Other Idol Moments

Glad I did my follow-up polls this weekend. I never would have known that David’s “Shop Around” was a “second favorite” Idol moment for many of you:

Also, beyond David, most of you picked  Melinda Doolittle’s “My Funny Valentine” as your favorite non-David Idol performance, with Fantasia’s “Summertime” coming in a close second.

So, what does that really reveal about Soul David readers?

We like our soul and we like our nuanced vocals, that’s for sure! 😛


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  1. Yes, I tend to agree with non David monent being Melinda. It got me thinking about how many phenomenal singers don’t make it big for some reason. I’m puzzled about David lack of big time fame, but not surprised…there is so much more to it than having a phenomenal voice. Hoping that David will be ready to tackle that big career when he returns…we shall see?!?!

  2. i know! it’s crazy to think about. that having amazing vocal ability, a great personality, and being gorgeous is still not enough to make it big in the music world. it’s like there is a magic music fairy and certain people get touched by her wand and become superstars and then others(who have way more talent) do not, and we never find out why.

  3. I’m a Carrie Underwood-Alone fan. R&B soul though, is one of my favorite genras of music and I love the “Soul-man” from Utah. He can sure lay down some soulful vocals! This is where I think he’s most talented.

    I have high hopes for David when he gets back.

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