Music Video: Don’t Run Away

Sorry I’m late posting this (very busy day!) but love the animation by Kylie Malchus! 🙂

I wonder how much went into the production for animation?

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  1. Kylie Malchus has raised the bar when it comes to fan videos. I hope somehow David gets the chance to thank her personally for this.

  2. For old times sake, a-ha and Take On Me.

  3. She is a talented girl!

  4. HG, it looks like your wish has been granted! Kylie talks about how the video came to be:

    Over 500 drawings!

  5. Watched The Voice tonight. Very entertaining show. I like Usher and Shakira as judges. The last contestant Judith Hill was just amazing. I could really see her winning. I actually remember her singing at MJ’s televised memorial service.

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