Favorite Snippets: No Matter How Far

Only a few weeks to go before No Matter How Far is released. What’s your favorite snippet? Please take my latest poll! 🙂


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  1. Heart Falls Out

  2. I will go with Heart Falls Out.

  3. Yup…heart Falls Out!!!!! Can’t wait to hear the whole song!!!!

  4. Nothing Else Better to Do! I’m trying my best not to listen to the snippets too much so that my excitement for the album release doesn’t wane.

  5. i love tell me the most. not thrilled by HFO 😦

  6. Purely as a snippet, HFO is my fav. LOL maybe it’s the newness, idk. I just really like the way it sounds. Excited to hear the full song!

    Of the others, my favs are LDH, DRA, NEBTD. Love E&M but I wish they had a HQ live version to put on there. THE BEST.

  7. I’m excited for NEBTD and HFO, but I like them all. I wish there was more promo so more people besides ODD fans would know about the album and buy it. Oh well, i know about it and will enjoy the music.

  8. Hadn’t listened to “Tell Me” for a long time. Forgot how beautiful it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxCSQyilo74

  9. i love the melody of HFO but not the lyrics. overall i do think it’s a good song and
    could be a hit if only the radio stations would actually play it!!!

  10. YIPPEE!!! Have resolved my computer issues. Soooooo much better posing and looking at the big screen. So excited to get my hands on the new album….I know I’m going to LOVE IT!!!

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