Four-Year Anniversary of Soul David


Can you believe it’s been four years since I’ve been blogging about David? No, I can’t believe it either.

And yet, I’m still here, and you’re still here! 🙂

Thanks for visiting this blog, everyone.

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  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I love this site, thank you Hg for keeping it going and always having fabulous interesting posts and archicles.

  2. Congratulations! The plot thickens.

    • Shanny in Australia


      Well done HG. You’ve got more stamina than me. lol Love the new banner too. 🙂

  3. Thanks, HG, for such dedication to David that causes you to share your time and talents. I appreciate you and your blog!

  4. Happy Anniversary HG!! Thanks for your devotion to David and his fans!!

  5. Happy Anniversary, hg! You have been very dedicated to keeping this site going for David’s fans. Your posts are always interesting and thought provoking. That deserves much congrats. to you.

  6. Love the new banner!

  7. Happy Anniversary! I like the new banner too.

  8. i am with kh

  9. Happy Anniversary and thanks for being part of my and so many others’ days for a LONG TIME now!

  10. Happy 4 years, HG!! Your efforts are much appreciated, just as I appreciate all the commenters here as well. Never a dull moment 😉

  11. By the way I like the new Banner too.

  12. Happy Anniversary and a huge Thank You, HG. It’s been real. Do people still say that?

  13. Love your writing and many thanks for the blog!

  14. I’m addicted to this blog!

    • I came to Soul David as a committed fan of David Archuleta. It did not take me long to also become a committed fan of HG!

      Congratulations on your four year anniversary HG. I admire your insightful perspective and fabulous writing, and feel grateful for your motivation and leadership. I can’t imagine a day without a visit to Soul David.

  15. Thanks for four years! I’ve been reading it from the start. I was a lurker at first until I finally found out how easy it was to post.

  16. Hg – Your blogging about David reveals your love for David. I admire your dedication in how you use your creativity to engage his fans intellectually, emotionally, etc. Your writing captures how special he is, atleast for me. Thank you!

  17. Happy anniversary HG! Thank you so much for your dedication and efforts!

  18. Congratulations HG on your 4 yrs of David love! Like most of your commenters & lurkers here I always look forward to reading your very interesting topics. You really are a great writer! THANK YOU!!!

  19. HG, Happy anniversary it’s been a very interesting, informative and great four years. I am so happy that you keep on blogging in David’s absence.

  20. Happy Anniversary HG! I dont comment often but I do enjoy reading here every day. Thank you for four years of great, and insightful conversations. Your posts are always interesting and though provoking. Keep them coming.

  21. goodkarmaseeker

    Happy Anniversary HG!!! 4 whole years, that’s hard to believe! Congratulations and thanks for keeping the contact and discussion going. You have managed to keep us here with lots of interesting and thought provoking posts. Now that’s quite amazing considering Mr. Soul has been absent for 13 months. I look forward to coming here every day.

  22. Happy 4th Anniversary HG!

    I have a confession. I first became intrigued by you & your writings way back on ND. Even then you were open & honest. I loved the interaction & banter between you & “rascal”. Your commentary showed you to be an exceptional & intelligent writer who was & still is not afraid to push the limits but always with respect for David & his artistry. This blog is exactly what is needed for the fans who are loyal fans but don’t always agree with everything David does. Fans agreeing & spazzing over every little thing he says or does seems a bit fake. You keep it real. For that I thank you.

    • Enjoyed your comment also, a lurker 2.

      I was glad to see that jackryan set the record straight that David didn’t gift a BOM to all of the cast and crew of Nandito Ako, only to one who expressed interest. His gift of a journal to the cast and crew, sounds really lovely and appropriate.

      I appreciate being able to treat David as a real, though very remarkable, person in discussions on this site, not as a flawless angel.

      • I was glad to read that too and regarding what Candy said, I do believe her, but hoping that he has mature enough when he returns, to know that his religion should to be kept private and separate from his career, of course, that’s jmo.
        In a very happy note, did you see the pictures of David and the umbrella…very nice. Seeing that post from Kari, tells me that his sites are being looked at and she knew that we need something from David’s camp, bravo Kari.

    • Yeah totally agree.

    • Great comment a lurker 2. Watching The Voice. I just find it more entertaining than AI this year. Judith Hill has an amazing voice.

    • Nice comment……I also go back to those days & recall when HG started SD. I am so pleased that she has perservered with her thoughtful blog. Everyone does not always agree, but she provides a platform for interesting discussions. I had just discovered Noting David, not long before Rascal ended it. Speaking of R, it would be nice if he would pop in and say hi…..

  23. Thanks everyone for your comments! 🙂 While I’ve been updating the blog, I’ve been getting a facelift for my home with a new painted ceiling.

    Talk about “Spring Cleaning”!

  24. HG,
    Congrats and thank you for four years of finding new ways to say things that keep both David and us fans relevant and current. Sometimes you and posters here take hits on other sites for speaking plainly – the good, the bad and the ugly – thoughts about all things David. At times I do not agree with everything posted but I respect other’s rights to a viewpoint. We all love David but sometimes we need to be a bit realistic to things in his career.

    Thank You again for feeding us every other day or so. It must be taxing to do it all alone for so long.

  25. HG, Kudos and a big CONGRATULATIONS to you! Thanks for always being here and keeping it exciting and informative. I’m looking forward to the next four years!

  26. Hello Gorgeous!! I offer my thanks as well:):) Read your writings from the beginning….
    though it meant hunting down the ever new websites for awhile! Glad that we have all
    found a home here! I read daily though rarely comment. Know though that you are
    always my go to place for all intelligent, articulate and thought provoking things David!!!

  27. a lurker 2 said: I loved the interaction & banter between you & “rascal”.
    Me too!

    Of topic, I just went to “” and saw the message below. Someone previously said the site was hacked but I didn’t know they took it down. I used to enjoy going there to see what stations where playing the idol contestants.

    We have discontinued to focus on our business customers and apologize for any inconvenience!

  28. I am just now reading the comments from this post and from the previous post. My guess is that David read scriptures each night before going to sleep – as many Mormons do – and not during the day in his spare time. First of all, he didn’t really have spare time to be sitting around reading anything. He had way too much going on… plus school. It’s my opinion that, if he was doing any reading, he was reading his school stuff. Also, HG, I totally love and enjoy reading what you write!

  29. Happy 4th! Your articles are though provoking. Love the site. It’s much needed I think. Thank you for your time and effort!

  30. Congratulations HG…a great accomplishment to keep so much interest going in David while we wait in the wings.

    As we approach the months away from David’s return, thanks to twitter, we will be enduring the endless ‘hints’ about what directions he will surely be taking. Thanks to twitter, some will hedge around what they ‘know’ and torment fans with thoughts of all kinds of directions he will be taking or should be taking. Let him be. Twitter holds that power over people. It is times like these that I wish twitter would go away for just awhile. At times, it is just not that amusing. There are too many opportunities to create endless discussions on what country he will be carried off to with contracts to fulfill of course and all for good reasons for certain. A tug of war over who cares about him the most could resume. Rumours galore from those who have thrown us bare facts before. I don’t need to be taunted or is that tormented? It seems all a game this way and respectfully, David is not a guessing game. Follow his lead.

    Now think what you will, it is always a mixed conglomerate of opinions. That is fair play. To keep him in the limelight until his return, showing the best of his performances would keep his name highlighted.


    • At least he is not forgotten, I really think that’s a good thing. I’m sure that David hasn’t a clue as to what is going on. I don’t do twitter, but from what I see, it is a very powerful social media and really without twitter, facebook and of course, David’s fabulous sites, I doubt his chance of making a comeback would be very strong…because people are still having a conversation about him, imo, is good no matter what they say. I love all of his best performances…but let’s face it, David has got me and all other diehard fans, really that would be enough for most of us, but he needs all his casual fans to come back to the fold when he returns and keeping conversation going, especially from now on, will help with his comeback and of course, this is jmo.

      • Sure, twitter is good no denying it, I don’t deny it….when it is good. We need the world by the tail and then some to keep the guy going? I just don’t know how other stars ever took breaks and returned without it!!??

        Just not into the games that will be going on, the senseless guessing that really turns people off, the throwing out of comments that leave us guessing.. But that is how people can make themselves ‘important’, they have something they may know for a fact and then let the tormenting begin. The only thing ‘good’ for David will be the straight truths. Just wait and see, it has started already and when you read it you will know what I mean.

        Cq. We really have trouble understanding each other! I enjoy your comments though!! Twitter can be very informative, even Pres. Obama uses it, but he sure doesn’t leave you hanging.


      • Now SB you got me curious about this statement: The only thing ‘good’ for David will be the straight truths. Just wait and see, it has started already and when you read it you will know what I mean…do you know something all of the rest of us don’t know?

    • SB, I appreciate this site because people can come and talk about anything on their minds. That includes being bothered by rumors and speculation about David’s future. I think I understand what you’re saying though. I also find the partial info. that comes out on twitter, be it fact or speculation, to be taunting, even tormenting. Some of the info. about his future may be good news to some and disappointing to others. That’s when the “tug of war” begins. I don’t go to twitter anymore because, frankly, I don’t give a rat’s patootie what they say, unless it’s official. Everyone thinks they know what David’s going to do when he gets back. David is the only one who knows, alot can happen in 300 whatever days, imo.

  31. cq-thats how I look at it too…at least he is in the here and now in peoples minds…does it really matter in what context. Ive NEVER posted anything that I dont first know to be fact, on this site or any other for that matter. I cant control how people perceive what is posted nor do I want to.
    Lurker 2-loved what you posted!

  32. people who say they are fans of david and then tear him and his team apart ,much less his relagion sem FAKE to me

  33. Enigma of the day:

    Blueberry01 ‏@SuperGee5
    @KaleiLuvsHawaii @ZeeNnGT @kimak @pabuckie @DavidArchie but there’s xtra news abt 14 projects. LOL Rejoice everyone, rejoice.

    Blueberry01 Blueberry01 ‏@SuperGee5
    @KaleiLuvsHawaii @ZeeNnGT @kimak @pabuckie @DavidArchie will soon be annouced thru out the world. Imagine, we are waiting for NAN-dvd only

    • Peter- Rumor has it…that info is just that…a rumor. Sounds like the person posting it got “mixed up”, and misquoted a source that wasnt really a source but a misguided comment that actually in all reality based on trying to be truthful and not spread rumors it was indeed… a rumor. Hope they dont get publicly flogged! 😉

  34. Or just… cuckoo.

  35. ROTF Peter!!! I m thinking you are onto something 🙂

  36. People have been speculating and talking about could be, would be, should be, will be, may be since there was a fencepost between two homesteads to lean on. Or, more likely, since there was a boulder between two caves 😉

    Twitter is the medium. People are the impetus. Some rumors and “facts” I lend more credence to than others. Mainly I’m gonna wait til 2014 to commit myself to worrying about any of the fuss lol.

  37. Hahaha, that I said fans creating conversation…all good in my book. Really until I read an official announcement on the OS, to me it’s just fun rumors. Although remember the BIG rumor that came true?!?!?!, At least this is a good rumor.

    • Cq – I agree about the BIG rumor. Since that mission rumor that turned into reality. Im not discarding anything too lightly as some part of them eventually pans out to the truth.

  38. Cq…What I meant is that tormenting has started already and you will see what I mean….suggested maybe a movie, billboard and so on with a wink, tou know what I mean. Someone knows something. maybe.

    I don’t go to twitter, but the rumours are in plain sight. Time to Go Fishing!!!


    • Yeah, I take all the rumors with a grain of salt. There have been lots of them in the David fandom. It is always surprising to me how gullible some people are regarding the rumors. All we really know right now is that David is a missionary in Chile and is coming back around spring 2014. He said before he left that he is coming back to music, and he left us a lot of music to listen to while he is gone.

  39. ah that reminds me of the “rumor” that david would do mini-series in philippines and some fans adamantly poster on twitter- no way would david ever do that! it’s a rumor! well we all know how that turned out. i did believe it and tweeted about it and was very happy that it did indeed come true so i didn’t have to apologize for my spazzing on twitter and/or spreading misleading info! lol 🙂

  40. I just want to add my congratulations on Soul David’s 4 year anniversary and my thanks to HG not only for the thought you put into each post but also for interesting conversation you inspire.

  41. I need a “like” button for that, Ali. LOL!!!

    • Yeah there have been lots of dating rumors that weren’t true. Remember how Idolfan that posted here was convinced that David and Charice were secretly dating. Of course now the rumors are that he has a secret girlfriend and will be getting married when he returns. I guess it’s Ali or maybe Charice – lol.

  42. grammyj- charice is gay so it probably not her LOL

  43. I have no doubts that David will marry when he returns from his mission, after all that’s part of his religion, but I just hope he doesn’t rush into it…would love for him to get his career back in full swing…at least give us that for most of 2014…And I’m not saying that he couldn’t do both, just would like that order, lol.
    So we have him married, going to college and maybe having ‘some projects, hahahahaha!!!
    I’m surprised that a rumor hasn’t started that he has left his mission to become a reclusive monk, hahahahaha!!! like I said, at least he’s not forgot.

  44. SandyBeaches

    Geez, I heard the ‘Ali Archuleta’ rumour on another site!! Who needs The National Enquirer!?

    Really strange the music that travels through your mind at anytime…changing up with your imagination in play.

    “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
    It’s not warm when she’s away
    Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone
    And she’s always gone too long
    Anytime she goes away”

    ~ Bill Withers

  45. cotton candy

    who’s Ali? have not heard this new rumor yet!

  46. SandyBeaches

    Cq…I have to get a monk video to you somehow!! 🙂 Very nice…

    “He sang, And no religion too”…


  47. SandyBeaches

    Because if I post it I may be in the wrong pew of the wrong church!


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