A Good Friday Meditation

As much as it’s good to have a new album, I find myself returning to David’s BEGIN. Again.

I offer you this meditation song for Good Friday:

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  1. I have always loved Broken and all the covers on BEGIN. David wants to sing music which touches people and the songs on BEGIN does that which I have especially needed with my cancer diagnoses this year. I am happy to report that my chemo therapy treatments shrunk my tumor significantly so that this week I had a lumpectomy instead of a mastectomy. Music and my faith have always been an important part of my life and even more so now.

  2. GrammyJ, glad to hear your good news. Wishing you vigorous health.

  3. That is good news, GrammyJ!

  4. GrammyJ — that’s just wonderful!

  5. Wow, GrammyJ! Excellent news to share with us this Good Friday! 🙂 Wishing you many blessings.

  6. Grammyj, I thought of you yesterday while running errands in Iowa City and today you share your very positive update!! So great to hear and thank you for letting us know!

  7. Great news Grammyj! I reach for BEGIN often! It was not intended to be fun but to be compassionate and beautiful. I felt David put so much soul into it and that is why it will always be special. I also have been listening to ‘Ave Maria’ lately.

    Keep up the collaboration wishes Peter. Tell it to the universe and sometimes it is heard! We have to aim a little higher with our hopes for David and progress to where he could be. Sometimes I feel that with our everyday hopes, we are chasing our tails and the world of music is passing us by.

    ‘Happy Easter’ to everyone!


  8. Do we have any idea how David’s new album is doing in sales? Or is it too soon? I just purchased a new smart phone and was happy to see the new album available on Google play music. I purchased it there too. I would think that would all count towards sales but not sure how any of it works now. It is very time consuming for me learning how to use this new phone. lol. Still not going to do twitter. Happy Easter to everyone!

  9. Shanny in Australia

    Grammyj, thanks for sharing that wonderful news. Best wishes for continued healing. 🙂

  10. Happy Easter to all who celebrate and good day to everyone.
    Marie, I have no idea about sales but if they were good, I’m sure that someone would of mentioned it already, or maybe it’s still to early…not expecting much…just hope that the numbers are decent. As much as I love every single song (some more than others) in all his albums, I still think he needs to find his sound, yes he can sing anything, but any singer that has aved major success have a distictive sound. Hoping that 2014 will be the year all things will be in line regarding David’s career.

    • Yes, I agree with you cq. I am not expecting much in sales either. Have very low expectations. I also am looking forward to David’s return to music in 2014.

  11. ops should be achieved,

  12. Thanks for all the words of support!

    I’m afraid the sales for NMHF will not be very good. I really would rather not know what the numbers are. I think the sale numbers come out on Wednesday. With David not here to promote plus no marketing except social media I guess we have good reason not to expect much. I just want David to have a music career when he returns.

    • Grammyj that’s my wish too and the reason I’m still here…love all the music he is releasing and am so grateful, but don’t know if it’s hurting his music career or helping?!?! The reason I say that is because it seems like only diehard fans are still buying…
      That one review just got to me regarding what some writers and media people might be thinking about David…him saying bad music/JB wanta be, devout Mormon (which mght be precieved as limiting) cut me to the core….
      Will be here for the ride regardless.

      • I try to keep middling to bad reviews in perspective. That reviewer was pretty scathing about Crystal Bowersock’s first album, but liked her current one, so it’s not like she shouldn’t have put the first one out. David has always had people who just don’t get him, even his first album. Everyone has bad reviews–Kelly Clarkson, John Mayer, etc. There were good reviews for NMHF too, and most importantly to David, it made his fans very happy.

        On the other hand, though, it did make me think that fans who think David should go the Josh Groban route may be right, unless David can get super good, current material in the pop genre. If it doesn’t matter whether it’s his voice or JB’s (or Bob Dylan’s, for that matter), then maybe David should pursue a genre where having a good voice DOES matter.

      • Of course only diehard fans are buying his music now because they are the only ones that know he has new music out. Putting out this music will not hurt David IMHO.

        My best guess is that David will not go the top 40 pop route when he returns. I don’t think he wants to try that again, but I could be wrong. He would have to sign with a major label to have any chance in that genre, and then get a catchy pop song and have a huge push to radio along with lots of luck.

      • You’re right cchalo, yes everyone gets bad reviews.
        The voice is there, the material just has to be in line with it…that one great song will put him back on top where he belongs.

      • A JB wannabe? That person has no ears.

  13. I’m hoping he wants to go that top 40 route.

    • I don’t think he wants to go the Josh Groban style. It will be interesting to see what style he will choose. Since he’s been gone he has put out two cover albums and a pop album of songs mainly from the TOSOD era so it’s hard to know the direction he will head. Will he do that Spanish album? There are fans that are so excited for that. Is that a good area to expand? I know nothing about the Spanish music industry. There are a lot of Spanish speaking people in the world so maybe the market for Spanish music is big. I have enjoyed the songs David has sung in Spanish but since I don’t speak Spanish it is not a big wish of mine that he do a Spanish album.

  14. I honestly do not think that David wants to go the Josh Groban route. I would guess that even Josh wants to sound more current and edgier. Just a guess. lol.

  15. I’d love him to release pop/soul songs. I think that a pop/soul sound (with some r&b too) will allow him to showcase his voice more and still be current.

  16. Shanny in Australia

    I’m ok for David to do whatever he wants to do but if I had an opinion about where he should go musically, these are my thougbts….

    1. He should stay away from top 40. I think that market is governed by luck too much plus it is often short lived.
    2. John Mayer and Jason Mraz style would be cool but you kinda need to be that WGWG to really pull that off well. David is not the right personality for that and doesn’t play the guitar.
    3. He would sound out of this world singing real ballads like Josh Groban but I think I remember him saying he didn’t want to go that route. I presume he wants to maintain more flexibility than that.
    4. What I think would be best for him would be to go with a more adult comtemporary format, leaning towards some easy listening kind of rock. Like what he did at Myrtle Beach with EWTRTW etc I think David needs more male fans to gain true credibility and men tend to like something with a bit of a rock feel in there. David could combine that with songs that showcase his vocal abilities and allow him to pour emotion into his music with songs similar to what he chose on Begin.

    I am thinking this direction is where David is headed musically anyway, judging by the covers he chose to perform post Jive, plus a few things he has said along the way combined with the vibe he went for with Begin.

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