News News?


I know I’ve been out of it (and my cold is slowly lingering on – any remedies for congestion?) but someone posts last night “NEWS NEWS.”

And yet, there is no link. What gives?

Surely, the “news” isn’t about that Ryan Seacrest Poll, linked to on his twitter, is it?

Any news in the grapevine, anyone?

Please keep us posted! 🙂


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  1. I’ve been looking for David news too. I had hoped there would be a notice of a David “devotional” where he sings, but I did not find one. I did find a cute missionary blog about the name of David’s next missionary president here:

  2. Gladys, who posted “NEWS NEWS” also had a cryptic post on the Voice (post 15.) I read it probably a dozen times and although I can tell she’s excited about something, I have no clue as to what. I do know that she lives close enough to Chile to have been to several of the concert events. Easter’s approaching. Makes me wonder. (But I know zilch and I’m just wondering in print, here.)

  3. I just got through reading Glady’s post over at the voice, and I do think she may be going to attend something of Davids She mentioned July 15, wasn’t that the first devotional? I am just trying to read between the lines however and keeping my fingers crossed.

  4. I am sooo confuseed, I have been over at FOD and when I click on the comments it goes to March of 20012. I am not understanding their format today.

  5. I thought maybe it was about a Mexican radio station playing David perhaps but I like the seeing-David-sing idea better!

  6. We’re in news snooze.

    • Love the confusion which we have been a part of since, well forever. But my vote goes to crabpot for…We’re in news snooze!…We are voting aren’t we? 🙂

      Old fashioned remedies HG…besides a shower, or steam from a vaporizer or a pot on the stove….boil some cut up lemons and make a drink with a little honey, if you have it. If not fresh lemons then from a bottle.. Vicks vapo rub on your chest covered by flannel such as a pillow case or if not that, then a towel to heat the Vicks that will open passageways. Chemicals from the drugstore but then again they are chemicals.


  7. re. the news, i’m guessing that gladys was invited to attend something. we shall see …

  8. You don’t get “invited” to a Mission event unless you show an interest in becoming an “Investigator” of the LDS religion or you request “tickets” or reserve seating at an event. This is what I was told by an LDS member who went on a mission himself.

    Jus’ sayin’

  9. I just saw the first performance on American Idol. Stealing a line from D, “What just happened?”. I was literally embarrassed for Zoanette.

  10. I can’t open Gladys link, but over at the voice gladys said there is a devotional March 31.

  11. sorry, this iis in spanish

    domingo, 31 de marzo de 2013
    18:00 en UTC-04

    Centro Jas Rancagua

    Este 31 de marzo se realizara un devocional en donde la protagonista sera la música, ven a recordar el gran hito de la humanidad… “el sacrificio expiatorio de Jesucristo” tendremos un mensaje el cual nos recordara el verdadero sentido de la muerte de Jesucristo, ademas de himnos interpretados por el maravilloso coro del centro jas Rancagua, dirigido por la hermana Jaimies Campos, con la participación especial de nuestros solistas:

    -Alejandro Muñoz
    -Paulina Guzman
    -Diego Galdames
    -Elder Archuleta
    -Vivi Galdames

    y el pianista estrella de la grandiosa mision Chile Rancagua:

    -Elder Coello.

    Están todos invitados, no es necesario pertenecer al grupo jas, ven con tu familia y amigos a disfrutar con nosotros

    • Thanks Gladys!!!!!! 😀

      Google translation below:

      omingo, March 31, 2013
      UTC-04 18:00

      Jas Center Rancagua

      This March 31 will be a devotional where the protagonist is the music, come to remember the great milestone of mankind … “the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ” have a message which we remember the true meaning of Christ’s death, also hymn played by the wonderful choir jas Rancagua center, led by Sister Jaimies Campos, with special guest soloists:

      -Alejandro Muñoz
      -Paulina Guzman
      -Diego Galdames
      -Elder Archuleta
      -Vivi Galdames

      and the star of the great pianist Chile Rancagua Mission:

      -Elder Coello.

      Everyone is invited, it is not necessary to belong to the group advantages, come with your family and friends to join us

  12. It is nice if some can see David perform on March 31st. Watching AI. I really liked some of the girls performances last night. Kree and Angela and Candace were my favorites. It was just painful watching Charlie perform and he then appeared to have an emotional meltdown after the judges criticism. I think Charlie is is too fragile for AI and I just hate to see that happen.

    • I’m afraid Charlie might get voted through with the pity vote because he cried. I think he is too fragile emotionally for this competition. It would be better if he didn’t get voted through. I can’t imagine him in the cut throat music industry. I believe David was able to handle it all because of his faith in God and his humility. He never thought he would go far in the completion so was happy with wherever he ended up. I’m glad he made it to the finale and got the record contract!

  13. To me Devin and Paul had the best performances last night. Just not that really impressed with any of the guys or girls this year on AI yet. Hope that Charlie does not get the pity vote as that would not be good for him. I am glad that David went on AI when he did 5 years ago.

  14. “Surely, the ‘news’ isn’t about that Ryan Seacrest Poll, linked to on his twitter, is it?”

    LOL. No, but you’re sooo close. Meanwhile David has an album that’s going to be released in, what, 20 days?

    The only remedy I know for a long, lingering cold is a thick steak and a pineapple brought straight from Hawaii to my door.

  15. Listening to David sing Crush on RBC radio out of Mexico City, I believe its Mexico City anyway. I would love for him to have success internationally. I had thought he would take the US by storm and then branch out internationally. Still have hopes for both but maybe international first and maybe in Spanish. He is absolutely phenominal in Spanish.

  16. H e is phenominal in any language!

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