Mormon Tabernacle Choir Flashback

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  1. A nice little gem…just makes me miss his live appearances, vlogs and tour videos even more…sigh…I know it’s going to take a while for his career to get back on track, but it will be so nice to have updated vlogs, tweets, etc from him while he is working on a comeback…miss all the aspects of being a fan to this phenomenal guy.

  2. The most beautiful songs that David sings are the ones that mean the most to David and those songs are his ultimate best because they are very real and important to him. These songs bring on the standing ovations. They are the most valuable in his repertoire. I don’t know for certain which ones they really are, but some may have your dream sequences not his.


  3. Magnifico!

  4. goodkarmaseeker

    Soul David indeed!!! This is so so beautiful. It just brings you to this ethereal place.
    The humming at around 3:40 and the end….Wow. He just has the very best humming: )

  5. it would be nice if bestor, motab, joy williams, etc., had other little gems like this to release.

    • I don’t know what “little gems” joy williams has ever released re: David but whatever.

      My opinion is that bestor/hancock and motab/wilberg (??) are the only folks who have done David any favors in terms of “gems.”

      My picks for the best folks David has worked with in terms of top 40 music and in terms of HIS career are Eman/Hodges and Bedingfield.

  6. What a pleasant surprise this was on Facebook yesterday. A Gem for sure and agree with you desertrat re: bestor, joy, motab and whoever 🙂 There are probably countless gems lying around. 🙂

  7. We are now in single digits: 5k.

    I wonder if this will stop the silliness or if it will continue.

    • Thanks. Been looking for this information.

      • Yes. Thanks I have been looking for that sales information too. Actually that is about what I thought the sales would be. If you are an indie artist those are the sales numbers that you are looking at. Ali is right. I mentioned this already but the album is on iTunes and Google Music and that is a good thing.

    • As an indie artist, single digits are the norm. If David signs to a major label when he gets back or if he goes with a big publicist who knows how to promote indies then you can expect more.

      Crystal Bowersox sold 8000 this week as a debut. She is also an indie artist and also came from Idol. She had an appearance on Leno and did quite a bit of press to promote her album. It was reviewed in multiple publications and she was featured on NPR. And it was an album full of original, never before released material. David had none of that but sold only 3000 less than her.

      I’m not calling 5000 stellar by any stretch of the imagination but it always helps to have perspective on what other artists in similar situations are selling. It’s pretty hard to find a similar situation to a guy gone for two years on a Mormon mission though.

      • I usually don’t reply to you because we seem to go around in circles and I certainly don’t want to do that today. Since I came back from my Easter vacay, I’ve skimmed and scanned various tweets and comments, and the delusion and the nonsense is getting ever thicker.

        Let’s just lay it all out on the line:

        1) Whatever way you slice it, these sales are terrible. And they’re deservedly terrible. FYI – I didn’t even buy this album and I’m not going to buy any more “albums” that are released in this cynical, silly fashion.

        2) As far as I know there are no other artists in similar situations, so I don’t know why you’re yammering on — except that Gina Orrdinary Management played it that way.

        3) Ask yourself, Why is Team David or Team Archie pushing out an album every three months? It can’t be for artistic reasons because that’s absolutely an impossible thing to achieve, especially when David is not even working on music because he’s on a two-year mission.

        4) I know this fanbase is one big bowl of buttered naivete but even you can’t imagine that a major label and a big publicist are within reach for David. You’re like those fans who are busy picking the “next single” and buying Starbucks’ cards for those who are making David into a fool.

        …Which leads me to my final point and message to Team Archie.

        5) If you want to keep David’s career viable, stop releasing “albums” and terrible videos. Let him serve his mission in peace. If you’ve mismanaged his $, get a job. The only ways to keep the fans interested and sales up are to release the best music and the best videos possible. Releasing one good album and one good video within 12 months of his return will do more to cultivate his fanbase than releasing 10 slapdash videos and albums while he’s away. Ignore the usual suspects and enablers in this fanbase — the ones who tweet everyone new who comes into the picture — they’re just bored ninnies.

      • We go around in circles because you know you’re always right and I know I’m always right 😉

        I will ask you to refrain from informing me of what kind of fan I am though. You don’t know me and I don’t know you. It’s probably best it stays that way.

        Thanks for the yammering comment, btw. I’ve always dreamed of one day being a yammerer.

      • ITA with your last point Anon. I do believe that quality>quantity. I understand that as fans we can’t wait to have new music but in terms of quality and artistic growth, an artist like David needs to take the time to produce the music that matches his singing talent but also that represents who he is at a certain point in his life. I’m going to be honest and say that I buy all of D’s music just to support a great and talented singer not really for the music itself. I think that my biggest hope regarding his career is that when he comes back from his mission, he’ll take the time to work on his sound and to (re)connect with producers and songwriters who are able to showcase his voice and his personality. Also maybe he should take the risk to really show who he is throught his music instead of just focusing on the message and the image ( like he did with TOSOD imo).

      • And i think that 5k is not that bad for NMHF. There’s zero promotion for this album and the fans already had all the songs except 1 (DRA was released as a single).

      • I agree with your comments afan.

    • Anon, what silliness are you talking about? Do you want David to quit putting out music? There are numerous artists that put out music that sell less than 5000 albums. Most albums sell less than 10k. Artists put out music because they love music. That’s why the prize for a singing competition is a record contract so the artist gets the chance to put out a record. David has been fortunate to be able to record six albums. I hope he continues to bless us with his voice on more albums. I certainly don’t think it is silliness.

      • Some good points there Grammyj. Also since everything seems to be digital downloads these days I still don’t know if the DD totally counts in the sales numbers. Also as a fan I would still like David to have a major music label and top notch music management when he returns to his music career or else the sales numbers will continue to be low. JMHO as a fan and that does not mean David will do that.

  8. Again what is expected from sales…he is unactive in his music career, I’d guess that most casual fans have moved on…I just hope he has a plan in place for when he returns…I don’t care what anyone says, imo, without good management and label…he will be just like thousands of other artist are today…struggling to make a living as a singer…now that would be such a shame.

    • The industry is changing and hopefully for the better. You can not speculate on what David has in mind 100% so you can be negative or positive. Might as well go the positive route for a change. Meanwhile I am enjoying other artists as much as possible, especially on The Voice. We will never know anything at all until it happens.


  9. I also believe that a lot fans have moved on because how they preceive him as being so involved in the LDS church and think that he couldn’t produce anything else except very clean cut music and to most (and of course this is OMO) that mean boring music….if David wants (and that’s a BIG IF) a successful music career, he needs to keep his religion private and seperate his singing career from it…now I’m not saying he has to sell out, but make a bit of a compremise.

    • Only David knows what he needs above all other people. Do we even know what is best for ourselves? It is an amazing feat to know what is good for others. We can’t tamper with anyone else’s career when it is all so fragile and complicated.


      • You are so right about that SandyBeaches…what I’m saying has really nothing to do with what David wants, it really is what I want as a fan…

      • I like your response SB. None of us know what David should do in the crazy music world. It certainly doesn’t stop us from trying though. I found out today that my cancer surgery was successful and I am currently cancer free. A year ago I had no idea I would be going through all his. Life has a way of throwing us curves. I hope David will have the career he wants and a happy life.

      • So happy to hear that Gammyj!!

      • Good news Grammyj. Thanks for sharing.

  10. There’s no real down side to releasing music to keep fans happy and keep David’s name out there. He is in a unique situation, and anyone in the music industry can recognize that. Putting music out now, has no real effect on what he does when he comes back. He’s free to do his best work when he gets back whether or not he’s given these little gifts to his fans while he’s gone.

  11. I love most of the songs on the current cd and am happy to have them.

    • Me too. Music is subjective. There is absolutely no music that David could put out that everyone would like. I’m happy to have the new album too.

      I’m also realistic. I know David needs a major label, big time management, and lots of luck to be a major recording artist. Will that happen? I have no idea. I will be David’s fan if he is a major recording artist or stays indie. I just want to hear his golden voice.

  12. GrammyJ, wonderful news!

  13. GrammyJ…good news seems rare sometimes. It is good to hear you are doing so well…


  14. cq itsa the fans who keep bringing up davids religion,not david, .cc i agree with you lets see what happens when he gets back

  15. I agree with the several here that say what he/his team puts out now will not affect what he/his team puts out later. The vast majority won’t have paid that much attention to what David’s been up to, and will simply hear a great song by that voice (hoping) and jump back in. I mean, I can’t predict the future but I’ve been to enough David’s concerts to remember always that his vocals can be out of this world, crazy good. He’s got the talent, the looks, the drive, the good sense … I think it can happen and I don’t personally feel a need to try to define his best choices, stylistically, for that success.

    I am enjoying the new album even for the two songs new to me.

    Anon, you are so insulting to David’s fans, and that’s not necessary. Maybe you’ve been to shows and have rubbed elbows with some people, but you certainly don’t know me, nor I you. Why do you assume to know the fans, and hold them in contempt? If you’re going to be honest, why don’t you start by being honest yourself instead of insisting that someone else be?

  16. anon obviously feels superior to the rest of us supposed naive/delusional fans, so… either he/she is someone who knows the music biz or wants very badly for us to believe so. wonder why? or he/she personally knows david and is jealous/bitter. maybe an ex-girlfriend?! Lol

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