American Idol Moments Beyond David

Silly silly me! Of course on a David fan site, most folks will only vote for David, and a slight majority of his fans prefer “Imagine,” with “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” coming in second.

So, let me adjust the polls today! 😛 How about we vote on:

1. Our favorite David “moment” beyond these two performances.

2. Our favorite non-David “moment” on Idol.

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  1. I selected Apologize (with One Republic) for David’s moment as he was singing a current hit pop song with a current and relevant music artist-Ryan Tedder of One Republic. And David pulled it off and sounded amazing. It proved he should have won even though he did not. Non-David moment has to be Adam’s Mad World. As much as I love Kelly I thought Adam’s version was amazing. Kelly or Clay would be second to me. I really prefer Amber or Kree over Candice for the win on AI this year. I know that many AI viewers and fans do not feel that way. They prefer Candice and she has a great voice. But I really don’t care that much this year.

    • Marie I tend to agree with you about Apologize, current (at the time) relevant and he did sound amazing, but I voted for Love Me Tender..somehow that performance really gets to me…somehow I feel his love…I know that he’s not pulling that emotion from a romantic love (heaven knows that we have been told over and over that is not something he has expressed yet and from what I understand that is a no no for mormons until they marry), but I still felt that romantic vib for some reason.

    • Marie: I voted for the same performances- David- One Republic and Adam Mad World- for the same reasons! After David being type case on Idol it was soooo refreshing to hear him show he could knock out of the park a current relevant pop song. And Adam’s performance of Mad World just blew me away with his vocals and creativity. I am not watching Idol this year…. but have been catching a bit of the Voice and enjoying it. Usher acts a little too cool for me- but I guess if you look like that you can pull it off.

      • rae: I just can’t resist saying that great minds think alike. lol. I am finding the Voice to be very entertaining and I agree with you about Usher but he seems to have a very good sense of humor.

  2. 1. “Shop Around”
    2. Idol scoring its lowest ratings ever this season

  3. It is too bad but with no guys left I think the AI ratings will continue to not be that good. Not fair but it is the way it is.

    • Don’t watch AI, but with what has happened this year (all girls left) if they are lucky enough to come back next year, they will change to having male and felmale winner…just a thought.

  4. After the Don’t Let the Sun moment, I love the Shop Around performance and interaction with Ryan afterwards. How lovable was that?!
    However, my favorite songs sung by David were: 1. With You- so much fun 2. Think of Me- I’m an Andrew Loyd Webber freak. After that, all of them! Practically each week, he blew me away and made me melt. I’ll never forget the excitement and anticipation that surrounded watchning him perform each week on Idol.

  5. Ooh, ooh, I just thought of my favorite “other performance”–David Cook’s “Always Be My Baby”.

  6. Would love to hear David do Shop Around again!!! One of my favorite performances. David was so carefree !! .
    Melinda’s Funny Valentine was always a favorite. I bought it 🙂

  7. My 2nd fav moment changes day to day but today, I chose “Shop Around”.

    Off topic but for the past few years, it really hasn’t mattered to me that D’s new music isn’t being played on the radio. This afternoon as I was driving and listening to the radio, it brought tears to my eyes when the dj said, this is American Idol’s David Archuleta singing “Crush”. That’s my fav moment for the day.

    Now, back to my taxes …. ugh.

    • So glad you had that David moment, but I can’t wait to hear djs, tv hosts say…up next David Archuleta with his lastest smash hit!!!! (standing on his own, not as an AI contestant).

  8. for the record, i thought we were done with psy (gangnam style) once he did the commercial where he danced with a pistachio. he’s back and in about 24 hrs, his new video has over 27 million views.

    • It’s the beat and it keeps you entertained throughtout the video, has nothing to do with how good the singer is…got the hook, is all am saying.

      • I agree; I found the video entertaining. The hook? The dancing and trying to figure out what’s going on in the video.

  9. She got the “you can sing the phonebook” comment on BGT, and her “voice is like liquid gold”:

  10. Peter and desertrat thanks for posting the videos as I had not seen either of them. I liked both vids for different reasons. Alice is great! I love the tone of her voice. The hook of the song is important. I agree. Psy is also managed by the Biebs manager Scooter. That guy seems to know how to pick the music artists to manage even though I do not really like him.

  11. Very Off topic but I can’t believe what JB wrote in the guest book when he visited the Anne Frank House. It was so inappropriate and shows that his ego is out of control. He deserves all the criticism he is getting as he is no longer a child. I miss David.

    • The comments to this story is the story LOL! He seems to be finally wearing out his long 15 mins of fame with these antics. However he is being replaced with PSY. His yt views for that silly vid is now the news. Sigh..

  12. The world has told JB since he was a child that “it” was all about him. That he buys it, I guess I blame his parents. I’m no JB fan but I sort of feel sorry for him now. Yes, what he wrote indicates an inability to see beyond his ego.

  13. I think his parents and his management team are a big part of the reason his ego is out of control. He needs to take a big, long break from his career but all anyone around him can see is dollar signs which is sad.

  14. Yes, Marie. I agree 100%.

  15. I agree with all of the above re: JB and his ego, however, I would defend him a bit, in that he’s seeing Anne Frank as she might want to have been–a real, normal teenager, not a saint or icon.

  16. It’s hard to handle fame at a young age, and Justin Bieber has been getting a lot of bad press lately. It remains to be seen if he will be able to transition to an adult entertainer like Justin Timberlake or if he will crash and burn like too many young artists. I do wish him well. He has lots of money but currently lives in a fishbowl which usually doesn’t lead to a happy life.

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