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It’s been quite a dreary, miserable day in which I’ve been recuperating from a cold. I’m starting to feel better (almost) but I thought I would offer my musings since last night’s episode of American Idol didn’t make me feel well (perhaps even facilitated my misery!).

First of all, I had no idea that ABC decided to change the time slot for Scandal, a show I’ve just started watching this season, and thought – after such a boring episode of Idol – that I had another TV program to make up for my lost 2 hours (only to discover that the show had moved from 10 pm to 9 pm!). Grrrr! I hate when TV stations do that!


It’s so weird, these past few seasons.  It’s like, ever since the the original 3 judge panel combination of Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson has disintegrated, we haven’t really had a good mix of Idol contestants.  Interestingly, the last season of Simon-Paula-Randy was (you guessed it!) David’s season.  Certainly, it’s not a coincidence that the talent has suffered since this judge panel rearrangement, and not just because we’re in the era of American Idol A.D. (that’s “After David,” for the uninitiated).

Now that Season 12’s judges have given us a Top 20 to vote for, I can’t help but scratch my head.  First, I’m amazed at how diverse the contestants (more than half are African American), and I don’t think there is a WGWG to be found among them (WGs yes, but with guitars? No).

Zoanette Johnson-1Is this simply TV show manipulation, or do these contestants really and truly reflect the tastes of the judges.  I just can’t imagine a Zoanette Johnson – with all her nutty, Grace-Joneseque freakery and barely controlled vocals – getting into the Top 20 under Simon Cowell or even under last year’s panel with J.Lo and Steve Tyler.  She’s purely a Nicki Minaj incantation.

All the R&B vocal types? That’s clearly Mariah Carey’s preference, and the few country girls and boys are under the influence of Keith Urban.

Would such a panel have appreciated a David Archuleta? (Well, yeah; if Paula Abdul wanted to tear off his head and dangle it from her rearview mirror, Nicki Minaj would want to gobble him whole – thank goodness he tried out back in 2007 before the world ever heard of that chick!).

So, here we are, with a weird combination of contestants – who knows how the Idol audience, who’s been fed a diet of generic singer-songwriting types, will react to what they’ve been given (or even if TPTB will get their wish with a girl winner this year).

I do think, whatever happens, my “Side-Idol” Lazaro Arbos will go far – although, as I suspected last week – I’ve already lost interest.  He’s totally cute (and really comes off gay – mind you, some folks said that about David too, but Lazaro Arbos is really quite femme between the pink and the bowtie) but his vocals are barely controlled. I tell ya’ – nothing like comparing these young’uns to a master showman like the Voice to really appreciate David’s gifts.


Besides that, when Lazaro was greeting the judges and the camera viewed him from behind, I noticed something rather shallow: he’s flat as a pancake!

He ain’t got nothin’ on David who can rock some tight pants! 😉

Sigh. What a painful season this is going to be – with this Top 20 and our original all the way over in Chile!

Perhaps No Matter How Far can serve as a dripping faucet in our desert, but it’s probably time for me to start the countdown here at Soul David.


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  1. al. and the ppowers t o be are killing themselves.what a lame bunch,judges included

  2. I could not agree with this post more, hg. Great Post. I have lost interest in Lazaro already too. I am very disappointed in the Top 20 and the judges. I have to wonder how AI is going to do in the ratings once DWTS and The Voice begin in just a few weeks. Seems like it might be a bit too much reality TV for many folks. lol. It does all make me miss and appreciate David even more.

  3. All so true HG. At the end of the show when the 20 were in the line, Lazaro turned to a girl (dark hair, lovely voice) a few down and she turned to him and huge hugs, big smiles between them and he lifted her off of the floor. Cute couple actually, but that is just me and my imagination. Besides that I was almost embarrassed for the show. Where has it gone?


  4. I think we’ve got “The Good-Old-Days” syndrome. Everything seemed so much better in the AI days of yore. Don’t forget Christy, Sanjaya, and all of the “worst idol” performances. However, I do think four judges is too much–just too much bla bla bla.

    Lazaro is wayyyyy effeminate. I do love him, but he doesn’t have one of the best voices. I think the people with the best voices don’t always have the most compelling back-stories and vice versa. It’s a tough balance for the producers.

    I did notice that the last four shows were completely unnecessary. None of the performances made any difference in who was selected in the end.

  5. As always, great post HG! Re. the women, I didn’t get the praise for Zoanette at all. I missed seeing the men on tv. I tried watching youtube clips of their performances but I was bored. In other words, I don’t care who wins this season.

  6. I just do not get the Zoanette praise at all. I think that she is quickly going to become very annoying.

  7. Marie, Maybe Idol wants annoying it seems to sell. I have two teenaged grandsons and they listen to annoying music and think it’s great. Teenagers have the buying power, if they didn’t I don’t thinl the Beav woul be so popular.

  8. So far it is not working for AI as the ratings are down from last year but it is still popular. I think AI has an older viewing audience and they would love to attract a younger one. Zoanette will not do that for them. I think AI remains an older viewing audience. David was the one that should have been pushed more by AI but they were too stupid to see that at the time. Although the other issue may have been that David was not that comfortable being a teen idol or even a celebrity. Plus total mismanagement 5 yrs ago.

  9. To me it appears that they want a girl to win so much this year that they put through the lamest bunch of guys ever. I think it may back fire for them because there are a lot of women viewers who watch the show to see and vote for their favorite cute guy contestant. It wouldn’t surprise me if a guy still wins but this year he won’t be a guitar player because I don’t think they put one through. I think this is the least talented group ever. Usually I have some that I like and look forward to hearing, but not sure I have anyone this year.

  10. This is rather unrelated, but I am going through some things and have some posters of David from various concerts. I would love to see them go to another fan. If you are interested and live in the U.S., I will put the items in the mail to you. Send me a message via Twitter @freofan and we can connect through DM.

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