No Matter How Far: New Poll

Interesting the kind of debate we’ve been having about David’s upcoming new album, No Matter How Far.  Seems to me like a new poll is in order! 😛


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  1. I was listening to my radio coming home from work and they played David’s Crush song. It is a soft AC radio station and it was good to hear David is still played on the radio on occasion. I really just do not see anything negative about David releasing albums while he is away as long as fans have realistic expectations in regards to sales and lack of radio play. Then again let everyone think what they want . lol.

  2. My feelings re. the decision to release the album are indifferent. All I know for sure is that I will be buying a copy. For all the enjoyment I’ve had following his career and his life over the past 5 years, $10 for the CD is my small way of saying “thank you David, I enjoy your music.”. If others choose not to buy the CD or feel it shouldn’t be released, that’s cool too.

    • Great comment Desertrat, and I also agree completely with Marie.

      Even though I was briefly considering buying just the tracks, I was only kidding myself. It is a small way of saying thank you to David and besides I always enjoy the way he sings each song rather than the song itself. I will be ordering through Amazon, because with every physical cd, they “rip” a copy simultaneously to the mp3 player app which then streams to any bluetooth device.

      • Thanks for the heads-up on the Amazon service, joymus! I had read a blurb about that last month but haven’t checked it out yet. Guess I will now 😉

  3. I believe David is releasing this album because he said he would release the new songs that were on ATE to the U.S. audience. I know a lot of the ODD fans bought the imported albums but I will bet most of us will buy this one too. I like what Utahmom said on the last thread. It’s kind of like artists that release greatest hits albums with a couple new songs thrown in. I saw another fan say it was the best of the Asian released songs not released in the U.S. Yes it would have been nice to get more new unreleased songs but it might be hard to get the rights to them and there would be more production costs. Also, David had the backing/money to put out an album, so he did. I believe an artist would always want to put out a whole album instead of just an EP.

    On another note, it’s obvious to me that Idol is banking on a girl winning this year. I so enjoyed most of the performances tonight. Too bad they couldn’t put through more girls and eliminate some of the guys they put through last week. Hopefully the guys tomorrow night will be better.

  4. I already talked about my perspective on the business end of things with this album before, as I felt it was important to examine it from a real standpoint. But speaking as a huge fan of David’s, I’m very appreciative of everything that has been done to offer things to us while he’s gone. And, yes, he was asked many times if he would ever release some of the international songs in the US. So I ain’t mad at him for finding a way to do that plus we get a couple new songs thrown in. (Yeah, I consider DRA new because we didn’t officially have it before and it was an LQ rip that leaked.) Yes, I wish there were more songs I haven’t heard before on the album. But that doesn’t mean I don’t understand there could have been issues with making that happen.

    As far as those who are upset about the album, either buy it or don’t. I’m not of the school that if you don’t buy every single thing David puts out then you’re a bad fan. If you want just the new songs, then buy them as singles on Amazon or iTunes. Or if you don’t wanna hear a damn thing from him til he comes back from his mission, that’s fine too. It’s up to each person.

    For me, I’m with desertat. I already own 9 of the 10 songs on the album (since I bought DRA as a single when it was released) but I have no qualms with paying $10 for the album when it comes out. Hell, I’d probably pay that just for the CD booklet :p
    It’s my money to do with as I choose and David is a talent that I appreciate and believe in and hope to hear more from in the future.

    • Hi Ali!

      With regard to the Amazon comment. I have it with other albums so it really works. I just put my phone in the dashboard holder and it streams all my Amazon albums from its music player app through my car’s bluetooth system. Saves me from making additional cd copies.

      BTW – also enjoyed your comment as well!

      • I like your comment too, Ali. Yes, fans can either buy the tracks they want or the whole album. As ODD fans we want David to sell lots of CDs, but it is his business and he and his team make the decisions. It can be fun to speculate and second guess what should be done or nor done, but its David business so I’m just going to enjoy the music. Sales will be what they will be. Nothing for us stress over.

        David Is first in preorders at Walmart and second in Walmart sales of all albums so he is selling some CDs.

      • I agree with Ali! I think David and his team have done a fantastic job with keeping fans going during his two year absence. When he left on his mission, I remember the concern of many fans that he may not be interested in returning to music. Well I surely don’t hear that anymore! With every release, we are being told loud and clear that he’s coming back and here’s some music to help while we’re waiting.
        I, too, own all the songs but one but I’ve already pre-ordered my copies of the new cd. I love having them all. It’s the one “collection” that I own. But if others see it differently and don’t want to buy, well,
        that’s fine and it doesn’t make them less of a fan. There’s room for all of us here : )

  5. I think it’s great that David is staying connected to his music while away.

  6. Snipppets on itunes now, I’m hearing. Heading over now to hear Heart Falls Out (and everything else.)

  7. Just put in my pre-order for NMHF on iTunes. 😀

  8. Me too. And now that I hear snippets I feel silly for worrying about messagy songs. Loving the vibe and really loving nothing better and heart falls out.

  9. I know that we have already heard all the songs except one but after listening to all the snippets on itunes, I think that it’s a well balanced album. They chose some of David’s best songs imo. There’s a little r&b flavour in some of them, there are some ballads and some up tempo ones, etc. I think that it’s a good album and I like the snippet of Heart Falls Out. It’s a shame that there will probably be zero promotion for it.

    • Also, I can’t believe it’s already available (to pre-order) in my country ! (but the songs are in a different order)

  10. Mmmm, really liking the snippet of Heart Falls Out!! Like, REALLY. You guys. !!!!!!!!!

    Zara, can I ask what country you’re in? Awesome that it’s available for preorder there!

    • I’m from France. I was surprised because Don’t Run Away wasn’t available as a single here.

  11. I love the snippet of “Heart Falls Out” too. I’m also excited to have “Nothing Else Better To Do”. It is ashame that the album won’t get the promotion it deserves. It is a good selection of songs that David’s casual fans who loved him on AI might buy if they knew about it.

  12. Love the long snippets! I’m excited for March 26th. Also I like the selection. Guess I’m just plain HAPPY.

  13. Listening to the snippets on iTunes. Like” Heart Falls Out”. Sounds like a good album to me. Will buy it. I enjoyed listening to the snippets much better than watching AI. I am just not that interested in AI so far but I will probably still watch it.

  14. I have been both surprised and pleased with each of the music offerings since David announced he was going on a two year mission. Surprised because I expected a very long drought, and pleased because I really like the music. The simple fact that the songs keep coming tells me he remains serious about a music career and serious about remaining connected to his supporters. If history predicts future, we could very well be treated periodically to these releases. I just hope David and his team are successful in opening the vaults of previously recorded tunes. How many artists could fill an album with rejects that sound as good as the songs that actually made the album, or put out an album of covers that sound better then the originals.

    I just listened to the snippets and pre ordered my album – as you can tell I’m excited!! Our discussion about an album of songs, many of which we have previously heard, is so much better then the doom and gloom of a year ago when many of us wondered if we would ever hear him sing again.

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