New Photo?

Looks like the “piecemeal” continues.



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  1. hell0g0rge0us

    I’m not playing around here, folks. I’ve already deleted some posts that contain personal attacks. Keep things respectful (including being respectful to David, and yes, there is a difference between having a disagreement about his choices and doing an outright attack on him and others).

    BTW, if you think a post constitutes an attack, feel free to bring it to me (and the rest of our) attention.

  2. I do apologize if I have be disrespectful to anyone, including David. I know that my comments can be a bit controversial at times, but I have always felt that I didn’t attack or disrespect anyone, but if I did, I apologize and will be on my guard in the future.
    I love this site for many reasons, one being that I so enjoy your, Hg, articles and the freedom to express my feeling regarding David’s singing career.

  3. OHHHH MYYYYYY-I see David has been praticing his “You know you want me look” as he called it! I give that picture a three button slaute! WOOZA!

  4. My my! That is some kinda picture. Is that a Bench pic? Somehow I am surprised.

    • Yes it is a Bench picture that was on the slide show during his mall appearance. Great picture.

  5. Great pic! I don’t think Kari and co. have rights to the Bench photos. Haven’t seen her tweet them or on the official site. So when you say “piecemeal” I doubt it’s part of any plan at all.

  6. Wow. Now that is a great pic of David.

  7. Off topic; wow bad news for two idols today…Crystal Bowesax is getting a divorce and Phillip Phillips had to cancel his tour due to illness. Good thoughts going their way.

  8. I read that today. Really feel bad for Phillip. His health issues are obviously not easy to deal with and he is still young.

    • Too bad about Phillip having to cancel tour dates due to his health. He has been going just about non-stop since the Idol tour with touring and appearances. It reminds me of how hard David worked that first year after Idol. These young artists really do need some time to rest.

  9. Watched the voice tonight. It was very entertaining and some very good performances.

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