What’s Wrong With Being Gay?

normal_crushhq11Not that I think that about David, let me say that right out the gate. But, I gotta tell ya: the level of homophobia expressed on the previous thread (which incidentally had nothing to do with sexuality and all about his faith) is so problematic here on this blog in which I allow for any and every kind of discussion.

So, here’s the thing:

I learned very early in the days of following David not to broach that subject. The first time I did, it was in a “safe space” in which the blogger had allowed a conversation in which a “gay subtext” could be interpreted in David’s “Crush” music video.  Not being a homophobe, I ran with it – check out my comments on that particular thread (God how I love the Internet for archiving everything!) – and offered my expert “gay subtext” reading and provided David’s gay fans with a whole new way of projecting themselves into the fantasy of “being with David.”

Heck, I do it all the time. Like, when folks would ponder why David didn’t have a girlfriend yet, and me and my black self would just be like – “Cause he likes black and brown girls” (i.e. his close friendship with Alexandrea Lushington, his calling Syesha Mercado “gorgeous,” his hanging out with the tall and lovely Shontelle, his flirting with Jordan Sparks when he described her “beautiful smile,” and I could go on and on…). So, my thinking went: “David doesn’t have a girlfriend because his ‘type’ doesn’t live in Utah!”

See how that works? It’s called FAN PROJECTION AND FAN FICTION FANTASY! 😛

I realize a gay fan might think otherwise, just like his straight fans want him to date soon, just like his LDS fans want him to “do the right thing” and marry soon after his mission.

We all have our fantasies, our projections, our expectations, and the thing that I love about David is he knows how to keep the things that are dear to him so tightly close to his heart that we never see it coming! (Who the heck was thinking he had a two-year mission thing planned all along? And maybe he’s got a fiancee already, or maybe he doesn’t. Who knows? Unless one of course is inclined to listen to those VRS).

All of which is to say: I don’t know about David’s private sexual identity and life, other than knowing that, when asked about his orientation, he said “My interest is in girls.”

Now, anyone who knows anything about human sexuality knows that things are always more complicated than that. Some folks know from childhood that they’re gay and some folks don’t realize this about themselves until middle age.

I do know that, someone who is as devoted as he is to his faith is most likely going to do what is expected of him. If his Church (and dear Mama Lupe) expects him to settle down, marry and start a family, I do believe David will do that – I do believe he will wait until the “love bug” strikes though and not just randomly select some suitable gal just cause everyone else is ready for him to do so. We all imagine, I think, that David does what he wants to do.

So, that’s my long preamble to saying: we can only SPECULATE about his sexuality ’cause he just might be the type to think that’s not something his fans need to know.

But what I do know is this:


Sadly, for some fans, a sudden change in their idol’s sexual orientation could be a deal breaker.

Tell me, exactly: WHAT’S WRONG WITH BEING GAY?

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being gay; I think there are spiritually affirming ways of loving and accepting our gay brothers and sisters (without requiring them to be celibate since we sure as heck don’t expect our straight brothers and sisters to be celibate so that’s unfair discrimination).

I just want David to be happy, whoever is in his life or even when no one is in his life.  If his first love is “Music,” then that’s what drew us to him and him to us.

Obviously, according to my latest poll, most folks want David to keep his religion private (unless he does decide to star in The Book of Mormon), and perhaps the same can be said about his sexual life.  Especially since we’ve shown just how judgmental we would be, as a fanbase, when our high-profile artists identify a certain way.


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  1. Bravo! you did again Hg…couldn’t agree with you more.
    Getting excited to hear the whole HFO song and I’m sure I’ll fall in love with the rest of the songs all over again, even if I already heard them before.

  2. oops there should be an “it”after did, lol. And by what I meant by…you did it again is an other phenomenal article.

  3. I posted a long comment at the end of the last thread, explaining how my problem with the topic had to do with issues of privacy and respect. I won’t drag it over. If David were gay, I wouldn’t care. I am close to some beautiful people who are gay, lesbian and TG. I still don’t like the talk because David has had to address the issue. I suppose since I’ve stood in front of the guy, looked him in the eye and thanked him for the enrichment his music brings to my life, I don’t therefore feel that I can speculate about something that feels private.

    • So anything regarding his private life should be off the table of discussion and that would be regarding, of course his religion, his sexuality and how about speculating about him having a girlfriend like the huge conversation that is going on in another site, isn’t that private too, but that doesn’t seem to bother anyone.
      I still feel that keeping conversation going while he is away is a lot better than everyone forgetting about him altogether…yes, maybe it gets dicey at times, but one thing I get from everyone here and other sites is that they want to stick around and wait for him to return to his music career that we all are so desperately wanting him to do when he returns.

      • Maybe I’m in the minority but discussions of D having a girlfriend are awkward to me; I skip over them because I’m not into that conversation. I have my thoughts but I prefer not to share them via social media.

  4. Cq, my issue is: David can decide to keep his faith and sexual life private.

    Now will that mean fans won’t speculate? Of course not!

    And I agree that if we can’t speculate about his being gay then we shouldn’t speculate about his having a girlfriend.

    Or if you want to talk about girlfriends AND being gay, go for it!

    Just don’t expect heterosexual assumptions to trump homosexual ones, not on this blog.

  5. I am not so concerned about his faith or his sexuality only insofar as how it directly impacts what David sings about.  Just another perspective and I don’t know if it is selfish but it is what it is. 

     My concern is about what he chooses to share with us in his music -themes, topics, thoughts, feelings.  And yes of course the quality of production, lyrics, marketing, etc must be of only the best quality to match that voice.

    But I mostly have always been about the voice and the connection.  The connection for me will need to be on topics of love and life.  Love of family (children, partner in life, parents) of humanity, of self, and spiritually as well.  The spiritual part -love of God, or whatever other form that may be.

    And life -the good AND the bad is what floats my boat.  I don’t need everything sugar coated.

  6. Desertrat, maybe you and I trip over similar issues. I too don’t talk about the girlfriends via blog comment either and I’m careful when the topic turns to religion. All are private issues to me. All are very complex, and minds aren’t easily changed about most of it. This is a public forum and David and his people can’t easily come and explain or defend, encourage or discourage or participate.

    But of course, HG, this is your blog and I do appreciate the opportunities to keep talking about David. I’ll just have to step out occasionally, which is what I’ve done anyway.

    CQ, since you seemed to address me directly, I was expressing my own discomfort with certain issues and my rationale behind the discomfort. Because discomfort with the orientation issue can most assuredly be for other reasons besides homophobia. Trust me, I have loved ones who have come out, and all did so in their own times and ways. None of those experiences were easy regardless of family circumstances. I hate those social pressures. When it becomes no big deal to people, that’s when we’re getting somewhere, IMO. (Like the recent viral letter from a father who asked his son to pick up bread and milk, because they were out, too. Did you guys see that? That was beautiful.)

    • You are so right those social pressures are killers. My wish is that someday being it gay, straight, bisexual will no longer be a big deal and all will be excepted equally. We’re getting there.

  7. goodkarmaseeker

    Another thoughtful post HG! I haven’t read through all the posts on the last thread to pick up on the
    homophobic notions expressed and I don’t think I will now. Life is hard enough without finding reasons to divide ourselves from other human beings.
    I’ve always perceived David to be this pure sweet soul. That’s one of the biggest reasons I’ve been such a big fan, one who’s willing to wait 2 years and then go somewhere, anywhere for his first concert after the hiatus. I love his voice and his looks but then there’s this beautiful aura about him.
    He seems so pure and childlike and simple and I have kind of wanted to protect him from “the world”. As with those that I love, I want David to be “himself” and to find and explore and develop that the most he can. I have been concerned that he has felt, in his family, the need to be the responsible one, to do the right thing. I have been concerned that he has perhaps limited his expressions to those approved by his religion. My biggest hope for David is to define himself and
    go out and live that to the fullest, whether that is straight, gay, celibate, whatever. That’s what the world needs more of is truth and love and understanding (and always GOOD MUSIC0!

  8. We are defined not by who we love but by how we love. I wouldn’t find a single thing wrong with David being gay, if he were. I’d still be here supporting him 100% percent because it doesn’t change a thing that I love about him. He’d still sing his face off, still have the sweetest, kindest personality, still care for his fans, still be a force on the stage, still have all the potential in the world. Those are the things that draw me to David. I don’t care what orientation he is, what religion he has, what car he drives, what brand of aftershave he prefers. Those things don’t effect me.

    As I mentioned in the last thread, the thing about discussions on sexuality that bothers me is when others try to define someone else’s sexuality based on their own perceptions. I have no problem with someone imagining that David likes a certain type of person based on their own wishes. That happens all day long with any number of people. (I might imagine David likes girls who spend alot of time online, visiting blogs and making comments… ;p)

    When it crosses the line for me is when people speculate publicly about someone based on personal characteristics. “Oh, he’s soft spoken and never had a girlfriend…must be gay!” “Oh she has really short hair and kinda walks like a construction worker…must be gay!” Those sort of things are ridiculous and can be personally hurtful for the people in question. Of course then that begs HG’s initial question, what’s wrong with being gay? I say nothing but there are a lot of people in our society who don’t agree. But whether the idea of being gay bothers you or not, I don’t think anyone likes to be assumed to be something they’re not just because of stereotypes.

    In the last decade, we’ve seen even more of the celebrity media wanting to “out” those celebs who are gay. I 100% don’t agree with that. Whether someone publicly chooses to address their sexuality is completely up to them. It’s not some kind of obligation. Those who want to come out and share their story: I support them. Those who don’t want to publicly talk about it: I support them too. It’s really such a double standard anyway. I don’t see George Clooney having to go on the cover of People to announce, Yep I’m Straight!

    • If only all people are like you, this world would have been a better place to live.

  9. Thoughtfully and well said Ali!!

  10. “Cause he likes black and brown girls” mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    HG. almost, you’re right. I think you should start another profession. With very bright clothing, a turban and a very shiny ball, you’ll have luck looking at the future.

  11. hi gladys. will you be able to attend the Easter devotional concert?!

  12. oh and i think hellogorgeous is right. David does appreciate the beauty of black women. maybe he will marry one. is that allowed in the mormon church? asking for real, not being snarky or sarcastic. i’m curious about the mormon church because it is so very important to David so please LDS people do not be mad at me. i would really like to know. thankyou 🙂

    • One LDS Opinion

      Would the church “allow” David to marry a black woman? Of course. I assume he will choose to date within his own faith, and there are fewer black members in Utah than in other places. However, David is a traveler, so who knows? BTW, I absolutely LOVE these two hilarious women in Utah. They have written about David before: http://www.sistasinzion.com/p/about-us.html

      • Just out of curiosity could he marry non LDS that doesn’t want to convert, and still be in the highest standing with the church.

      • thanks! 🙂

      • One LDS Opinion

        Replying to cq’s question: Yes, he would be personally, although there would be no temple marriage (sealing). A marriage ceremony would be performed elsewhere by an LDS bishop, other clergy, or authorized civil servant. He could still attend the temple on his own (with a recommend).

      • Thank you One lds opinion, so he couldn’t go to the highest heaven because as I understand it you need to be sealed in the Temple for that honor. I’m just trying to see if some young non Mormons girls have any chance, lol. Not looking very promising.

  13. Great post, hg. Just got home for work and I really enjoyed reading the posts and the comments. Liked reading the posts from the older blog. I think I may have shared this before but my brother is gay and it just annoys me when being gay is perceived as a negative. I am quite sure many have family members and close friends that are gay. I am not really referring to anyone that comments here on SD but more about comments on other blogs and the internet regarding speculation on whether a celebrity is gay or not. David does seem to appreciate women of color.

  14. I don’t usually post links to the missionary blogs, but this one is just too informative to pass up. Elder Pork-Chop, lol:

    • Here’s the interesting paragraph, in case you don’t want to follow the link:

      “I just finished practicing for Easter with Elder pork-chop (¨chuleta¨ in Spanish is some kind of meat, I looked it up in the dictionary and it means ¨pork-chop¨. what does ¨Elder Chuleta¨ sound like to you? hahaha) So yeah, we were practicing for the easter devotional. Anyways, I made 2 discoveries. 1, his range is higher than I originally thought. We were practicing a piece for tenors, and he had me transpose it up another whole step because it was a little low for his range. 2, He can´t really sight sing. Every piece we wanted to practice, he had me play out the melody first because he didn´t know how it was supposed to sound. Luckily he has a really good memory so he picked it up after the first time. Maybe I shouldn´t have expected him to have a musical ear like mine, aka perfect pitch, but even mediocre relative pitch could get you pretty far with sight singing.”

      • Is this guy saying that David has mediocre pitch, lol, talk about an idiot. I thought at first he was joking, but after reading it again, doesn’t seem like he is…am I wrong.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Haha, is that guy classically trained then? I’ve noticed some people who are classically trained think there is only one right way and everyone elses way is inferior – even if the non-classically trained person sounds awesome.
        Pride sneaks in everywhere.

      • Okay, let’s hear you sing, Elder Cocky (aka perfect pitch).

    • Thanks for sharing this link. Hmmm… I take it that the author has spent most of his life around people similar to himself. I hope this experience broadens his perspective of other cultures.

      Re. “Pork chop”, he’s a musical genius; he hears a melody once and runs with it!

  15. that makes me feel so good to have that in common with david! they always have to play the melody once for me too! oh thankyou God! now i have hope 🙂

  16. I know David plays by ear, but even if he did sight read, it seems like a good idea to play through the melody once to get a feel for it. Why ever not? It seems like Elder H. is a little competitive.

  17. The “Pork chop” name is amusing. Kind of off topic but watching DWTS. I think AI alum Kellie Pickler did great dancing. I would love to see David do the show when he returns. It would be good PR.

  18. Regarding Elder Pork , Whomever that guy is .aka perfet pitch. I thinlk he has a big chip on his shoulder!

  19. David can read music; he took piano lessons for a few years. I would love to know what pieces his teacher had him work on. All popular or did they do some classical? Did he learn scales?

    His vocal coach once said that David likes to hear the melody first rather than just sight read.

    • Shanny in Australia

      When David was preparing for the MoTab event, apparently Mack Wilberg was quite worried after his first run through with David, so David went to see his vocal coach guy (name alludes me right now) who ran through it with David. Basically, I got the idea that David is not very good at sight-singing (looking at the notes and knowing what the note sounds like), he has to hear the note played and then he can sing it. Different strengths and weaknesses. Doesn’t matter because when he opens that mouth, everything else just melts away. Plus we know that when he does hear it played, he’s onto it straight away.

      • Thanks, Shanny! I would love to ask David questions about what his piano lessons were like. I’d love to ask him what it is like to record backround vocals and harmonise with himself.

        I actually want to start my childhood piano lessons totally over. My dream is to be classically-trained enough to place a Chopin piece!

  20. shanny- i’m the exact same way as i’m sure lots of others are.just really surprised to learn david is like that too! so good to know that reading music and having singing talent have nothing to do with each other! 🙂

    • Shanny in Australia

      I find it interesting that even musicians who you would think have to rely on sight-reading can be good or bad at sight-reading. Seems music and muscianship is more multi-faceted than what we average joes give it credit. No wonder learning music is good for brain and sensory development in children.

  21. Shanny in Australia

    A few general thoughts….

    1. I’m LDS and I don’t care when or if David gets married. I get tired of how LDS people get stereotyped in this fanbase a lot. Yes, we do have many things in common but we do vary so please don’t brush everyone with the same strokes. Besides, knowing what I do about general attitudes towards marriage within the church, I don’t think most LDS fans are hoping beyond hope that David will marry immediately. I would think they probably hope he gets to enjoy marriage at an appropriate time after he has met the woman of his dreams.

    2. I personally don’t think it is disrespectful to discuss David’s sexual orientation, potential girlfriends or even his religion. I think it is the manner and the frequency of how those things are discussed which can easily become disrespectful. Free speech should not be an invitation to be thoughtless and disrespectful. And speaking constantly about one topic, especially with disdain is disrespectful also.

    3. I think there is a possibility that David could have homosexual feelings. And not because he has a soft voice (his Dad does too) and not because he hasn’t had girlfriends (I suspect he has had girlfriends and he has definitely gone on plenty of dates). I hope that for ease of life he is heterosexual. If he turned out to be gay, as was mentioned earlier, he would still have that stellar voice, that good heart, that infectious smile and so I would still think he was one awesome human being and buy all his music and hope to attend concerts.

    4. I think homophobic is a loaded and out dated word. It implies an aversion or fear of gay people. I think most people these days know or love someone close to them who is gay. Most people are not homophobic these days. Rather, most often it is a matter of loving the person but disagreeing with the lifestyle for a whole lot of reasons that go deeper than ‘it’s weird and unnatural and they should just stop’.

    5. The LDS church has not changed their stance on homosexuality. If anything they have simply learnt that people needed to shown compassion and understanding and support if they have same-sex feelings. The LDS church still expects people with gay feelings to remain celibate, just as it expects heterosexual single people to remain celibate or married people to remain faithful to their spouse and resist pornography etc. Are these easy trials to bear? No they are not. And that’s why I hope for David’s sake, he doesn’t struggle with homosexual feelings. But in the end, no-one’s life is a walk in the park and we all have trials to overcome in this life.

    • Shanny thank you for setting us straight…lucky people that find a mate. One thing that Mormons are like Catholic…sex is between a man and a women and is meant for the purpose of making babies.
      I guess we have to send our comments to you for approval and yes, that was meant to be snarky.

      • Shanny in Australia

        Cq, you keep telling people off for telling people off. lol

      • So you admit that you were telling people off.

      • Shanny in Australia

        What I will say Cq, is that after you said that, I went back and read what I wrote a couple of times through with an eye to me ‘telling people off’. And while some of it is just my take on things, I can see how in some ways, some of what I said could sound like I was telling people off, if that’s how you want to put it.
        I don’t mean to sound like that, I guess it’s kind of my style. I do know I have a tendency to take on a lecturing tone. I might have to work on that but don’t expect immediate improvement because I think it’s going to be hard for me to change. lol
        On the other hand, when we share ideas that are in contrast to someone elses and are more than opinion and getting into the realms of ‘facts’, it can sound like we are lecturing or looking down our nose at someone or something, when in fact we are not. I try to give reasons for my views so maybe that is why you are reading my comments that way.

      • Shanny, glad that you explained yourself. I shouldn’t of said anything, I just a little heated when that “RESPECT” word comes out.

      • oops that should be “I just get a little heated”

      • Shanny in Australia

        🙂 I understood what you meant lol. Thanks.

  22. I do agree with your last sentence in your comment, Shanny “But in the end, no-one’s life is a walk in the park and we all have trials to overcome in this life.” Isn’t that the truth.

  23. Shanny in Australia

    Ok, since I’m saying it all today…another comment which is a throwback to a comment on a previous thread, challenging LDS fans about how would they feel if David were an Athiest…

    Because David’s religion has been discussed to death, a long time ago I examined myself and asked myself how would I feel if David were a muslim or a buddhist or something. And how would I feel if he quoted the Koran occasionally in his tweets or behaved and lived his life like a Muslim and went off for two years to share his theology. And you know what….I don’t think I would be offended or turned off by it. Primarily because I would accept that as part and parcel of who he was and being a die-hard fan that followed his every move I would expect to get exposed to it occasionally. I wouldn’t necessarily agree with it all or assimilate all the ideas into my own life but I would be pragmatic about it all. His life, I’m just out here watching and enjoying what I want to type of thing.
    But that’s pretty much how I feel about most or all aspects of David’s career. Not stressed, just enjoying whatever.it is he decides to do and share.

    • I like what you wrote Shanny and I thought about it too even before David decided to go on a mission for his church. I remember reading comments about his religion and thinking ‘thank God he’s not a Muslim’ because I felt that some of the comms came off as judgemental and intolerant sometimes. But TBH if David was a Muslim, he wouldn’t even have finished second on AI. He wouldn’t need to talk about his religion to get daily hate and I believe that his fanbase would have been really different… (There’s a young Muslim pop star who’s a member of a famous boyband and you can’t even imagine all the racism and islamophobia he has to constantly deal with, it’s totally disgusting).

      I tend to avoid the discussions about religion. They often end up being generalizations about people of the same belief.

  24. I don’t condone homosexual behavior, premarital sex, pornography, abortion, or living together before marriage. I don’t hate on people who are ok with these, either though. We all have our set of moral standards that we try to live by. For me, I always to try and live by the most important commandment, which is TO LOVE. That doesn’t mean I have to agree with. Heck, I love my husband with all my heart and with all my soul, but I don’t always agree with him! We will always encounter others who don’t see things as we do. You don’t have to agree, but we should be respectful of others beliefs. I know it’s old, but I do always try and imagine what Jesus would say if asked directly about different things…the WWJD litmus test. He always seemed so fair in his assessment of situations, based on what we know from Bible stories.

    On a side note, I REALLY REALLY REALLY MISS DAVID!!! 😦 😦 😦 😦 I sure could use him and his wisdom right now! Life has been way to difficult lately and I sure could use a David vlog or letter to lighten and brighten!!!

    • Shanny in Australia

      Dreamerjulie ((hugs))
      A vlog would be divine. His music is wonderfully helpful but it doesn’t stop us from missing that connection you get through vlogs.

    • Not “condoning” homosexual behavior is like someone not condoning your heterosexual behavior in your marriage. Gay people are just like you, with the same needs and desire for love.

  25. And there is no “gay lifestyle”. Gay people are individuals–some have lifestyles that would be indistinguishable from yours, with marriage, children, a white picket fence, and the faithful love of a lifetime partner. Trying to make it somehow deeper than that IS homophobic.

    • Shanny in Australia

      Arguing over the term ‘gay lifestyle’ would just be playing semantics CC halo. I think it was pretty clear in the context I used it that I was simply talking about people who have sexual relations with someone of the same sex.
      As for your last line, well me might just have to agree to disagree then.

  26. Regarding your point number 5, Shanny, any gay person fortunate enough not to be born into a conservative religion or society, would completely reject the notion of their sexuality being a “trial” or something requiring sympathy, as attending a gay pride parade would show. (We enjoyed seeing the “Mormons Building Bridges” group marching in support of gay marriage in a parade recently).

    This is heart-breaking, and so unnecessary:

    • Shanny in Australia

      ”Regarding your point number 5, Shanny, any gay person fortunate enough not to be born into a conservative religion or society, would completely reject the notion of their sexuality being a “trial” or something requiring sympathy…”
      I am sure you are right cchalo. Makes perfect sense.

    • What a great guy. I feel that any man that marries a woman because it’s expected, but really doesn’t have those “very important” feelings for her a travesty.

  27. I stand by my comment in the last thread & I’ll expand it. I would MUCH prefer David be gay than Mormon!

    Why? Because after meeting David I was curious about his religion so I researched Mormonism quite extensively and to my dismay, the history of Mormonism is not what it seems on the surface. Not that it’s members are bad people. It’s that they are blind to the truth and some would just as soon cut their hands off than read the true history themselves all of which is documented by the church itself.

    All religions believe THEY are the one true religion. So which one is correct? The one YOU happen to belong to would be my guess. Jesus Christ, if he were to come today would shake his head in dismay at religions today with their billions of $ in holdings and their grand & opulent temples & cathedrals built in His name when there is so much hunger & poverty in this world. I suspect the first thing He would do would be to destroy those buildings built in His name. Just a wild guess from what I have read about how Jesus lived.


    • Some people need organized religion to feel comfortable that it is the only way they can enter into heaven and for some religions even excepted into their community, I do respect anyone to whorship anyway they choose, the church itslelf I don’t feel the need to respect. You are so right every religion believe they are the one true religion and have their doctrine to prove it…whatever floats their boat, but I tend to agree with you about what would Jesus do.

  28. Throwing roses today, CC.

  29. Peter, I am not sure where you are going with this vedio. Do you just like the song, or do you think the sun is in Chili, or do you think everything around here is getting a little too dreary? Maybe none of these.

  30. cotton candy

    I will arrive in Chile on Saturday March 30, I was invited by the organizer of evento.dia Sunday at 6 pm to begin the devotional. When the event is over I’ll be in the same place as always saying everything I saw, (the voice)

  31. gladys I am sooo happy for you and I can’t wait to hear all about it. I need to read my posts before I send them, correction on Chile and video.

  32. Yipee next tuesday we’ll be able to hear HFO and listen to all the other songs in the album and fall in love with them all over again or for the first time for some…exciting!
    Loving that tease picture Kari put up on twitter…my guess is that we will be in love with a lot of the new pictures…miss him to pieces!!

  33. I saw this quote on Facebook that I thought applied to the discussion on this post. “Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle you must fear or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense.”

  34. Hg, went back and read your article again, not only because I agree 100%, but because I love reading anything you write.. girl you have mad skills. This time I clicked on to the link you provided and got lost in all the excitement over the Crush video, sigh , and that everyone thought that was the start of a career that would skyrocket him to the top. He has done great, but he is still struggling and I think it’s because he hasn’t found his his sound. I just hope that when he returns that there will be a renewed excitement and popularity over his (now a more mature David that matches his talent) “new” and amazing sound…always the optimist!!!

  35. In my opinion I would love to see David go Josh Groban, Michael Buble. David has the voice, can pick up on different languages and this kind of music is soo much mature than pop. Pop to me is so underneath David’s voice .I know David can sing anything, but as I said this is my opinion’

  36. beneath not underneath.

  37. GRRR…………so fustrated that David is such a huge talent and yet the only song/album was his first to have any major success, even his Christmas album was ok, but not majorily successful…what’s up with that.?!?!?…all I can say he needs good management/label to help him achieve the success he so deserves. I know what happened and of course, the hiatus from his music career is not helping…but still fustrating GRRRR!!! thank you for letting me vent, lol.

    • You really do sound quite frustrated there, cq. Not trying to go all new age mystical on ya (not that there’s anything wrong with that! lol) but there’s a quote that my grandma has repeated for years that I always find myself going back to whenever I’m worried or frustrated about something I really have no control over: “Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.”

      Of course that doesn’t mean I’m never worried or frustrated but it has helped me to think about things. And it helps me to remember that I can’t change what has already happened — all we can do is learn from the past and hope for and work toward better things.

      Look at me offering up quotes like some DavidArchie guy on twitter 😉

      • Thank you Ali really good advice, but that was only my feeble attempt to be funny, not very succussful, lol.

      • oh! well then ignore me spouting advice all over the place lol. i just never like to see people upset. i would definitely go in the people-pleaser personality category.

  38. I am wondering what David has in store for us this year, I thought what he left us last year was great! I am thinking that he has his future in music mapped out somewhat too.Cq, I do think he needs a good manager when he returns and maybe that has been taken care of also. He still has Kari, and I don’t think she would stick around if she thought it would be over for David.

    • Good point potluck8..I really like how Kari is handling things while he is away and I still want her as part of David’s team when he returns. That magic combination is what I want for our man.
      Love that sneak peek of the arm from one of the pictures that is included in the album…glad that she is trying to build excitement.

  39. I agree that I think Kari will be there for David when he returns. She seems very loyal. That Kari should be a keeper for David as part of his team. I think she will be.

  40. thanks gladys! hope u have an amazing time at the concert and a very happy Easter 🙂

    • Cq…I didn’t say go away and I didn’t say that it should be all about other artists. Check it out.

  41. We have little left to talk about din’t we? II think that we should all take a month long vacation once in awhile so that we can come back perhaps refreshed and excited to be back discussing the few things that happened in that month. He can take 24 months away from the scene to go in a different direction, I wonder if we could do the same? We would be more on the same playing field if we did that. After all he wanted us to. I can’t see another year without breaks and scheduled returns.

    He has left the scene, should we? No one would have to keep us amused like children with puzzle pieces and guessing games. His solid fan base would return just like he is going to do.

    So those are my thoughts from time to time. We have his albums to listen to and the rest is guessing and wondering what he will be doing a year from now.

    HG has given us reviews about other artists and that is good. Maybe we should be spending more time keeping in touch with music the world over and we would come away knowing and enjoying so much more over the next year.

    We could be more help to HG perhaps with a few ideas of musical interest. Most often we should be able to tie David into the conversations.


    • SandyBeaches, of course you can choose to do what you want, but I for one would hate if all the fan site would go away or completely be about other artists, I don’t mind every once in a while having other artist featured, but as a steady diet, I wouldn’t enjoy. I might be the only one, but I feel that keeping a day to day connection is good for David’s career and will help when he returns.
      I’m sure that we have more stuff coming from the Archuleta camp.

  42. SB,
    Good question.

    I actually love the teasing and the puzzles. 🙂

    Has anyone here ever done the MENSA brain teasers? I love them, and David is one giant brain teaser! LOL It’s one of the things I find so fascinating about him. I never know what he’ll do next. And waiting? I don’t actually mind that either (although I admit I’d be having a lot more fun if he were here and touring :)) But, following David, it seems I’ve always been waiting for something (new music, videos, tours) and trying to figure out the puzzle that is David Archuleta.

    Will I ever have all the answers, or REALLY understand him? Probably not. But that doesn’t stop me from trying. It’s what makes this so much fun! Besides having an amazing voice and personality, he is a fascinating puzzle that I keep trying to figure out. Each time I think I’m getting close, he surprises me again.

    I have always looked forward to everything he has given us, and everything he left for us. And I wonder if what he’s left us in the way of music is a clue to what’s to come, or if he will go in a completely different direction?

    With David’s personality and diverse talents, there’s no telling what’s in store. I love surprises and can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

    But that’s just me.

    • That is just you and possibly many others but I prefer listening to his music to anything else that tries to fill in the time. Just not a person for these games I guess and you really have to be. Only his music is important and that is Just differences of our own opinions and how we choose to wait.


  43. Good article 🙂

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