What Are We Getting That’s New?

Now that Amazon.com has given us the “Track list” for No Matter How Far, are we getting any real “new music”?  Some of these look like they’ve appeared on Forevermore, no?

Here’s one track some of my commenters shared yesterday:

Nothing Else Better to To:

Here’s the listing:

Picture 1

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  1. I not sure if the list is correct. His OS is saying the album is previously unreleased US tracks and new material, and they do not have any list on his site yet. So if it is only US tracks why would Foevermore be on it?

    • I believe that means that these are tracks not released in the US. Forevermore was only released in the Philippines except for a couple days on iTunes which obviously was a mistake that it was on there because it was removed. The other songs were only released in Asia. There are two songs or three songs never released anywhere before. We ODD fans bought the imported album but I’m sure there are fans that have been waiting for a US release.

    • I interpreted it the same way 🙂 Potluck. Waiting for an Official Tracklist!! I have every version of everything including Save the Day from Japan, Forevermore with Postcards, etc etc.
      Will be happy with this too, since I didn’t expect anything when David Announced his Mission and we are getting new music.

  2. Thanks grammy, it gets confusing at times.

  3. Of the songs on the list we have already heard, I like Wait & Love Don’t Hate. I recall the writer of Notice Me leaked the song some time back hoping it would be released. Didn’t work then but if this track list is correct, he (can’t recall his name) must be very happy.

    The only song we, or at least I, have never heard is Heart Falls Out.

    I honestly was hoping the album would feature songs we have NEVER heard or were never supposed to hear like Senseless or She’s Not You. Songs which would be NEW not recycled. However, I guess it’s better than not having anything at all.

    • RE Notice Me, I think it’s a sleeper. The song did not get much buzz when it came out, but I could not stop listening to it. My attraction (no pun intended) was because it was so relatable to the human experience of attraction.

    • Of course all of us ODD fans want all new songs we have never heard before or the leaked songs that were never released. I liked the track list that was floating around that had 17 songs and was rumored to be the track list. Kari indicated that it wasn’t. I thought the list was too good to be true.

      I am going to be happy that we are getting a couple new songs and Nothing Else Better To Do. We really are lucky fans because David puts out way more music than most artists. David Cook has put out 2 albums and one extra single. Jordin Sparks has put out 2 albums and was part of the movie sound track for Sparkle.

      This is David’s 6th album so I guess we better not complain! That is not counting GCT with MOTAB.

  4. Oh, wait a minute, I’ll Never Let Go” is that a typo? Is it supposed to be “I’ll Never Go”?? If not, then that’s two songs we have never heard.

  5. Since I’ve purchased every cd put out by David, I have most of these songs and have played them here, there and everywhere. I particularly like NEBTD. It was a song my daughter and I gravitated to and have sung along with many, many times. Why is it I think so many of David’s songs could be hits? This one is so catchy and upbeat and really sweet.
    Also really like She’s Not You.

  6. You make a good point. Most if not all David’s fans have purchased and/or downloaded every bit of music by David. I wonder if David’s team & whoever else had a hand in the song choices for the album even thought about that fact? Of course David’s fans have been known to buy multiple copies of his albums & singles and will buy this album just because it’s David & his team knows that and this album will be no different.

    I just can’t help but wish there would have been more thought (& consideration for the fans) in choosing the songs. There must be dozens of songs in David’s music vault we have never heard which would have been good enough to use so we could really have “new” music by David. Just my wish.

    jus’ sayin’

    • Jus’ Sayn’, see my other response to you above. I’m sure there are people who love David’s singing who don’t know about the releases in Asia and have never heard these songs. Fans were asking for these songs to be released in the U.S. All fans did not buy the imported albums from Asia. There are a couple news songs that I’m sure can be purchased individually if you don’t want to buy the whole CD. Also this album would have been very inexpensive to make since most of the songs have already been produced for the Asian albums. As I said above, David puts out more music than most artists so we really are a lucky fanbase. I too would have liked more new songs but I’ve decided to be happy we got a few new ones.

      • I would be very surprised if there are many non-Asian fans of David who have NOT heard every song on that list except for the one or two new songs previously mentioned. At least in NA. You are right about having the option to buy & download single tracks on iTunes, which IMO will not help David financially.

        I don’t mean to be negative about the songs. I am glad we continue to get music from David. And who knows, maybe NEBTD may be the “sleeper hit” we have been waiting for.

      • It depends on your definition of fan. Yes, David’s very devoted fans that read his fansites have heard them, however, fans of David that liked his singing on Idol or even many that bought his first album have not heard these songs. I wish there was some way to market it so these fans would know about this album as these songs are really good IMHO.

  7. I definitely see where you’re coming from, jus’ sayn’.

    The problem I see (if the Amazon tracklist is correct) is that this album is clearly aimed at the die hard fans. There has been no promo. At all. So who knows about it? Those who follow him closely, aka the die hards. Which, in and of itself, is fine because he has enough of a fanbase to support an independent album by selling just to them, given the current circumstances of him being away. The issue comes from the fact that, instead of it being previously recorded material that hadn’t been officially released anywhere, it is (possibly) majorly made up of material that was just not released in the US. Thus those die hard fans who are being targeted here have already heard (and about 90% already own) all but 1 or 2 of these songs. The casual fans who would benefit from the US release of these songs will likely never even know about this album.

    As I said in the last thread, I would have liked to have seen more unreleased tracks from TOSOD included. Or, if that wasn’t an option, why not release this as an EP? Or just one or two new songs?
    I guess it all remains to be seen. I do think, if this tracklist is accurate, that it could impact sales. While being a blockbuster was obviously never a target of this album, it does likely need to sell at least to the breakeven point. Of course, we should also consider that the breakeven point would be even lower than a regular independent album given that the songs were previously produced.

    But this is all just speculation until they confirm the tracklist.

    • Hello, replying to my own comment ;p

      Before someone tells me I should be grateful we’re getting anything — I am. lol. I am speaking to the business side of things with my post because no matter how much I or anyone else loves David, the business part has to work for him to be able to continue music as a career. And, no, I’m not saying that if this is the tracklist that his career is over. I’m just saying it might mean fewer sales of the album. But I’m no magical predictor of the future. Personally, I feel like some of the songs on the tracklist are the best he’s done out of all his albums. NEBTD, E&M, LDH, DRA & Wait are all favorites of mine.

      • Of course I wish there was more promo for this album because there are many fans of David from Idol that do not know about these Asian releases. You are correct that probably only David’s devoted fans know about this album. It could be that David’s team doesn’t realize that many of us devoted fans have already purchased the imported albums. But hopefully they will recoup the money to make this album because it would have been quite inexpensive to make. I am one of the ODD fans that will be buying it and hopefully there are many more like me.

  8. To add to this discussion, just today I was wondering if the tracklist is official – should I just buy the one or two new songs? I also thought that there could possibly be a couple more in the vault – a la Senseless etc. I sincerely hope some consideration is given to fans who have already spent to purchase all his work to date and then some. If that’s not the case then we cannot do anything except buy on a need to have basis.

  9. Grammyj, you say you are “one of the ODD fans that will be buying it & hopefully there are many more like me”, as if implying I & other fans who have misgivings about the songs chosen for the album are not really loyal & devoted ODD fans like yourself if we choose not to buy the album since we already have most of the songs already. In fact, some of us have multiple copies of some of the songs just like many fans have traveled long distances to see David in concert multiple times. Such is the depth of the loyalty & support some of us ODD fans have shown David and still are.

    Just so you know, I do plan on buying the entire album in support of David. But I would never make another fan feel guilty or made to feel as if they are not as loyal an ODD fan if they choose to buy only one, two or three singles off the album.

    jus’ sayin’

    • Jus’ sayn’, I didn’t mean to imply that at all. I was just saying that hopefully the album will break even or even make a bit because there is enough fans that will buy it even though a lot of the songs we already have. I definitely don’t want to make any ODD fan feel guilty! We all want more recorded songs from David. There are many ODD fans that have spent more money on David music, tickets to his concerts, etc. than I have.

  10. Watching the Oscars and Wow! Wow! First Dame Shirley Bassey woke me up with “Goldfinger,” then J-HUD gave me chills! 🙂 Bravo!

  11. I agree hg. I have really enjoyed the musical performances. Seth is very talented and I think he is a pretty good host as the Oscars are not easy to host.

  12. Wow. Barbara Streisand singing The Way We Were. She looked and sounded amazing. That is one of my favorite all time songs.

  13. A night with Shirley Bassey, then Jennifer Hudson, then Adele, and still room for Barbara Streisand?!?!

    *bowing down to the masters…*

  14. Wow! Ang Lee won for Best Director! So pleased! 🙂

  15. I grew up listening to Shirley Bassey via my parents. I’ll have to find a clip of her performance.

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