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What’s Wrong With Being Gay?

normal_crushhq11Not that I think that about David, let me say that right out the gate. But, I gotta tell ya: the level of homophobia expressed on the previous thread (which incidentally had nothing to do with sexuality and all about his faith) is so problematic here on this blog in which I allow for any and every kind of discussion.

So, here’s the thing:

I learned very early in the days of following David not to broach that subject. The first time I did, it was in a “safe space” in which the blogger had allowed a conversation in which a “gay subtext” could be interpreted in David’s “Crush” music video.  Not being a homophobe, I ran with it – check out my comments on that particular thread (God how I love the Internet for archiving everything!) – and offered my expert “gay subtext” reading and provided David’s gay fans with a whole new way of projecting themselves into the fantasy of “being with David.”

Heck, I do it all the time. Like, when folks would ponder why David didn’t have a girlfriend yet, and me and my black self would just be like – “Cause he likes black and brown girls” (i.e. his close friendship with Alexandrea Lushington, his calling Syesha Mercado “gorgeous,” his hanging out with the tall and lovely Shontelle, his flirting with Jordan Sparks when he described her “beautiful smile,” and I could go on and on…). So, my thinking went: “David doesn’t have a girlfriend because his ‘type’ doesn’t live in Utah!”

See how that works? It’s called FAN PROJECTION AND FAN FICTION FANTASY! 😛

I realize a gay fan might think otherwise, just like his straight fans want him to date soon, just like his LDS fans want him to “do the right thing” and marry soon after his mission.

We all have our fantasies, our projections, our expectations, and the thing that I love about David is he knows how to keep the things that are dear to him so tightly close to his heart that we never see it coming! (Who the heck was thinking he had a two-year mission thing planned all along? And maybe he’s got a fiancee already, or maybe he doesn’t. Who knows? Unless one of course is inclined to listen to those VRS).

All of which is to say: I don’t know about David’s private sexual identity and life, other than knowing that, when asked about his orientation, he said “My interest is in girls.”

Now, anyone who knows anything about human sexuality knows that things are always more complicated than that. Some folks know from childhood that they’re gay and some folks don’t realize this about themselves until middle age.

I do know that, someone who is as devoted as he is to his faith is most likely going to do what is expected of him. If his Church (and dear Mama Lupe) expects him to settle down, marry and start a family, I do believe David will do that – I do believe he will wait until the “love bug” strikes though and not just randomly select some suitable gal just cause everyone else is ready for him to do so. We all imagine, I think, that David does what he wants to do.

So, that’s my long preamble to saying: we can only SPECULATE about his sexuality ’cause he just might be the type to think that’s not something his fans need to know.

But what I do know is this:


Sadly, for some fans, a sudden change in their idol’s sexual orientation could be a deal breaker.

Tell me, exactly: WHAT’S WRONG WITH BEING GAY?

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being gay; I think there are spiritually affirming ways of loving and accepting our gay brothers and sisters (without requiring them to be celibate since we sure as heck don’t expect our straight brothers and sisters to be celibate so that’s unfair discrimination).

I just want David to be happy, whoever is in his life or even when no one is in his life.  If his first love is “Music,” then that’s what drew us to him and him to us.

Obviously, according to my latest poll, most folks want David to keep his religion private (unless he does decide to star in The Book of Mormon), and perhaps the same can be said about his sexual life.  Especially since we’ve shown just how judgmental we would be, as a fanbase, when our high-profile artists identify a certain way.