What’s the Plan? David, Music, and Talent


Perhaps most of you have been wondering why I hadn’t offered a review of David’s latest album, No Matter How Far, the way I usually do when a new album is released.

Well, what can I say? There was nothing to say.  I looked through the album’s offerings, compared it to what I already had and downloaded those singles I didn’t have. So, the news that NMHF only grossed 5,000 in sales is no surprise to me, nor was I expecting anything better.

And, to be honest: who cares? Seriously, who cares? Does David care while he’s away on his mission? Just on principle, he shouldn’t care, so why should we?

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting a whole extra album, not after I already got BEGIN., which I’m perfectly satisfied with, even if it’s mostly an album of covers.

But here’s the thing: when you are The Voice and have a heckuva vocal mastery, as Randy used to say: “You can sing the phonebook.”

But just because David can sing the phonebook doesn’t mean he should! You know what I’m saying?

Not long ago, I caught Clive Davis on Bill Maher’s show on HBO, in which he was asked about his management of some of the greatest singers, and what he said about Whitney Houston was quite revealing. He said that once he discovered her amazing stellar vocals, he knew he had to find the best songs to help show off her voice, which meant matching her up with the best songwriters and producers in the business. And the rest, as they say, is history.

There’s a reason we adore David’s covers (whether they be Christmas carols, sacred songs, or pop standards).  The songs are stellar, and his Voice takes them to another level.  There’s a reason “Crush” was so popular back in the day (it’s a really good pop song!).

The most recent music released do not represent David at his finest; indeed, they seem so – what’s the word I’m looking for? – yes, they seem so “serviceable.”

But who are these songs servicing? Who on this side of North America is working to put out these new (and not so new) tracks while David serves his church in South America?

I know it ain’t for fans like myself, who had prepared for a two-year absence. Am I pleasantly surprised when we get something new? Sure! I wasn’t expecting BEGIN. I sure as heck wasn’t expecting No Matter How Far, and while I’m pleased as punch with BEGIN., I found myself having more of a “meh” response to NMHF. In other words, he can do better. It’s cool and all that David’s team wants to satisfy the hardcore fanbase but I’d rather wait until David is in full commission and can wow us with real excellence.

Is it going to be hard for David to make his impact in this fickle music industry? Of course it will be. Heck, even a mega superstar like Beyonce, who headlined the Super Bowl this year and sang at President Obama’s inauguration, doesn’t feel self-assured enough to take a break from music (the way a Sade or a Justin Timberlake did).

David gambled and decided his faith was more important, and I respect him for that, but I believe he knew the risks and I also believe, when he’s ready to give his full devotion, he’ll come back and begin at Ground Zero.  Sure, he needs good management and a solid enough label (independent or otherwise).

But more importantly, he needs good music – the kind that can leave an imprint, not the kind that’s just there to quench the thirsts of obsessive fans who’ve already drunk from the Archu fountain.

No one can predict the future, but I’d like to see David at least have a plan while the rest of us give him breathing room to pursue it. And maybe we’ll keep following.  I’m here basically keeping the vigil (and because I still have folks showing up here, I got to keep that candle burning).

But, I know the passions I had have simmered a bit but I still have hope that The Voice will know how to rekindle them again.  But I want good music, real Soul David music.

I’m not the type of fan who’ll settle for the phonebook.

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  1. Hey HG! yes…. “breathing room”!

  2. TBH, haven’t been listening to NMHF because of JT’s album and “Mirrors” in particular.

    • Loving that album, peter, and Mirrors is the best song on there imho. Really interested to hear if the album later this year has the same sort of sound.

    • Great post hg. Very well written and I agree with you. I do indeed think that David needs a plan when he returns to his career. Peter and Ali I am listening to JT’s album too to be honest. I did not download the whole album but I did download Mirrors. Love that song.

  3. I have no idea what the plan is for David when he gets back. To be honest the easier path for David would be to go to college to get training for a profession where there are jobs. I’ve always thought he would make a good music teacher. The music industry is so hard but I know he has the passion for it and the talent. As far as great songs, that is very subjective. Look at the top songs on iTunes and you can see that IMHO it doesn’t take a great song to sell. Again that is subjective as some may say that those are great songs.

    I guess David could do like Scotty and go to college and do music too. I’m hoping that David comes back and tours. His talent lies in his live performances.

  4. HG – beautifully written. I know this may surprise some who think they know everything in my little fan brain *cough* but I agree with the majority of what you said here. I didn’t need Begin or NMHF in order to remain a fan for these two years. I appreciate them both but didn’t require them.

    To a certain degree I understand why they were released — David and his team probably felt that to have any fans around when he returns, they needed to put stuff out while he was gone. I don’t know if that’s true but there you go. And, knowing David and having watched many interviews before he left, I think he felt it was important to leave something for the fans while he was gone. Did he feel guilty about leaving? I don’t know. Probably to a certain degree. Believe it or not, he is human.

    I, too, have high hopes (and expectations) about his music when he returns. At this point I don’t even really know what kind of music to expect but all I have to go on is that fact that his voice moves me more than any other so I hope that the music will live up to that.

    As far as NMHF goes, I really thought I would be kind of meh about it. I mean, I already had most of the songs but I bought my copy because I do support David as an artist and this is one way I choose to show my support. I already said this elsewhere but it was kind of amazing when I listened to the CD as a whole when it arrived — it was like some songs were brand new to me. I was already biased to several of the ATE bonus tracks and to me the sound quality of them is so much better on this CD than on the other. It might be my imagination but I dig the sound alot. So in that sense it has been a really nice bonus from David at a time when I wasn’t expecting anything. That’s just my perspective on things.

  5. Absolutely, Grammy J. I think I must be a “voice” lover, because, before David, I loved Vince Gill for those haunting melodic notes. Still love Vince, but I’ve seen both in concert and David is just magical. When I sit through his performances, I find myself not believing that I’m hearing what I’m hearing. Surely, someone like that can find his way in a world full of people with different tastes — some will hear what I hear.

  6. Great article once again Hg, thank you.
    I’m waiting for that magical song to be sang by the phonomenal voice…but meanwhile am so happy to keep getting any music from David…just love that voice!!!
    Grammyj, David doesn’t come across as the easy route kind of guy, but who knows…only time will tell.

    • Oh I truly believe that David will pursue music when he returns. I doubt he will go the college route. My point was just how hard the music business is and only if you have a real passion for it should you pursue a career in music. David has that passion. I hope he succeeds in being able to carve out a career in music. We can see from the sales of his debut album to the sales of NMHF how tough it is.

  7. Ali, I have no clue who “Anon” is so disdainful toward in the fan base — or if we’re all just silly ninnies to him or her — but I can’t imagine that he/she was singling you out. You always make a ton of sense and I always love reading what you’ve written. I said this at the end of the last (abandoned) thread, as seems to be my habit, but I think “Anon” shouldn’t talk about anyone being honest until he or she comes clean about why he/she holds the fans in such ill regard.

    HG: Again I thank you for your site and for sharing your thoughts.

    • KH – thanks for saying you like reading what I’ve written 🙂 most of the time when I read back over stuff I just think, damn I’m long winded! lol

  8. The way I see all the music releases while he’s away is a way to please the fans that are sticking around and waiting for his comeback and also to make some money…if it wasn’t to make money, only to please the fans, he could of had music posted in his OS every once in a while and we diehard could go over and listen…but being that we were giving music to buy…I’m thinking that it’s about making money too. Nothing about what is going on with David’s fans thoughts surprises me…it’s a roller coaster ride baby..let’s hope that it’s a ride up to the top on 2014!

  9. In order for David to have a career in music he needs fans. He said in an interview he did in Singapore which is currently on the post on FOD that he was going to record as much as he could in the month before he left for the fans. He actually got a lot of recording done in that month so BEGIN was released which I love. He also promised the fans that he would find a way to release the music in the U.S. that was previously only released in Asia so NMHF was released. David is just trying to please his fans which he has to do to have a career in music. We will see what happens when he returns. There may be even more music released before he returns and then Anon can complain again.

    In the Singapre interview David also indicated that when he returned from his mission he hoped to release music that was more daring and he hoped he would be more decisive in what music to do. I’m not sure what that will be but he definitely wants to continue doing music.

  10. To me, David releasing music (mostly for fans, IMO) is very much in character. He’s a giver. When he could, he stayed in good contact via vlogs, blogs, etc. I know that’s a business decision for a performaer, but it also strengthens the relationship and thus, it doesn’t surprise me that he’d do so. Maybe I’m extrpolating my wishes onto him, but I don’t think I’m stretching much.

    What I don’t get is why his releasing music in any way would cause someone to speak so offensively against his fans.

    • Don’t get that either about someone speaking so offensively against his fans?!?!? We all want to support David’s career the best way we can, no right or wrong….In the end we all want a successful music career for David!!!

      • I don’t get someone speaking so offensively against the Mormon faith. As long as you’re not the target group, I guess it’s fair game.

  11. A very interesting article as usual, HG. You stir us to think.

    What Clive Davis did to catapult Whitney into stardom took place thirty years ago, and Whitney’s talent was off the charts to begin with. Would that same strategy work now? I’m not convinced it would. We have seen so many game changers come along—YouTube, the emergence of hip hop music into the mainstream, the explosion of new technology used in music production, etc. That same wave of technology has given mega fame to bad songs and far less talented artists by means of instant, constant, pervasive promotion. And then there is the expensive “procedure” (formerly and more accurately called payola) used to get that music on the radio.

    David’s only stated plan at this point is to “come back to music.” Beyond that, we have no idea what, or IF, specifics are being planned. He has another year to go with his mission and seems to be very devoted to the tasks at hand. Conversely, his fans—both hardcore and casual—have all kinds of plans for him; but even we fans can’t agree on what he should do to guarantee success. (Understatement) Like the rest of you, I offer nothing but conjecture; but perhaps the “plan” with David in absentia is nothing more than to please existing followers and to maintain a small springboard of fans from which David can bounce back into music, especially if we get the promised tour.

    As a loyal fan, I always pay my due diligence and have purchased several copies of each album. I do not have unrealistic expectations while David is gone, but I confess to initial disappointment when I saw the track listing for NMHF, only because so little was really new. However, I completely agree with Ali’s take on the album. It feels cohesive to me, with a flowing mix of songs that show what David can do. I hear a sound that is “cleaned up” (best way I can describe it). Anyway, I am noticing some nuances I somehow missed before and I am really enjoying this NMHF gift.

    • Whatever…love your comment…I too am enjoying the NMHF album
      Hey HG, maybe another poll about what album is on repeat by diehard fans, lol.

    • I completely agree, Whatever. What worked for Whitney Houston would not work today. It’s a different era and music is changing quickly. In Whitney’s day the CD was big and artists made a lot of money off their albums sales. That’s not the case today. I’m not sure how much longer there will even be music labels. The good news for artists is that it is way easier to get music out to fans than ever before. The bad news is that it is harder to make money off their albums.

      I enjoy all the conjecture as to what David should do when he returns to ensure success, but no one really knows the answer to that.

    • You know, I’m not sure that what worked for Whitney wouldn’t work today for David. Sure his team would have to adjust some things to make it work because the music industry has changed but I can’t say it wouldn’t work today. Raw talent, charisma and a good voice make a talented singer but good producers and songwriters help to make a talented singer a succesful one. It worked for Adele for example. The only difference lies in the new promotion tools imo like twitter, youtube, facebook and other social medias which are sometimes the best way for artists (especially indie singers) to connect directly with their fans or just to be known, and I think that radio stations are not as powerful as they were.
      Also, I just looked up at the top 100 songs on itunes and TBH there’s a great mix of genre and it’s the same for the top 100 albums. I think that promoted correctly, David’s music would have its place there.

  12. Good point, Grammy J. Whenever I read articles about the future of the business, often I see discussion of how live performances (and fan events) are and will be the moneymakers. Seems David has plenty of potential in these areas. Funny how those who profess to some sort of knowledge about how the money is made seem to talk more about how the money *was* made.

  13. Everything I read about how to have a music career today is that the artist needs to get and maintain their fanbase. I believe that David’s team is trying to maintain his core fans as much as possible while he is gone. Any music and videos he releases now is a good thing IMHO. It certainly isn’t hurting anything other than the money it took to produce but if he is able to break even then that isn’t even a factor.

  14. HG, this was a very good read, thanks. The best part IMO is the title: What’s the plan?

    I fear that this is the plan: Throw everything against the wall in a vain attempt to try to keep the same fans happy. IMO they wouldn’t be following this strategy of releasing music and videos so casually and quickly if there was any plan. In other words, this wouldn’t be so necessary. It’s sad to me to see an album as good as BEGIN. have a shelf life of a carton of milk.

    re: the last thread: I’m a fan. I’ve never met David, his associates, friends or anyone related to him.

    I find it funny that a fan who spent years on Yes.com calling people trolls and acting like she was part of a high school clique is now here calling other people out for speaking offensively. It really takes the cake.

    • Unfortunately there is a lot of great music out there that never had great mainstream success like BEGIN. The good thing is that we can enjoy it even though you think it had the lifespan of a gallon of milk. In reality it didn’t. I’m sure there are other fans like me that listen to it all the time. Sure I wish it had sold more but that doesn’t make it any less a great album that can be treasured by those that did buy it.

      Who says that even if David did put out what you consider the perfect album and creative video that it would have great success? The buying public is fickle and its hard to market effectively.

    • This may shock the pants right off of you, Anon, but I actually strongly agree with something you said. It’s very sad to me to see the lack of recognition for BEGIN. To me, it’s home to David’s best studio vocals ever and they’re brilliant. And, as HG said, the songs are proven classics and for good reason.

      I honestly don’t see how they could have released it to better results given the circumstances though. I do think that a major label deal and publicist are within reach for David — he has the talent and charisma for it. I’m no industry pro though so I don’t know the ins and outs of how it happens. But without that major push, BEGIN had no chance of larger market success. So then was the option not to make the album at all? I guess that’s the question. Is music that’s great but few hear better than the idea of potentially great music that could possibly be made under the optimum circumstances in the future? Hmm.

      I don’t know what to think about the future for David’s career either. I do believe in his talent but talent will only take you so far. I hope that he and whoever he surrounds himself with either have a plan or will develop one when he returns. Honestly, I hope they haven’t made a ton of firm plans before he left because things change so quickly and David is changing too. I hope that they take a good look around at the industry in 2014, that David assesses where he is musically and then they work from there. That’s just my thoughts as a fan though.

      • In your opinion are they going to release anything else and what do you think it will be?

      • I would say yes. Based on the past year, I can’t imagine they planned to have absolutely nothing for a year. I don’t see another album happening. (Then again, I didn’t see this album coming.) Maybe another video. Maybe some pictures. Maybe even a song. I know there was talk of two original songs being done for BEGIN and only Broken was on the album. I guess it’s possible they nixed the second one but it’s also possible they’re saving it for this fall.

        I’ve also seen some wondering if he recorded a song in Spanish before he left, since he mentioned it in a tweet. There are several things they could have in mind. We’ll see. As I said yesterday, I’ll be here whether anything comes out for the next year or not.

  15. I’m sure not every fan is aboard with what David is doing right now, so, imo, releasing music to keep those fans from bailing (like a whole lot of other did) is a good idea. Right now I think he is kinda the poster missionary for the church and that’s ok, but us other fans need to know he will be back to us too.

  16. Are you speaking of me, Anon? Because if you think it was me, being cliquish or trollish on yes.com, you are dead wrong. I was never a part of any group, there, and generally took long breaks when behavior got bad there. And if you think I put down the Mormon faith, you are wrong again.

  17. Also, Anon, I didn’t “call people out,” I called *you* out for making generalizations about David’s fans that can’t be interpreted in any positive way.

  18. WELL WELL if anon is mormon he/she shure doesn,t follow ther own faith,

  19. omg haha, i remember yes.com! i was there one night and someone said david was there and then “the alleged david poster” posted something to me and to this day i do not know if it was david or not! it still bugs me, the not knowing, lol!

    • Cotton Candy, I’ve always enjoyed your comments. They are sensible and funny. David (and a couple family members) actually did chat at yes. (true story)
      So yes, you probably talked with him. 😀

  20. i’m not mormon either and i would like to know what percentage of david’s fans are mormon? but i’m sure no one has access to that information

  21. I never heard of yes.com. That is a new site to me. lol.

    • You definitely missed out. It was a good way to watch what radio stations were spinning David’s music, including (recently) “Be Still My Soul.” Unfortunately, certain folks went there to chat and carry on and, as a result, you couldn’t track the radio spins very well. It is now a dead site because it was hacked.

  22. Again, I don’t see any down side to David releasing music while he’s gone. It’s even a claim to fame that he has had an album on the charts every year since AI. Nothing wrong with that.

    He’s not the same as Sade or Justin Timberlake. For him, it’s less about his own career trajectory and more about graditude to the fans. And obsessed as we are, most of us, I think, would love to hear even all of his rejects.

    I agree about BEGIN. I even played it for my husband, and I hardly ever play David’s music for him.

  23. I agree with you cc halo that there is nothing wrong with David releasing music while he is gone. No downside at all. I just want David to take his time when he returns to release good quality music and that he takes time to get it right.

  24. I never knew about yes.com. Not sure how I missed that one. My first David fan site was fanblast. My favorite one back in the day was Snarky Archie’s especially at first when Amy posted there and there was actually a little snark.

    As far as David’s team releasing more music while he is gone, my guess would be that they might release a Christmas single or EP. There was a rumor of another original song for BEGIN (2 originals for BEGIN) but only one was on the album. Maybe a single of that song or an EP of that one with some others from the vault written in the TOSOD era. But I actually have no idea and you may get your wish Anon no more music will be released until David returns.

    I am not Mormon. I wish BEGIN, NMHF and the TOSOD had all sold more. I love them all and they did not get the sales they should have.

  25. Shanny in Australia

    Lol – crazy but I find myself agreeing with many of the ideas here today – even those ideas which oppose each other. Great discussion. Only thing I will add is that I STILL listen to Begin all the time. Love it. (Still waiting for my NMHF albums to arrive – the joys of living in Australia with a snail like postal system.)

    • Shanny, how did you first hear about David? Does American Idol show in Australia?

      • Shanny in Australia

        Hi Desertrat, I was looking up ‘LDS music’ on youtube and found David singing BSMS at some centre for troubled teens or something. It was the most beautiful rendition of the song I had ever heard and then I saw in the suggested videos that he had been on idol so I started watching those to figure out how far he had got on the show. By the time I was finished, I was hooked and then googled to find out more info about him, the rest is history, as the saying goes.
        Only a few people here know about David because idol back then was played on pay-to-view tv…but pay tv is not nearly as common here as it is the States. Majority of people wouldn’t have it. We never have. American Idol is on free tv this year but that is the first time in years and is to me, an indicator of how the show is struggling to get viewership.

  26. I agree with Shanny about enjoying the arguments with both sides of the coin. I just have to say that I am in love with all David’s albums and even NMHF is stellar all by itself IMO. I love the flow of the songs, they sound clean, clear and crisp and best of all is David’s message to the fans. It was done for the fans, financial benefits for him aside.

    However as much as I love David and respect his personal decisions, I cannot fully express with the most appropriate words just how sad it is to me that his beautiful voice is not as yet being truly recognized and rewarded. No specific blame can be placed because it is a combination of so many factors on David’s part, his team and the industry. No matter what I hear from him, no matter the exquisite beauty, whether he wants the success or not, I know it is my own expectations and it still hurts. So I am currently feeling bitter sweet regarding his career.

  27. One thing I’ve noticed with NMHF is David’s name is out there on Billboard, USA today, All Idol forums, and the LDS publications, Salt Lake City Tribune etc etc. There is a wide distribution and a Seattle talk show even gave everyone in the audience a free copy of the album. I like all the efforts and releases and feel blessed because I didn’t expect anything. David has picked up some new fans and kept quite a few of us considering he is not here.
    Gladys wrote a blog re:Easter. TheDavidChronicles has the link and song The Hands written in English and a description of David’s heartfelt singing and reaction to the song. No recording of him yet but copies of someone else singing it.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Thats true Heidi. I wonder why this album has received the attention it has….? Something to do with eOne maybe? Have they done something they haven’t done in the past? Or does it have something to do with the albums currently being released? Would be interesting to know what the difference is this time.

      • Not sure but some articles are citing Crystal Bowersox and David Archuleta both hitting the charts and both being Runner Up on Idol. Also making a point that David has charted every year since 2008 and has 5 or 6 albums released. Loving all the publicity.
        Think Crystal has Gina Orr as Manager too. Definitely getting lots of publicity and Idol is also promoting former Idols on Idol this year

      • Shanny in Australia

        Hmmm…thats true about Crystal and Gina. I wonder if it’s Gina’s doing then….? Only thing is….why didn’t she do whatever she’s doing now, with the other albums etc? Maybe the surrounding circumstances are different now then, rather than somebody doing something different.

      • Both Crystal and David tanked in sales. Tanked. If you think E1 is happy, I assure you they’re not. Only idol fans would think that being mentioned on the typical idol blogs is “definitely getting lots of publicity.” About every week, another idol releases music and gets this publicity. The only real news is when there’s a week free of idols releasing music.

        You have excellent powers of observation to state that Crystal and David are both being “managed” by Gina Orrdinary Management. They were lumped together in terms of press releases, singles released to iTunes, album release dates, joint sales on Amazon, etc.

        Gina Orrdinary Management was also the genius behind Kris Allen’s first album release. In fact, I understand that’s why she keeps such a low profile — the Allen / loony idol fans drove her underground.

        If you are suggesting that other idols couldn’t release an album a year and chart on BB 200, then I disagree with you.

    • I’m sorry to burst your bubble but David had publicity from these same blogs for ALL his albums plus a whole lot more. This album got the least publicity and also the lowest amount of sales.

      • It was also offered at the lowest price (talking about physical sales) I can ever remember.

      • Music has dropped in price for all artists. I regularly buy music on Amazon for $5.00 or less and these are new albums (mp3s). It’s great for the consumer but artists just aren’t making much money on music sales these days.

      • I don’t know what EOne expected in sales but they didn’t spend much to promote it. All their marketing was social media – in other words free. I guess that’s good because the sales weren’t very good. David isn’t even on their website.

  28. HG, this is my favourite article. There is nothing I can possibly add.


  29. Oh wait! I do have something to say. Yes, a candle is lit until he returns and when he does, I will give my full attention.


  30. Off topic, but I think the manager of my local bookstore is a David fan. There’s a big display of NMHF as you walk in and there are several placards for Begin displayed on every single shelf throughout the entire store even though that album has been out quite awhile.

    • The point being, it’s in UTAH! He needs NO publicity in Utah! He is well known among the LDS. What about the rest of the country?

      I know the majority of the fans who still post on the sites still operating are “older”. He will need to focus on his peers when he returns. He has a very steep uphill climb but nobody ever accused David of being afraid of challenges & hard work. If anyone can do it, he can. It will take time if he goes about rebuilding his career in the right way, making the right decisions, choosing his direction wisely.

      • I disagree. He needs publicity in Utah too, and I’m not from Utah. People forget quickly. I’m sure there are many people in Utah who have no idea that David has a new album out.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Thats cool Utahmom! 🙂

  31. I think you are right about the fans being “older” that post on sites. I am in my 50’s although I feel and sometimes act years younger. lol. David does need to focus on his peers when he returns. He needs those younger fans for a music career and should not give up on them.

    • When David was with Jive I remember all the criticism by fans because he was being marketed to the young fans. I could understand that because at the time Miley Cyrus was rolling in the dough because of her tween fans. After that Justin Bieber got that group of fans. On the other hand I went to a Straight No Chaser concert where the audience skewed to an older audience even though the group members were late 20s to early 30s. It was a sold out concert. So David can absolutely have a career with an audience that is older. I want him to get his younger fans back, but I want him to have fans of all ages.

      There is a market for family friendly entertainment, and David would certainly be good for that.

  32. another anon~ thanks! 🙂 that makes me so happy, just the thought that i actually chatted with david even if only for a minute!!! 🙂

  33. Shanny in Australia

    Why does David need more young fans?
    I think David is in more need of more male fans than he is in need of more young fans. When he can reel in the men, I think he’ll be taken more seriously and be thought of as a legitimate artist rather than that ‘cute teen guy from idol’.
    If he makes more music like ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’ with it’s slightly rock-pop vibe, I think he’ll pull in more male fans.

    • Actually by younger I mean his peers that are in their 20’s and 30’s. Not the tweens and teens. That ship sailed awhile ago. lol. I do agree with you that he needs more male fans. Of course he needs fans of all ages.

  34. Interesting convo about the type of fans David needs. First off, I will say up front that fansite posting does skew older simply because of the format to a certain degree. You’ll find the younger fans on twitter and tumblr. That’s not me saying that David has a ton of young fans — just me saying that of the ones that are around, they don’t really post on fansites.

    I do think that any artist who specifically targets a young audience is automatically giving themselves a short shelf life for the simple fact that kids grow up. Human beings are adults a lot longer than they’re young people lol. I do think though that if you make good music, it will appeal across the board. I know this example has been used to death but look at Adele. She appeals to a huge range of fans: young, old, male, female. Clearly not every artist is Adele and she is more of the exception than the norm. My personal feeling is that if you start targeting to just a certain demographic though that you are limiting yourself right off the bat.

  35. I think that we could continue to make guesses and give our thoughts on what he should or will or could or might do with his career when he returns. We have one full year to talk about it but hopefully we will get tired of the same conversation and have something else, anything else. Maybe a picture of his elbow will appear or part of a shirt but then that puzzle scenario thing has to be meant for the young teenagers, isn’t it? I know I am not spreading any cheer here, but let’s hope that there is something concrete to appear in the future but then wait, do we need it? We can wait…I am still trying to forget how bad AI has become and how out of thousands who auditioned they have what they have in some cases. Go Amber!

    Once again, I have enjoyed the post HG!


    • I agree with you on AI this year. They are trying so hard to get a female winner that they cast the worst group of guys ever. The ratings keep going down too. Now they are stuck with Lazero who is cute but is not a very good singer and has been forgetting his lyrics the last couple weeks. He keeps blaming it on having to learn new songs but all the contestants have to learn new songs. The better guy singers have been getting eliminated while Lazero remains.

      • In a small defence of Lazaro, just in this point, he stutters less in Spanish so English as his second language needs the brain also alerted to translating. He has heard less of the songs than most of the others have in their lives. Probably it takes much more to learn the songs due to a few things he has to deal with. I remember David singing the duet “The Prayer” and how he had to have the music in front of him and Rebecca did not. She had an empty stand. Even with the music on a stand, David looked away and lost his spot when looking for it. So he had that to deal with and he had the music. Sometimes we just don’t know what there is to contend with on AI but we have an idea.

        I also remember when David forgot his line when singing a Beatles song and that mention went on for days.


      • Rebecca may have been singing “The Prayer” many times before so she didn’t need the words while it was a new song for David. Lazero actually had a tele-promoter the other night but failed to use it. Anyway he does not have the vocals of the others IMHO. He apparently has a big fan base that loves his back-story and good looks. As we know you don’t have to have the best vocals for recording because of auto-tune so he should be fine if he does win.

      • I agree with both of you about AI this year Grammyj and Ali. I am watching but not really into it. I am really liking the voice this year so far.

      • SB, thank you so much for pointing out David’s flaws in order to prop up your current idol dude. How many idol dudes have there been for you?

      • Sandybleaches, I hope you are not saying that this Lazaro guy is as talented as David…because he is not…everyone forgets lyrics…even the great ones…that comparison just got to me.

      • Yeah Marie, it really seems like The Voice is the big thing right now…not that the winners have done so much better then AI winner, I think anyway…don’t really listen to radio that much.

  36. Imo, it really doesn’t matter the age of the fans as long as he has a huge number of them that will buy this music and go to his concerts…I really think that David could have a career that would appeal to all ages.

  37. I agree, I don’t see benefits to him having only young fans, as they tend to move on every couple of years. He certainly has the ability to appeal to all ages, like Adele, IMO. I’d rather see him follow that kind of career path (or the start of one, since Adele is actually a newbie) than that of even the most wildly successful teen star. I’m having trouble thinking of too many teen stars who graduate to a mature career without going through horrendous problems. Justin Timberlake, I guess, but even he talks of troubles.

  38. Shanny, thanks for sharing how you discovered David.

    Ali, your mention of the younger fans on tumblr and twitter is exactly what I was thinking.

    Re. E1, I wonder what sales for their other artists look like. Eg, is 5k low for them?

    Re. Utah promo, I see that as a good thing but I do wish he received that level of attention nationally. In Arizona, I never saw Jordin supported by her hometown like David is by his.

    • Elliott Yamin’s last album was released by EOne in 2012 and it sold 2000 copies. Obviously David did better than that. I don’t know how many albums other artists on EOne’s roster have sold. Elliott is on EOne’s website.

  39. I guess we are in Yamin territory. Very reassuring.

    * Smooth vocalist.

    * One hit wonder.

    * First self-titled CD certified gold in U.S.

    * Popular in Asia (Japan).

    * Last CD released by E1 in U.S., single digit sales.

    • OMG!

      “In January 2012, it was announced that his third studio album, Gather ‘Round, would be released in the United States under the title Let’s Get To What’s Real on April 10, 2012 on the E1/Purpose Music Group label. The album contains all but three of the tracks from the Japanese version, and includes two new songs: “Enough Love” and “Up, Down, All Around”. The lead single is the song 3 Words which was also released as the first Japanese single.[52]


    • You forgot that they both put out a Christmas album. Elliott was in Chile when there was a big earthquake.

      You like to make it sound like a bad thing that David has some similarities to Elliott. He’s a good singer like David. There are also differences. David has done things in his career that Elliott has not done. David has been able to tour much more than Elliott. At the end of day they are both artists from AI trying to carve out a career in music which is not easy.

  40. I’m agreeing with you! Be careful what you win when you begin to spin.

  41. Regarding Elliot – are those his total sales figures to date on that album or just the opening week sales? I know I used to be able to find this stuff but haven’t gone looking lately. Hmmm..maybe an old mjsbigblog post where they list the weekly idol sales would have it. I will check some of the old posts there when I get a chance if no one knows here.

    • It was probably his first week sales. I got it off Elliott’s wiki page.

      Yes, Anon, getting in the top 2 or 3 on AI does not ensure long term success in the music industry. So far the contestants on AI have fared better than winners of other singing reality shows though.

  42. With David not even being able to at least give a vlog about the album, not here to promote…no major label and very limited promos…I say first week’s sales aren’t too shabbing. Yeah, right now in order to put out music for his fans he needed to go this route and of course, we all think he is way better…in time…he has a plan…imo, he wouldn’t of gone to such trouble to make sure that his fans would not be left without anything while he was away. My only hope is that these two years aren’t going to make him into a religious recluse.

  43. Wow. Those sales numbers were low for Elliott. That might have been just the first weeks sales but I doubt his sales numbers climbed much higher than that. It is tough out there in the music industry.

  44. I see I hit a nerve with my comment about David needing younger fans, ie, his peers, his age group. I didn’t mean to imply anything other than the fact that it’s unlikely he will have a long-lasting career without fans in his age group who will be there 10-20 & even 30 years from now. Fans who will be loyal throughout the years. Although I do wonder where would he be without the older fans who are still here, visible and vocal on the fansites?

    I also wonder about his “Twitter fans”. Where are they? Who are they? Are they legitimate fans? It matters little having over a million twitter followers if half are not even real fans who will support David by purchasing his music. If half of his followers on twitter bought only ONE song on iTunes, wouldn’t that song be charting? So why aren’t his millions of twitter followers supporting him? I just don’t put much stock in the number of “twitter followers”.

    • There is notoriously very little correlation between twitter follower numbers and album/single sales. If there were, Bieber would be selling 3 million albums with each release — and that’s being conservative considering he currently has over 37 million followers. Social media is a strange place. People follow other people for a multitude of reasons. Lots of followers are just spam bots. Others follow people they find entertaining but don’t necessarily buy their music.

      I follow Josh Groban on twitter. Have never bought a song or album of his. I think he’s talented but I’ve just never really been into his music. I think he’s hilarious on twitter though.

      While you can’t depend on the number of twitter or FB fans to drive sales, having more has certainly never hurt. It gives a larger potential audience and even if people aren’t buying the music right now, if they follow you on twitter or FB then they’re at least peripherally aware that you are still alive. That’s always a good thing lol.

  45. I do have an opinion about the new album, I like all the “new” songs, Don’t Run Away, Notice Me, Heart Falls Out, Love Don’t Hate & Wait. However, I don’t agree with some of the songs they chose from the “Forevermore” album. I would have added Hold On, You Are My Song and Rainbow (not the remix). I think those songs would have been much better choices. But then those are MY favorites from “Forevermore”. 🙂

  46. Anon & Cq

    Oh come on, read people’s posts just a little better than that. The only singer I listen to is David and his talent is not being compared to anyone. I was pointing out that everybody dealing with something like AI has their own difficulties under the pressures and David had his own such as going blank with some of the words. What I find critical is when people over and over and over again keep saying how he needs this and that meaning giving repeated opinions about his management etc. He has a great mind of his own so respect it and let him decide his own career choices. If you make suggestions for him, at least make some that are different occasionally. I felt that they probably did not allow him enough time to learn the song “The Prayer” in Spanish and as we know, David is a perfectionist and I felt badly that he was not afforded the time to know it better. It would have been a wonderful recording if they had given him the chance to sing it again for recording. It was obvious from the official video that they did want a professional video made.


    • I think the recording of The Prayer was wonderful. Mistake and all. Just shows he’s not some perfect hologram.
      Good on him for doing it. 🙂

    • Sorry that I pushed you botton..didn’t mean to offend.
      As far as expressing what I feel as a fan, well, I think I have as much right as anyone and yes even if it isn’t something new.
      As far as your post regarding Lazaro, I did go back and read it again and I still get that you were camparing the two.
      Don’t want to disrespect anyone here or any other site, but I feel I have as much right to express myself as anyone else.

      • Well cq, let’s say I was comparing the two singers….which is like comparing two planets….one being Venus the other Mars…but let’s say I was…then according to you, that is my right, right?? So you can continue to suggest what is good for David’s career and I can do whatever I wish. I could not compare David to anyone if I wanted to but that’s neither here nor there! But mentioning a fact about another singer or try to explain what might have happened to them is taboo!

        Like I freely said…Go Amber!


      • You are so right..you have every right to voice your oppinion and I was voicing mine. I will try to use more restriant when commenting about someone elses post. Once again didn’t mean to offend.

  47. I agree with you another anon, mistake and all David was wonderful singing The Prayer

  48. Mission picture

    Gladys, if you’re reading here, I enjoyed your blog … thanks for the write up! I couldn’t login at your site to thank you there.

  49. Thank you very much, I appreciate that you’ve read my recap, I am sorry, that has not been translated.
    A while ago I upgraded to the lyrics of the song “My Hands” in English.

    Also, I found a video where Rebecca Lopez sings the same song and she also gets excited in the same minute as David, 3.40.

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