The Great Gatsby

Anyone else excited to see this? 🙂

I’m amazed, with all the promising tracks on the soundtrack (like Lana Del Ray’s “Young and Beautiful”) they chose that godawful “Bang Bang” song (replete with what looked like blackface minstrelsy? Really?!) to promote on Idol.

But I was going to see this Baz Luhrman Romeo + Juliet meets Moulin Rouge version of one of my favorite modern novels anyway.


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  1. Speaking of movie remakes, one of my dreams for David is for him to add acting to his resume’. Not in a simple soap opera but in great movies. Movies that move us like his singing moves us. What about a remake of West Side Story? Or Grease? Or some other really good dramas. If David was pretty good in a soap opera, with some serious acting lessons, he could become really great! My feeling is that he wants to add acting to his talents. It’s a way to do & say things vicariously as another persona which he could never do in his “real life” without adding the guilt factor because after all, it’s “acting”. Kind of like the way he transforms into a sensual beast on stage. IMO.

    • Oh my goodness, that last line…, yes! Interesting comment Lurker 2 and since you went there, I want to talk about something that is bothering me a little.

      I too would someday love to see David acting in a great film (musical), one you could see in theaters, or doing voice overs for Disney. If he wants to pursue acting as a career, then taking a role in a mini-series or movie in Asia is a way to hone in on those skills. However, I thought he was about music! The david I’m a fan of is an incredible singer and musician first. An acting job in the US might catapult his career, but
      I don’t see how acting in Asia is going to get him anywhere with his music career in the US. It’s a waste of his time, imo. I think I’d have to decide, that’s it for me, until he comes back to music seriously. I mean, I enjoy looking at Zac Efron. He’s incredibly gorgeous and already a great actor imo., but I don’t go to his fansites and read about him. I don’t support everything he does. I’m not willing to do that for David either if putting music on hold for acting is what he wants to do. He’ll be as good as still gone to me.

      Anyway, that’s why I’m not going to believe what floats around on twitter until it’s offiicial. But, thinking it might be true makes me kind of sick. Definitely not jumping for joy here. Sorry to bring it up again.

      • You brought up a good point, Alc. I feel the same, David is first and foremost a singer and musician, I would like for him to make his singing career his high priority and then when things our going well (has a hit song, given kudos by the industry, etc) then he can branch off…however…I really believe he might be short of money when he returns, so he might take any opportunity he can get to make money.
        I know it’s been said he is a good saver, but lets be realistic, money doesn’t go very far now a day and I’ll welling to bet he is helping support his family also. Just a thought.

      • thanks cq for giving me another perspective. Wouldn’t an Asian Tour be a way to make money? I would be thrilled for the Asian fans and for David if he could tour around there doing concerts.

      • Alc, yes, that would be my pick for him. I still think that his Asian tour was the best of David so far on stage. He just seemed so happy (ok he always “appears” happy) and so willing to except all the love and just enjoy the moment, it really was so glorious to see all the sublime videos.
        David does transform into an entertainer on stage and seamed to be starting to become relaxed and comfortable in his own skin.
        Don’t get me wrong, I loved the videos from his MKOC tour, but even before he made his BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, I felt he wasn’t as free as he was with the Asian tour…I’m probably just wacky, but I guess when we don’t have David here, I anyway, start analyzing every little thing, lol.

      • I’m sure that David’s first love is music. I don’t think he ever expected to act but I believe he agreed to the acting gig in the Philippines to make some money. My guess is that he wanted to give the money to his family to support them while he was gone. I could be all wrong about that, but that is my educated guess. Anyway, he may do more acting in the future for the money. If he could make enough through singing, I don’t think he would do the acting. Music is what David is about IMHO.

      • I agree, he did seem happy and free spirited during the Asian tour. I don’t remember well enough to compare that to the MKOC tour. I went to one of those concerts and was blown away by his confident demeaner on stage and, more so, by his vocals.

        I’m also glad he did the first mini series in Asia. It may have helped the family out, lke you said Grammyj, but it was also a great gift to leave his fans. It made sense to do it then.

        Lurker 2, love the idea of David doing a remake of the movie “West Side Story”. My dream for him would be to work with Disney. He could do a voice over for a brand new Disney movie, music and all. Possibly have a hit song from it. I can see him singing at the Academy Awards or Grammys. Even better, how about starring in an unanimated version of Alladin. Why hasn’t Disney thought of that yet? It could be a Prince of Persia-like setting. I can see David doing the Jake Gylenhal thing jumping from rooftop to rooftop. Singing love songs to Jasmine. He’d knock everyone out with his singing and looks.

      • Alc, so glad you went to one of the MKOC concerts, so I’m thinking you have a better handle on that tour better than I do, after all, I’m making these evaluations through videos only. Still hoping to be able to see him life one day.

      • cq, I’m sorry you haven’t been to one of David’s concerts yet. Are you in the US or another country?

    • Peter what do you think of Vanessa’s singing and the song?

    • I think I have seen too many YouTube performances and no longer have an opinion.

    • She’s so pretty, why is she hiding behind that huge hat?

    • I like the video as well. I think it’s David’s way of letting us into his life a little. His family is a musical one. They seem to get together and sing, play, perform for one another. That may be one of the ways they enjoy spending their time together. I understand that, because that’s how my family is. To me, this is David’s way of sharing his family life with us. I think it’s very sweet of him. I sensed a subdued sadness in him as well. I think it’s because he was about to leave as some of you mentioned. I like the song a lot. I liker her voice. It fits well with folk music, I think.

      Lurker2, I agree with everything you said. I don’t feel comfortable discussing David’s finances/what he does with his money. It’s none of my business. I thnk it’s very commendable for someone to share their success with their family members. I wouldn’t expect anything less from him. I’m not sure what fans you’re talking about who put a negetive spin on him, possibly, taking care of his family. If you’re refering to me and the fact that I think certain ventures would be a waste of his time, please know that I didn’t have his finances in mind when I said that. I had his career in mind. I was a bit emotional too, when I said it. I miss him, of course. I just think some choices are better than others.

  2. Another bone thrown at us fans by Kari. Wish that David sang more than he did, but I guess he didn’t want to outshine her. Although I really like anything that is thrown our way from Kari, just to keep the remaining fans stimulated, but I really would like more of just David. I just didn’t get this one at all.

  3. I can not wait to see this movie!! One of my favorite novels as well.

  4. We want to see the Gatsby movie and are trying desperately to find a way to fit it into an already busy weekend. Can’t wait!

  5. acnewjersey2

    Hmm Roller Coaster…what can I say….she has a nice personality.

  6. I’ve followed Leo’s career since his stint on Growing Pains. I knew he would become an A List actor. Looking forward to Gatsby.

    I like Rollercoaster for Vanessa but not so much for David’s vocals.

    • What? was he off keg? And did you think she was good?

      • I didn’t think D was off key. I just thought the song had a rhythm that didn’t match his vocal styling. About 2 yrs ago, I saw a YouTube clip of Vanessa singing Rollercoaster and I posted a link to it here. I liked the song then and I still like it now.

        In this recent clip, David seems preoccupied. Judging from the haircut, perhaps this was filmed close to the time he was about to leave.

    • Btw, yes I didn’t think he was his stiller self, but I didn’t like the whole thing. Not that Vanessa is bad, she seems like she has talent (didn’t care for the song that much), but the reason I didn’t like the whole thing is different than anything to do with the performance. I’m one of the fans that like having stuff given to us throughout the time he’s away, but did care for this one video. I felt David to be so insecure/awkward. I know that most comments have been about how humble he was and that he didn’t want to outshine Vanessa, but I saw it a bit different. To me if you are going to give stuff to David Archuleta fans, at least make him shine, jmo.

  7. I hope the movie isn’t overdone to the point of Moulin Rouge, I kind of liked the Robert Redford slightly quiet version. We are already selling Gatsby-like hair jewelry at my store. So they are trying to make that happen. It’s not exactly flying off the shelves.
    I have respected Leo’s acting since Gilbert Grape. He was so good in that. Seemed effortless. But almost everything since – meh. Oh, he was great in Blood Diamond as well.

    I have to comment on the previous post and Gino Vannelli. I loved him! Can’t believe I forgot about him. Had to look him up again.
    Wow, I just realized that I’ve seen tweets about David saying those exact same words, and it makes me sad.

  8. The video of David & Vanessa was done shortly before he left for his mission. How do I know? Well, his hair for one thing and Vanessa thanking him & saying “I’m gonna miss you”. And he’s wearing his CTR ring which if you notice most of not all the photos taken of David the few weeks before he left he was wearing the ring.

    Vanessa has a passable voice, but nowhere near David’s vocals but she can play a mean guitar. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if most David’s relatives on his mom’s side especially are musically inclined. However David inherited the best of both sides of his family tree. I’m thankful both of his parents recognized his potential when he was barely 6 years old. I’m thankful his parents made the decision to make the sacrifices it must have taken to get him prepared for stardom. David’s journey DID NOT begin with AI and it WILL NOT end with his mission. He’s gone through too much to get to where he was headed & has given up too much to just give up on his career.

    If you think about it, David owes much of what he has been able to do to the sacrifices his family made so in that sense, it’s not surprising he gives back to them by making “supporting” them financially. Maybe he feels he “owes” them. Maybe this is why he keeps his dad on his team and why his mom doesn’t have a job (as far as we know). Many STARS give back to their family whether by employing them or gifts like houses, cars, or just making their lives easier. It’s not unheard of. I happen to respect the big stars who share their good fortune with their loved ones who are deserving.
    Fans, me included at times, who put a bad spin on David taking responsibility & possibly being the sole support of his immediate family perhaps should think about why he chooses to do so. He will probably always “take care” of his mom, even after he has a wife & family of his own. That is, unless she ever gets remarried which is a real possibility but not until he gets back & his career is back in gear. IMO.

  9. Forgot to add…perhaps the fact that the video was done just before he left and probably when his relatives came by to say goodbye may have been the reason David looked a little preoccupied, shy, awkward & just a bit uncomfortable. He reminded me of some of the interviews he did a few years ago when he would go “into himself”, pulling down & buttoning up his shirt or hoodie almost as a self-protective mechanism. He may have been feeling a bit melancholy as there was no turning back at that point. He seemed so sure when he made his now famous announcement, but I wonder how many times he second-guessed his decision & thus wore the “ring” to help him get through the last couple of weeks. Just a lot of speculation on my part.

    • a lurker 2, I love your perspective on that video.

      • Some very good insightful comments a lurker 2. I wonder how David could not have second guessed his decision at times. After all he was leaving a major music career and his fans for 2 years not just graduating from high school with no career plans like many of the others that went on a mission.

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