Singing Shows Are Boring Me!

Maybe it’s because I was so tired tonight and couldn’t muster up excitement for American Idol‘s results show or that the TV show Scandal came back from its three-week hiatus and was so eating up the drama, but whatever it is, I really think singing reality TV competitions are getting boring. Yes, even The Voice. I was so over “Battle Rounds” this week and am glad we’re finally moving on to “Knockout Rounds,” but really. Can’t these shows find more exciting ways to keep audiences interested instead of just dragging things out week after week?

So, what say you, Soul Davidians? What is your favorite reality competition show right now? Please take my latest poll! 😛

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  1. I seem to hold an unpopular opinion in the David fan world, but I’m watching (and loving) Survivor this season. Have always watched it, and they’ve always managed to change things up enough to keep it interesting. The other one I watch with some consistency is Amazing Race, although this season AR hasn’t held me quite as well.

  2. Oh, oops. I do watch DWTS too. Maybe you meant reality shows with music or musicality expected from its stars? None of the singing shows have caught me, or maybe I just got that turned off by Idol’s manipulations.

  3. The Voice wins for me but I do agree that these reality talent shows are getting boring as they are too dragged out. I agree with KH about being turned off by AI’s manipulations. “But” that being said I do still watch them. I watch DWTS (flip the channels during The Voice) and Amazing Race too. I read that Cook will be on AI next week but an appearance on AI does not seem to do anything to boost Idol alums careers or sales of their music except the ones that are hugely popular like Kelly. I don ‘t think Scotty’s new single has taken off on country radio or sales after his appearance on AI. Still good to see them on TV again.

  4. I can’t get into reality shows, and as far as Idol goes I haven’t watched it since David.

  5. I will admit that I am a reality talent show junkie. I watch them all and like them. My favorite is still American Idol because they do concentrate the most on the contestants. The one I really don’t care for that much except to make fun of it is X-Factor. They have not had good talent on there IMHO. I like the Voice because of the judges and they do have excellent talent on the show. I watch the dancing shows too. The shows are my way to escape after a day of work.

    I like how this year on the results show they are mainly bringing back former contestants. I love that and only wish that David were here and they would bring him back to sing.

  6. I propose a moratorium on discussing American Idol.

    • Lol, Peter, maybe we should go back to David’s religion, ha ha.

    • Including David’s performances.

      • Agree Peter!

        David’s performances on AI do not depict the “real David”. He didn’t really come into his own until his solo tour.

        My favorite reality show is The Voice. The judges really do seem to care about the singers. Love the interaction between the judges too. Usher though is just a bit too full of himself at times.

  7. I think it’s inevitable that we get bored after twelve years of the similar thing. I’m even having trouble keeping focused on The Amazing Race, my favorite. As horrible as Donald Trump is, I enjoy the creative part of The Apprentice, but turn off the boardroom part.

  8. Good pool Hg. The only show I still watch is DWTS, I love dance and sometimes I only watch the actual dance night, not the results…all that drama is boring to me. As far as singing shows go…boring!!
    besides, it’s all about the judges…I believe that these reality shows are all manipulated to so extent, just because they are catagorized as reality doesn’t make them real, lol.

  9. My favorite is actually DWTS because I really enjoy watching the pro dancers and I like watching the evolution of the “stars” on the show and also how my preconceived ideas of who the “stars” is always changed because by week 4 or so of the show their real personalities are front and center. I skim/watch Idol (and I have to admit that since I live in Calif. I pop over to MJ’s to see what is happening and then sometimes only watch later on youtube. I couldn’t get myself to watch while some of the guys were singing so poorly but am loving Candice and Kree and enjoying the rest of the excellent girls. I watch the voice sometimes and enjoy the judges and the early stages.

  10. AI had its lowest ratings ever on Thursday. Woo hoo!

  11. No surprise that Scandal is doing well in the ratings. That is good show.

  12. I picked “Another Show” — the Food Network’s Iron Chef and Chopped are my fav reality competitions. Re. Idol, the show is way past it’s prime (ie, Season 7); it’s time for it to disappear.

    Speaking of disappearing, I noticed lately that Biebs isn’t the main figure on J-14, etc., mag covers anymore. They’ve moved his face to the corners and given those 1-Direction guys the center.

    Last, I’ve heard “Crush” on the radio twice this week!!!! 😀

  13. I agree with Peter. AI is in the past!

  14. No one is as suprised as me that I find myself entertained by DWTS (and I could add So You Think You Can Dance) I find these shows are well paced, concise judging and they have a good ratio of performance to non-performing parts of the show. Mostly though I am entertained because I know very little about dance. TPTB could be mainipulating the hell out of the shows and I wouldn’t have a clue. Throw a contestant under the bus by giving them a quick-step instead of ballroom…I would never realize it.
    I still watch Idol but the remote is close at hand and gets quite a workout when no one is singing. I like the concept of The Voice and try to watch but there is just too much time between performances to maintain my interest.

  15. I wouldn’t wish Idol to be gone–it may be David’s best chance to be on prime time television when he returns. Without AI on the air at all, he may be more of a has-been, or never-was than ever.

    • I really believe that show isn’t what is going put David in the next level of success. To me he needs to have the right managment/label and have a killer song…that’s what’s going to erase the has-been or never was for David. I’m so grateful for that show because that is were I first saw him, but I think his talent is so much more than that cheesy show…ok, yes I would watch it if he did go on it…but I would like for him to have a big hit already and he just would go on the show to promote the album that includes the big hit.

    • You do have a point cc halo. Of course as a fan I hope for bigger and better things for David but at least if he is on AI next season it would be a chance to be seen by fans on TV when he returns. I actually would think it would be good news if David was on any of the reality TV shows when he returns.

  16. I don’t think David needs Idol and I am trusting Kari’s words that he will coming back ” BIGGER AND BETTER”

  17. Idol is still the highest rated show on Fox so it will still be on when David returns. I would like to see David on it again, but I would just like to see David on my T.V. on just about any show! He needs to get some buzz somehow.

    On another note, David Archuleta Returns 2014 trended on twitter in the U.S. for two hours last night and for several hours worldwide. It has been trending in the Philippines for 11 hours. It shows that David still has dedicated fans and will need to expand on his fanbase when he comes back in 2014.

  18. I’m bored…how many times can you continue to hear “That was Fantastic” or “That was Horrible”?

    All the other reality shows are scripted…I hope the American public knows that…don’t you?

    I’d rather watch “Cops”…more action…less script.


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