David Archuleta, ‘No Matter How Far’: Exclusive Album Premiere | Billboard



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  1. I’ve been enjoying the live stream of the album today. I especially like NEBTD and will be happy to have my very own studio version of that song on Tuesday. I also love Heart Falls Out. I like the mix of songs on the album. I just wish it had more promotion.

  2. With regard to listening to the album stream, I’m holding out until I get the cd in hand. I’m also looking forward to the new pics that will be incl. with the cd.

  3. I like the mix on the album too. I agree with you Grammyj that I just wish it had more promo.

    • What promo would you like to see? A cardboard cutout of David on Leno? Given their budget (which is probably almost zero) I think the promo has been pretty good. Always want more, but more costs $$$.

      • I laughed at the cardboard cutout on Leno. You are right that Team Archuleta’s hands are tied because David is not here to do promo, and there is no budget for advertising. It is what it is. I certainly am not expecting big sales for this album.

  4. I expect very low sales for this album to be honest. It is almost impossible to have good sales when the music artist is not a major best selling music artist and is gone for 2 years and there is no promo. If it was that easy to sell music then no music artists would bother with promo and music labels and music management. But the reality is it is not that easy in the music business. Have to spend money in order to make money. The new album is a nice gift for David’s hard core fans.

  5. As far as music goes we are a lucky fanbase. Jordin Sparks has been working on her album since 2010 and it hasn’t been released yet. I hope David is able to continue releasing music on a regular basis when he returns.

    • Also, Cook’s “evolution as an artist” after “amicably parting ways with his label” does not seem to include a new album.

    • Cook is in Nashvile writing music, but we get more music and information from David and his team while he is in Chile than about Cook who is here.

  6. I really hope that David takes his time to release a new album and new music when he returns. I think it is more important to get it right then to release music too quickly. Just read an article that Adele will not be releasing a new album for at least a few years. Of course I am sure she has the financial freedom to do that. Not so sure if David will.

    • Yes Adele has the finances to take her time waiting for few years might not be an option for David, unless he finds another way to make money meantime. It would be hard on fans if when he returned he would be taking another couple of years hiatus to record an album. To me he just needs good management and a good label to get that right, great song to get him back on top of his game plus a year of touring, then he might be able to take his time for an album. Btw,love the album, can’t wait to get home to get my hands on it
      crossing fingers it’s waiting for me.

  7. I’m hoping that David tours when he returns even if it is clubs. His strength is hearing him sing live.

  8. Re. Adele, my guess is that while she’s taking time off for a new album, we will still hear her on soundtracks and/or as a featured artists on someone else’s recording. Timberlake did that; by recording with Timbaland, Ciara and others, he was still heard on the radio over the past 3 yrs.

    Re. David, I agree his strength is in live recordings followed by tv appearances. I once read that Groban’s team doesn’t focus on getting him airplay; instead, they focus on periodic tv appearances to sell his live shows.

  9. Crabpot!LOL your name! Doesn’t the label pay for promo? Not my david. E one or whatever they’re called. ??? What?!

    • Independent labels generally don’t spend much money on promo and we don’t even know what kind of deal David has with EOne. It looks to me like a release and distribution deal. I’d say it’s a one-shot to get this album out to the fans. I don’t expect David to necessarily continue with them when he returns but you never know.

  10. Any indie label or for that matter major label would be lucky to have David. He still has a small but devoted fan base. I am still sure many fans will return to actively following David’s music career when he returns. Hard to know what David will do when he returns but I am sure that Kari will remain with him on his team. I think that is a positive thing.

    • Yes, any label would be lucky to have David and some do want him. David said that Jive offered him a different deal that he did not accept. He also said in an interview or vlog that other labels were interested in him but he decided to get his music together first and then find a label to put it out. Since he left Jive he has had music put out by Sony Asia, Ivory, Highway Records and EOne. He doesn’t seem to have a problem finding a label to put out his music and is using a variety of them!

  11. I hope David will tour but he has to have a good group to accompany him. There have been some that were really bad (in my opinion). He deserves the best.

  12. Hand drawn music video for Don’t Run Away was just posted to David’s Vevo account on YT:

    Even more intriguing than the video to me is the fact it was posted to Vevo. David hasn’t had an official video posted there in more than 2 years. An old AOL sessions vid was randomly uploaded to it about a month ago, which I thought was odd at the time. Now this. Hmmm. I have no idea what it means lol.

    Pretty cool they were able to do a video. It will be a bit of nice promo for the album coming out this week. I’ve already seen comments on the vid asking if he has a new album coming out.

    P.S. Whoever drew that is seriously talented. I can barely draw a stick figure. Reminds me of that a-ha video from the 80s.

  13. It is iteresting that vevo is a joint venture between Sony, Universal and a couple others, I think.

  14. nice job with the video. per FOD, those are utah mountains and slc lights in the background. perhaps a very talented local fan created this.

    • According to the tweet this morning, it’s the same fan who did the drawn Elevator video snippet. I remember even David tweeted about how cool that was at the time.

  15. wow! Kudos to whomever created and drew that video. I hope it gets many, many hits.

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