A Decent Top 10 on Idol? Color Me Shocked!

What is that? America actually got it right?

That’s my reaction to the Top 10 on Idol’s Season 12, and I actually like all of the choices! It took, what… 12 years? 🙂

I already have some faves:


Of the Girls, … there’s something about Amber Holcomb (pictured)! I think she’s a real dark horse.  Great potential in her voice and totally cute dimples! Candice Grove definitely has the vocal chops over her, but this might be a repeat of Melinda Doolittle (Candice) at the forefront, with the young Jordin Sparks (Amber) taking it to the finish line.  Of course, I can’t count out Kree or Angela, who are very very good at what they do! Great group of female vocalists this season!

Of the Guys, … I’ve already moved on from my Side-Idol Lazaro to… wait for it… Burnell (what a voice!). I hope he goes far, and then Devin, wow! He’s also amazing at what he does!

Naturally, none of them compare to the one and only David, but at least I’m liking what I’m hearing (finally!).

I’m loving this quick cut from Top 20 to Top 10. That happened so fast, and I absolutely love this format of going behind-the-scenes to introduce each finalist to the audience, and especially having each contestant sing a “victory song” with no pressure. Well played!

Wish David was watching so he could weigh in on Twitter. (Sigh)

Oh, my Beloved! Nothing Compares 2 U!


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  1. I wish David could weigh in about the Idol top 10 too. He would only have good things to say like he always does. I liked that they had the top ten sing victory songs tonight. Lazero just didn’t sing “Bridge Over Troubled Water” like David can so I can see why you have new favorite guys, HG. I thought the right top ten were picked.

  2. Nothing compares…but oh someone is surely trying right down to the choice of shoes the other night. At least one idol has a major Idol. Sometimes I wonder just by a faint chance, if the judges might see the same?


  3. My favorites are: Kree, Angela, Devin, and Amber. I really think that a girl ( Kree or Angela IMO) will win this year but I can just see Paul being very popular with the older voters. Those are my guesses for top 5 but I could be wrong as they are going to name a 11th contestant next week. Lazaro just does not sing that well to me but he is cute and has a interesting personal story. I do agree that none of them compare to the one and only David.

  4. We stopped watching Idol a few years ago but watched last night because we were waiting for Glee, which started late, afterward. I wondered then if Lazaro has sung anything that David didn’t sing first. Liked some of the girls, but unfortunately probably not enough to keep watching. Think I’m just permanently soured to Idol.

  5. was so thrilled when lazaro sang Feeling Good! this is the song i want to hear david sing someday! lazaro is a combination of david and elvis~ sweet, shy, cute, and very sexy!

  6. So he did sing a song David hadn’t. Good to know, Cotton Candy.

  7. Life and huge computer problem has kept me away from all the of commenting . Sending this from phone to say I’m still here and hope to join in all the fun soon, darn computer , rrrrrrrr!!!! Lol.

    • you were about to be the subject of my next, “whatever happened to” post. lol . good luck with the computer issues.

    • Hey cq. I know that computer issues are not fun. Was wondering where you were.

  8. No Matter How Far is now listed at Deseret Book — it wasn’t this morning. Do you see what album is missing, though?


  9. anon~ christmas from the heart? maybe there aren’t any more to sell

  10. I was listening to the radio yesterday and heard a female artist sing Save the Day. Does anyone remember what album that was on?

  11. I just noticed that @Kari Sellards mentioned on twitter that she is with JT in NYC. Justin Timberlake is the guest host on SNL tonight and I am for sure watching. He is so good when he is on SNL. Kari is one lucky and I am assuming very talented gal as she gets to work with JT and David.

  12. cq I am with you on that .

  13. my fav timberlake skit on snl — barry gibb talk show.

  14. That is one of my favorites too.

  15. SNL was great last night. Loved seeing all my older favorites like Steve Martin ect. ect. on the show. JT was just the best host and musical guest on SNL What a multi talented guy.

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