Daily Archives: April 15, 2013

#PrayforBoston: Week of Anniversary Tragedies

To think I was enjoying such a lovely sunny day of Spring Cleaning during my day off of work. Only to later turn on my TV to see the awful tragedy of explosions at today’s Boston Marathon.

To put things in perspective, please note the upcoming tragic anniversaries this week:

Wednesday, April 17 – 6th Anniversary of Virginia Tech Massacre (April 17, 2007).

Friday, April 19 – 18th Anniversary of Oklahoma City Bombing (April 19, 1995).

Saturday, April 20 (also my birthday – it’s why I so vividly remember these things) – 14th Anniversary of Columbine High School Massacre (April 20, 1999).

#PrayforBoston! #PrayforPeace! 😦

Other Idol Moments

Glad I did my follow-up polls this weekend. I never would have known that David’s “Shop Around” was a “second favorite” Idol moment for many of you:

Also, beyond David, most of you picked  Melinda Doolittle’s “My Funny Valentine” as your favorite non-David Idol performance, with Fantasia’s “Summertime” coming in a close second.

So, what does that really reveal about Soul David readers?

We like our soul and we like our nuanced vocals, that’s for sure! 😛