David Live: “Desperate”

Speaking of songs from the first era:


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  1. I didn’t care for the album version and would skip over it until I saw this live version. It’s still not one of my fave but I like David’s interpretation.

  2. Wow, David really put out the emotion when singing this song. It’s always interesting to me how David transforms from normal teanager, David, to mature, emotional performer when he sings the song, and then when he is done is back to smiley, David. He’s an enigma.

  3. Can’t wait to hear David sings songs like Desperate (even Desperate) when he returns…more mature and more confident. Hoping these two years will be good for David to grow up and become the confident person to be able to soar his career to new hights…not that he never was a confident person in his personal life, but I do feel at times he did lack confidence with his abilities as a performer…he was starting to show his growth just before he left, sigh…(the Phillipine gig for example)….Kari says he will be back to music and will be bigger and better than ever….looking forward to that uphill ride with his career.

  4. goodkarmaseeker

    Oh my gosh, what a great remembrance! I was there that night, my first concert. It was thrilling.
    I am waiting for the next chance… the next concert!

  5. Me too, Goodkarmaseeker. Me too.

    I love David’s singing of any song, but I’m just not a Desperate fan.

    Still LOVING Nothing Else Better To Do and Heart Falls Out off the new album.

  6. What a beautiful performance of “Desperate”. I know it is not one of his stand-out, most popular songs, but it has always held a very special place in my heart. This song gave me the strength I needed to leave an abusive relationship. The lyrics captured my feelings completely and the bridge just kept echoing in my head…

    You know that things have gotta change
    You can’t go back, you’ll find your way
    And day by day you start to come alive

  7. This song was just a little blah to me until I heard him sing it in Grand Rapids. That’s all it took. He made it something entirely different, as he typically does live. I love this song. ❤

  8. David’s ability to do such a dark song impressed me but a VRS didn’t want it on the album and still resents that it was included,

  9. Was not a fan of Desperate on the album. After a couple listens, always skipped that track. This performance of it is super fab though. Have the live mp3 on my ipod still. And here we are again like I said on the last thread — live performances over studio. And in some cases the only way I like a particular song from David is live. Desperate is one example of that.

    As a matter of fact, this live performance is what made me really listen to the meaning in the song. To think about the lyrics. He makes the song here.

    Grateful — thanks for sharing your story and so happy that you found that strength within you ❤

  10. The lyrics, the lyrics, the lyrics! I actually LOVED this song from the first time I heard it. To me, it showed a whole other nuance to David’s genius. It is such an emotional song & I could picture David belting it out on stage, not just sitting at the keyboards. But this was very good as well.

    This song is what I would call a “Rock Ballad”. I think if David had performed Desperate a few more times he could & would have taken it to another level. Kind of like he did with Angels, Stand By Me & Crazy. That’s part of his genius I think.

    I’m not sure why David chose to sing some songs from his first album only once, like Desperate and Running or simply not to include others at all in his concert sets like Let Me Go and Falling. It’s always been a puzzle to me. The way he lifted the songs he DID sing from his first album to bring them to another level, for example Don’t Let Go which was IMO the weakest song on the album, was nothing less than amazing! He has become known among his fans for singing covers & making them as we always say “his own” & we could argue that his renditions are even better than the originals, like Angels or Apologize.

    Also, I don’t think David will ever be thought of as a “teen idol” again unless his first tour is in Asia just for the money when he returns. Personally, as much as I miss him & want to see him perform live again, I would prefer he takes as much time as needed to surround himself with the best people in the business to insure a stellar comeback tour. I’m afraid if he goes to Asia first, his chances for a successful career here in the US will be lost. The problem of course, will be financial. He will have to do whatever he must.

    • Why would David’s chances be lost in the U.S. if he went to Asia first? That doesn’t make any sense to me. Only the ODD fans even know that he goes to Asia so I see no reason why it would hurt his chances in the U.S. I’d like to know your reasoning on that. As you said it will help his bank account.
      It’s not like he would go there for a long period of time like his mission.

    • I get what you’re saying about Asia. A professor once told me as I was in the process of making a life decision, that I needed to have tunnel vision. He didn’t tell me what I should do. Basically I interpreted that advice as meaning that I needed to decide what was most important to me, where I thought I was supposed to be. Once I figured that out, I needed to move in that direction without distraction. This is what I think you’re kind of saying about David, lurker 2. If he wants to be sucessful in the US then that is where he needs to take the time and energy to build his foundation. He doesn’t need to get distracted with other ventures that will not work to that end.

      Having said that, I think some time spent in Asia doing concerts, greeting his fans, promoting his music there would be very wise. This is just my opinion, so don’t throw tomatoes at me, but I think pursuing acting in Asia or anything else that takes him away from promoting his music career there would be a waste of time. Imo, it would take his time and energy away from his goal of becoming sucessful in the US, IF that is his goal.

  11. I know that a lot of fans want David to take his time when he gets back, but imo, yes, he does need to take his time for another album, but it would be best if he but out a steller song shortly after he returns to get his career on track…He doesn’t have the luxery of time because his career is kinda at a stand still right now…hope that there is a song release in the plans.

  12. Grateful, thanks for sharing that Desperate had such a positive impact on you. I’ve heard others talk of his ability to truly help through song/singing and it’s just another thing I love about him and this fanbase. (But it is ALWAYS good to hear.)

  13. I am a fan that does think that David needs to take his time to release new music when he returns. Quality not Quantity to me. I do understand the financial issues which is one thing that concerns me with this mission. It is key that David works with the right producers, songwriters, ect, when he returns or else it will not matter. I agree with a lurker 2’s comments. I do not see anything wrong with appearances over in Asia to make money when he does return as I am sure he will need to. Off topic but I listened to twangy Scotty’s new song and I do not like it. But then again I was never a fan or understood his sales even with being a country artist. I am a huge fan of Hunter Hayes. Love his music and such a talented musician.

    • I thought Scotty’s song was very generic, but we will see if he gets a country hit out of it. I also heard the next single for Lee DeWyze which I liked. He recently got a new record deal. I also read at MJs the song spoilers for Idol this week. Lazaro is going to sing “Angels” again. We can all miss David’s version when he sings it.

      • Omy! That song may finally do him in. This may be his last week on the show.

      • I think that Lazaro singing Angels will finally do him in tonight. The problem is viewers like my mother feel sorry for him and he gets the sympathy vote which makes no sense to me. His vocals are just not that good. I hope he goes this week so that someone is not voted off that should be staying.

    • Marie I do agree about quality not quanitiy…but really the only hit song he had was done in a rush, Crush (lol)…I still think that the right song should be released to get him back in the game. He surely needs to re-invent himself. Jmo, but I think he needs to pull himself away from the AI bubble along with pulling away from the Mormon bubble (not in his personal life). I know that there are fans that are Mormon and understand the whole thing, but in order for him to become a big success, he needs all kinds of fans and really most would be non Mormon. I only say this is because from what I have read (only researched to understand David mission dicussion) it’s a 24/7 religion..seems to be all about the church, yes the family, but the family has to be very involved with the church. It can be done, look at Tom Cruise, every once in a while there is an article about his church, but for the most part, it really doesn’t come into play in his professional life. I do respect David’s right to do and worship whatever way he wants, but just kept private.

  14. I wonder if David’s first album after he gets back will be pop or Spanish? Or neither?

    I also wonder if he might do some shows before putting out an album. I’m inclined to think he will. Maybe not a full tour but he has put out 2 albums (or actually 3 if you count Forevermore) of material that he hasn’t really performed yet. A few of the songs he has but most of them not. I don’t see a problem with some shows in Asia and here in the US before/while working on a new album. As was mentioned, the money to do this stuff has to come from somewhere.

    I do hope though that whichever way they go with this first album after the mission, they take their time and be sure it’s right. Good production, good material. Good marketing and promotion. I think there will be a window of opportunity when he returns and that, if handled correctly on the marketing side, there could be real interest in his new material. But that material has to be good.

    • Ali, I agree with you. I think David needs to tour first. He has lots of material to sing as he has 6 albums out. We all know that David can record very quickly so he just needs to find some quality songs. I believe many artists wait too long getting an album out. I think that was the case with Cook, and he co-wrote over 80 songs trying to come up with a hit which didn’t happen. Jordin Sparks hasn’t put out an album since 2009 and is still working on her next one with no release date because she wants it perfect. I hope David doesn’t wait that long. Of course, Justin Timberlake waited 7 years but he was doing acting jobs and was very popular when he put out this latest album. David does not have that.

      • I don’t know that I think he needs to tour — more like I was saying that if he chooses to do some shows (or an Asian mini-tour like 2011) that I don’t see that as a problem. The process of recording an album does have some down time so if he wants to do some shows then I think that’s not something that would be bad for his career. Or if he chooses not to do any concerts until a new (actual new material) album is out, I would be fine with that too. Obviously to me the most important thing will be the album and finding his niche but I don’t think that some shows will forestall that, if he chooses to do them. And if money is an issue, the shows could help with that.

    • I don’t know a whole lot about the music industry. Could someone tell me if touring would help David make money. I know it costs a lot to put on a tour. Do you think he made money with his last tour?

      I agree with Grammyj and the rest of you. With my limited knowledge, it seems to me that what would catapult his career is a great song like Crush, plus a big push financially and with some clout to get it played on the radio.

      • Making money touring all depends on the tour. He made money on the Asian tour. No, I don’t have access to his bank account or contracts lol but just knowing a bit about how touring works in Asia and the size of his shows there — he made pretty good money, I would say. And if I were guessing, I’d say the Asian tour paid for the MKOC tour in the US. That one…maybe breakeven? Not sure. Smaller venues and not corporate or label sponsored. I feel like it was really something that David wanted to do for the fans before being gone for two years.

      • P.S. You know where artists really make money now? VIPs and merch sales at shows. Much higher percentage goes to the artist than with album sales or straight touring/show revenue.

      • Thank you. I know it’s all speculation and maybe I shouldn’t have asked. Just curious. It makes me all the more thankful to him for doing a Christmas tour before he left.

        That’s interesting about the VIPS and that’s the only way I ever want to see him perform, just the seats are worth it. Someone mentioned before that David doesn’t charge a whole lot for his though.

      • Ha ha– no wonder David hugged me so tightly and was like: “don’t run away”–we bought two VIP tickets AND my daughter was wearing his T-shirt.


      • Nope, David VIPs are a real deal comparatively — especially considering what you get. Of course David’s not a big star like JT or Lady Gaga or Beyonce to be getting the huge amounts. It’s not unusual to pay $1000 per person (or much more) for a Beyonce VIP and that doesn’t even include meeting her. It’s just seats in the front, usually a tshirt, maybe a signed poster and early entry to the venue. The details will vary by artist and level of VIP package.

        David’s VIPs (in the US anyway) are usually around $200 and he has always included a M&G with them, generally with pictures and him doing some sort of singing. While I can’t afford to do VIP for every show, it’s most definitely worth it to treat yourself at least once. If it ever goes up to $1000 though I’m toast. lol.

      • I think you are correct, Ali, except I think he probably made some money off the MKOC tour. Because he didn’t have to pay a label, any profit was his. Many of his VIP tickets were sold so that helped his ticket sales overall. I think he usually sells a lot of merchandise too. He did, however have a lot of overhead so not sure how much he would have made.

        A good way for him to tour or even do a few shows would be at colleges or Universities. I have seen the entertainment contracts for the University where I work and usually there is a flat rate for the artist for a concert because the students pay activity fees each semester which pays to bring concerts, etc. to campus. So it doesn’t matter how many tickets are sold, the artist still makes the agreed upon amount of money. I found reading the entertainment contracts really interesting. Some of artists requested strange things. It was always fun to see what food they wanted.

      • David Cook’s VIPs cost less than our David’s and he didn’t sell as well. David really has built up his VIPs because once someone goes to one most seem to want go to more if they can because he does sing at them.

      • cchalo, I’m jealous of that hug! I was too shy to ask for a hug. I’m sure he loved the fact that your daughter was wearing that shirt. I hope to take my daughter again sometime to meet him. She won’t be shy!

        Ali, same here on the VIPs. That’s the only way I WANT to see him perform, but it always depends on finances. I hope the prices don’t go up.

  15. cq ,david does keep his religion to himself,its,fans like you who keep breing it up.he is trying to do just that,and still you complain about him not tweeting to his fans,DUH j/s

    • Hi ray, new you would want to shot me down. I really didn’t feel my comment was wrong..just my thoughts. As far as David talking about his religion, I know he doesn’t and yes, I am hoping that when he gets back it will be part of his private life and he could move on with his singing career and be able to talk some ‘outside of the box’ projects, that’s all I was saying. Of course that’s me wanting a type of singing career for David, again, has nothing to do with what David wants…I’m just speaking as a fan…

  16. oops that ‘take’

  17. watching idol tonight. i’m a huge fan of the dionne warwick/burt bacharach collaborations. i’ve said before that i believe jordin sparks could be successful as a modern day dionne but i doubt that’s the direction she wants to go. i never bought her “i am woman” performance/image from 2 yrs ago.

  18. ok, i’m live blogging idol, lol. lazaro just ruined a beautiful carpenter’s song and he left mariah tongue-tied. that’s all.

  19. That “performance” by Lazaro was not good. That is being kind. lol.

  20. I miss David after watching Lazaro sing Angels. That was awful and I just wish one of the judges mentioned how David kills that song every single time he sings it and he did on AI. I wish I could say this to Lazaro: Lazaro I am a huge David Archuleta fan and you are no David Archuleta.

    • Somewhere there’s a video clip of David Cook describing (to Michael Johns) a conversation he had w/David A. re. how someone in a bar was just “butchering” the song Angels. Lazaro butchered his songs tonight. Or maybe he sounded really bad because the females were sooo good. I kind of feel for him though because he seems to be pretty nice and it’s not his fault that he’s still on the show.

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