Your Favorite American Idol “Moment”

Because this week, Randy went all hyperbolic with his declaration of Candice Glover’s “Lovesong” as the best performance on American Idol “in 12 seasons,” Michael Slezak promised to revise his list of the Best American Idol performances. I doubt David Archuleta would appear on his list (I remember he was not a favorite of his), but I myself have been wondering how Candice Glover (whose studio version of “Lovesong” I absolutely loved and DOWNLOADED) now ranks among my own favorites. Does it surpass David’s “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me” (which I personally prefer over “Imagine”), or is it better than “My Funny Valentine” by Melinda Doolittle (who practically died on twitter over Candice – haha!)? 😀

So, I thought I’d pose that question to you guys in my latest poll. 😛 What’s your favorite American Idol “Moment” of all time?

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  1. Of course I did vote for David, but really not fair because I don’t watch the show anymore, so I haven’t heard or want to hear some of these AI contestants. I listen to David’s music and a lot of other artists but not going to search out for any new artist, although I’m sure this Candice is really good or else you wouldn’t be so excited about hg.

  2. At the times of their performances, I was majorly impressed with Fantasia’s Summertime (downloaded long after her season, after she reappeared on Idol) Blake’s YGLABD (never downloaded,) and Jordin’s I Who Have Nothing (didn’t download,) I didn’t really become a FAN of anyone but David. His Imagine is what hooked me, even if DLTSGDOM was brilliant. Helps that I already loved the song and David sang it with hope, which is how I hear it. I stopped watching after David’s season but will check out Candice later, when I have time.

  3. Oh, and I liked Carrie’s earlier music but she lost me along the way. I’m a casual fan of Kelly’s and download songs when I like them.

  4. “Imagine.”

  5. Just wanted to add one more comment about the list.. the ones that I did hear were good and I did enjoy them, but didn’t connect with anyone of them like I connected with David, for some reason?!?!…still to this date it really puzzles me why I love David’s voice and am such a big fan…not that he isn’t deserving of my admiration, but he isn’t what I have liked in the past and really I’m a rocker chick and am about the tune and hook in a song…so really I should of given up this obsession a long time ago, hahahaha..oh well, not going to happen (lol)…just going to hope that someday he will be the star that I want him to be…hoping that he has that burning desire to make a successful music career.

  6. I can’t decide between David’s two songs, so I voted for “Mad World”, because I was there in the audience with my kids (second time he sang it, during the finals), and it was awesome! Adam and David both have that overwhelming, bowl-you-over voice when you hear them in person.

  7. That was easy for me. “Imagine” hands down. It was a total water cooler moment for David and for AI. That was pretty amazing that you were in the AI audience for Adam’s “Mad World” performance, cc halo. That is very cool. Just read that Clay will be on AI next week so there is still hope that David might make an appearance on AI when he returns next year. That would sure be another water cooler moment on AI for me. Did not think AI would ever have Clay on again.

    • Marie would it be better if David was a guest artist in The Voice? Isn’t that the IT show right now, that is if they even have guest artists.
      I’m so glad I watched AI when David was on and am grateful to the show for that, but I really would like for David to move beyond that show…that stigma of not winning and the show having a “cheesy” talent show reputation might now be the best..but I guess I will take any appearance he can make on tv…just want the best for our guy.

      • It seems like people have the talent show stigma until they don’t, if that makes sense. Carrie Underwood and Scotty McCreery have major country music awards, Kelly, Phillip and others have major hits, Jennifer Hudson has an Oscar. One or two legitimate successes and it’s not that big a deal anymore.

    • Attending the AI finale was a lot of fun–I pulled the kids out of school and we sat in line on the sidewalk all day in our good clothes (you’re supposed to dress up to be in the AI audience). A friend of my daughters had won radio station tickets, including the dress rehearsal, but they only wanted the actual show, so they gave us tickets for dress rehearsal. We were up close, and even got to see Carrie Underwood come in and rehearse for the next day’s show. The kids were in the mosh pit, and there were look-alike actors who came in to play Randy, Paula, Simon and Kara. The lady next to me absolutely lost it when Kris Allen came on stage, lol.

      After the rehearsal, we were able to go out on the street and get free tickets for the actual show, though we were way up in the balcony. It was fun to spot David sitting next to Sunny (we later discovered who that was), and seeing people sometimes amble up the aisle and reach across Sunny to shake his hand and chat.

      • That sounds like a fun experience to me cc halo. Interesting. I think it would be great if David was on The Voice too.

  8. The first performanc of “Imagine” without question. That performance alone was life changing not only for David, but for many viewers who became die-hard, committed life-long fans when many had never before been a fan of any artist with such deep loyalty & conviction. Also “Shop Around” was fun & unforgettable the week before “Imagine”. Then there was “In This Moment”, absolutely fantastic! And of course “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me” was sublime. David easily won by a knockout in the finale. David was never in the bottom three & most likely, he was in the top three every week. As upset as I was when he came in second, I just knew he would be a superstar. I had no doubts whatsoever.

    Before AI7, I had watched a few previous seasons of AI, but not all. And none of the contestants stole my heart the way David did. I doubt any other artist ever will again. Don’t get me wrong. I listen to, enjoy & buy music by many other artists but there’s just something about David that pulls at my heartstrings. I gave up trying to figure out the hows & the whys. He just does.

    • Great Comment! I agree totally. I never trust Randy’s “Best Ever” label. It always is for him until the next season anyway. Candice was terrific and I have enjoyed others throughout the years. Who can forget Joshua Ledet’s Ready for Love or When a man loves a woman? However the only AI contestant holding my heart to this day is David. I was on DASPAIN’s Youtube channel and relived his performances. Not all were top-notch but the top ones IMO were – Shop Around, Another Day, Imagine 1, Smoky Mountains and Imagine 2.

      Imagine 2 is my ultimate fave because I could see David’s heart in his eyes as it was his final competitive song. He also looked frail and slight from the stresses of the previous months that took its toll on him. It was both vulnerable and magical. these best ever labels are subjective and I am biased for David.

      I think if David were around, this season would have been kind to him and he might have been able to perform. So far I believe only former idols have been invited as musical guests. I enjoyed Scotty and Kelly last week.

  9. Imagine did it for me. The only version ever that surpassed John Lennon (which I didn’t think would be possible). And then there was David’s “oh boy, do you ever” smile during the line “You may say that I’m a dreamer” which has left me still here, still posting.

    Candice has a marvelous voice. I’d like to hear her and David do a duet. Usually I don’t say that, but I don’t think she’d sound bad next to him.

  10. Candice is fab. I also downloaded the studio version of Lovesong after the show Wednesday night — beautiful but I think I liked the live version better. But my bias toward (well-sung) live music is notorious 😉

    She was asked if she knows who David and here was her response was “Loved him since star search :)”. Now she’s after my ears AND my heart lol

    Outside of David’s performances on AI — I’m not gonna count him because it’s not even fair, hahahaha — my favorite was Fantasia’s Summertime. I got up off the couch and applauded when it was over. Applauded the tv. I’m kinda ridiculous.

    • Oh wow, look at how that tweet just embedded! WordPress is awesome sometimes.

    • Ughhhh. Just saw my atrocious grammar in the post above. That should say, “She was asked if she knows who David is and her response was:”.

      You can tell I reworded that sentence in the middle and then didn’t read back over it after. Oy.

    • Thanks for sharing, Ali! 😛 Why am I not surprised that she’d really dig David? AND I just know David would digging her vocals too! 😀

      • YW! He’s gonna have SO much music to catch up on when he gets back!! I’m excited for him. Good music and good voices make me kind of giddy lol.

  11. Wow, just read that Lazaro is in talks to duet with Cher…guess being able to sing is really not needed.

  12. Yes it was ZZ Top. I think that Cher might have a new single and album coming out so not surprised if she is on the show. Lazaro should enjoy this while he can cause for him I do not think it will last.

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