Big Tuesday!


What have we got today!

1. No Matter How Far is out now! 🙂

1. “Nothing Else Better To Do”
2. “Everything And More”
3. “Don’t Run Away”
4. “Tell Me”
5. “Love Don’t Hate”
6. “Wait”
7. “Heart Falls Out”
8. “Notice Me”
9. “I’ll Never Go”
10. “Forevermore”

The CD is in stores now in the US and Canada, and is also available for ordering at several online retailers:
→ Amazon
→ Barnes & Noble
→ Best Buy
→ Deseret Book
→ Sears
→ WalMart

For a digital download of “No Matter How Far” go to:
→ Amazon MP3
→ iTunes.

2. The Music Video for “Don’t Run Away” was just released! And here is animator Kylie Malchus discussing the video for it (thanks for the link, Ali!):

3. There’s also a contest to win a copy of “No Matter How Far” through a Twitter and Facebook contest!

Who knew it would take David being away for his team to get creative in promoting a new album? 😛

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  1. Thanks for the post with links and info, HG!! Picked my copy up today — love the liner notes. Think this might be the first time he specifically referred to Chile (Rancagua, even!) rather than just South America. Ahh, I remember the days when we weren’t even supposed to utter the name of the country… lol.

  2. Fun to see the youtube is up to almost 90,000 views already!

  3. Happy to say my local Walmart had ONE copy….. maybe it had more this AM? But I was glad to see it there…. Recently purchased Begin for a friend at Wallmart. 🙂

  4. I bought my copy.

  5. My Walmart didn’t have any, but I fugured as much,

  6. I can see, though, why after practicing with David to play for the event Sunday, that he would be disappointed. Also, it is true that it would have been nice if someone had told him so he wasn’t caught off guard.

  7. Read the blog…how did this guy even got ok’d to go on a mission….so disrespectfull toward everyone that isn’t Mormon and also toward fellow missionaries. One thing I’m sure that David would not have that “I’m Mormon” superior attitude .

  8. He comes across as a tad more whiny than the 19-20 years olds I know, and to air such gripes over the Internet seems so indiscreet to me. Why does his family not tell him to be more private with his whininess? Or maybe they are unaware that David has an avid and active fanbase, still out here seeking news.

    In other news, loving the album. As per my usual, I am completely stuck on NEBTD and will have to listen to it more than the other songs (although I’m listening to everything) until another one decides to step forward and become the new KH favorite for a while.

    • These posts are emailed to a family member and posted on a blog for Elder Hoff’s friends and family to read. He certainly has a way to make others laugh! It’s too bad some choose to misinterpret his good intentions to connect with his loved ones. Email and letters are the only forms of communication to family on a mission.

  9. I bet that he is making off-the-cuff random comments as he thinks them to his family and close friends and adding “college-humor”-ish spins to his thoughts with not too much of a filter. I really doubt that he thinks others are reading them. I actually hope that he is able to play for David because light-heartedness random comments are something that I think David is used to (all types of humor from his Idol pals and most people know of the joking snarkiess of many teenage girls and David is very used to his sisters etc.)

  10. There are people who have never been inside a church, never said The Lord’s Prayer, who would be far more impressive and kinder than some who proclaim they are religious year after year. Some are kind and compassionate people every day of their lives. It is in the person, their spirit and in their soul. They make no noise about themselves.


  11. I do think he did come off as arrogant, but I also don’t blame him for being ticked off at not being told. I wonder if it was David that did not want him there.David seemed to be surpised to see him, so it seems it was up to someone other than David to tell him the news,

  12. girls, the only thing I can say is that Hoff is history. He lost his only chance.
    Justice is divine and much more if you have helpers.

    • Cast not judgment that ye be not judged. Nuff said. It is impossible to know the details of any situatio other than your own.

  13. Re. Perfect Pitch, me thinks those he mocks know they’re being mocked. Also, you don’t have to speak the same language to be able to detect insincerity and condescension. Maybe Perfect Pitch was pulled off the Easter project for more than one reason.

    I caught part of Idol tonight. Nicki seems to be the new Simon.

    • Remember that it was you who posted a link to his blog (which was set up to post his emails for his family and friends to read). He actually is quite hilarious. I feel sorry for you.

      • No need to feel sorry for me; I don’t need nor do I desire your sympathy. However, I do appreciate you sharing your thoughts because they’ve made me rethink how I come off over the internet to those who (I don’t believe) really know me.

        Iin this day and age, posting too much over the Internet about yourself or about others can be dangerous. If an Elder is going door to door, my guess is that he’s introducing himself. Some of the people meeting the Elders will Google their name(s) to find more information about them. Even though the blog was only intended for an audience consisting of those who know the Elder’s heart (e.g., family and friends), it’s visible to the world. Publicly posted phrases like “the mom was freaky” could be disappointing to someone who met him and really wanted to believe in him and/or the faith.

        Off topic but this even happens in job searches. If you’re interviewing for a job, you’ve most likely been Googled by the hiring agency.

  14. Elder Hoff is a fantastic missionary. This blog is for friends and family anyway. It is light-hearted and humorous. If you don’t like it then stop reading it.

  15. I think it’s not fair to attack Elder H. personally. His blog is pretty cute and informative. It’s the situation he’s in, that we non-LDS people are reacting to.

    By definition, a person trying to proselytize, believes that they are right and everyone else is wrong, or just not quite right enough, anyway. I suppose it’s best just not to go there, if the concept is too upsetting. It’s tough for those of us with ODD, to not want to read about what it might be like for David, but he knew what he was talking about when he asked us to look away during his mission. We assume that David is somehow different, but we don’t really know.

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