A Voice of Healing

Which I definitely need today and this week!


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  1. “Be Still My Soul” is just what I needed this morning. Re. David, it’s been a while (maybe Dec.?) since I’ve seen a missionary photo of him. I hope he’s able to focus on all that he wished to accomplish this year.

    • There was a missionary picture of David posted on his mission’s website in January and another one in February. They are posted at The David Chronicles in their Elder Archuleta article. He looks like he is doing good – looks healthy and happy. I’m hoping he does another outdoor concert for Easter like he did at Christmas. Haven’t heard anything about him singing for any new missionary events though.

  2. Grammyj, I wish they would have another outdoor Easter concert too, but I think we would have heard by now. I hope I am wrong. hg, is everything ok with you?

  3. I bet we will hear after-the-fact if he does more singing at smaller events.

  4. It is hard to believe that it will be a year this month that David left for his mission. Time flies. I was just wondering if they always stay exactly 2 years on their missions or if there is some flexibility with the return date. I do hope David takes his time when he returns to release new music.

  5. hell0g0rge0us

    I’m miserable – been recuperating from a cold all weekend. 😦

  6. Sorry, HG. We had a bad cold virus run all the way through our family — no one escaped. And it does start out mean. Hope you’re on the mend now.

  7. hg, Get well wishes going out to you!

  8. Thanks everyone! 🙂

    • HG, you obviously have this year’s dreaded influenza that has every symptom available. I had desperate calls from my kids and was sometimes on standby for help. I made lots of chicken soup. It just takes time.

      This past Christmas, I bought night light turtles for several of the young relatives. They are soothing night lights in the shape of a ream turtke. One type casts the constellations on your entire ceiling. The other casts the waves of water with wave sounds in blue, as they crash on to the shore. Wonderful to aid sleep for anyone. BUT the best part is that you turn on your phone and listen to “Be Still My Soul” that is in perfect time with the moving water images and wave sounds . Somehow all of that album goes with the waves. Of course David sings “The waves and wind still know”… actually quite perfect a combination for falling to sleep when something is needed in the night. It turns off in 20 minutes or so. It was a great find!

      Feel better soon HG!! Now back to David!


  9. Hammacher Schmeller on line for the sea turtles if interested and you all have the CD! It is actually a fascinating combination.


  10. SB, I still have an appetite so thin it’s just it’s just a stubborn cold.

  11. Hope you are well soon HG!! David’s music does help. Coming down with a cold since yesterday !!

  12. Hope you feel better soon,hg.

  13. HG, sorry to hear you have a cold. They can really wipe you out for a few days.

    Here’s an interesting article re. idol; MDoolittle and Slezak discuss the top 20. I haven’t listened to it yet but rickey.org suggests they believe that Lazaro shouldn’t have gone thru.


  14. Thanks for posting this article desertrat. It is very interesting. I agree that the problem with Lazaro is that he is going through based on his compelling personal story not his vocal talents. I bet he makes the top 10 but can’t see him winning.

  15. desertrat, I just got through watching the vedio, and I am sooo glad I am not watching Idol this year

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