Fan-Made David Music Videos

Thanks to CC Halo and Betsy for these finds! :)



In other news, looks like most folks are #teamkelly all the way in this latest Kelly Clarkson v. Clive Davis rivalry.  Whatever you may think of Kelly Clarkson, a big fan or not, I’ve always loved the way she comes out swinging!  She’s a tough cookie, and one fine day, when American Idol is off the air, I know she will really “spill the tea” on what was going on behind-the-scenes of Idol.  Kelly pretty much has said as much without saying so – the way she has come after Clive Davis.

Since there is still an Idol Gag Order for all former and current contestants, we’ll have to wait a while longer before they start talking real talk on that show.

Kudos to Kelly for defending herself!

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  1. good job on both vids,team kelly here also.

  2. Finally the top 40 audience rounds on AI tonight. They could not have gotten here soon enough. I think it is live. I think the girls have better vocal performances than the guys this year. Hope a girl wins this year.

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