Cryptic David Message on Twitter

Anyone want to take a stab at it?

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  1. He is preparing to get married and start a family soon after his mission.

  2. seRiously “dating” that is!

  3. I guess that most young Mormons have marriage on their mind because that is the only way that they can achieve the highest kingdom of heaven as I understand it…yes I’m sure David is no different, but I just hope he takes his time when he returns and not rush into marriage…
    I do take that message in a different way because David has always wanted to keep his personal life private,( besides he is not suppose to be thinking about love, marriage at any time while he is on a mission), why would he send that message to his very public twitter and fans…so here is my take: a little hint that we are in for a lot of wonderful big things as far as his career is concerned. It was a pretty smart comment…just to keep the conversation and speculation going…just glad we got a bone thrown are way.

  4. cq I agree with you , I think it is about his career too. in my opinion I don’t think David would rush into marriage, but I didnt think he would go on a mission either.

  5. cq, think you are right.i have said it before and will say it again,the man is a genius,one simple quote from a thousand miles away and he rattles the fan base,got to love him

    • The “quote” is just a throwback ( a deja-vu ) when he was giving us inspirational quotes on how to live our lives. A habit he got into which I found a tad irritating since he has not yet gone through some of life’s harshest experiences. I just want to hear him sing, not be my guidance counselor even though his heart was always in the right place.

      Actually, my first thought when I read the “quote” was that since there was a lull in the excitement and anticipation for the release of the “new” album, his team thought it would be a good idea to put out something “from David”. Too bad it wasn’t more of a “Hi all, David here! How is everyone! I’m doing well & eating well! See you in about a year or so. haha!” Something more personal from the David we all know, love & miss.

      Jus’ sayin’

      • Yes, jus’ sayin” that message would be golden…just happy we got something…anything from him…I’m thinking, maybe we will get a more personal fun message from him as it gets closer to him returning..hoping anyway…love the guy, can’t wait for him to return to his music career.

  6. BTW, the “small and simple things” part comes from the LDS. Look it up.

  7. DANG david can,t you do any thing right, jus saying

    • I really think that David is doing things right or else non of us would be here waiting for him and speculating on what direction his future music career will go. It won’t be long before he is back and we will have a lot of brand new topics to discuss…hurry up 2014…

  8. Re. the quote, it’s also consistent with one of “The Alchemist”, a book D has mentioned in the past: the journey prepares you for the destination.

    I’ve been reading articles re. the bartender who filmed the Romney/47% video. Something as small and simple as an acknowledgement of the bartender’s presence might have made the bartender hesitant to release the film.

    • In case you’re not following the bartender’s story, he said that he handed Romney a drink and Romney took it, turned his back, and walked off without saying a word to him. By contrast, in his interactions with Bill Clinton, Clinton thanked the wait staff, shook their hands, and took pictures with them. The bartender had had his camera nearby in hopes of getting a picture with Romney.

    • Edit —

      …consistent with one of the themes of The Alchemist ….

  9. Interesting, desertrat. And not to get too far into a discussion related to politics/politicians, but t’s my belief that President Obama has worked on his interpersonal skills while in office. I think he’s naturally introverted. Clinton’s a natural extravert and a charmer, with the goods and the bads inherent in that personality trait in full force. I don’t really have a handle on why Romney would do such a thing, and I’m a democrat through and through who was never going to vote for him, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe his mind was on the business at hand and not on whether or not a waiter was going to want a photograph. This election season was brutal on this Kansas democrat (LOL) and I’m ready to relax.

    About David’s quote: I like hearing from him, period, and I know that that quote came from him because he’s geared toward sharing the ones he likes. I don’t see this as preachy. More as a share. I look forward to the days when he stays in constant contact with fans so that we get the funny and more personal messages interspersed with the quotes.

    • Obama impresses me as an introvert too; I thought that’s why he selected Biden (extrovert) as his running mate. Re. the bartender, I watched him on The Ed Show last night while the rest of the world watched Idol. LOL. The guy never said anything bad about Romney and he didn’t say much about the election. He did state that perhaps being born the son of a governor and being brought up in wealth, Romney may not have realized how his comments and actions came off. He put the video out in public because he thought that those who couldn’t afford the $50k dinner should have had the opportunity to hear what Romney really thinks.

  10. I’m sure David’s message is mostly a pep talk for fans, based on his own day-to-day thoughts and church messages, and very little to do with his future career plans or anything. I think his message is like his OSOD lyrics: just keep taking the small steps, putting one foot in front of the other, it will lead to greater things.

    I’ve always had the same kind of reaction to David’s preachy side that jus’ sayin’ does, even back when he was doing the ‘task of the week’ thing. But really, I think it’s an age thing–most of us here are older folk, and I think his natural fan base that he would be trying to reach out to, would be younger. He’s an idealist, like so many of us were at his age, just trying to be a force for good.

    However, a church sending 19-year-old “Elders” to knock on doors and preach to South Americans, is a whole ‘nother thing best left alone…..

    • I hear you regarding the last sentence. As far the the rest, you are probably right, but I just choose to speculate that the message was about his music career….just want to hold on to the idea that he still can think about his life outside of that bubble at some point of time in a 24hrs span.

      • I was thinking about Gladys’ comment on the last thread, on this same idea of respect to South Americans. I remember tibitibi, who is from South America, worrying about the idea of David preaching his family values to people with their own culture of family values. I probably shouldn’t try to speak for her, but I wonder if maybe this concern was the reason she stopped commenting. I often see some disrespect in the blogs, especially when people say to the elders that all religions lead to God–the young missionaries just know better, lol.

    • Prosletyzing on twitter is a huge turnoff for me.

  11. Idol is giving out the top 3 tonight. We know David was never in the bottom three. I wonder if he was always in the top 3. I think he was. I wish David would have had Jimmy Iovine as his mentor and Interscooe as his label. Scotty and Philip have both done great. Philip just got back from Europe where he played in France, UK, and Germany. He is scheduled to perform in Brazil at a big music festival. I got all this information from MJs, not because I’m following Philip.

    Actually Idol gave out the where everyone placed. That was interesting. Girls we’re the top 3 and boys the bottom 3.

    • Yay, I’m so glad girls are in the top three! I looked on Dialidol last night and the bottom four were all African Americans, including of course, Candace (my favorite at this point), Amber and Burrell. Lazaro was on the top. It used to claim to be accurate, so I guess I can stop looking at it now.

    • I think David’s quote is to his fans regarding his career. I don’t think he would be making a public statement on twitter about marriage or his personal life. I think his twitter is mostly used for his career. Grammyj I wish that David could have had Interscope and Jimmy Iovine too when he was on AI as opposed to Jive that is no longer in existence. They really have done a good job with Phillip and Scotty so far. A girl is going to win AI this year for sure.

      • totally agree with you, Marie.

      • It would be nice if he’s saying to fans that what he’s doing now is “small and simple”, so that he can have this great career in the future. But personally, I doubt that he considers his mission a small thing.

      • He thinks he’s instrumental in people’s salvation. It’s huge for him, not small.

      • I agree with Marie. Once I got past the fact that he was paraphrasing his religion’s scripture, it hit me that he is probably using this quote to send an encouraging message to us about his future in music. I have always thought he speaks in code sometimes, through his tweets, through his music. I think what he’s saying is that all these little efforts he’s made for us this past year, putting out 3 albums – I mean what the heck! Who does that?! haha- giving us 3 music videos, a single release, etc. etc. These are small things he’s giving to us, but greater things are yet to come!! It makes me so excited!!

  12. David’s quotes or tasks have never bothered me. Idk, I’ve just never felt like age was a requirement for learning from someone. Not that I always learned something from David’s quotes and tasks. But sometimes I did and I appreciate that he made the effort to stay connected. I guess I can see how some might feel he was preaching at them but I interpreted it more that he thought of/saw something that made an impact on him so he wanted to share it. Everyone interprets things differently though.

    As far as this tweet goes…I think he means the local Chilean food now is preparing him for the plethora of tastes to come his way when he does his South American tour in 2015 😉 hahahaha

    • Lol.

      I’m going to contradict myself somewhat and admit that I have found some of David’s ideas really helpful, especially trying to communicate some things to my 22 year-old son, who has a mental illness. But, maybe I’m also like Simon, who sounded like he found David’s tendency to be inspirational, annoying sometimes.

      • To me, classifying David’s personal inspirational thoughts as annoying knowing how careful he is of others feelings and how we have never seen him be judgmental of anyone and how he speaks right from his heart reminds me how cynical and judgmental we have all become, me included. How perfect he is going to have to be when he gets back, treading that line of the world’s opinions. I hope he simply continues to follow his heart and ignores all of us.

      • Collegemom actually I for one don’t want perfection from David, other than his voice which it comes to him naturally. We all know that David is a good guy, but sometimes see that “good guy image” a bit boring. I of course, don’t think he has a boring bone in his body, but I am an except (all us diehard fans are), he needs millions of people to see what we see in him. His music needs to match his phenomonal vocal talent…I believe that will happen when he returns to his singing career. Btw, I’m a huge fan, but yes, I was in ah with all his inspirational messages. Sometimes it was like he thought we all needed to be saved.

      • It’s okay to find being preached at annoying sometimes. It’s a feeling, not a judgement. There’s no right or wrong about it. I’m quite sure that David will continue following his heart and ignoring what we say.

  13. The heart and the head of David, at this time, are totally dedicated to his Heavenly Father and his life as a missionary. His enthusiasm and energy comes from a deep spirituality.
    Devotionals have appeared in his life because he is David Archuleta. But I have the certainty that at this time, David’s priority is to focus on his spiritual life.
    We all know that David, singing is his passion, but his passion is now focused on his Heavenly Father.
    No other idea or thought that occupies his mind.
    You wonder how I can know something only David knows.
    Believe me, I know firsthand.

    • I really like you Gladys, but that statement just made me sad…it’s almost like a slap on the face to all of us that want to keep that fan of a singer mistic going. It’s almost like you silly people, he just doesn’t care or think about any of us right now. I believe that you can serve God and also think about other things…imo.

      • I just hope when David finally returns to his career that his focus is on his music career and expanding his fan base. I really have no interest in his religious mission to be honest about it but I do wish that he was allowed to directly communicate with his fans and perform concerts for them. David does need to realize that whether it is fair or not some of his religious beliefs are considered strange in a modernized world. That is just the way it is- right or wrong. I just do not care about the religious beliefs of any music artists that I enjoy as I feel that is their own personal choice. That is just the way it is. For example I love Bruno Mars and Adele yet I have no idea what their religious beliefs are nor do I care to.

      • cq# I wouldn’t feel sad at all . David is trying to give 100% of himself to God right now. That doesn’t mean he cares less about us anymore than he cares less about his family. We know how much his family means to him and he left them for 2 years also. When he gets back he will be ready to give so much more to his singing career because he won’t have to think about going on a mission.

      • oliveoil, I’m not that heartless that I feel sad that he is serving this mission in behalf of his church and it’s his main focus, I get that, it just seemed to me that statement was kinda of scolling us fans because we want to talk and wish and speculate about things relating to his music career and everytime we try to do that, someone have to remind us that his mind is not with us…I know that…but to constantly be reminded, is very annoying, but it’s just my own feelings…I’m sure I’m in the minority.

    • Some fans think they “know firsthand something only David knows” after meeting him once or twice. Other fans who have met & talked with David many, many, many times still think of him as a remarkable human being but admit he is an enigma. None of us know what is in his heart on a day to day basis. I doubt anyone does. All we have is speculation.

  14. Religion, spirituality, no religion, no spirituality, each way of life personal and I wish that it was more that way but of course that’s not going to happen. Some religions have a lot of talk and are noisey, others speak through their actions. Some show their religion just by the people they are and we gain from those people without contradictions towards our own beliefs or intelligence. I like the ‘spirituality’ that has no sales pitch, no price tag, just a good way of life. I like it to flow as easily and peacefully as David sings.

    I am here (anywhere is here) for the singing and few remain because that changed. But, the doors remain open and we keep wondering what will go on. There is one thing we know from the past, anything can change in a moment.


  15. The reason David planned so thouroughly and left us so much music (way more than artists that are not on a mission or on a vacation or anything) was so that he could concentrate on his mission while on it. We know that he is a tremendously focused, hard-working individual and I expect no less from him when he gets back. Life is all about multi-tasking and I have no doubt that in David’s own personal quiet time, his mind is churning in all directions, as always with his usual often-stated main thoughts: God, family, friends, music and that includes his fans because he has a real relationship with his fans and he has told us over and over again what that means to him.

    • That’s how I feel too, Collegemom. Right now he is on his mission where his main goal is serving God. When he comes back he will concentrate on his music career IMHO. He wouldn’t have left us so much music and hire Kari to take over his social media if he wasn’t coming back to his music career. Currently he really has no other skills for another career. Of course he could go to school to train for something else, but I’m pretty sure he will give the music career another shot. What his sound is going to be, I really don’t know. As Randy constantly says, he can sing anything. I’m looking forward to see what he does when he returns as it is a mystery. Guess I have to wait a year.

    • Agree, collegemom. It is all about planning w/David and he has a plan.

  16. I’m sure he is focused on his mission, and works to redirect focus when other thoughts interfere. I’m also certain that his every thought isn’t funneled completely in that direction because he’s human. I do better when I manage my own expectations as regards David. We all knew when we heard the mission news that we were in for a wait. We’re almost halfway through, so my fellow fans who are now upset because this album isn’t being pushed hard to radio or promoted in the other usual ways are already disappointed. They might feel better if they took the music as a gift from David, sent from the time before he left. And trust that when he said he loved music and would return to music, he meant it. (Sorry if I’m coming off as preachy myself. I don’t mean to.)

    • It’s funny that as an ODD fan I worry about David’s sales when I could care less about the album sales of any other artist that I like. I just enjoy their music. That’s what I’m going to focus on with David’s new album. I’m just going to enjoy it. I already pretty much know its not going to sell much as there has been no marketing for it and David can’t help sales as he is gone. David and his team had the money to put it out for us so I will buy it.

    • KathyH, yes I think that the album was for his fans and I’m very grateful that it was made, but the only reason I would like good sales from the album is because it will give him some money to make it easier to continue with his music career when he returns. I really didn’t have big expectionation, but as a diehard fan, I’m always wanting that song/album that will shoot his career to the top where he belongs….and I will never stop wanting that until the man himself says he is done with making music his career.

  17. what i don’t get is why david has to put religion in one compartment and music in another. why can’t he combine them and do both at the same time like other christian artists?

    • I guess your right he can become a Christian singer or a Mormon singer, I guess they are the same?!?
      But if he wants a mainstream non religious career, he does have to keep his religion to his private life. I do like a lot of singers and frankly I don’t know any ones religion and I don’t really care to know. I just want to enjoy their music…Because of what David is doing right now is the reason why his religion is so much part of what we discuss, I just hope that when he gets back, that part of him will be a private matter and will not be a topic of discussion because we will all be spazzing about his fabulous music career, lol.

      • No, they are not the same. Unfortunately I don’t think David would be accepted in the Christian music field. Christian artists sometimes tour in churches and testify through their music. They don’t believe in the “Book of Mormon”. I think David with his love of God and love for inspirational music would be perfect for this genre, I don’t think it will happen. I also don’t think that David could make a living as a Mormon singer where he would just sing for Mormon churches and junctions. I could be wrong, but it seems like most of this type of singing would be unpaid.

      • In response to Grammyj below: Very well stated. Thank you for clarifying. What you say is true.

      • I mean above, haha. Just getting use to posting.

      • Yes I agree with you too, Grammyj.

  18. Before he made the mission announcment, he didn’t really talk too much about his religion, did he?He does share himself, and he is a spiritual person who seems to get a lot out of the teachings of his church, so he shares some ideas that are related. But I don’t think he was overbearing with that part of himself. Plus, keep in mind, we are the ones following his every move. Tons of fans know much less — for example, the recent tweet about him being dropped by Jive and becoming a dentist. (LOL.)

    I think his return will be very interesting. As angsty as this fanbase can be, being a fan of David has brought many, many more good things to my life, including friends, than bad. I’m excited to see how things play out on his return.

    • I do agree with you KathyH that it will be interesting to see how things play out on David’s return. I really have not a clue as to what David will do. Kind of very off topic but interesting that I read that AI ratings are going down this year but the series “The Bible” on the history channel is doing really well in the ratings. The Voice and DWTS begin soon too so I wonder how that will effect the ratings of AI.

      • AND…every show Justin Timberlake is appearing in has resulted in those show’s ratings to skyrocket.
        Wonder how many millions his album sales will be? Kari must be so proud to be associated with him at this point.

        As for AI, they should just say adios while it’s still considered a top-rated show. Better to leave while still standing than to get cancelled. I don’t watch it so it doesn’t really matter to me one way or another but I have friends who love it.

      • Billboard is estimating a half a million albums sold in the first week for JT with a good possibility to trend upward. He has been all over promoting the past few weeks. Definitely like the roll out of his album.

  19. if i was kari and had to choose between JT and david i would pick david 🙂

    • Kari is one lucky lady to work with both JT and David. They both obviously must be very comfortable working with Kari. I am sure JT’s album sales will do very well.

    • You forget David is not here, JT is. She doesn’t have to “pick”. Not this year.

      However both JT and David have an album which will be released this month. One will probably go platinum because the artist is tirelessly promoting it. I suspect since it’s been six years since JT’s last album, this one was highly anticipated. Of course JT didn’t “leave”, he just went on a different path and became a movie star in those six years. He never went away.

      As a die-hard David Archuleta fan, I have never been happy about his leave. One year, OK. But two, I felt the risk of losing him for good was too great. I admit that’s just me being selfish.

  20. Forgot to add “so I guess that makes me selfish too”. lol.

    • Make me another selfish fan because I wish he hadn’t left either. Too bad the term of service isn’t one year because he would be about ready to come home. Oh well.

      • YES, can you just imagine? It will be one year March 28th that David left so if there could have been an option for him to go for one year instead of two, we would be celebrating & breathelessly awaiting his return thinking JT who??

  21. i agree. they should let him come home now so his career is not destroyed!

  22. I’m all for him coming home this year…from what I understand they have a huge number of applications to go on missions sense the age limit has been no problem having replacements…what an awesome surprise that would be for us fans…

  23. I see the moratorium on Mormon mission/religion discussions has ended. Hmmm, the comment count should go way up now, LOL.

    David didn’t ask any of us to believe in what he is doing, or even approve of what he is doing. He only asked that we ALLOW him to do it. It’s probably a little too much to ask that we allow it with respect or a smattering of understanding.

    David could actually come home right now for any one of the following reasons: Flagrant and frequent breaking of mission rules; serious illness; accident or injury; going back on his commitment. Regardless of how I feeling about his leaving, I hope none of that happens. And I don’t suppose any LDS folks have told you that some missionaries request and are granted extensions of 4 to 6 weeks. That little fact should stir the pot.

    The rampant speculation on this blog just cracks me up sometimes.

    • “The rampant speculation on this blog just cracks me up sometimes.” Amen.

      All these posts inspired by a random quote that David probably included in his email home for any number of reasons, or no real reason at all. Just because Kari liked it enough to tweet it, doesn’t mean that there’s any significance to it. It IS fun to speculate though, and not much else to speculate on right now, unfortunately. One more year, one more year…

    • Again we don’t need a lesson on the rules and regulations of Mormon missions, we a very aware of them…can you just let us fans have a little fun…Another slap on the face..for being a BAD fan. The conversation wasn’t in anyway disrespectful, I just don’t get it…huge chip on your shoulders.

    • Another reason some come home early that I’ve read about lately is that they decided that it just wasn’t true…..

      • And thousands go and serve for the full two years because they decide it is true.

        I’m just saying we could use a little David positivity around here.

      • We are positive, the last time I checked this is a fan site about David the singer.

      • btw, how can you say you just want a little David postivity around here when your comment was all about negativity about what we were discussing….we were just have some fun conversation because we miss him working on his career…after all that is why we are all here. We all know that he will not come home intil 2014.

      • I agree with cc halo. I was just saying that I wish he hadn’t gone and that I wish it wasn’t for 2 years. I can also add that I wish he would communicate with us directly instead of the infrequent tweets he gives Kari. I’m sure there are even Mormon fans that wish the same things. But we know that David will follow all the rules and will come home sometime next year. From all reports, he is doing great and seems to love what he is doing, so I’m happy about that. I’m especially glad that he has received many opportunities to sing. If I was in charge of his mission I would have him sing even more. I think that is how he can best attract investigators.

    • I don’t understand, Whatever. Who’s been disrespectful on this thread. The only thing I’ve noticed is an accusatory tone from you.

  24. “Whatever” — People who love David gather here, on other Internet sites and even in person to talk about him. They are all different, and respond differently to different happenings. If some of them need to express their true feelings about his mission, or wish that their favorite singer would come home sooner, then why criticize them? What does that do for you? Because it won’t stop them from feeling or discussing, IMO. And this has become my go-to site BECAUSE the discussion feels honest to me. I’m not slamming any other sites, because they all have a character and I love some of the others too, but. This one has a place.

    • Whatever, if you don’t like the opinions expressed here, you don’t have to come here and read them. We can be fans of David and not agree with all of his choices like you would with anyone you know.

      Idol is going to be showing “where are they now” segments on the results show of former contestants. I wonder when they are going to Chile to film David ha! ha! Guess we won’t be seeing a segment with David this year.

    • Thanks for posting this Peter. I wanted to watch Fallon’s show but it is just on too late at night for me. lol. Those two are just so good together. Love It.

    • Awesome Peter thanks, those two are so much fun to watch.
      I still say that if JT helped David by mentoring/signing him to his label, it would be beyond brillient for David’s music career.

  25. Whatever – just be grateful and happy that people are missing David and want him back! it’s better than the alternative, isn’t it??

  26. I wasn’t going to respond to what Whatever had to say, but I thought I would because whatever, right?
    After all, this blog is unique in that it allows all to write what is on our minds about David at any given time. The thing is that no matter what is or more likely NOT going on with David, his mission and how we feel about it will probably come up. Why is that? Well because that’s where it’s at now. No matter what else comes up “The Mission”, the why, the how, the finally the acceptance, is at the top of our minds.

    His fellow true believers in Mormonism understandably are irked when other fans, some of whom are Atheists (OMG! gulp!), give their opinions. One of the amazing things about David’s attraction is that he had the magnetic charisma to attract people of all genders, ages and yes, beliefs or non-beliefs. That is a very unique quality not many people, especially someone as young as David, has. Why? Because, he never pushed his beliefs on the fans, other than very subliminally through his twitter quotes. For the most part, his non-LDS fans could care less about what religion he was, especially at his concerts. On stage, his persona exuded pure sensuality. Anyone who didn’t see that about David must be somewhat deaf & completely blind!

    Then BAM! He announces he’s going on “The Mission”. And not because “somebody told him he should or he had to”. Not because it was drummed in his head almost from infancy that all young men & women who are found “worthy” will get the “calling”. Uh-huh,

    Suddenly, the majority of his fan base here in the good old USA shrinks to being almost non-existence mostly out of shock, but some because that is what he requested of us. “Go do your own thing as I’m doing mine” he said. So they did. Some of us are still here. Some vocal & visible, some mostly lurking, like myself.

    What, I would ask of “Whatever” and all the other fans who get irked when some fans feel & post negatively about “The Mission”, would make you happy? That we have no honest discussion about him? That we say hallelujah! Go David, do your thing! To lie to ourselves that we are happy about what he is doing and why? When we find a little solace in knowing we aren’t the only one’s who feel his absence keenly every day. When those who feel guilty for wishing he were here instead of proselytizing to the people of Chile when he was doing so much good just being David here in the USA?

    Oh yeah, you would love for those fans to shut up. For the most part I have. What brought me out of lurking was his one year anniversary. Thinking this past year went by quickly for many, but this next year will drag on. This next year may be the most telling in whether his career will survive. Kari will be “busy”. And really, who in their right mind thinks Kari is more excited about David’s album than JT’s? Or that her mind is more on David than JT? Or that through her, JT will take David under his wing & catapult him to superstardom? Yeah & I believe in fairy-tales.

    I believe David would be happy to know even some of his non-LDS fans are still here even with their negativity. He once said he could sense when some people were fake. I think he would be glad to know some fans are still fans in spite of the differences in beliefs.

    Over & out. Peace to all.

    • A lurker 2, I pretty much agree with everything you said, especially the part about this next year dragging on and being very telling. I think that’s why I was wishing that he was coming home at 1 year. The fan sites have been great finding things to post this past year with the David’s new albums and rehashing all that he has done in his music career. I think this next year will be increasingly harder to find things to post and comments will keep decreasing. I guess that’s not the end of David’s career though as his music career can be resurrected when he returns. Obviously I hope it will and it is everyone’s guess how or even if that will happen.

    • Very will stated a lurker 2….one thing though count me in as one that believes in fairy-tales, hehehe!!

  27. For the record, I am not LDS. I visit this David site every day to enjoy HG’s intelligent articles and interesting perspectives. I love that she is a non-stop David fan. I also enjoy the personalities that comment here and mean no personal disrespect to any of you. However, my opinions are as honest and heartfelt as any others expressed, and I think there is often a disservice to HG’s generous efforts when the rhetoric drifts away to return to the same tired theme over and over and over again—blaming David’s religion for what David himself chose to do and how he is doing it. It borders on intolerant bashing.

    Also for the record, I am among those fans who wish there had been no interruption to David’s career; but it is what it is. I do live near some LDS families, none of whom exhibit the scariness often described in the anti-Mormon rants that surface here. I have watched their missionaries leave and return; and I am intrigued by the huge leap in their maturity and confidence. Maybe that’s why I am more positive about David’s mission experience and what it might mean for his career come 2014. At least I am curious enough to patiently wait.

    If whining about what could have been, or what should be, is your idea of “fun,” then carry on. If lashing out at me because I disagree with some of what is said here, then I will simply acknowledge that I don’t get it. Nevertheless, it doesn’t change the fact that there are many positive facets to David and his talent more worthy of discussion.

    • Who is “Whatever”? GG? Very rational observations:)

    • Thanks for your follow-up post, Whatever. I hope David does bring back maturity and confidence as a result of his mission experience. And, CQ I hope fairy tales come true and that David finds success in the music business, although each of probably has a different idea what success would be. That’s why we can keep speculating about David’s career.

    • WHINING!!! nice. Yes, thank goodness you have every right to express your view as anyone does…

  28. We could talk about what exactly David will be doing when he returns home but even if he knows right now himself, a year can make changes to anyone’s plans. Perhaps too much can still happen to even speculate but we will just the same. It is hard not to.

    For some time now we have been able to put religion aside in our discussions and that has been pleasant because we are of many religions and to me some Mormon beliefs are far from my understanding. But on a new note, history has been made this past week with a new Pope taking the attention of the world’s people and it has been historical and interesting. Good to see people happy in celebration and hope.


  29. Isn’t it amazing how the threads which are the most interesting & which have the most comments are the the ones where the discussion IS about David & his misson/religion?

    Gone are the days when we could & would talk about David’s on going career. When we would get excited about his next appearnace, make plans to see him or for the next awesome video of his performances on YouTube. Now we only have what we have, which is alot on nothing most days. Sure, there’s much reminiscing going on on some of the sites and that’s OK because for now that’s all there is. Or we can post photos of David and spazz & gush about his gorgeousness & sexiness which to me is a tad too OTT to be discussing about a Mormon who is on a mission for his church. But that’s just me. I do understand though that the sites are doing what they can to keep going.

    That’s that way it is, like it or not.

    I’m outta here now. Bye.

  30. true and sad, there really isn’t anything left to talk about. david will be lucky if he has any fans left in spring 2014

    • Yeah, true and sad…maybe when we get the album and hear the new song, HFO, there will more conversation regarding that song. I really like all the songs in the album but, when all others have been heard, it’s hard to keep that excitement up to hear the whole song…that one might be a buzz getter, crossing fingers!

  31. I’ve never made a single comment on or even visited a fan site for any artists that I’ve bought music from with the exception of David. And I buy a lot of music. I don’t spend much time thinking about those people between album cycles though. I enjoy their music and go to their concerts but don’t worry about or think about them really outside of that.

    I guess the point I’m getting at here is that for the casual listener it really probably doesn’t matter much that David isn’t around right now. They have other stuff they’re doing. If he comes back with quality music and marketing(!!!), there will be buyers for it. There’s always that elusive “if” though.

    • I think that you are right. I have no idea what other artists do for months or even years but when they have a concert near me or I hear a new song by them, I am happy. I think we are all life-time fans of many artists in the sense that we have loved their music and are happy when something new comes out, etc. The problem is actually hearing about someone or knowing that any music is out there. Most people are not following artists the way we follow David. I only look someone up online if I see them in a movie, for example, and want to know what else they have done or if I hear a song and think “who is that?” David is very well known by many, many people – industry-wise and just regular people. If he puts out something cool or that connects, those people will come around and then he needs to get his voice out to new people. The good thing about new people is that they are un-biased with no pre-conceived idea about him at age 16, etc. The voice and charisma will hopefully win them over. Just need to get the music heard, as we all know.

  32. i think if david wants to keep his fans interested he will need to start sending tweets via kari on a regular basis, like every week! at least that will give us something to talk about and give us some hope for the future.if david doesn’t do that i would have to assume he doesn’t care how we feel or what we are doing.

    • I think that there’s a lot of pressure for missionaries to be completely devoted to the task at hand. They’re scheduled almost 24/7. He’s probably doing the best he can for us.

    • I tend to agree cchalo, although even with his busy schedule, I feel he still could send some sort of message are way via Kari more often. I know that he has a day off…Greetings from Chile…would be devine. I have read other missionaries blogs and they are pretty I’m thinking it really can be done by David….unless he was told to limit his communication with his fans…that might of happen. We got to remember it’s like he is in the arm forces, except much more strict, thinking for himself is probably not an option.

      • On his day off, he’s got to do all of his weekly chores, shopping, laundry, etc.and of course his day off does end at 6 P.M. when it’s back to work until bedtime. He’s probably taking time to send home long communications like we read in the blogs, we just aren’t privy to them.

    • I think it’s interesting how this album coming out in a couple weeks will fall very closely to his 1 yr. anniversary of being away. I don’t think that’s coincidence. I can’t imagine that after a year of giving us all these “small” little gifts, he doesn’t have anything in store for his fans this next year. Maybe we’ll get news of a tour and we’ll have to start saving money and planning our trips. I’m sure he has some more greetings. I believe he still cares a lot about his fans!!

      • OK, for the record, I also go by ALC. I’m not use to posting this much on any site, but I have to say, I feel kind of comfortable here I appreciate HG’s thoughts and posts. I appreciate that it’s a place where people can be real with their comments without being stifled, for the most part. Even when I don’t agree, I still appreciate that it’s a forum wihere people can express themselves, differences and all. I was using ALC because I had made a decision to be more restrained in my comments about his religion. I will still try to do this for my own personal reasons, but will go by my usual user name. done

  33. Love that Mirrors song and JT’s performance on SNL. JT to me still has a very relevant and current sound yet is very talented as he does not appear to lip synch or use auto tune. Unlike the untalented Biebs. I really want David to have a current and relevant sound to his music when he returns to his career but not sure what direction he will go in.

  34. JT’s an all around talented guy, good actor, funny and all that but david’s voice is way way sexier!

  35. cq,marie, please tell me what is current and relevant,i don,t listen to the raido anymore

  36. I do think that everyone’s taste in music is different and that at OK with me. Justin Timberlake, Adele, and Bruno Mars are 3 examples and I also happen to like their music. To be honest not a fan of all that would considered current and relevant and the Biebs and many hip hop and rap artists would top that do not like list me. lol. I guess if you look at the current iTunes pop top 100 singles chart that would give some examples :

  37. Actually that list is not just pop it is all the current top 100 songs on the chart.

  38. cq, we all want David to succeed in the music industry or we wouldn’t be here. I hope you didn’t take my statement as being critical. He is so talented and such a great person that we want him to get the recognition and respect that he deserves. I pray that one day he will.

  39. marie, thanks that explanes why i don,t listen to the raido. HA HA HA. ,top 100 i wouldn,t give ten cents for the whole bunch

  40. i saw phillip phillips on al couldn,t understand what he was singing excepo gone gone gone,,don,t see what people see in him,and that goes for all ten,can,t ubderstand what they are singen,just maheung noise ???

  41. i don’t get phillip phillips either

  42. a lurker 2-thank you for saying what you did, I agree 1 zilion percent with every word but find that I cant openly express them as I comment on a different site (lurk here) and would have my head handed to me and not necessarily on a silver platter by those that disagree.
    I applaud HG for her insight into people and her understanding that all are not the same and for giving them a place to openly say how they feel. And props to all that post here…love reading your comments, the good, the bad, and yes even the ugly. 🙂

  43. I wonder if David’s LDS fans (and even his “not LDS” fans) realize how tough the situation might feel for the rest of us. Normally everyone is very tolerant and non-vocal about other people’s beliefs–I know I am–especially with friends who have pretty high positions in the LDS church. But when our “idol” is one of thousands who are devoting two years full-time trying to convince everyone they can find, that their beliefs are superior, it messes with your mind. Mormon fans should try to imagine David as a devoted “Door to Door Atheist” (see YouTube) for two years, lol. Hopefully the atheists could tolerate some occasional online griping without blasting everyone.

  44. cchalo~ exactly!!!

  45. I agree with that too, CCHalo.

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