Pon De Replay!

It was suggested earlier this week that I put up a poll to see which of David’s numerous albums are being played over and over . So please, Soul Davidians, tell us what’s getting the “Replay Treatment”! 😛

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  1. I voted for Other Side of Down but, honestly, I replay most of them, with CFTH and Begin as probably strong seconds.

  2. I have “Promise” by Ben Howard on repeat:

    • Thanks, Peter. I like that song too. I liked when David use to recommend artists and songs. I found artists that I’d never heard of before and now have their music to enjoy.

      HG, since David isn’t hearing new music while on his mission (except what he hears in the background in stores and homes he goes to) it might be fun to have a post where we contribute you tube videos of new music that we think David would like. I think he would enjoy this song.

  3. I’m playing NMHF right now because it’s new, but I will go back to BEGIN. The three in that will be played the most are 1, BEGIN 2, Forevermore 3 NMHF. I’ll go back to the other throughout the year, just for variety, lol. Oh, I do play his Christmas album in December.

  4. Like cq, right now it’s NMHF getting my replay. Generally though when there’s not a new album out and it comes to listening to David, I have it on a mix CD. My favorite songs from different albums along with other artists as well. And the David songs included switch with different CDs I make and my mood.

    I’d say the largest number of songs come from TOSOD (including ATE) for me.

    Random fact I just discovered: David song with most replays on my iTunes is the live version of Contigo from the Alma Awards. Ha.

  5. Desertrat – thanks so much for the mission pic you posted a link to at the end of the last thread! Someone on twitter also linked to this one from the same batch: http://chilerancaguamission.org/uploads/3/1/1/0/3110730/5745882_orig.jpg
    It’s kind of from the side/behind but lol at David and his food. That boy loves him some food.

    I like seeing everyone just hanging out in casual clothes. It must suck to have to dress up every day. But maybe I’m biased because I haaaaate dressing up. 😉

    • I feel the same, like to see that they are aloud to wear casual clothes at times…a little more normal to me. Will never stop wanting him to come home and re-start his singing career ASAP!!! hahahaha!!!
      Miss that fun time when he always let us fans in on what he was up to with his devine vlogs, sigh!!!
      Wish we would get a message from him through Kari again soon…at least that’s something!?!?!

    • Yeah, it’s the first picture we’ve seen of David without a white shirt and tie in almost a year. I will bet he will be happy not to have to dress up everyday when he returns. Most guys I know hate wearing ties.

      I am listening to NMHF now. I usually listen the most to whatever is David’s latest album and at Christmastime I listen to CFTH. I listen to Forevermore or ATE when driving in the car because I have CDs of those in the car.b

    • I agree that I like seeing David hanging out in casual clothes with his peers that are also dressed casually. Nice pics. I bet David loves not having to worry about his hair and clothes. lol. I picked “David Archuleta” because it has David’s big pop hit single on it “Crush”. To me “Crush” remains the perfect pop song that gave David his needed huge hit single. It gave David many of his fans. That song proves that David can have commercial success and “if” he makes the right choices he can have that again when he returns. “If” he wants that. “Crush” was the first song I downloaded on my new smart phone. I don’t like all the songs on his first album but then I usually do not like all the songs on any album.

      • You right about Crush…commerical success…yes, he did it once…he can do it again…hoping he is working on that when he has any spare time…catchy, phenomenal lyrics and so David type of song that will skyrocket to the top in 2014…yeah that sounds good, lol.

  6. Currently No Matter How Far and BEGIN.(depending on time of day and mood)
    Listen to Christmas From the Heart year round, especially at bedtime.
    Glad Christmas Tidings throughout the Holiday season but on DVD for full effect.
    Occasionally Other Side of Down and David Archuleta songs. Every once in a while have to go back and listen to “Let Me Go” from first album.
    Since Christmas go back to The Prayer frequently.
    Favorite from Christmas Tour “This Christmas” Listen to that and watch on Video to get my groove on.
    Fan videos from Concerts for full effect and LIve Performance.
    Forevermore occasionally.(Glad Tell Me is on No Matter How Far. Sad but beautiful.
    Love Contigo too!! (an all time favorite)

    You can see narrowing it down to one answer on a poll doesn’t work for me. 🙂

    Works For Me from Reno is another favorite You tube.

  7. I really love NMHF. Even tho the songs are old, the music, his voice, and overall production , sounds new and fresh. I LOVE NEBTD , Heart falls out, LDH and Tell Me. But even the ones I was so so about sound really good and I don’t want to skip them.

  8. I guess I’m in the very small minority. I like & voted for David’s debut album. He actually sounds older on some of those songs. His vocals sound mature, richer & even deeper than some of the more recent recordings. I especially love the bonus tracks, Waiting For Yesterday, Let Me Go, & especially Somebody Out There. Then there’s Your Eyes Don’t Lie, Barriers & My Hands, not to mention Desperate! wow! These are great songs IMO. I listen to his debut album almost every day. Love it!

  9. Hola Everyone! I much prefer listening to the debut album David Archuleta over anything he’s released – Christmas From The Heart is a distant second, but still enjoyable… I prefer the debut because it IMHO showcases David’s vocals and his commercial POTENTIAL more clearly than the other releases…

    Crush was and is the perfect song to have introduced and validated David’s pop potential. I’m a huge fan of Running and Your Eyes Don’t Lie and – Running holds in it all the promise and vocal virtuosity that drew me to David, and keeps me hanging on and hoping beyond hope that someday he will embrace and own singing songs that have a more emotional, passionate and soulful vibe. I sometimes feel he has been on a musical ‘hamster wheel’ the last few years, in a comfort zone that, while pleasing to his core fans, has done little to move him or his prodigious talent forward, out more into the more commercial and mainstream realms my selfish heart believes he belongs.

    I am still a believer in his talent, in his potential, but I cannot muster the enthusiasm for some of the material he or his team has put out recently. It’s familiar ground, IMO it’s too safe, I’ve heard it all before from him… I’ve had no problem redirecting my energy and attention into other real life tasks and passions while his career is on hiatus, but I’m not ashamed to admit that it’s that promise and potential of what I think he could be, where I think he could go as a commercial artist, if he so chooses to direct his career in that direction when he returns, that keeps me a fan. Until that time, I’ll just keep on keeping on with life, peeking in and around the sites when I get a fancy to see what’s shakin’. Until the next time…

    • Running was my favorite song from David’s debut album along with Crush. Nice to see you check in now and then GG. We miss your comments. We are all hoping for great music from David in the future.

    • a lurker 2 and GG Doorsfan I totally agree with both of your comments. Thanks for posting” Running” GG. Great Song.

    • Ahhhh…Running, my most favorite David song along with Crush!
      Thanks for posting it GG! So good to “see” you! #DA2014

  10. Oh & who can forget the debut album cover photo? Dark, beautiful, mysterious?

    What the heck happened to THAT David?

  11. lol with all the talk about his first album…just got me wanting to put that one on the top of my list also…still love it to this day…lets face, I’ll listen to anything that David sings….just can’t get enough of that voice!!!

  12. I’m listening to NMHF right now and I think that will continue. I love the album. It’s like a greatest hits for me because many of the songs on it are my favorites.

    Before NMHF, I loved listening to these 3 songs over and over again on the Forevermore album: Maybe, Tell Me, and Reaching Out to You. Maybe is a mystery to me. I mean what the heck is that about? lol! I like mysteries though. Tell Me, I get completely. Man, it cuts like a knife, makes me cry. I imagine him singing that song to us. Reachng Out to You – his vocals are incredible. The things he does on that song give me chills.

    Haven’t listened to his debut in awhile. I should though, it always brings back great memories of concerts and meeting Archie friends! Just a fun time back then.

  13. hell0g0rge0us

    Hey GG! Good hearing from you when you pop up and delurk. 🙂

  14. My vote goes to TOSOD but the 1st album cover (ie, serious D in the red shirt) is my fav cover photo. I was at an outdoor riverfront festival earlier today and they were blasting Who I Am as people waited in line for the water taxi. Boy did it sound good!

    • My favorite album art is the debut and Forevermore. I think both capture the artist and not just the cute boy singer.

    • I heard Something Bout Love at Shoe Carnival a week or so ago. Love hearing his music while out and about!

  15. Very Very off topic but Go Syracuse!!! Hope they win tonight.

  16. Works For Me is my favorite song off the first album. Guess I’ve been a sucker for bonus songs from way back lol.

  17. Here’s my listening party:

    BEGIN: complete album

    CFTH: complete album

    GCT: Gesu Bambino, Cat and Mouse, Los Pastores, Away in a Manger, Silent Night

    TOSOD: Stomping the Roses, Falling Stars, Parachutes & Airplanes, Look Around, Good Place, Day After Tomorrow / ATE: Wait

    SELF-TITLED: My Hands, You Can (AOL session), Your Eyes Don’t Lie, Angels, Works For Me

    FAN PACK: A Thousand Miles, Zero Gravity

    FOREVERMORE: I listen to it as a complete album until I get to Maybe, Tell Me, & Reaching Out and then I throw up and skip ahead to Nandito Ako.

  18. Waaayyyy off topic here, but I just laughed til I cried after this. You KNOW a show is a hit when it’s spoofed on SNL. Here is “The Voice”! So FUNNY!


  19. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if David were to come back & be invited to be a judge on The Voice???????
    AND he accepts!!!!!!

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