David and Cousin: “Roller Coaster”

Most of you have already seen this since it was posted on David’s Twitter over the weekend:

You wonder what other “gems” his team has hidden and slowly rolling out to keep his fans holding on.  Why is David looking so shy here?


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  1. He seems awkward to me in the video, and my guess is that he wanted to support his cousin’s talents without overtaking the video and wasn’t sure how much to sing (since it was posted for his fans) and how much to hold back (since it was his cousin’s song, and he was supporting his cousin.) I couldn’t really understand the lyrics even a little bit, but I do believe Vanessa has talent and charisma.

  2. There were some good comments on the last thread about how David was probably preoccupied because this was filmed right before he went on his mission. But David is a shy guy. Most of the comments about David on the missionary blogs describe him as shy. The thing is that when he gets on stage he transforms into a charismatic confident singer. Since I’m a shy person I have always marveled at all David has done in his music career despite being a shy person.

  3. The piano and curtains seen in the background remind me of young David singing “A Thousand Miles”.

    Clip of David, Vanessa & his sister on a rollercoaster.

  4. Not sure what to say, dont want to send tomatoes flying …I do think Vanessa plays a mean guitar, and I agree that David looks uncomfortable, not really sure what the purpose of sending the video out to fans was other then to throw us a bone. To me it came across as a tad desperate…but that is a personal observation. Where my concern comes in is to the casual fan/observer on twitter when they come across the video, we all know he is a beast on stage, leaves me wondering what they think.

    • Exactly what I thought Candy. I do like that Kari/Archuleta team have and maybe will continue, to give us stuff while he’s away, but this one really missed the mark. Have stuff that reminds the casual fan how great he is and get them excited for his comeback. The only thing that I say that was positive about this video was that Vanessa can play the guitar well.

    • The same fans who keep whining for crap now have the nerve to come here and complain.

      CandyFOD ‏@CandyFOD 12 Mar
      @kariontour can @DavidArchie send us a thought once a week till he returns, Oh how I miss them and him!

  5. Tired of Lurking

    I agree with Candy. I don’t really consider this much of a ‘gem.’ As hard as it might be, I hope that nothing else gets released unless it is absolutely stellar. If not, let’s just wait until he gets back and gives us what he’s become. We’ve got enough really good stuff and more than enough mediocre stuff to get us through. Since we’re speculating, I think he’s looking ‘shy’ because it’s his last night before leaving on his mission and someone has talked him into creating this video to be released to make fans all happy later in the game. I speculate that he just wanted to be alone or at the very least be with his immediate family and the last thing he wanted to do was think about ‘work’ and make a video. IMO.

  6. Can’t add anything more than what I already wrote on the previous thread which was:

    The video of David & Vanessa was done shortly before he left for his mission. How do I know? Well, his hair for one thing and Vanessa thanking him & saying “I’m gonna miss you”. And he’s wearing his CTR ring which if you notice most of not all the photos taken of David the few weeks before he left he was wearing the ring.

    Vanessa has a passable voice, nowhere near David’s vocals but she can play a mean guitar. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if most of David’s relatives on his mom’s side especially, are musically inclined. However David inherited the best of both sides of his family tree. I’m thankful both his parents recognized his potential when he was barely 6 years old. I’m thankful his parents made the decision to make the sacrifices it must have taken to get him prepared for stardom. David’s journey DID NOT begin with AI and it WILL NOT end with his mission. He’s gone through too much to get to where he was headed & has given up too much to just give up on his career.

    Perhaps the fact that the video was done just before he left and probably when his relatives came by to say goodbye may have been the reason David looked a little preoccupied, shy, awkward & just a bit uncomfortable. He reminded me of some of the interviews he did a few years ago when he would go “into himself”, pulling down & buttoning up his shirt or hoodie almost as a self-protective mechanism. He may have been feeling a bit melancholy as there was no turning back at that point. He seemed so sure when he made his now famous announcement, but I wonder how many times he second-guessed his decision & thus wore the “ring” to help him get through the last couple of weeks. Just a lot of speculation on my part.

    I will add one more thing. The way David introduced Vanessa, he obviously intended for the video to be released at some point while was gone. But Why? What was the point? If it had been a duet, not just a few notes at the end, it would have made more sense. For my part, I have no interest seeing his relatives sing or dance unless he’s the main focus of a video. That’s just my own feeling.

  7. It’s very sweet of David to promote his cousin’s music. Speaking as someone with ODD, I admit that it is harder to pay attention if it’s not David’s music. Kind of like the disinterest some have with the current American Idol, now that we’ve found our “idol”.

    This site has a clearer version of the song, and you can hear the words better: http://www.reverbnation.com/vanessadeliz

    There’s also her version of “Crazy”.

  8. Rooster/ray, don’t need your pitty, lol. I stand by my opinions thank you very much.

  9. I agree with the positives and negatives everyone mentioned thus far. IMO it would have been far better for them to perhaps record it properly before putting it out there for consumption. I do not even mind him showing the talent of his relatives, but it should be a top quality showcase. I felt awful seeing just how awkward David looked. It’s as if he truly just wanted her to shine and not him so much. Vanessa on the other hand probably thought he would jump in with full intention. Maybe if he had stayed out of camera range, it may have been more comfortable for him but then fans would have wished he had shown his face. What a conundrum!

    Unfortunately this is what gets put out in the media beyond his control because his name is buzzworthy, but it is NOT 100% stellar. People may even start thinking he may never have a shot at regaining lost career ground if he is STILL so awkward publicly. The song has its moments and I would give it better chance if I could actually hear and understand the lyrics. One of David’s strengths is his ability to articulate words super clearly. He did a song about an elevator, she does one about a rollercoaster…I’m sensing an ironic pattern here but I much prefer his take.

  10. cq i pray for you,,what a said life you must have with all that hate building up in you,

    • The hateful ones in my opinion are those who attack and accuse others of such things.

      • HEY go read her comments on the lds church,before you comment on others. i don,t hate anyone just trying to help her?him whatever,

    • Well, rooster thank you, I always can use prayer on my behave. Just so you know just because I don’t respect the bases of said church, doesn’t mean that I’m a hateful person. Please try to put things into perspective. I did not say anything that I had not researched and I believe I wasn’t directing my feeling toward anyone.
      I decided to stop commenting on that wonderful site, not because I felt I was out of line and not that I couldn’t take the reaction, I just thought a few, really nice people I’m sure, were very upset and I might say my mind again, and frankly I really don’t want to bring them any more grief.

    • Ray, an ad hominem attack is when you attack the person making the argument, instead of disagreeing with the points they made. It isn’t effective, and it doesn’t help David to have someone attacking others in his behalf. Just say what it is you disagree with.

  11. David has always been awkward publicly and my guess in private too. nothing new. as for making it again hope he goes for it cause way I see it his mission is complete and nothing to stop or hold him back.

  12. Wow. I guess I’m way in the minority here because I didn’t see anything wrong with the video. David wanted to share a bit of his cousin’s singing, which he happens to like. It obviously was an on-the-fly recording and the audio quality reflects that. I don’t think it was meant to be some kind of record label demo. Why does everything need to be so deadly serious and about advancing his career? And, let’s be honest, we know and he knows that it’s mostly die hard fans watching the videos at this point anyway. So it really was to me just about him wanting to share something he enjoys with the fans. I appreciate that he took the time to make it so soon before leaving. That’s my take on it, anyway.

  13. Ali-you aways make the most rational posts, I hope my comment didnt come across as being dead serious about advancing his career. It was more a “thinking out loud” moment that I commented about. I was thinking more along the lines of the 1.3 million followers on twitter that would have an opportunity to see the video. Probably close to a million of that number are casual fans. I personally have high hopes for his career when he returns. And I know he wont disappoint!

    • Candy – I definitely have high hopes for when he comes back. And I do hope that he takes all the times he needs to do the new music that he releases right — that’s talking about direction, production, AND marketing. I just didn’t understand people being so critical of this video. To me it was just a little glimpse at something he enjoys and really kind of something personal. I mean, that’s his family and the last little bit of time he had to spend with them so I thought it was cool that he wanted to share with us and also that he wanted to share his cousin’s music. It’s obvious that his fans and his family mean alot to him.

      I’m not saying everyone else should see it the way I do though. But since we had multiple people offering their perspective on the video, I thought I would share mine.

    • Candy – Nice Comment!

  14. Believe it or not, I also think it is not about always about advancing his career. It was not just meant to be only a cute gesture from his team. I see it as relevant to his career and to Vanessa’s as well because they want the fans to keep him in mind and her music information was provided, However, a couple internet blogs picked it up and the rest was done. Die-hards are familiar with David’s shyness and can tolerate for the most part this side of David. The casual observer may think differently however. Besides, I really wanted to like the song but can’t understand the lyrics. This is my opinion so please take it only as that.

    • I understand where you’re coming from, Joymus. I also noticed his hesitance to join in. I think that was probably due to the fact that he wasn’t planning to join in at all until Vanessa asked him to during the song. And, thus, they hadn’t worked out which parts he would sing with her. Tbh though, and I may be wrong here because I’m not all-knowing (lol), I think that the die hards notice more of the shyness than the casual observer would. We’re all focused sharply on David in that video and we know all his mannerisms. The casual observer would be focusing much more on Vanessa. But that’s also only my opinion 😉

  15. I really don’t care much about the video one way or the other but can appreciate everyone’s different thoughts on it. I do agree with you Ali that only the very diehard fans are watching these videos anyway.

  16. Off topic: Oh my gosh did anyone else see the prom picture of Jimmy Fallon, it was on my Xfinity home page…I had to take a double look because I though it was our David, lol.

    • Gulp! Ok so Jimmy may have had a somewhat slight resemblence to David, kinda, sorta. But only in pictures when Jimmy was 16-17 years old. I sure hope David doesn’t look like Jimmy in 10 years though! lol.

      Not that Jimmy isn’t kinda, sorta attractive. Mostly because he is a funny guy & guys with a great sense of humor tend to be attractive to me. lol.

      • Lol, yes it was young Jimmy and he only looked like young David and that wasn’t a close-up picture. We all know that David was a cutie, but now is a hunka-rama!

  17. They do look alike.

  18. hell0g0rge0us

    Oy!! Lawdy Lawdy! I leave for most of the day and come back this evening to see snide comments and “I’ll pray for you” attacks?!


    I believe my “house rules” say:
    Any comments containing personal attacks WILL be deleted.

    Next time, I see some crap comment up in here, I won’t even deliver a warning. I’ll be employing my DELETE button liberally!

    Show some respect, dammit!

  19. jimmy fallon’s prom picture


  20. Mariel Suarez ‏@iiMariel 2h
    Why @benchtm doesn’t release this photo yet? http://sphotos-b.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-frc1/421778_2630922666701_1859786489_n.jpg … @DavidArchie ♥

  21. ^^ Nice photo. If they didn’t release it, where did the poster get it?

    • It was on the screen before the Bench launch that David did in Manila in February. There were several pictures they flashed on the screen before he came out that we’ve not seen officially released yet. I don’t remember seeing any official ones in the white(ish) shirt that Kari posted a pic of.

  22. Thanks, Ali. Now that HG posted the pic, I noticed better that it was a shot from a big screen.

  23. The shyness reminded me of when he sang with A Fine Frenzy. I find it endearing.

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