One Year Ago Today, David Said “It’s Not Goodbye”

When I think of all the big events relating to David this week and how it was only last year that David said “It’s not goodbye,” who can even doubt his return to music when his mission is done?

I’m telling you: David’s got a plan! Look how much he had planned just one year ago today? 🙂

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  1. Totally agree with you Hg….He has a plan to hit the ground running with his music career…

  2. I have always believed that David will pursue music when he returns. That is his passion and where he excels. He has that extraordinary talent that is undeniable. He prepared for the release of music while he was gone and gave his social media to Kari to update while he was gone. If he was not going to pursue music when he returned there would be no reason to do all that before he left. Kari has sent some tweets in answer to fans questions indicating that David is going to do music when he returns and will be touring.

    Now the question is how soon will he do shows and where? Will he start small and do a club tour all over the US like Kris Allen? Will he go back to Asia? Will he do a Spanish album and pursue that market? Who will be in the band? What will his sound be like? Will he sign with a major label or stay indie? Lots to speculate on for another year.

  3. Can’t believe it has been a year.

  4. just watched the video for the first time in a year; i can’t imagine ever reaching a point where i don’t care about his well being.

    re. idol, i thought devin was the strongest of the remaining male contestants. sorry to see him go at this point.

    • When I read your post, desertrat, I decided to view David’s goodbye post too which I hadn’t viewed in a year either. I am with you in that I can’t imagine not caring about David either. He lays out his heart there how he cares about his family, his fans, and God.

      I thought Lazero should have been the one to go tonight, but knew he had the bigger fanbase. A girl will win this year. I’m just not sure which one.

  5. Very sorry to see Devin go. I really thought it should have been Lazaro. I wonder if maybe Kree will win. Not sure either. Not really that invested in anyone on AI this year.

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