Everybody’s Favorite David “Comfort Song”?

I never would have guessed that “Be Still My Soul” would be the overwhelming favorite David comfort song, according to my latest poll:


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  1. David sings BSMS beautifully but it’s not my personal favorite. It’s too….pretty (?) for me. Not sure if that’s the right word for it but idk I just don’t really ~feel that song like I do some others. It’s actually the one song on BEGIN that I consistently skip when playing the album. I know it’s an absolute favorite for some people and I can understand why. Just not so much for me.

    We’re needing a lot of comfort this week though so I won’t rule out any songs.

    On a totally different (and much more shallow) note, a “new” pic turned up yesterday. Actually I guess maybe a few people had seen it but I hadn’t. I saw the other one from the same photoshoot with his arm up by his face. Anyway. It’s a little distraction after the past few days http://25.media.tumblr.com/2e23d5b0d9a2611c73e3912f344f4a73/tumblr_mlg698VW9g1qc6i23o1_500.png

    • Ali yes, although David sings BSMS beautifully it’s also not my favorite and I also skip it on the album. To me it’s to sad and solemn.
      Thanks for that gorgeous picture, yes a distraction is really needed and that’s not saying that we shouldn’t be sadden and send prayers and condolence to all the victims of the now two tragedies, Boston and Texas..

  2. The photo is new to me. Thanks for posting it. I also didn’t select BSMS. I don’t mind the song and don’t skip it, it just isn’t a song that particularly speaks to me.

  3. When you need your souls to be stilled, well that is when it will become the most important song from his repetoire. When you reach deeper like David does at times, he will meet you there. The sound of his voice in such a song is a time for healing. When the time comes by and you wonder how to deal with something that unfavourably meets you head on, well that is when you will see how valuable your relationship is with David. You very well may already value BSMS, Ave Maria, Silent Night and a few others as invaluable.


  4. I love When You Believe, the studio version. That’s the song that “speaks” to me when I find myself asking “Why?”. I’m not a particularly religious person and at times like the Sandy Hook shootings or 9/11 tragedy, etc, etc, I find myself searching for an answer which will make sense to me. I don’t believe as David does & never will, but he can reach right into my heart & soothe my soul when I need it most. I don’t think of David as a “savior”, but his voice has a power to soften even the hardest of hearts. This studio version was recorded when he was 17. Imagine what he could do with it now five years later?

    • That is amazing! I have never heard the studio version of When you Believe. Soulful- runs, and amazing tone. Lower and uper register. Brings back memories or what I feel in love with in David’s voice and talents.

    • Love this studio version of When You Believe…listening to it again, just wow…there has to be someone/group whoever that can bring out the genius through a song that will show the world how absolutely special of a singer David is…that is why I’m here…I just know that monent will happen. Meanwhile we have music to tie us over.
      In another subject…would love for David to start having a little more communication with us fans, say around the middle of summer, so that fans that have left will start to get excited about his return.

      • I have to agree with you cq regarding the concerns about the lack of communication David has had with his fans since he left for this mission. It has to unfortunately effect his music career when he returns. The only way it would not is if he signs with a major label and major management team when he returns and has a good plan in place. I do not know if that is even an option anymore or if he would want that. You have to be very driven to succeed in the music industry as it is so competitive. Not so sure what David’s thoughts are now or will be when he returns but it is on him not the fans.

      • Marie my thoughts about lack of communication goes back to his announcement when felt he needed to say that no one told him he needed to do the mission. In itself that he needed to say that is (omo) so telling…I’m thinking that because of the control from the church that he might be afraid to communicate because he might ge thim into trouble…just trying to make sense of lack of communication.

      • I don’t know that I think David’s communication level with fans while he’s on the mission makes a huge difference going forward. Musicians have been around for many years with virtually no direct fan contact between albums or tours. And sometimes not much fan contact even when they were putting out an album. Twitter and FB and YT have made us accustomed to this level of contact with some artists now but I don’t think it’s required, especially when you’re not actively promoting something. (yeah, yeah, I know “he” just put an album out but we all know that’s an unusual deal lol)

        Don’t get me wrong, I love that David has always been so inclusive of fans and I would hate to see that change when he returns. But for right now, with him gone on a mission, not worried about it much. People who are long time fans of his will be around whether he directly communicates now or not. Casual fans have other things they are focusing on and will pay attention when he returns with new material, if it’s good. And new fans will be completely dependent on him coming out with quality music (and quality promo) when he gets back. So from that standpoint, I don’t think his amount of personal communication with fans now is a deal breaker.

        That’s just my opinion on it though and I’m certainly open to others sharing what their perspective is.

      • Ali you made a good point, but were those musicians at there infant stage of their career like David is or are they artist that had already established careers? That’s the point I was trying to make, David’s fans were drawn in not only because of his voice/,music but, to a some extent by his communication to have us be part of his musical journey, so from that prespective, I feel it is a bit different and that communication could help.

      • I understand what you’re saying, cq, but I’m not really sure it matters at this point. I could be totally off-base but I just don’t see it making a big difference in the size of his fanbase if he were to be sending updates while on his mission. I mean, unless he was updating about the mission itself and then he might gain more LDS followers as someone who was promoting the religion but I think he would lose some fans who didn’t care to hear about that and perhaps limit his career after. But if he were just sending random updates about what food he ate or what his red eye was doing (lol), I don’t think that would change the number of fans who are willing to stay invested for the 2 years he’s away.

        I think the real deal is gonna depend on what happens when he gets back.

        On a totally unrelated note, been watching coverage on Boston all day and the news right now with things seemingly coming to a head. This whole thing is almost like the plot to a crazy action movie except it’s happening in real life and to real lives. So surreal.

      • yes, so true on someone must be out there who can figure how to best show David’s genius. Hard to believe he was what 16 or 17 at this time.

  5. I don’t feel you need to be a devote/organized religious person to feel a spirit and be touched by a voice. To me it really doesn’t have to be religious to touch my heart and comfort my soul.

  6. I like that video of When you believe. David’s performance of that song is great.

  7. Regarding David’s lack of communication with the fans, from what I have read about what is allowed & what is not allowed by the Mission Presidents/LDS Church, the missionaries are allowed to communicate by email/phone/blogs with immediate family members only. They are allowed to write letters to friends. I also believe their communications are randomly monitored.

    The one or two messages from David & tweeted by Kari, tells me they have made a little bit more allowances for David, IF in fact the messages are actually from David. I also believe David could do a monthly blog for the fans IF he wanted to. I do understand why he chooses not to after reading a couple of blogs by other missionaries where they make disparaging remarks about the Chileans and how they live. So to that end, what could David possibly want to share with the fans about his mission life? To be honest, I’m not interested in what David does on a daily basis or how many people he’s baptized. I’m not even interested in reading about his performances at the mission devotionals because they are not for the fans. His Mission life is of no consequence for me as a fan of David or his artisrtry. If he were not as talented as he is & if I didn’t believe in HIM as an artist, I most likely would not still be here.

    I also believe David intended to leave us only one album, BEGIN. I believe he fully expected us to go about the businss of living our lives & letting him do what he was committed to do for two years. He said he would “be back to doing music” after his mission and asked us to allow him the privacy to do his mission work. I don’t believe he thought he would have to release another album to “keep the fans happy”. Do I really think the perfectionist David would ever release an album of “shelved” songs or previously released songs? Even David knows his NA fans most likely had “Forevermore”. I believe his team did what they had to do to get No Matter How Far together. David’s focus is where he is and what he’s doing for his church. I don’t believe he allows himself to worry about what is or is not happening here regarding his career. I believe his family, Kari & his team try to make his life as worry free as possible. Which is the right thing to do.

    I also believe David will BEGIN all over again from scratch and he is well aware of that fact. If he wants it, he will work hard again for it. But right now, I would bet he is hoping the fans who are still here & still loyal would take his lead & just go live life & let him complete his mission in peace with no distractions. That’s probably what he’s wanted all along but for us, it’s easier said than done. That’s what I believe.

    • A lurker 2, I too wouldn’t want a blog from David about what he is doing in his mission, don’t care, don’t believe in proselytizing so that would be a big problem for me. If he started putting a blog in his OS about his mission experience, he would loose a lot more fans than he would gain. what I was saying was nothing to do with letting us know what he was doing..just a “David says hi ” from Kari would be nice. You and Ali are probably right, it wouldn’t help build his fanbase, but to us diehards it really would mean a lot and I said it before and I’ll say it again…that wouldn’t interfer with what he is doing at all…omo.
      In regards to wanting all his fans to move on like he did and be back when he returns…a real nice picture, but a little unrealistic.

      • I do agree with you cq about that being a little unrealistic. But what is realistic is that it is David’s music career and it is “on him and his team” not the fans that he has a good plan in place when he returns if he wants a career in music. That to me is just common sense.

  8. So happy for Boston that they were able to get the suspects involved in the attack. I have been glued to my TV watching the coverage today.

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