The Ongoing Saga of David’s Faith

Whenever there’s a slow news day in Archu world, what do we talk about? David’s faith of course! 😛

It dawned on me, however, that I don’t think I’ve ever polled Soul Davidians on this issue, so why not take my latest poll?


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  1. Ha ha ha! I can see it now, David and Syesha co-starring on Broadway! But would he play the straight-arrow Elder Price or the screw-up Elder Cunningham?

  2. Best poll ever, hg. I agree with you cc halo. lol. I just love the choice of David starring in the “Book of Mormon” musical on Broadway when he returns. lol. Not that it would ever happen but what a smart promotional move for David that would be when he returns. You can’t even get tickets to the musical without spending alot of money as it is still so popular. I may be dreaming but still would love for David to sign with JT’s music label when he returns. Tennman/Interscope Records only has 3 artists signed and I do not know any of them.

  3. I prefer that David remain private but if he periodically feels compelled to share something re. his spirituality/religious beliefs, I will listen.

    Re. the Book of Mormon broadway play, I’ve heard about it but I know nothing about the theme. I don’t see David being interested in broadway.

  4. if it turns out that david is gay, will he be able to stay in the church or do they still kick people out?

  5. Oh boy Cotton-talk abut a loaded question…think I will duck out to the food store and await the replys!

  6. maybe it’s still a taboo subject? if so, sorry! 😦

    • In the spirit of openness, I’ll bite: I understand the Mormon church is reaching out to gay people, and promoting more acceptance, with a new Facebook page or website or something, but they still have to be celibate to be in the church–for their whole lives. I don’t really see it with David, but what do I know? (Maybe asexual???)—-((((ducking tomatoes))))…not our business, unless he shares one way or the other, which I don’t anticipate him doing.

  7. Throwing one tomato, gently, CChalo, for that little piece of unnecessary speculation. Until the day that we all start sharing our particular sexual appetites, then I believe no one should feel pressure to share. I wouldn’t want anyone discussing my likes and dislikes, or those of my children. Ugh. Sorry. Guess that’s a sore point.

  8. thanks cc halo! wow, celibate for their whole life? how sad and difficult that would be.

  9. I find speculating about someone’s personal sexuality to be out of bounds no matter if they are celebrity or the next door neighbor. Please note, I’m not saying that anyone here is doing that — I’m just proactively saying that I find that people who push their own ideas of someone else’s identity onto them to be in the wrong.

    I don’t find talking about sexuality itself to be taboo in the least. It’s part of human nature.
    As far as religious stance on homosexuality, that’s always been problematic and certainly not just for the LDS faith. In fact, as cc halo mentioned, the LDS church has altered their official stance on the subject. It’s still not approving but it’s one tiny half-step in (what I consider to be) the right direction. I think they faced some disapproval from other conservative religious groups for this, actually.

    While Wikipedia is not my idea of the world’s most accurate source, they do have a pretty comprehensive list of Christian denomination stances on homosexuality:

    • Thanks for posting that list Ali. I was raised Catholic and I know they have not exactly changed their conservative stance on homosexuality. The new Pope is just as conservative in his views so no hope for immediate change on that issue. I noticed that the speculation on some blogs regarding Paul and some of the other guys who are in the AI top 10 about being possibly gay has already begun. What bothers me about it is that it seems to be a negative for some people and it really is no one’s business anyway. I think it just shows the negative side of the social medium and celebrity. Who cares anyway.

      • Re. speculation on some of the blogs, I’ve read those too. I find it interesting that the speculation only pertains to the male contestants.

      • I agree with you desertrat. It is interesting as I noticed that too.

  10. And now I’m laughing at the irony of this new post by HG being about one sensitive topic (religion) we can’t seem to get away from and now we’ve added a second sensitive topic onto the top of that! LOL. David really better give us something totally different to talk about soon 😉

  11. LOL true! yeah David, come back and save us from ourselves! we need help 🙂

  12. it,s to bad that some of davids fans don,t have the respect for him that he does for them,,sick people they are

    • ray, you are a great David fan and I respect your view, but I for one feel that all these fans that take there time and effort to continue to have conversation, regardless if you agree or not, do love and respect David. Just because we sometimes go to places that are uncomfortable don’t me we don’t love and respect, imo.

  13. I might be wrong, but if the new album had a few more “new”, never heard before, songs the conversation might be different. Being that DRA isn’t doing well, also, as far as radio play, no promotion and no David to promote it, we are left with a dry well, but are desperate to continue having a conversation just to keep these fabulous sites open..don’t get me wrong I’m so excited about the album, love all the songs and am thinking I might love FOH the most…from the snippits anyway, it’s just that it was here and the excitement and conversation kinda dropped off the face of the earth…it’s so different..still David is such a sweetheart for thinking of us with all these goodies.

    • DRA never had a single chance to do well in radio play, from the beginning. I have no problem with optimism as a whole but DRA was DOA at radio in that sense. Simply put, if you’re not on a major label or have major label-supported distribution, you will not get mainstream radio play. It’s just a fact. Sure, the occasional request will be played but there was never a chance of DRA being added to monitored station spins.

      That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have released it or put that it was being sent to radio. There was always the opportunity for the odd spin here and there to increase awareness of David’s music. But the song and the album are clearly being aimed at the existing fans, as something from David while he’s gone. I think this discussion has happened alot but I really (really really) don’t expect anything to happen for David as far as expanding his career goes until he’s back from his mission. We’re just in a holding pattern until then. That’s my perspective on it anyway. So I’m just here chillin’, listening to the music, thinking of what other small little surprises are planned this year (you know there’s something) but mostly just living my life.

      • I agree with you Ali, DRA should of been released and sent for radio play…you never know. Yes, I too never expected much, but Eone gave me a bit of hope that it would be somewhat promoted…anyway it’s all good so glad to have new album from that phenomenal golden voice, sigh.
        I promised myself that I wouldn’t begin the month countdown until the months were single digit…almost here, yipeee!!!!

  14. Wow, I would say that Melinda’s and Kari’s plans are working just beautifully.

    As for this blog, I always laugh when I consider its name is SOUL David. FYI, the other Archie I personally know calls this place GhoulDavid.

    Happy St. Pat’s!

  15. I am actually a big supporter of Kari. I think I am a bit jealous that she gets to work with both JT and David but she obviously is very good at her job. Like I keep saying Lucky Lady. lol. I really don’t have an issue with Melinda any longer as I do not believe David does. It is all in the past now. David seems to be the forgiving type to me.

  16. CQ,when someone insunuates davd is gay that is not kove and respect,and comming from a supposed david site just spreads rumors.theres plenty to talk about without going there,,you guys on here have picked david apart from his head to his toes,and everthing in between ,even his underware.,so don,t tell me you love and respect him,can,t prove it by me,maybe thats why more people don,t post anymore. RANT OVER

    • I do agree, Ray that at times people seem to undermine David on the fansites. It’s sort of like when a person jokes about you and then says “aw, just kidding” when they actually know they are being hurtfull to that specific individual because we are talking about a specific individual here and not the world in general. My motto is don’t say anything about anyone in a blog or on twitter that you wouldn’t actually walk up and say to their face. By using that criteria, you can actually reassess your own motives for saying things and weed out the rude or catty or mean-spirited or hurtful-to-that-specific individual. It makes me think “hmmm…maybe I don’t actually want to say that because it does actually affect that person in a negative way – do I want to do that?”

  17. You know what I think one of the most frustrating problems with this fanbase is? The recurring urge to point fingers at each other. “you’re the reason there aren’t more fans, more posts, more sales, more whatever”. It’s constant and it doesn’t take sides. I’ve seen LDS fans saying it to non LDS fans and vice versa, I’ve seen David-is-so-hot fans saying it to David-is-an-angel-and-its-a-sin-too-call-him-hot fans and vice versa. I’ve seen it from Its-all-the-labels-fault fans to its-all-his-dads-fault fans and vice versa. Think of a scenario and I’ve seen fans pointing fingers and accusing others of being the downfall of David’s entire career. The pervasiveness of the bad fan mentality. It’s pretty exhausting, really.

    Why must we continually accuse each other of not “loving or respecting” David? Everyone sees things from a different perspective. How about opening up your minds to see where someone else might be coming from before you accuse them? One thing the world could definitely use more of is tolerance and attempts at understanding.

  18. Ok collegemon and ray you have put us in our place…BAD, BAD, BAD FAN. Anything that I have said on this or any other site, I would say it to his face…I think he is a phenomonal singer, I think he is a hot looking guy, I don’t belief in his religion…I do respect him for doing and being who he is…doesn’t mean I will be alway discuss him through rosy colored glasses, geesh!

  19. so ali you say that insunting that david is gay,and doeing every thing wrong is respecting and lovening him,boy are you in another world

    • No, ray, I didn’t say that. But I can see that you are all too happy to tell me that I’m wrong in what I was saying without ever understanding it.

      What I was saying is that I wish we would stop accusing other fans of not caring for David, stop pointing fingers. If you had read my earlier post in this very thread, you would know that the very first thing I said on this topic today was that I absolutely did not agree with insinuating about ANYONE’S sexuality, whether it be David or not. So at least in that, you and I are completely on the same page.

  20. I like this site because people can express their views, and it makes me think. I really like the phrase, “don’t ask, don’t tell” when it comes to sexuality. I really don’t care to know. I will say on FOD the rumor is that David has a girlfriend waiting for him. There’s a picture of him with a dark haired pretty girl. Someone said her name is Melissa. Of course we use to have Idolfan here telling us that David was dating Charice.

  21. cq who said you were bad ,if the shoe fits weare it,you know every reply is not about you,my first statement was not about you ,but you seamed to think you had to chime in,and trhats just because it,s me,,and you feall afened because the truth hurts

    • sorry ray, I really wasn’t being egotistic, I really wanted to reply because you pushed my buttons. For the record you did say some of David’s fans, so I thought I was included in that statement.

  22. cq LOL i can bush buttons by just posting my name,

  23. cq I didn’t say anything about fans or bad fans. I don’t even think that way. I was talking about words and blogging and how to me I think it helps to step back and think about my words not in the abstract but in real life so that I don’t lose myself in the fact that we can all sit back and type things (whether about someone else or about ourselves) without thinking about how those words actually directly effect the person I am talking about.

  24. Collegemom, I like that piece of advice and will try to remember to apply it.

    Ali, you made an excellent point about pointing fingers.

    The year point since his departure is approaching and it sure seems tough (but we are getting there.)

  25. A few threads back, there was some gentle speculation about Lazaro Arbos, and no one went off the deep end. As I said earlier, I don’t see it in David, but ((someone)) here seems to think that it would be a terrible insult, if I/we had said that he might be gay….which I didn’t anyway…and which it isn’t…an insult that is… This is a young man who when asked about a celebrity who looks good in a bikini, had as a first thought–“mazel tov”. He’s like a big kid, so I don’t think it’s horribly off-base to say “asexual”–meaning “not sexual”. His mind doesn’t even seem to go there.

  26. David said his interest is in girls. He also said he doesn’t lie. End of story.

  27. c.c.halo: tell us about your sexuality. Are you gay? Please be open.

    • I’m married with 2 kids of our own, who are still living at home, and have another kid (a friend) living with us. So nope, not gay, though I do have some amazing friends who are, and are in a same-sex marriage with adorable kids of their own. And I’m always pretty open.

      I’m not sure what it is about me saying I don’t get the speculation about David being gay, twice, (re-read what I wrote, if necessary), that is all that different from oliveoil pointing out that David said his interest is in girls. Pretty similar concept. So, jeeeze…

      In fact, I LOVE the video I recently saw, but can’t now find, that shows David giving an intense Archugaze at a couple of cute girls. Somebody compiled all the instances of him doing that, and played them in a MGR, lol.

      Anything else about David’s sexuality…..mazel tov.

  28. cc. then you are asexual,you know so much about is that why you live alone

    • I’ve been married for 35 years, but my kids are relatively young (David’s age) because we went through so many years of infertility treatments and then the adoption process.

      I did look up asexuality when Perez Hilton mentioned it in connection with David, and I was interested to know that around 1% of the population has that orientation. However, it’s also a term people might use in a colloquial way, to describe someone who, like David, is a little stand-offish.

  29. cc halo~ i agree!

  30. In another fan site they have David married off…think they found his secret girlfriend and this site a bit of a different twist, lol. Oh David, come home we need to have a conversation about your wonderful vlogs, your tours, your super populor new song that is all over radio, tv etc (no need to tell me he can’t come home earlier, I know that… just trying to lighten the mood) and of course, lots of tv appearances, sigh. That talent cannot be denied, dang it!!!!

  31. I’ve become the whipping-girl for people who don’t like the rumors about David being gay, and I didn’t even say I thought he was, lol! Why so many short fuses around here?

  32. cc halo: my comment to you is not about David. It is about you. It is about your sexuality and how you use it in your thinking, (negative or positive). Remember, people can be curious about you when you think!

  33. Since you are so interested in cc halo’s sexuality, what’s yours? One good turn deserves another. And no I am not gay, but if I were, I would say so.

    As for David, he had many many gay fans who unfortunately may have moved on when he went on his mission. We don’t really know if David agrees with his religion’s stance on Homosexuality or not but we have to assume he agrees with all his church teaches as that is what he is teaching in Chile.
    He did say he had “gay friends” so who knows. Maybe more like “gay aquaintences” is more like it. Just speculating because as I said before, none of us knows what goes on in David’s mind. We only know what he chooses to share. He will always be a very interesting enigma.

    I don’t think he’s asexual. I think he tries very hard, maybe too hard to appear that way. IMO.

  34. Wasn’t the subject of this thread supposed to be about his faith & how we think he should handle that part of his life when he returns to his secular career?

    Seems to me David’s sexuality is a whole other subject but it appears some fans still wonder. I doubt his fan sites would broach that particular subject regarding David because it seems to be taboo. going on a limb here but so be it. In all honesty, I would much prefer he be gay than Mormon. But that’s just me.

    Have a great day. Peace!

  35. I agree with you a lurker 2. The only point I was trying to make was that many male celebrities ( music artists and actors) or even male AI contestants have had speculation on the internet that they are gay. It is not just David as I can name easily 3 of the guys in AI’s current top 10 that many are speculating about in blogs. Do I think it is fair or right? No but it is the way it is. If you even look at comments on JB on blogs you will notice that many post that he is gay. I just do not see being gay as a negative and it does concern me that David may have lost many of his gay fans. David should embrace and welcome his gay fans as they are known to be very supportive fans. All that being said it is no one’s business if someone is gay or not as it is a personal matter.

  36. Yes, people speculate about the orientations of others, particularly celebrities and more often males. I missed the discussion of Lazaro because I don’t watch Idol and tune out when the blog talk goes that direction. My problem with this type of talk when it comes to David is this:

    1. He has stated that his interest in girls after being asked directly.
    2. He has talked about dating girls. About delaying sexual behavior as well as marriage. About how he wants to marry and have a family one day, and about how he feels that these life choices are important.

    ^^^ That’s what he’s presenting to us. Plus, he went on a mission for his church, and many of his fans have problems with that church specifically because of its stance on gay relationships.

    To say the subject is tricky is a vast understatement.

    In a radio interview when he was younger, he played a free association game where his answer to the question about which celebrity would look best in a bikini, he said “Mazel Tov.” If someone had asked me, at any age, to name my celebrity crush or tell the listening audience which celebrity I thought would look good shirtless or in swim trunks, I’d likely have avoided telling the truth because I consider my love and sex feelings to be private. I don’t mind if others gush about some guy’s bare chest, but I wouldn’t. On a good day, maybe I’d have thought to say (during the interview) that the question was obnoxious. My best friends never knew about my crushes! But I am not asexual and if I ever found out that a bunch of people were speculating that I might be because I wouldn’t name the dude who I found the most sexy … well, I can’t even imagine what I’d do, but I’d be hurt. And I don’t believe David deserves for me to behave hurtfully toward him.

    I love the several gay people who are very much a part of my world. If David were gay, I’d feel the same way about him that I do now. But since he has been forced to answer the question for us, I find the discussion unfair and uncomfortable.

    Peace to all.

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