Happy Easter!

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  1. Happy Easter HG and all SDers!

    Also, I saw your wonderful news, Grammyj. Wishing you continued strength and health!

  2. Happy Easter Everyone.

  3. Happy Easter HG and all who gather here. Excited for Gladys today.
    Love this performance and feel blessed that I was there for it. (David’s last US show)

  4. I love the words of this song and, of course, David’s heartfelt delivery. Happy Easter to all.

  5. Happy Easter HG and all David’s fans. The video is so appropriate and one of my favorites.

  6. Happy Easter and have a peaceful Sunday afternoon/evening!

  7. Happy Easter to all who celebrate it. Grammyj, I know the joy of successful chemo as I had that outcome this year as well.

  8. NEWS FLASH!! David is being released from his mission duties so that he can come home to do greater good through his music, YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Crabpot, echoing the sentiments here. Very glad to hear that you’ve had a positive outcome from chemotherapy too. Happy spring, everyone. Glad to know we’re now counting down instead of up.

  10. MoTab just posted a video taken back in 2009 of David singing Be Still, My Soul to the choir at a rehearsal. It’s pretty stinking gorgeous.

    • very nice and so subtle. also, it made me smile to see the black members only jacket again.

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