Daily Archives: March 26, 2013

Big Tuesday!


What have we got today!

1. No Matter How Far is out now! 🙂

1. “Nothing Else Better To Do”
2. “Everything And More”
3. “Don’t Run Away”
4. “Tell Me”
5. “Love Don’t Hate”
6. “Wait”
7. “Heart Falls Out”
8. “Notice Me”
9. “I’ll Never Go”
10. “Forevermore”

The CD is in stores now in the US and Canada, and is also available for ordering at several online retailers:
→ Amazon
→ Barnes & Noble
→ Best Buy
→ Deseret Book
→ Sears
→ WalMart

For a digital download of “No Matter How Far” go to:
→ Amazon MP3
→ iTunes.

2. The Music Video for “Don’t Run Away” was just released! And here is animator Kylie Malchus discussing the video for it (thanks for the link, Ali!):

3. There’s also a contest to win a copy of “No Matter How Far” through a Twitter and Facebook contest!

Who knew it would take David being away for his team to get creative in promoting a new album? 😛