Rinsing My Ears with The Voice

I’ve been over my “sideboy” Lazaro Arbos for quite some time, but then he just had to go mimic my main squeeze and fell horribly short tonight on Idol!


To redeem the rest of the evening, here is our one and only Voice making “Angels” his own. Which version do you prefer? The first time you heard it on Idol?

Or, perhaps the last time he performed it on the Idol tour in Tulsa? 😛


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  1. Thanks for posting these videos hg. It is very nice to be reminded how David “kills it” every time he sings “Angels”. It was painful to watch Lazaro attempt to sing that song.

  2. I just love the Tulsa performance – beautiful voice, powerful and heartfelt.

  3. Tulsa. I was there and I couldn’t believe my ears!

  4. Wow! Candice Glover was EXQUISITE! She’s so beyond the others on Idol. I thought Amber would overtake her but Candice knows what to do with her voice. Hope she goes far! 🙂

    • I thought she was the best, by far, also! Both of her performances were quite captivating.

    • I have to agree with you, HG. The last note of the last song she sang was unreal -so beautiful.

    • She’s always been my pick, with a close second going to Kree.

      VFTW says that it’s the lack of WGWG contestants that’s leading to the record low number of viewers. I hope not.

  5. I just noticed that we’re on a new thread. Bringing my post over here.

    Somewhere there’s a video clip of David Cook describing (to Michael Johns) a conversation he had w/David A. re. how someone in a bar was just “butchering” the song Angels. Lazaro butchered his songs tonight. Or maybe he sounded really bad because the females were sooo good. I kind of feel for him though because he seems to be pretty nice and it’s not his fault that he’s still on the show.

    • Yes, it would be best if Lazaro would not be voted through this week. He has a hard time learning the songs and is not as good vocally as the girls. He butchered “Close to You” and did better on “Angels” but not anywhere close to how David can sing it. It sure makes me miss David.

  6. That Lazaro may well make it through on his terrible performances is a sad reflection on how much our culture values appearance over substance. David is unique in having both to such a great degree.

  7. Why have I not ever seen this Angels – feels like I am right there with him: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEx8kbT1fvE

    • Thanks for posting that link, Collegemom. Beautiful version of Angels, and having a professional videographer sure makes a difference. I know we would all love a whole live concert of David on DVD done be a professional videographer.

    • This performance of Angels is my favorite. Pure, raw, talent..

  8. Wow. That is a great video.

  9. I don’t watch AI so I have no opinion about Lazaro one way or another except to say any male singer who is brave enough to sing one of David’s “signature” songs is getting very BAD advice from their mentors. Bad!

    David’s Tulsa performances put to rest in everyone’s mind that he was destined to be a Superstar. He was by far the most popular of the AI tour & the best performer. He was on his way to the stratosphere. However, as with all things in life which cause us to change directions, it was not to be.
    I will add, NOT YET! I still have high hopes that HE also has high hopes for a long & successful career and that he KNOWS in his heart the way to reach that goal is to start again right here in his own country. That he has the same courage & convictions he showed back in 2008 to follow his dreams. All of us who saw something special in David back then and still do today can’t be all wrong.

    Looking at the videos of those first few years bring back the same feelings I had then, that there was nothing stopping David. It can be the same when he returns, no stopping David but David himself. It’s really all up to him.

  10. Meant, David’s Tulsa performances put to rest ANY DOUBT in ANYONE’s mind that he was destined to be a Superstar!

  11. The more times I listen to NMHF album the more love it…can’t wait to hear what David has up his sleeve in 2014…ready to be WOWED and celebrate his skyrocketing career.

  12. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/idol-worship/american-idol-burning-questions-does-437895

    Was Lazaro familiar with David Archuleta’s version of Robbie Williams’ “Angels?” Yes, answered the Cuba native. “I thought it was so good.” Although he only discovered the original song about six months ago. Revealed Lazaro: “I was on YouTube looking up songs to learn for the show and I came across that one and loved it.”

    • I think that Lazaro did not do himself any favors trying to cover a song that David had performed so amazingly on AI. I was still surprised to see him go as I thought he had the fans to be in the top 4. It is better for him that he left now as that bus was driving right towards him by the judges. lol. He also did just not have the vocal ability to last much longer. I just am not that interested in AI this year although I do watch. Loved Kelly’s performance on AI. The Voice is just more entertaining to me this year.

      • It also kind of annoyed me that none of the AI judges mentioned David’s stellar performance of “Angels” after Lazaro performed that song. I am not that impressed with these judges anyway but that should have been mentioned. Another AI fail towards not appreciating or acknowledging David’s talent on the show.

  13. So I checked out Lazaro’s performance on you tube. It was okay. Then I checked out the video Collegemom posted. It was, okay, one heckuva magnificent, stunningly beautiful rendition. And without the orchestra in the swirling mist–just a singer and a piano. I am reminded why I fell in love with THAT VOICE.

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