Music on a Loop

I’ve been playing this song and watching this performance over the weekend. Thanks for the B-Day wishes, everyone! 😀 Had a great day!


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  1. So glad you had a great birthday Hg.

  2. THANK YOU FOR THIS TREAT HG!! OMG, it was fabulous. I have not listened to Fantasia in ages. Got the sense she was living her personal experiences through the song. Such emotion. It would be nice to see/hear David committing to this level of emotion more consistently at some point to something personal. A lot of times, his approach while meaningful , remains at a superficial level.

  3. I guess David is a zone leader, whatever that means…one thing that he is gaining is a whole lot of business experience…that will really help him with his music career.

    • Missions are divided into districts and zones. There are several districts within a zone and several zones within the mission. A zone leader is the leader/mentor over the missionaries of several districts. He trains and mentors the district leaders in their service and watches over the missionaries in his zone. It is a great honor and responsibility to be called as a zone leader. Only the best of the best have that opportunity.

  4. Love Fantasia! She was the reason we started watching Idol in the first place!

  5. fantasia is terrific singing that song. you can tell she grew up singing in the church. my fav song by her is “when i see u”; it still gets regular play on my ipod.

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