Another Day Late Post!

How could I forget the first time I said “Hello, Gorgeous!” 😛

Yes, Soul Davidians, yesterday was the 5th Anniversary of David’s performance of “Heaven” during Idol’s Hollywood week, the first time ever I saw his adorable face and heard The Voice!

Sorry for being a day late, but I cannot let another anniversary pass without marking the moment!

Thankfully, watching Idol in Vegas tonight reminded me. *blush*


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  1. 5 years!! It’s amazing to me to watch the older vids and then to think of him now. Even just his speaking voice! lol. What a difference but I love seeing how awesomely talented he was even back then. Try watching this Heaven vid then watching the one from Manila during the Asian tour right after.

    Not to get too sappy, but it’s pretty awesome to think we’ve been part of this journey with David and watched him mature in so many ways.

  2. Happy Anniversary Hello Gorgeous! It’s been a great five years. Heaven………. Gives me chills thinking about it!

  3. Ali, isn’t it amazing that we’ve been on this Archujourney for that long? Devotion! Who else could inspire that but The Voice? 🙂

    • Amazing!! Never happened before or since!! Yes Mam! 🙂

    • Yes, I think most of us ODD David fans have questioned why we are so devoted and still here after five years. One of the reasons is, of course, that voice!! And it has actually gotten better with age. I’m watching Idol tonight and what they told Kree is what David does too – he gets into the song and makes it his own. I have always loved how he can be shy, unassuming David off stage, but he gets on stage, starts singing and transforms into a dynamic, self-assured fabulous artist who even looks older. To me he is the singer equivalent of Clark Kent, off stage and Superman, on stage.

  4. After Melinda Doolittle, no one should ever try “My Funny Valentine” on Idol. JMHO.

    • I was thinking of Melinda during that performance. No one can touch Melinda’s . Downloaded that one from ITunes 🙂 JMHO too 🙂

      • I’m going to be interested to see what Melinda says about it on Idolatry which is always posted at MJs. She does good critiques so I enjoy watching the Idolatry videos this year.

  5. No one can touch Melinda’s version of that song. I agree with you hg. I was really impressed by Kree and Angela tonight. Actually I was more impressed when Angela sang her original song in the Hollywood round. Kree is just a natural singer. Can’t believe it’s been 5 years since David sang Heaven.

  6. I love everyone’s David stories — about how and when he impacted them — so thanks for reminding us about how HelloGorgeous came to be.

  7. HelloGorgeous…love that name. I came late to the Soul David party, but I’m so glad I had guts to join. Thank you…WOW 5years..Yeah, I fel in love with his voice when he sang Heaven…He sure has gown into such a handsome man…sometime a real cute kid might not be handsome as an adult, but boy, oh boy, that’s not the case with David…adult hunkaroma!!!

  8. Is it any wonder why so many viewers fell in love with that sweet 16 year old?

    Going back to the Kelly Clarkson rebutting what Clive Davis wrote about her in his book. If he chose to write about her, I imagine he also included some other contestants as well. What about David? There was more than enough drama surrounding David while on AI so I’m wondering if Davis wrote anything about David?

    And NO, I will not be buying his book just to find out.

    jus’ sayin’

  9. Clive Davis was a record producer for some of Kelly’ s albums. He was also CEO of RCA records for a time and David was never signed to that label. Clive was not part of AI and he did not produce or work on any of David’s albums so David would not be in his book. I believe that the only other Idol alum Clive worked with was Jennifer Hudson. David might have met Clive once or twice but that would be it as far as contact with David and Clive. I do wish that David would work with a top level music producer when he returns. He needs that to produce music that is good but that also can sell. I can’t even tell you who the music producer was for David’s albums.

    • “I can’t even tell you who the music producer was for David’s albums.”
      MIC and Krompass? 😉

    • Whew! That’s good to know. Thanks Marie.

    • Actually David has used lots of producers on his albums – Mike Krompass was one. Others were Eman, John Hancock, Matt Squire, Mitch Alan, Nick Lashley, Danielle Brisebois, and more!

      • I do like most of the producers you mentioned Grammyj (especially Eman) but was never a fan of Mike or mic. I still think David needs a producer like Adele had which has been mentioned numerous times here. lol.

  10. I thought I’d mention that Bob Letsetz, music blogger, has been writing about Kelly and Clive for ages, and their latest battles haven’t escaped his notice. For some reason, I can’t find the latest blog post titled “Clive Correction” (which I received in email) on Lefsetz’ site but I’m posting a link to some past Kelly/Clive discussion and then I’ll post an interesting quote from today’s email, below:

    From today’s email, hope this isn’t too long:

    “Clive does have a website. And a Facebook page too! But there’s no reason to go there. They’re static billboards … Unlike Kelly Clarkson. Who’s posting constantly, putting cover clips on YouTube. Keeping her fans happy. That’s how you do it. You engage constantly. And ignore the haters … P.S. Google Kelly Clarkson. Her website is the very first link on the very first page, right below the news. Next comes her Wikipedia page. Google Clive Davis… His Wikipedia page is the very first link, his website is nowhere to be found.”


  11. That link was wrong. He’s got a “Kelly and Clive” link posted there, however, or follow this one:

  12. Thanks for posting that article. Interesting read.

  13. Thanks for posting the Lefsetz articles. I agree with most of what he said but i think he’s too condescending toward idol contestants. The show is corny but many of the contestants are just like David and Kelly, they really love music and they see the show as a way to launch a career in it.

    • Desertrat, I caught that tone, too, esp. in the Kelly-Clive article. I don’t recall him being that way in previous articles, although usually he’s criticizing music industry folk and offering advice to musicians. USUALLY. I do believe, though, that he’s the guy who Taylor Swift wrote her song, “Mean” about. 🙂

      • I think most of us like people to speak up for themselves. I can appreciate a soft-spoken person, but I think most people admire feisty people rather than ones who just allow themselves to be slandered. What is David’s “big stick” anyway? (Not to be suggestive, lol).

      • Oh, I meant to reply to SB, below.

      • Interesting the Kelly/Clive discussion. The way I see it, ( do I have the chronology correct?)
        Clive wrote his book- he chose to discuss his relationship with Kelly- and put his perceptions out there she recalled it different and responded to correct the record? Sounds like he opened the door.

        Interesting suggestion that Taylor wrote her song Mean about Clive? I did not know that.

  14. Well I prefer David’s method of facing adversity. It clearly defines the professional who can present himself/herself without doing a noisey battle. It can be done. Imagine if all singers went to battle in their own dramas in such a way? That is one reason I am a fan of David. “Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” Yes it is courageous for Kelly to dare to speak her mind, but …and there is the but… I am just so pleased that David does not entertain his fans that way…


    • I see what you mean, SB. As I realize David would never take the Kelly approach, and I love him for being such a gentleman. I guess I’m just admiring Kelly for being Kelly. She also goes to battle in a verbal way, just her style, I guess.

      BTW, tonight’s show of Idol was simply AWFUL! Rewatching David’s “Heaven” really confirmed that tonight!

      • I don’t think Clive Davis has the influence he once had in the music industry. He is 80 yrs old and I believe kind of retired so Kelly is not going up against someone who is still powerful in the music industry. But Clive was when Kelly spoke her mind to him due to “creative differences” with him on her album several years ago. Kelly has enough huge success in the music industry that she can speak her mind but David at this point unfortunately does not. Kelly is fortunate and made some very smart career moves that really paid off for her. Kelly also has had some huge hit singles.

  15. I thought the show was awful too. Charlie was interesting in a crazy way but he did not sing well. lol. No one even close to David’s talent. I wonder how AI will do in the ratings once The Voice and DWTS begin next month.

  16. Does anyone here think that this wiil be Idols last year? I actually think they are setting it up for a girl to win, and I also would’t be surprised if ALL reality show aren’t FIXED somehow.

  17. I agree that the guys were just not good, and I do think that they are doing everything to ensure that a girl wins this year. I bet there were good guy singers that they didn’t select for the top 20 guys. Not sure why some of these were picked. I’m pretty sure that this will NOT be the last year for Idol as even though the ratings are down it is still the number one show in its time slot. It is the highest rated show on Fox. I sure miss season 7 like I do every year!

  18. There was so much talent during David’s season. Hard to believe it has been five years!

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