“I Will Comfort You-uu-uuu”

Because David’s Voice is always so perfect for comfort!

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  1. I know the lyrics don’t always fit my situation but when I need a comfort song, I go to “And So It Goes”. Something about David’s voice in that song brings me inner peace.

    • That is a good one, yes I totally agree with you….
      I did pick Imagine because that is such a powerful song with such a powerful message and of course, David drove that message home with power and conviction…sigh miss him.

  2. I chose other. “I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus” helps me on days when I’m stressed. Just listening, I can picture the look on his face when he sang it and the whole tone of the song is very soothing and calming.

  3. I picked Angels but Imagine would have been second.

  4. I picked the whole Album of BEGIN. under Other. Last eve and this morning listening to BEGIN. helped.
    I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus is wonderful too. I was there for that performance in Beaver Creek. I love the simplicity and find the song helpful for inspiration and faith.

  5. Spent the day painting my bedroom so listened to the choices and some others. At the end of the day it was his Imagine he say during season 9 results show and Broken. Also Ave Maria. Have to say, though, I would take any and all any day, and especially today.

  6. Very interesting post and comments on Archuleta Avenue Malaysia.

    Sort of like the “Being 20” series here, David’s approach to his music is compared to how history’s artistic geniuses (eg, Mozart, Van Gogh, etc.) lived their lives and approached their craft. I didn’t realize that so many of them died before being acknowledged for their artistry.

  7. Really nice post there. Very creative.

  8. Continuing to paint and listen to random David playlists. You’re The Voice certainly struck me as just right for this week.

  9. BREACKING NEWS email rules loosened for mormon missionaries !!!!

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