Beatles Week on Idol

Tonight has made me nostalgic for David:

Too bad he didn’t do this performance during the Top 10 Beatles Week during his season, compared to what he did do:

Even with David’s mess up on “We Can Work it Out,” he still outshines many performing this season on Idol.


How could I forget how David redeemed himself with “The Long and Winding Road” (which Devin Velez performed beautifully but still doesn’t hold a candle to The Voice!)?

As an aside, I’m really nervous for my favorite in the competition, Amber Holcomb. I can’t imagine she chose that song for herself (I suspect sabotage and bus-throwing as someone thinks she’s a threat to their chosen one – hmmmm).

I hope she makes it another week but I’m nervous! 😦

Le Sigh.


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  1. Love the walk down memory lane…thank you HG.

  2. I agree. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. I like Amber too, hg. That was a bad song choice for her. I really thought Devin sounded great tonight but of course not as stellar of a performance as David.

  3. From what Nicki revealed in her comments to Amber, she didn’t pick that song (like Lazaro didn’t get to pick his). I absolutely HATE when producers start manipulating the show like this! I would’ve loved her rendition on a more popular song, like “Let It Be” or “Hey Jude” or “Eleanor Rigby,” or even “Love Me Do” or “Across the Universe.”

    GAH! They so want her gone (but why? She has way more potential than Candice Glover!).

    • I agree hg. I just think that Amber is more marketable than Candice even though she has a great voice. I wonder if they want Angie or Kree to win it. You know the producers have one of the girls in mind to win it. They made sure that they did not pick a WGWG that would be popular with the viewers. lol. It could be either Candice or Janelle that wins it too. Just not quite sure a this point. Actually I think Amber is more marketable than any of the other girls.

  4. Watching those clips, my initial thought was — as always — David should have won. 😉

    I’ve listened to Devin’s TLAWR twice and I’m not impressed. I agreed w/Keith Urban in that it lacked emotion. In comparing it to D’s version, D sings with so much more power and feeling.

  5. Poor Paul and Lazaro are being thrown under the bus big time. lol I do think Lazaro should go ( his vocals have been bad) but I just do not think Paul is that bad of a singer. They are both going to have track marks on them before the show is over. lol.

  6. david should have won no doubt,but the producers wanted cook to win for some reason still unknown to us, and now they are messing with lazaro. if lazaro goes home something is definitely wrong because he has tons of fans who adore him and i’m sure voted like crazy last night!

  7. Amber is one of my favorites too, and it’s not difficult to see what is happening. When Nigel Lythgoe tweeted a while back that AI producers never manipulate what goes on with the show, there must have been universal laughter among AI fans.

    I went back to view David’s TLAWR again (more than once). I hadn’t watched it in a while, and what struck me was the absence of glitzy stage production, backup singers, special effects, etc. It was how they did it in 2008, but David still soared. He just draws us in and tells the story with such phenomenal vocal prowess. A wow moment for me back then and still now. As Simon said, “a master class.”

    • yeah who’s ever decision it was to have backup singers was thinking what i wonder? the contestants are so bad they need help or the audience needs a distraction? that doesn’t even make sense! what the heck? so stupid! but of course i continue to watch!

  8. Yes, of course, David should of won, he was the best singer by leaps and bounds above all others that season…and its safe to say one of the top singers to come out of that show…I’ll go on to say he is in the top three…but the only one that hasn’t had that mega successful career..YET!!!

  9. I enjoy watching past performances of David because it reminds me of why I fell in love with him, but I’ve been finding it difficult to look back in the past in my life right now. My mom has been quite sick over the past 10 months, and remembering how she was, before getting sick, made me really sad and depressed. So I stopped looking in the past and now try to live for the moment and enjoy being with my mom for how she is now. She actually has been improving, with lots of prayers and special care. I don’t miss her so much now and am thankful I still have her around.

    So sometimes I find it hard to watch past David performances because I’ve been trying to live for the here and now…except, there is no here and now with David. I think that’s why I miss him so much now. There was this void in my life that he filled and now the void is there again…getting the “new” album is ok, but it’s truly not NEW music from David, just recycled old stuff. After he put out “Begin”, I think we got a glimpse of a direction David would be heading, and I loved it. But this “new” album doesn’t seem to be where that direction was heading, so I’m finding it hard to get excited for it. Don’t get me wrong, I will still like listening because it’s David’s voice and nothing can make me feel better than listening to his voice, but…..I still just REALLY REALLY REALLY MISS DAVID JAMES ARCHULETA 😦 😦 😦 And I wish we could have a true idea of where his music direction will be headed. Get a glimpse of what he’s thinking for future music direction. People on that mission are so dang lucky…

    • I haven’t watched Idol yet so can’t comment on the performances. I have it taped and will watch tonight, but I do love David’s performance of The Long and Winding Road. I think we all really miss David especially at this one year mark knowing that we still have another year until he returns. I really don’t know the direction his music will take when he gets back. I don’t know if David even does. He seems to go with the flow sometimes. On TOSOD he wanted it to be about him and his life so he didn’t want a lot of love songs, but then he went to the Philippines and recorded a whole album of Fillipino love songs. I think it was because he was offered the opportunity to record the album so he did.

      Yes, the new album is mostly songs from the TOSOD era, but I am a fan that loves the album so I am happy that it is being released. I love the two new songs and I’ve always wanted NEBTD that was only on the Japanese version.

      • GrammyJ, that’s what makes being a fan so exciting…he is such a musical genius..
        My take in David making the discussion to go on a mission, aside from his religious beliefs, he also needed to go away to really figure out what direction he wanted to go with his sound…
        I keep thinging about the vlog he stated that he needed to build a foundation before he could continue, not exactly stated this way, but that’s what I understood. Also the last vlog (I think) he said he can’t wait to bring back the person he becomes…although, I think he’s pretty darn great already..

  10. Was looking at the video of when David sang with his mother and it got me thinking. Wonder if she has found someone and might be married by the time David returns..humm. And what about his dad, maybe he has found someone, too..humm….not my business, but still interesting to know…and Daniel… wonder if he is getting ready to head off on a mission…hummm!

  11. Saw the clips of Jessica Sanchez and Casey Abrams on MJs; looks like both of them did well on Idol tonight.

    I just watched D’s “Imagine” for the 1,485,485th time. I had the nerve to try and sing along with him; trust me, it’s a huge difference in our vocal abilities. 🙂

    • I just really enjoyed seeing Casey Abrams perform. He is such a unique performer and I just love his jazzy style. He is a talented musician and you can tell he is into music just for the love of music, I did buy his album and I like it. Casey has stayed true to himself and did not change. I give him much credit for that. In regards to David and his family I do agree-where is the palm reader. lol.

  12. Btw, got an email from Bestbuy….NMHF was shipped today..happy that I will have it when I come home…going to Vegas baby with sister and her husband for a week. Will lurk via my phone.

    • This is great. Thanks for the link.

      • “Before leaving, Archuleta recorded a number of songs that were never placed on an official album — some unfinished demos, others hard-to-find cuts that had only been shared on international releases. Thanks to his dedicated fanbase, many of these tracks were shared online, catching the eye of the label Entertainment One, who decided to compile them into a proper album: “No Matter How Far.”


  13. “David Archulta has been away on a Mormon mission in Chile since March of last year, but it hasn’t stopped his people from releasing new material from the American Idol season 7 runner up.”

    I think this post from MJ’s says all that needs to be said. Notice the word “material” instead of “music.”

    • Really? Only you would notice that. It is of course music and music that I love. Music is subjective and I guess you don’t love it but that is your opinion. There are plenty of people that like it or would like it if they ever got the chance to hear it.

  14. Loving the Billboard streaming! Thanks, Munk.

  15. I was always a big fan of “Crush”. I really like all the songs on the album.

  16. Oh. I forgot to add thanks for the link.

  17. David looks happy. They should release more pics of him over in Chile.

    • There could be a lot more pictures of David in Chile, but David tries to stay out of pictures or hides in the back of group pictures. It’s been reported on missionary blogs that he doesn’t want his picture taken. I think he wants to keep his mission separate from his music career or else he would have done missionary blogs and pictures. I see his reasoning as some fans don’t agree with what he is doing and even Mormons criticize him when they think he isn’t obeying the missionary rules.. Every time his team puts out music someone chimes up on Facebook about how can he do that when he is on a mission.

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