Sweet Caroline

With all the talk of “Boston Strong” and with Neil Diamond surprising Boston Red Soxx fans over the weekend, it had dawned on me that, during Top 5 week on Idol, David delivered a version of the song.  Remember? It has never been documented as one of his finer moments on Idol, but it’s interesting to revisit.

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  1. Great post Hg. Sweet Caroline,ahh…Love all of Neil Diamond songs, but Sweet Caroline is my least favorite. Liked David’s vesion, but also not my favorate performance on AI by him, but still liked his performance better than any other contestant, lol. Btw, loved to hear Neil say that David is a prodigy, high compliment from such a great artist.

  2. Googled Sweet Caroline to see what the connection was for Boston. Interesting! Neil Diamond was Inspired by a picture he had seen of Caroline Kennedy when she was a child. Became a popular song during baseball games at Fenway. Wikepedia has David Archuleta as one who sang the cover during American Idol Season 7.
    Always like what Neil Diamond said about David being a Prodigy. Enjoyed the performance!!

  3. Thanks for posting this video hg. I had forgotten about David singing this song and that Neil had called him a prodigy. David is one.

  4. David as always did a great job and I too liked that Niel Diamond recognized what we already knew, David is a progidy. My favorite part of Niel Diamond week was the group number in the results show. David had a “Shop Around” like energy when he performed his part of “Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show” Would have loved to hear him do more of that song. Really fit his voice I thought.

  5. Dang, first of all I miss David generally, but miss being excited to see him whenever he had an appearance on tv, of course, after idol…being able to hear/see him every week on idol was golden.
    I know that in order for him to make tv appearances when he returns, he really has to have mainstream music…and have a huge hit…then maybe we will see him do guest spots on all the major show…sigh…would love for that to happen in 2014.
    I have to believe that David needed the two year break to grow up and be ready to take the world by storm…

  6. I loved Neil Diamond week! Although, I’ve always suspected that there was a backstage rumor going around that one of the Mormon contestants was going home. On the results show, the camera caught a few glances between David and Brooke White, and David seemed much more shocked than usual when he was declared safe, plus a little sad/nervous. That was when Brooke was eliminated.

    It was so much fun to see David every week on Idol! Back then, I didn’t pay attention to a lot of the hype surrounding AI; like Idol Wrap, Idol Tonight, etc. I just watched a bunch of them from throughout season 7, and it was so interesting to see the progression of how David was being talked about in the media. You all probably know this, but I never realized how GIGANTIC an impact David made right from the beginning. He really was declared the winner right out of the gate by everybody. The excitement was palpable, even in retrospect. It was a little sad to see a bit of that wear off toward the end, though. I can’t imagine the amount of pressure that must have been on David’s shoulders back then.

    • You got it right Utahmom, David was GiGANTIC right out of the gait. I will never forget phoning my daughter after Shop Around to ask…”did you see that kid from Utah” !!!? I had never watched AI and still thank God for the snow closure at work that sent me home to that performance. Also grateful for Imaging being the last performance the following week so I could see if he was for real.

    • It’s weird how even back then he was identified as a Mormon…I really didn’t know what religion he was back then, I really didn’t follow all the shows and writings that were about the show. The weird part is that no other contestant was ever identified by what religion they were only David and Brook.

    • David was the breakout star in S7. Cook had some of the older female viewers (cougars as they were called) voting for him as he was the “WGWG” but David clearly was the talent. Does not seem to me that much of Cook’s fanbase has stayed with him. Have really not seen that type of talent on AI since David. Kind of bored with AI this season. Just not that interested in the judges or the contestants.

    • “He really was declared the winner right out of the gate by everybody. The excitement was palpable, even in retrospect. It was a little sad to see a bit of that wear off toward the end, though. I can’t imagine the amount of pressure that must have been on David’s shoulders back then.”

      It wore off because that’s the arc of the show. They have someone they push really hard at the beginning so they can set their eventual winner up to have underdog status and really ‘deserve’ the win at the end. Everybody loves a good underdog, ya know! lol.

      Actually, David made it farther than most of the early favorites do. Generally they don’t make the finale but I think he surprised the producers. Toward the end, I think they knew their best bet was to go for a David & David finale given who was left.

      P.S. No, I’m not a conspiracy theorist lol I’ve just watched way too many seasons of AI to not see this same pattern repeat over and over. If you were watching Idol last night, you saw it happening again. And I’m also not saying that David Cook wasn’t a worthy winner. I’m just saying that the producers sure wrote him a Hollywood-worthy redemption script. 😉

      • Interesting remarks Ali. I agree with you on most points. I disagree with you when you say the produces decided toward the end to push for a David/David finale. I think this is what they were pushing for right from the beginning. Randy even made a comment to that extent during the finale.

        They had our David who was set apart from the rest, basically, genius vs. mediocrity. Then you had the best of the rest, David Cook, a very appealing rock singer. Dauightry was an AI rocker who had already made it big. I think the producers wanted a piece of that pie.

        Here’s David’s studio version of Sweet Caroline which, like his studio version of We Can Work it Out, I like much better than his performance:

      • Entirely possible. I haven’t spent a ton of time considering the full range of options that season but there was a definite game plan. There were actually some contestants that were bussed much more than (our) David that year. Poor Syesha given a Happy Feet song on final 3 night?? 0_o Not that she had much chance making final 2 with the fan support that both Davids had built up but I really feel for her there. Things of that sort are the norm.

        Mostly what I wish is that the producers would leave the contestants alone and let them fail or succeed based solely on their own merit.

      • They didn’t really do that last night, did they? If ever there was a question, I think it’s obvious now, they set it up.

        I like Syesha! My daughter is a major David fan now, however, Syesha was her favorite on the show. We went to her homecoming event.

        The word “mediocrity” may have been a bit harsh. Really, I meant that David’s giftedness was so stunning to me, it made the others seem mediocre.

  7. Hear, hear on that. (Although I’m not watching so why should I care.) The end of Idol for me was when I watched Simon Cowell on the late night talk show talking about how Cook deserved to win because he’d paid his dues.

  8. Speaking of Simon Cowell, I’m wondering if anyone here watches his show…from what I’ve read, it’s not the big success he thought it would be. He did throw David under the bus by his comment on the late night show, at least he didn’t say that DC was the better talent, just that he deserved because he paid his dues…whatever that mean?!?!…

    • I watched X-Factor mainly to make fun of the over-the-top production numbers for their mainly poor singers. There has not been any one on the U.S. version of X-Factor that actually has the X-Factor. David does have it.

  9. Soul Justin:

  10. Love that video Peter. Yes AI does set up the show for who that want to win, ALC. I agree. I watch AI (must be a bad habit lol) but I really have not been entertained this year at all. I do like The Voice and do watch X-Factor too. I do not expect any of these shows to produce a star and just watch for the sheer entertainment or lack of at times. David does have it.

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