Why I Still Watch Idol (and Why I Still Post on It)


As bored and fatigued as I am by American Idol (as my previous post indicated), you can pretty much guarantee that I still am and still will watch this ridiculously contrived show. Bad habits die hard, I guess.

Besides, I might as well chronicle to my readers what I’ve been up to and what I’m tuning in to (or, I could really let loose and tell y’all why I am sooooooo not feeling current “cool” artists like Justin Timberlake – Hmmmm, on the other hand, maybe I should do a whole post on why his vanilla-style version of R&B is so not my cup of tea as an R&B fan who was conceived by and raised on the music and why, in all seriousness, David Archuleta’s vocalized hints of R&B will always, always, always be superior to my ears).

Gee, readers, do you all want me to go in on why I think Justin needs to have several seats while I plead with David’s team to let him show folks how real blue-eyed (or hazel-eyed in his case) soul-singing should be done? That post is coming! 😛

But back to American Idol…

I’ve been watching Idol since its inception. And remember those days when it dominated television.  It came on the heels of some real dramatic moments. First, when CBS’s “Survivor” introduced viewers to a whole new way of getting invested in “real” people going through interesting competition.  Then, in the wake of the Elections 2000 debacle and the September 11 disaster, it gave us a light-hearted way to tune out of “wars on terror,” to vote in a way that our votes mattered (and couldn’t be taken away from us by the Supreme Court), and introduced us to some new talent – and a diverse array of talent at that.

I tuned in and out during the first season, got sucked in by Ruben Studdard’s promise of bringing back the Luther Vandross-style of R&B during Season 2, got extremely excited when other contestants like Kimberly Locke and Clay Aiken gave him a run for his money, and cried my eyes out when Fantasia overcame the shock boot of Jennifer Hudson to sing the cheesy coronation song like it was meant for gospel during Season 3.

Season 4 was all about Carrie Underwood, and while I didn’t care for country music, couldn’t deny her obvious beauty and talent and thought she was a nice contrast as the next Idol winner after Fantasia. And Season 5 gave us such an eclectic group of personas: Taylor Hicks, Elliott Yamin, Chris Daughtry, Kelly Pickler, and Paris Bennett. And who would’ve seen a Taylor Hicks winning just from pretending he had anything to do with “soul,” as his “soul patrol” fans would have us believe?

But no matter, because Melinda Doolittle came on Season 6 and just shut everyone down in terms of how you do and demonstrate vocal masterclass. And other black “divas” – Jordin Sparks, Lakisha Jones – held their own that season, with the young Jordan winning. And while I was totally invested in a Melinda Doolittle win and promised to shut out Idol forever!, David Archuleta happened the following season.

And the rest, as they say, is history!

And again, my favorite Idol didn’t win, and again, I tune in to see what new contestants have to offer us. And again, there is promise, some manipulation, some drama. But mediocrity really came into play.

The after-David era of American Idol, which produced generic “white guy with guitar” winners and forgettable also-rans, really demonstrated how lightning really doesn’t strike twice.  Once you’ve found your idol, that’s it! So, I know better than to think there will be another David Archuleta or another Melinda Doolittle or another Fantasia.

But at least give us a good show!

The judges have really lost the spark of entertaining criticism (Simon Cowell was always great at that), and the producers were foolish not to let the diva showdown between Mariah and Nicki play out in the competition. It’s clear they have their favorite contestants. Why didn’t they think to let them mentor their favorites (the way The Voice and X-Factor does) so that their catfight could be felt in the competition itself? A Mariah-endorsed Candice Glover versus a Nicki-Minaj-endorsed Amber Holcomb showdown would’ve been epic, IMO. But the producers know nothing of parlaying behind-the-scenes beef into on-screen entertainment.

Beyond that, pick some new songs! After 12 seasons, you mean to tell me Idol hasn’t broadened their song selections? What is their problem?  And no, I’m not one of those folks who believe in singing “current songs” (which mostly suck!).

With all the ’60s music they’ve done, they never do a whole range of music. Just Beatles and Motown. Why has no one ever sung “Moon River” or a Bob Dylan song?  Why, when they sing Broadway, have they never featured songs from the Rodgers and Hammerstein songbook?

And, here’s a concept! Why have we never heard any patriotic or traditional songs? What would a contestant sound like singing “America the Beautiful” or “Amazing Grace”?

And, here’s another concept! Why can’t we get an a capella theme, where all contestants sing without the band?  If this is a “singing competition,” prove it!

And if we must have accompanying music, what about real “current” music, like electronica and – gasp! – hip hop? You mean to tell me you’ve got Nicki Minaj on your judges’ panel and not one hip-hop mentor to do a hip-hop theme night? (You know, in which the contestants have to sing along with a rapper’s collaboration.) That would be epic!

If the producers can’t keep the show from being anything but a show, then yes, it’s time to wrap up. Because, let’s face it: No one needs to find the “next American Idol,” when we’ve already got 12 of them running around, not to mention all the other runner-ups and finalists doing their thing.

I watch out of habit, but for god’s sake, I want a show that doesn’t bore me to tears. Is that so hard to do?

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  1. Another great post, HG. I like your ideas on how Idol could improve. They especially need more songs to select. There is a reason why some songs have been sung over and over by contestants – because there aren’t other songs to pick! The judges always harp on song selection but I will bet the list of songs they could pick was really short.

    As I said on the last thread, Idol is still the highest rated Fox show so it is not going away anytime soon. I’ve found my Idol so it will never be the must see T.V. that it was for me in season 7 and before. I do hope I see David on Idol or some other T.V. show when he returns.

  2. Zzzzzzz…yet another boring post about how bored you are with AI.

    • Are you for real…that’s so disrespectful and so untrue!!

      • I call ’em as I see ’em.

        The 2nd para is ok, though. Can’t believe that all that insane hype worked. That dude is classy and retro now???? LOL. The reactions to his single on the radio stations in my area were hilarious.

  3. Winner post once again Hg, thank you.
    I do like Justin Timberlake, but you brought up a good point.
    Yeah all those American Idols, now Voice and Xfactor singers out there…pretty crowded!! People that vote for there favorites and give the winners/favorite non-winner a bit of a glory ride after the show is over, I believe don’t stick around…I really believe that our man has kept a very loyal following after the show because he (imo) is a true talent that a lot of fans see the potential and are waiting his time to happen, anyway, that’s how I feel. David’s success is just starting and it’s kinda weird for me to say this because he has put out so much music in such a short time and yet not become the success that I know he can have, but I believe he hasn’t found his mojo…that is yet to come…SO EXCITED!

    • I read that Tate Stevens, this year’s X-Factor winner will probably sell 14k of his debut album that came out this week. The first Voice winner, Javier sold 10k of his debut album and Melanie Armono the first X-Factor winner has had her album shelved. These contestants had major labels behind them so Idol winners still do much better than the other T.V. Music Reality shows.

      • Don’t kid yourself. If it wasn’t for the $ from the AI machine, the AI winners wouldn’t be selling well now either. As long as AI continues to buy a radio presence for their winners — and everything else — then they’ll continue to sell better.

        AI is not earning the same $ from ad revenue and the tour, so it will be interesting to see how long they can buy their current winner’s success.

      • Actually that is how all new artists get played on the radio – lots of money. That’s why David will have to sign with a major label if he wants to get radio play. As we could all see from his last single without a major label only a couple US stations played it.

  4. Ahh….this calls for my favorite StarSearch David song because I love the purity of some of the notes mixed in with the growl. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6InpRCfkwyM

  5. I’m sorry I missed the conversation about what happened during S7 because that still interests me. I was really disappointed with COS because it left no clues, and I guess we will never know. My theory, which changes from time to time, goes like this:

    * S7 was s’posed to be the battle of the teens. Weren’t there, like, 6+ teens or something in the top 24, both male and female?

    * All of the teens were rapidly booted off the show except for David.

    * This left the producers scrambling for a new script, plan B, some drama, their Frazier vs. Ali finale (remember the boxing ring schtick?). They did not want a pre-determined winner for months.

    * At the same time, the omnipresence of Jeff Archuleta began to get on some people’s nerves, as well as David running around reading the Book of Mormon. Jeff and David slept in the same room for part of AI (COS). There were folks who wanted to do what they’ve always done to child and teen stars (read the autobiographies that line the bookshelves). (If you don’t think there is that type of thing going on BTS of this family show, you should remember the Paula Abdul/Cory? scandal.) (You should also consider the crude and disgusting joke that Robin Williams was allowed to make about David during a comic sketch on the AI finale.)

    * So the producers planted the stage dad rumors with TMZ. As Jeff A. said, they couldn’t come up with anything damaging about David. We know that a cast of idols had to make an appearance in the TMZ studios, so there is obviously a link between AI/TMZ.

    * The stage dad rumor was amazingly successful. I mean, it was everywhere…in international news, etc. Obviously, it was being pushed like a mofo.

    * Michael Johns was booted off. The eventual winner of S7 was given a makeover, the cougars had no where else to go, and his name just so happened to be David. What a story! What drama! The Battle of the David’s!!!1!! Cue the Round 7 bell.

    * They never told David about various labels’ interest in him, etc. He apparently didn’t know that he would be signed until the show was over. Meanwhile, other idols were told long b4 the season ended. They did not want David to relax in any way. Simon went on Jay Leno and Ellen right b4 the finale — something that hasn’t been done ever — to bad-mouth David. It was personal — and IMO not about who would win AI at all.

    * In the end, they obviously were happy to make $ off of David. They intended to do the teen thing with him all along. Eman said Crush was written specifically for David, and David gave a radio interview during the idol tour (in my area) where he said that he was told he had one year left to do the teen stuff.

    And the rest is history. He made $ for them, and now they want him to disappear so they can continue to push the new contestants and get y’all to continue to watch and continue to be “bored” with the show.

    • Yes, it very much seemed to be personal.

    • Thank you for reminding me why I hate AI. I will no longer visit any threads related to the show.

    • He went around reading the book of mormon?
      I’m going to say something and I’m sure that every tbm will really come down hard on me..I have no respect for the Joseph Smith and I hope someday David goes beyond that book and look at things with an open mind. As I said before anyone can worship whoever they want, but I also can have my opinion.

      • I will always be interested in what really happened behind the scenes during AI7. We will probably never get the real story, but your theories are interesting, Anon. David did get his music career because of AI and for that I am thankful. Hopefully he will be able to resurrect it when he returns.

      • cq, maybe you should take your own advice,open mind

      • Cq, it’s good that David’s so adorable and charismatic. If, in real life, we had a co-worker, or acquaintance who traveled around with a whole case of their religious text, presumably to give out, as David supposedly did on his tour bus and in Asia, we’d probably try to avoid them, lol. (In LDS, it’s “Every member a missionary”, you know). Instead, people love to work with him, though they do drop hints, now and then, that he’s OTT religious IRL.

      • Hmmm, I wonder if this missionary thing will keep David’s “OTT religiousness” under wraps now or if it will make him go even more intense with it. I never heard the rumors of David running around with his Book of Mormon though (as Anon posted earlier). Stage dad stuff, yeah, but Book of Mormon? I really missed that gossip back in the day.

      • LOL you mean like how some fans always have an extra David album, to give out to random people that they meet? OTT has a whole lot of incarnations 😉

      • Ha ha. I haven’t reached that point yet.

      • Rooster, I am opened minded and that is why I decided to research before I came to what I stated. I looked at both views…how can not respecting someone or something being closed minded?

      • At least giving out his album is about his music career…although, I don’t give out David’s albums away to anyone,except someone that likes him and would like his album…
        cchalo, wow, hoping that is just a rumor…I’m thinking that must be because I have been told over and over that David never forces his religion on anybody, so I am hoping that is not true.

      • More intense, I think.

      • I know this thread is over. I was reading it over again just trying to piece things togther and realized the Lol! I posted was a misunderstanding. I thought peter was talking about the whole conversation as being “more intense”.
        Now I realize he was answering Hg’s comment directly, in which case an lol would not be the appropriate response at all.

  6. Something like this would be very nice in the future:

  7. Regarding Idol, perhaps it’s time for producers Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick to move on. They don’t seem to know how to bring the show into the 21st century. Their only idea for innovating the show seems to be getting new judges and creating controversy between them.

    Re. Timberlake, I’ve always thought he was talented and hard working. I’m not really into his current sound but I wish him continued success. I still hold a grudge against him for throwing Janet Jackson under the bus a decade ago.

  8. Great post hg. Also some interesting comments here today. You have to have very thick skin to survive in the music/entertainment industry or develop it quickly as it is very competitive. Not saying it is fair but it is what it is. Not many of the Idol alum or the alum on any of these talent reality shows are extremely successful in the music industry with the exception of a very few. You know their names. Bored or not I do still watch. lol.

  9. “What is one of the first thing you want to see David do when David Archuleta Returns 2014? (KS)”

    I’d like him to get off the plane and text Kari Sellards and Gina Orrdinary Management that they’re fired.

    • I like the job that Kari is doing. I’m not so sure about Gina but she has been doing something for David since the beginning of his music career. David thanked her on his very first album.

      • I agree with you Grammyj about Kari. I really like her and she has many connections in the music industry which is good. I really do not know much about Gina at all so I am not sure about her. David needs really good professional music management and not family members/friends handling his music career. JMHO. I do like some of JT’s music but I “get” the concerns. I am sure he can be arrogant at times. Kind of an aside but I do not like the way Janet treated MJ’s children, Prince and Paris, recently but there are 2 sides to every story and who knows where the truth lies. I would not have paid so much attention to it if they had not expressed their somewhat negative feelings toward Janet via the social medium. It surprised me and I hope that their relationship gets better with each other.

      • Speaking of pushy people … per what Paris and Prince used to tweet, I believe Janet may have crossed the line.

      • I believe that MJ was a really good Dad to his children and they were all very close to him. He obviously did a good job raising them. The trauma those poor kids have suffered losing him is great and they appear to be doing well now. I think that they remain so close to their grandmother and other certain family Jackson members is what Michael would have wanted for them.

  10. Zzzzzzzzzzz… yet another “sarcastic” post from the ever lurking around and posting on my blog Anon! Welcome back and thanks for adding to my views! 😛

  11. HG – maybe you’ve shared this before and I missed it or just forgot (oy, my brain anymore) but your comments about JT and David and R&B has me wondering, what’s your favorite R&B or “soul” David moment(s)? Moments that really show you his possible R&B potential? Unless that’s what’s in the post that you mentioned working on. In which case, I’ll just try to be patient. =)

    • Yeah, I think I’ll have to do a careful post addressing David’s “soul” moments, my beef with Justin (in addition to Desertrat bringing up the Janet thing, which does sour me on him), and other things. I guess I’m now committing to the future post! 😛

      • That’s a post that I’m very much looking forward to then!

        P.S. In relation to this post, I do still watch Idol and probably will continue. I’ve found that I’m all ~jaded about it now though and that kinda pisses me off because I generally am not fond of people copping jaded attitudes. Oh well. I guess with anything that continues as Idol, you eventually see behind the curtain. I still find some moments that are worthwhile there so as long as that goes on, so will I with the show.

  12. Geez, folks. I said David ran around READING the Book of Mormon. I never said he handed them out! I repeat, he read the Book of Mormon. Do I have to say it again? He read the Book of Mormon.

  13. Is anyone here really surprised that David is strongly religious? I mean, really? lol

    I am surprised at how contentious people get over religious topics though. I guess given the way it plays out across the globe, I shouldn’t be. To me religion is just like any other idea — either you believe in it or you don’t. I don’t have a problem with someone wanting to share their beliefs but that also means that I am welcome to not agree with them. We were all given our own brains for a reason. So my approach has always been take it or leave it and everyone can believe what feels right for them. If only it were always as simple as this.

    • A real beautiful rainbow picture you paint, Ali…So I’m guessing you are open to any religion coming into your home and sharing their beliefs and saying that the way you think is completely wrong…good for you.

      • I am open to hearing about anyone’s beliefs, yes. And yes I’ve had people come into my home and tell me about their religion. LDS, Jehovah’s Witness, Baptist. And I’ve heard about more religions outside my home. I can say that I’ve never had any of those people in my home tell me that their belief is “better” than mine. I would hope that they believe that themselves though because otherwise why could they still follow their beliefs? It’s not a crime for someone to personally think their own beliefs are better — because they are better for that person. That’s why they believe them. Doesn’t mean I agree that they’re better for me.

        Sorry if my “rainbow” perspective doesn’t make some people happy.

      • I don’t let people into my home but I always like to know where a person is coming from before befriending them. If that leads to a conversation re. their religious beliefs, then I listen.

    • Ali, I do really admire you and your rainbow perspective, not that many people are willing to do what you do, including myself.

  14. Strongly religious is different than OTT religious.

    Handing out BOM to all the cast and crew at the Philppines as a “gift” is OTT. They were known to be a mostly Catholic group with the leading ladies attending all girls Catholic schools. That is “pushy” and offensive to me.

  15. The Gideon’s hand out Bibles on the street corners in my city once a year and have Bibles in all hotel rooms. I really don’t see the harm in David giving out the Book of Mormon to people. They don’t have to believe in it. He does and wants to spread his faith. There is nothing wrong with that. A person can take it or leave it. I certainly wouldn’t think less of him if he gave me the Book of Mormon. Do I believe the book? No, but it wouldn’t hurt me to read it just like I could read the Koran or other religious books.

  16. Hilarious.

    I stopped by to read the new post and saw 51 comments already! First thought: I bet someone said something about David’s religion. That topic here is as good as a rapidly moving brush fire, and definitely more boring than anything to do with American Idol.

    So what if David handed out books about what he believes? Nandito Ako was his last gig before his mission. Maybe they were curious. Maybe not. Big deal. Of course we all know just how offensively pushy David is. Maybe he should be publicly flogged.

    • Lol, so boring you just had to comment on it.

      • I generally refrain. Some never do; and it does get old. OLD.

      • Religion is almost always going to be interesting, because it affects almost all of us in our own lives, and it affected David enough to potentially give up his career for it. It’s a pretty dramatic story, I think.

      • So does American Idol. And I mean OLD.

    • I have to agree with cchalo, you think it’s boring, but decided to give your opinion anyway.

      • I did not discuss David’s religion. That is his personal choice—what he believes and how he lives what he believes. Too often his personal spiritual practices are discussed with bigoted criticism that is laughingly abeled “open intellectual discussion.” It makes me cringe at times. I may not see eye to eye with David on religion, but I do know that a polite “no thank you” can go a long way toward civility.

      • Whatever, like you, I rarely comment, but visit this site quite often to read the posts. Just had to say that I appreciate your take on the topic of David’s religion and agree with you completely.

      • Ok whatever, understood…a bigot, without being able to discuss anything intellectually.

      • Whatever, you seem quick to accuse those who speak up in disagreement of certain beliefs as being bigoted. If you were more specific about what was said and who said it, a discussion of whether or not a comment is “bigoted criticism” could ensue.

        cq, cchalo, I appreciate your thoughts.

    • This is jmo, the music career conversation (as it should be) is kinda dried up…I would rather have any conversation, than forgetting about him altogether.
      As far as religion goes, yes, I have a problem with David pushy that stuff (as far as the gift to the cast, not a problem), but to have BOM to handle out at his concerts, yes.

  17. Anon, way up top you sad Robin Williams said something derogatory about David during the s7 Idol finale, but Robin Williams wasn’t on the finale. You may have meant MIke Myers? I agree that what MIke Myers said was in poor taste.

    • I am finding out things I never knew today. lol. What did Mike Myers say at the finale? Don’t remember that one. Maybe I do not want to know.

      • I don’t remember exactly, but I think it was something about David and puberty?

      • Yes, CCHalo said it. He made a reference to changes that come with puberty. Remember him as some guru guy? (I did like the bit where David caught the shaving cream, think it was in the same piece but I’m not sure.)

      • I now remember that bit with Mike Myers as the guru guy as I just did not think it was that funny. Not offensive but just not funny. I think Myers was doing promo for a new film he was in.

      • Yeah he was doing promo, and the film looked silly to me.

  18. Wow on 53 comments, all while I was at work today. I guess it’s not surprising that religion was a part of the conversation.

  19. Shanny in Australia

    HG, yes I too am very interested in what you have to say about JT and David and ‘soul’. Please do write up that post.

    As for david running around reading the BOM on Idol. Could we please get that corroborated? I’ve never heard that one before and it surely will be referred to again in the future by some people, so can we just check that’s true and not rumour please? Can anyone verify? Any links? Thanks.

  20. I agree, Shanny. And we should all remind ourselves that what someone says on a fan site, esp. without a link and maybe even more especially when they post anonymously, should be taken with a grain of salt. It’s easy to forget details and mess things up over time. Plus rumors are rumors.

    On JT: I sort of agree with HG. He does nothing for me, but people have different taste and obviously plenty like his new material. Just not my cuppa.

  21. After thinking about this whole BOM thing…I am inclined to believe that it’s just rumors without base just because David is such a private person, I would think that he would keep his reading from his bible private too.

  22. Re. Michael Jackson’s kids, The youngest, Blanket, always looks so sad. He seldom smiles. Paris seems to be quite spirited. Prince seems like a typical 16 yr old guy.

  23. Like JT or not, he is an American Success Story. Starting out as a Disney kid, then part of a Boy Band, went solo, had some hits & very successful tours, became a pretty good actor & has some pretty good comedic skills as well. His one negative news-worthy moment came during the Super Bowl fiasco. Other than that, nothing negative to speak of. I would much rather have JT as a role model for my kids (if I had any) than some of the other artists currently out there. I think he is very talented. And honestly, how excited would David’s fans be if Kari could by some miracle make a collaboration happen for David & JT, because like him or not, JT is a Superstar.

    As for David reading the BOM during AI. Of course he did! He said he read the scriptures daily. Don’t think he was reading the King James Bible. Obviously he had a BOM with him always. We will just have to take a wait & see as to how David handles the religion issue when he returns. Hopefully it will be a non-issue but only if he keeps it as part of his private life. His religion should have no bearing on his artistic abilities. I sincerely hope he realizes that.

    • Totally agree a lurker 2. about JT and, yes his religion should have no bearing on his artistic abilities and I too hope he realizes that.

    • I’m sure that during Idol there was a lot of waiting around, as there always is in television and film production, so the idols probably had a lot of time to read whatever they had, and not a lot of private time, so it wouldn’t be surprising for him to be seen reading his scriptures. Also, I think he was a little sheltered and naive at that point, as far as worrying about what others might think.

      JMO, when Jason Castro gave David “The Alchemist”, it gave David something to say in interviews later when asked what his favorite book was, because I would bet that he didn’t do much non-scripture reading, and he didn’t want to say that the BOM was his favorite. Not that he didn’t really like “The Alchemist”, (though personally, I hated it), I’m sure he did, and that the story of a boy’s spiritual journey was very relevant to him. I say that, because he talked about liking Dr. Seuss as a kid when asked about his favorite book, so I’m thinking he is not a huge reader and was trying to pad his answer a bit.

      This is in no way a diss, because he’s a genius when it comes to music, and I’m sure listening and reading about it, is how he spent much of his non-churchy time.

  24. Hg, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on idol throughout the seasons. Many of your favorites during specific seasons were also mine. I also lost the desire to watch the show after season 6 and only intended on watching the auditions of season 7. That’s when David showed up :)!! The name “American Idol” implies….well, a lot, but, specifically that there was a search for the next extraordinary vocal talent in the world. I was expecting Whitney, Mariah, caliber singers. It proved to be very disappointing until David appeared. He was, in my opinion, exactly what the show had set out to find.

    I agree with you about the R&B soul talent that David has and look forward to more of your thoughts on that. Loved this statement:

    “maybe I should do a whole post on why his vanilla-style version of R&B is so not my cup of tea as an R&B fan who was conceived by and raised on the music and why, in all seriousness, David Archuleta’s vocalized hints of R&B will always, always, always be superior to my ears).”

  25. “Obviously he had a BOM with him always” –How do you know that a lurker2? Why is it obvious? It’s not obvious to me. That statement could be interpreted to portray him as being a tad fanatical, and that’s really unfair. In fact, I don’t recall seeing a single picture of him holding a BOM pre-mission. Do any even exist? Also, the King James version of the Bible is a basic scripture of the LDS religion. I imagine that David reads it as well.

    • OMG! Just because he was never photographed holding a BOM does not mean he didn’t carry one with him on all his trips cross country & abroad. As devout as he is, it’s realistic to assume he never left home without it. Why is that such a big issue anyway? The only way it would be a big issue is if he come back & starts to recite scripture from the book via twitter for example. I sure hope not. Like I said, we will have to wait & see.

  26. As for David leaving the BOM …iI heard it dreictly from Mike K that was exactly what he did…even placed them on the band and tour members bunks. Passed them out to random peope he met…

  27. I personaly didnt see that as a big deal…it was just David being …well David.

    • Can’t have been very effective, except in making him seem fanatical. I guess he’s probably more sophisticated about sharing his religion nowadays. Ugh..I’m having a hard time pecking this all out while on my treadmill, lol.

      • I hope that David is more sophisticated about sharing his religion when he returns. It should be part of his private life not his public life. I really just have no interest in the religious beliefs of any music artist I follow. It is not just David. Don’t know and don’t care. In regards to JT he sure is a lot more talented than the other Justin that is a music artist-that would be JB. I would love to see David be able to work with him or any big name music artist for that matter.

    • Candy, you kind of make my earlier point that we give David a pass on things we wouldn’t like in others, because we adore him being just…David.

  28. Why is it that we (me) can still love so many great artists from Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison and Elvis and Eric Clapton and many others – from drug addicts to guys who cheated on spouses, and on and on, and separating their private lives from my love of their voices or their music, etc. and not paying attention to the deeply religious country singers who I enjoy without looking at how many times they go to church and who they talk to about religion, etc. and yet with my favorite of all is picked apart for good or bad and yet he has never one time mentioned his religion in my presence in the 8 times I have seen him in concert or three VIP’s. I don’t care if he leaves reading material around which people can read, throw away or whatever. He has a good heart, a voice that spreads joy and all I care about is that I get to hear it.

    • You know something if David was on drugs, was a cheater and on and on…I would be commenting about how I don’t like what he was doing…but yes, I would still love his voice and want him to achieve great success in music, the same way I comment regarding his ott religion, but yes I’m here because I love his phenomenal voice.

  29. Shanny in Australia

    David ‘running around reading the Book, of Mormon’ on AI is a whole seperate issue as to whether or not David has handed out BOM’s to people. Because we know for a fact he has shared them. There have been many stories of him doing so. Some of the cast of Nandito Ako said that he did. They didn’t seem offended either. They seem to have a great love for him even now.

    When I asked for the comment about david going around everywhere reading the BOM on idol to be corroborated it was because I can see people raising that issue like it was fact and using it against him. Hence, I think we should at least be dealing with facts and not fiction.

    And just briefly, if I may add my small opinion on that….In my life time I have seen many people quietly reading the Bible or other religious materials as they sit in a lunchroom, on a park bench at lunchtime, on public transport or a campus library. So they’re religious and enjoying a moment to themselves. Good for them.

    Thats a whole seperate issue as to whether or not David has handed out BOM’s because we know for a fact he has. There have been many stories of him doing so. Some of the cast of Nandito Ako said that he did. They didn’t seem offended either. They seem to have a great love for him even now.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Ugh, ignore the last paragraph. I was reformatting my reply and couldn’t scroll through my comment to check it properly before posting as I’m on my phone.

  30. Shanny-I wasnt running around saying anything against David…I was just stating what I know as fact…the words I posted came directly from Mike K to my ears while they were in Atlantic City for the david/demi concert.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Candy, I know you weren’t. I was responding to the general conversation and just wanted to emphasize the fact that there are two different incidents being discussed – one with some evidence and one probably just rumour. You’re all good with me. 🙂

  31. Think it’s nice of David to pass out copies of BOM to people but now it makes sense why some in the music industry do not want to be around him. Thanks for illuminating the situation.

    • Just wondering

      With all due respect, we don’t know the whole story here. Hearsay is being thrown around here like facts…or some sort of new “Illumination” into David’. This is the only time I’ve heard of anything like this. If he were handing out BOMs to “random people” at his concerts, we would totally have heard about it! Without a doubt. I could see him giving one to someone who is curious and wants some questions answered, or perhaps giving a book that he loved to people he cared about, like his band mates. I have never in all the 5 years of following David, heard him even talk of the Book of Mormon. And only very seldom even mention his religion…usually when asked about it. I worry when a few casual posts by well-meaning fans can alter the perception of a guy we’ve known for 5 years, and he’s not even around to say otherwise. I have often wondered if that is what he was talking about when he asked for respect regarding his decision. Not so much about leaving him alone, but he knew that many people would not like his decision, not like his religion, not appreciate being left for 2 years, not understand why he needed to do it…but just asked for respect for his decision.

      • Just wondering, you have stated my opinion on David’s request for respect. And if he reads the BOM in quiet moments, good for him. I won’t look over his shoulder. Anyone ever found a Book of Mormon in a hotel drawer next to the Bible? I have and left both there. People are entitled to their opinions and to act in ways consistent with their beliefs so long as they are respectful and don’t break the law. Now let’s talk about what “respect” means.

  32. muldur (Nancy in Maine)

    cc halo, I would just bet you don’t know David personally so you would not know if he reads non-scripture books or not. Would you? And therefore all that you said about David basically lying about his favorite book because the Book of Mormon must REALLY be his favorite book is just you making up things in your head. Correct?

    • muldur, you are absolutely correct. JMO, as I said. It’s not a slam on him, just a guess based on what he said about reading his scriptures every day. I forgot to mention that he might also have had a lot of reading for school work during Idol, as well as his scriptures.

      Its’ pretty clear that David DOES hand out the BOM to colleagues and others, unsolicited. No one is claiming that he proselytizes to fans.

      As the above conversation shows, some people think it’s just fine by them when people do that, some people find it offensive, and some people think David is so great that they don’t mind anything he does.

    • P.S. I was re-reading what I so clumsily pecked out while on the treadmill, and I wanted to clarify that I wasn’t accusing David of lying about his favorite book. I meant that he probably had had little opportunity to do a lot of outside reading, because of the time constraints of Idol, school, and scripture-reading. I thought that “The Alchemist” was probably one of the only things he had been able to read in that era, that wasn’t strictly religious that he would be willing to mention to an interviewer.

  33. I was given a BOM years ago and for all i know it was from David because i didn’t know him then and i don’t remember who was at my door. Just the thought of that will get me through 2013.

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