was David coming back again? March next year?

    • I guess that’s the month, it would be nice if he was released earlier and surprise his fans. It’s probably just my feelings, but the longer he stays away from working on his career, the harder it’s going to be for him to get going again. I wouldn’t think that it would be so bad for him to have a hiatus if I knew he was able to work on his career too. No disrespect for his choice, this is just a fan wish.

      • Because of the age change for Mormon missionaries to 18 for young men and to age 19 for young women there has been a surge in new Mormon missionaries especially young women. That could mean that David will come home a few weeks early. I know I read on one missionary blog that that particular missionary was scheduled to come home a bit early (can’t remember exactly how much earlier).

      • Yes, it’s a loooooong break, and then he will only have his mission to talk about.

      • Peter, I sure hope not, yes that experience will be discussed, but I’m hoping that he keeps it short and mostly give us an idea as to what is next for his career. After all that is what we are here for..his music career. He told his fans that he wanted to do this mission and wanted his privacy, and boy, he has gotten it, so I’m hoping that when he returns that he will not bring that private life of his to his public music career. I have faith in David to know that the two have to be separate.

      • Come to think of it, he will probably get married soon after his mission, so he can talk about that in interviews. The media loves talking about relationships.

      • Again yes Peter he will probably get married at some point. I just don’t see it happening right away, actually the idea of him in a relationship is kind of weird to me, but of course, don’t know his private life, so we’ll see. I still hope that he will put his energy toward getting his career back on track before being distracted to marriage, omo.

  23. Hugh Laurie has a blues band. They performed on the Graham Norton Show on Friday.

  24. Strange to see Hugh Laurie singing. He’s OK, but not great. He’s a much better actor.

    Harrison Craig & Lazarro both have, coincidentally the same speech impediment. Both are nice looking, but David is so much better looking than both of those young guys though. 🙂

    I do agree with Peter about David getting married soon after his mission. Maybe not in the first year or two after he returns, but we have to remember he will be 23 this December so if he returns in March, after he has some time to decompress & get used to being “free”, he will be closer to 24 when he gets back to his career. I just feel David will want to get married & start a family sooner than we think. In fact for all we know, he may already know who his future wife is or at least who he wants her to be. We really do not know who he sees in the privacy of his home. It’s not as if we have NEVER seen him with one or more of his female friends, any one of whom can be “the one”. Young LDS women are raised to believe they should date & marry males who have completed missions because they make the most suitable mates for LDS women, which may be another reason in the back of his mind for the mission. In any case, I can’t imagine David waiting more than a few years after he returns to get married & start a family. Those who refuse to even fathom the possibility or I should say, probability, have blinders on. David still looks very young in the photos we have seen of him while on his mission. He will always look younger than his years but that does not mean his mentality has not caught up to his real age. He is a man now, not a kid anymore. IMO.

    • Your are right a lurker 2, marriage in the Mormon community is very important, it seems to me that I heard someone say, males need to marry, or should, at least by 25 yrs old. I’m still hoping he does get his career back on track before he takes that step.

    • I’m sorry, Hugh Laurie’s singing was hurting my ears, but I love all of the others on this thread.

      When he was almost 20, David was asked in an interview in Utah, “Do you see yourself married? Do you see children?” He answered, “Maybe like ten years from now…”

      He doesn’t sound like he’s in any hurry, now matter what his cultural expectations might be.

      • Uh…he also was known to respond that he felt he was “already on a mission” when asked if he would go on a mission & I believed him! Even more so when I saw him perform in his MKOC tour. Seeing him on stage, never did I think for one minute he would drop that bomb. I learned to take some of what I think or want to be true with a grain of salt because not everything is as it seems. I thought the MKOC tour was the beginning of a new, mature, more confident David and what we had to look forward to. Instead here we are with a lot of speculations about his future. Except for marriage because if he follows the teachings of his church which by now we know he does, marriage will be on the horizon & I don’t think it will be until he’s 30. 🙂

      • You dropped the bomb on me, baby. You dropped the bomb on me….

  25. …**NO** matter what…..

  26. P.S. Look at David’s band-mate and friend, Kendra. She’s over thirty, beautiful, talented, very Mormon, and not married (at least not the last I heard). I’ll admit though, that a Mormon friend of mine recently told me that it was best to get married young (age 19 for her) and work things out together.

    But David’s got a mind of his own.

    • You are so right about David having a mind of his own.

    • It will be interesting to see what happens. Music was supposed to be his mission, but he is Chile. I think he will do what his church expects him to do.

    • We don’t know, least I don’t, what Kendra’s personal life is nor do I care.

      I have learned NOT to think that way, that is, to compare David’s life or how he may think or what he may do based on what other LDS think & do because as you said, he has a mind of his own. EXCEPT when it comes to LDS doctrrine & teachings. From what I have learned, TPTB of the LDS church used to strongly suggest to the returning missionaries to marry & start a family as young as their early twenties. They have relaxed that suggestion somewhat now to the mid-twenties.

      I’m not saying it’s a bad thing or that I don’t think David should marry young. It’s his life and if that is what he does in the next few years and it makes him happy, than I would be more than OK with it. His music could even take on a new vibe, a more intimate interpretation of his music. Love tends to do that to some people.

  27. a lurker, I totally feel you on the “music is my mission” thing. I really felt blindsided with the announcement, because it did seem like he’d been making a deliberate misrepresentation…although he may have meant it at the time.

    Perhaps being young, and having a lot to lose, he was wavering in his decision and sometimes he really intended that music would be his way of serving his church. Maybe it was just something he could say to get the questioners off of his back, the ones who would accept nothing less than a church mission, and as is his right, he ultimately changed his mind.

    Sometimes I wonder why I’ve got this ODD thing, when there are others who are also so talented. And why do I care what he’s doing now, or what will happen in his life? Then I listen to the adorable vlogs that are sometimes re-posted, and I get why we really felt a connection to him.

    I was wrong about the mission, so I’m probably going to be wrong about him waiting a while for marriage. But in the same interview where he said the ten years thing, he said he wondered what’s wrong, why couldn’t he like someone, and that kissing and hand holding were “gross”. Men are supposed to be at their peak of interest around age 17-18, and he was almost 20 then. He stated his theory that everything happens for a reason, but I don’t know that I believe in that, and I wonder if he just might avoid marriage when he returns. Then again, it might all be about saving himself for after the mission, as everyone says, so I’m just full of hot air.

  28. It’s so funny if he was any other religion, I bit that this whole marriage thing wouldn’t even come up.

  29. You’re so right cchalo, there are so many wonderful singers out there that are as good as David. I do question my ODD also, but there is something that has keeps me engaged and I too can’t seem to let go, lol. To me it’s not only because I think he is a phenomenal singer (which of course he is) it’s his music career that has me fascinated. The high and the rough patches are such a fun ride. I truly believe that David is going to be a major music star and just thinking about being here with that whole process is so exciting.

  30. LOL!

    I do remember him saying he though kissing & holding hands was “gross”. I think he actually meant with many different girls who are just casual friends because who knows how many & who else they may have kissed & held hands with. haha.

    He was not used to hugging either but he got over that pretty quickly when all the young pretty girls on line at the barricades during the AI tour asked for hugs. My guess is that his family are not demonstrative. That is, David obviously loves his family deeply, but they may not show it by hugging & kissing. He even seemed uncomfortable to me when his mom hugged him so tightly when they had a duet on the MKOC tour in Utah & we all know how much he loves his mom.

    Personally, I think David’s attitude about kissing, hugging & holding hands at that time helped him to live a chaste life free of temptation. Heaven knows, he chose a profession where temptation is everywhere. We have seen a couple of videos of him “eyeing” pretty girls and I dare say those are only two, so who knows how many times he has had an attraction to pretty girl which was not caught on video. I doubt he is much different that most guys his age. He just has more discipline when it comes to waiting for his kind of perfect. 🙂

    • He’s such a contradiction. I love the videos where he’s eyeing the pretty girls, but he also gives off a “ew” vibe sometimes. I don’t think it’s discipline at all, I think he genuinely isn’t feeling it, like he says. But he’s a kind, loving person, and I think he’s gradually gotten used to hugging, because he wants to show people his affection, in a platonic way that’s meaningful to them. I doubt that his family isn’t demonstrative. I think his Latin family, in particular, might be plenty demonstrative.

      He has the philosophy that there’s a reason he hasn’t been attracted to anyone or had a crush, and that it will change when the time is right. As a non-believer, I’m dubious, and think it could be an issue of orientation, or lack of one, and I’m somewhat persuaded by the rumor of “sexual avoidance” that came out when he announced his mission. (I find it hard to believe he’s never had a crush, though, when you see him smiling his face off with Alison Sudol, lol).

      Selfishly, I would love it for him to come home and have a wonderful romance and marry some deserving woman, because I love a good real-life love story and he would be my favorite leading man.

      • Yes, I love a good real-life love story too, but I still want him to get his music career back on track before that happens.

      • I vote for “Fish”. Not to go all FOD on you, but I think they would make a perfect couple. (Thanks, Kimk)

        (He would also make a cute couple with Jon Hunt, if that’s how things go, lol).

      • I’m dubious about your theory, there, CC, only because sexual attraction is something you don’t feel until you feel. For me, that came after I’d been dating a good while, and only after I felt love for a certain person. I didn’t wait for all behaviors with all dates beforehand, but sometimes I was willing to kiss or hug (without really feeling much beyond a willingness to test it out) and sometimes, with other likeable-enough guys, I wanted to run away. Not that our lives can compare in any way, but I was still older than D before I fell in love that first time. Maybe everyone doesn’t experience things the way I do, but some do.

        Although I’ve just shared probably too much of my personal history, there (heh) I’d feel wrong to speculate about David’s choices publicly, so I’ll only say that I could understand why he’d put off some behaviors. I wish the best for him, and that includes love in whatever forms it takes.

      • You very well could be right, KH. I have a family member who claims to be the same way–“demi-sexual”–or only attracted to someone with whom they have an emotional connection. The world would be a much better place if everyone was that way, for many reasons, including the fact that using sex to sell in advertising would be useless, lol.

  31. I wonder why I have ODD too. I really wasn’t blindsided by the announcement though because when that tweet came out saying he would go on a mission I figured a family member who knew had put it out there on David’s twitter. I believe if TOSOD had sold better and his popularity had increased he would not have gone on the mission. I think he took it as a sign from God that he should go on the mission since his sales were down.

    As far as marriage goes I truly hope he finds his kind of perfect, gets married and has kids. It’s not like he can’t have a career in music if he is married. I do believe that he will do all he can to have a career in music. He sure worked his tail off before he left on his mission recording music. He wouldn’t have done that if he wasn’t planning to come back to his music career when he returned IMHO.

  32. D’awww, a very sweet Mother’s Day greeting from David just posted:

    I’ll add my wishes to David’s — happy Mother’s Day to all the moms reading this! 🙂

    • One thing we do know is that David loves his mom and is very close to her. I think she is the one who encouraged him to go on the mission.

      Have a very happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and mother figures.

    • What a sweet guy!

      I’ll add my wishes: Happy Mother’s Day to the moms, and happy Mother’s Day to the children of Mom’s. (:)) Hope if it’s possible for you that you can spend time with your family today, or at least send a greeting.

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